cipha_08:Layout 1.qxd - Puretone

cipha_08:Layout 1.qxd - Puretone




· Selectable telecoil

· Notch feedback manager

· 2 memories

· 2-channel DSP

· Multi-Mode digital compression

· Low battery warning

· Switch tones

· Battery tray child lock

· Hook retention pin (optional)

· Selectable telecoil

· Automatic feedback manager

· 4 memories

· 4-channel DSP

· Multi-Mode digital compression

· Variable noise reduction

· Low battery warning

· Programmable switch tones

· Battery tray child lock

· Hook retention pin (optional)

Beige or silver finish

Beige or silver finish

This device is manufactured in accordance with the Medical Device

Directive 93/42/EEC, ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 13485:2003.

Available From:


Advanced Digital Behind-The-Ear

Hearing System

The CiphA


With its sleek, modern design and styling, incorporating the

highly successful DAC2 & DAC4advanced digital circuitry, this

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) is ergonomically designed to fit over

the ear while being small so as to be un-obtrusive.

Features include: size 13 battery, manual volume control,

multi-memory facility and low battery/memory change tones.

Available in beige or silver finishes.



The CiphA has many unique features that make it one of the

most advanced digital hearing systems available from


(Digital Compression)

Multi-Mode Compression

Both the CiphA-2 & CiphA-4 feature Multi-Mode

Compression. Three modes of digital compression for

accurate fitting, user comfort and easier listening. Loud

noises are automatically lowered to a comfortable level, while

quiet speech is adjusted to a normal conversation level.

(Automatic Feedback Management)

Response Secured Automatic Feedback Manger

The CiphA-4 feautres a digital filter that automatically

eliminates feedback without affecting the the range of sounds

that can be heard.

Dimensions: 48mm x

55mm x 8mm.

Weight: 4g (without battery).

Beige Finish

(Digital Noise Reduction Algorithms)

Noise Inhibiting Speech Enhancer

The CiphA-4 features a program that improves the speech

intelligibility in noisy environments by detecting speech and

boosting the volume without increasing the level of

background noise.

Both the CiphA-2 and CiphA-4

feature a multi-memory push-switch

that switches between preprogrammed

hearing programs,

allowing for the hearing system to be

adjusted to suit the exact situation.

The CiphA-2 has 2 built-in

memories, while the CiphA-4 has

4 memories.

Multi-memory switch

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