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January 2013


From the Superintendent’s Office

Happy New Year and welcome back. I hope your New Year is off to a

successful and productive start. 2013 holds great promise for the

students and staff of the Public Schools of Robeson County. As we

reflect on 2012, I would like to personally thank all of our students and

staff members who generously gave of themselves to volunteer, raise

money, donate food, clothing and so much more to those in need in our

community. As you enjoy this issue of the Aware, I hope you join us as we

celebrate these accomplishments and look forward to a fresh start in a

new year that is filled with promise.

Dr. Johnny Hunt

Superintendent, PSRC


PSRC Students and Educational Office Professionals Members

Reach Out..................................................................................................


Magnolia School Giveaway ............................................................................. 4

Lucille Ward Receives States Highest Award....................................................... 9

PSRC Students Receives An Early Gift ............................................................ 14

Robeson County Shootout ........................................................................... 25

Vonta Leach Gives to Community .................................................................. 27

In Memory ................................................................................................ 32

N.C. Leads Nation in National Certification ....................................................... 33

School News A - Z ...................................................................................... 4

Lucille Ward honored



PSRC Students and Educational Office

Professionals Reach Out to Help Those in Need

In December, members of

the Public Schools of

Robeson County (PSRC)

Educa=onal Office of

Professionals organiza=on

donated $1000 to Robeson

County’s Empty Stocking

Fund. The fund

contribu=ons are

dispersed to needy

families through the

Robeson County

Department of Social

Services. There are 157

members of the PSRCAEOP

in the (PSRC). The

organiza=on includes 113

secretaries, 34

administrators and 9

re=red members.

The organiza=on president

Renet McQueen said for

the members, it is a great

opportunity to give. “We

are here for the children

and we know it will benefit

children of our county.

This is how we give back


fundraisers,” said

McQueen. Each year

members raise money for

a community organiza=on.

In the spring the group

gave a dona=on to the

Relay for Life.

The Empty Stocking Fund

has 1,781 children on the

list whose families applied

for assistance. Each child is

eligible to receive a $50.00

voucher for either Roses

or Kmart stores. The goal

of the program is to

collect enough dona=ons

to assist each child. Teresa

Harris, the Child Support

Supervisor, said the DSS is

normally unable to collect

enough funding to assist

each child with a voucher.

The applica=ons were

taken in one day and

eligibility is on first come

basis. This year, high

school Honor students

from throughout the

Public Schools of Robeson

County stepped

in to

PSRCAEOP members

assist with the

applica=ons. “We have so

Students man tables at DSS

many programs going on,

this year we were just

spread so thin on

employees, so I reached

out to high schools as

volunteers. You could not

imagine the

professionalism of these

children they sent to us,”

said Teresa


Honor students

from Purnell Swe_,

Lumberton, South

Robeson, St. Pauls and

Fairmont High Schools

manned the tables for one

day to assist DSS with the

applica=ons. Harris said

the students were excited

to have the opportunity to

include this work on their

resumes. In addi=on to

honor students St. Pauls

High School also sent five

student interpreters.

Teresa Harris said had it

not been for those five,

the process would have

been slower, but overall

the students made a

difference. “I don’t know

what we would have done

without those students

this year. They had a form

which details what they

were doing such as

interviewing, taking

applica=ons and that form

was sent back to their

guidance counselor to

show volunteer work on

their transcript”, said


Last year DSS assisted

1,000 children. This fund is

collected through the

Robesonian and then The

last figures show it at

more than $16,000.

Students lend a hand




Magnolia School Giveaway

Adds A Little More Gleam

to the Holidays for

Students in Need

150 students at Magnolia Elementary

School kicked off the Holiday season

with a joyful smile. The students

received a goody bag filled with

clothes, shoes and school supplies.

The gics are from the “Magnolia

Elementary School’s Needed

Christmas Fund”. The event is made

possible through dona=ons to the

school from the community, area

churches, the Robeson County

Commissioners, David Edge, local

state representa=ves, and individual


School staff members say the items

were distributed to homeless

children, disadvantaged children and

children in the school who have a

need. School staff members said they

bought the basics because for some

children that was most important.

School social worker Felecia Sco_

said the children were picked from

throughout the school based on their

needs. “Some of the children live

with grandparents, single parents, or

in homes with disabled caregivers.

One child said his brother was three

years old and had never received a

gic,” said Sco_. If the child had other

siblings in the home a gic was also

purchased for them.

Paula Morales Gonzales stopped by

the school as her two daughters

received a goody bag. Gonzales is the

mother of three children, ages 8,7

and 4. “It is a blessing because it

really helps at Christmas =me. It is a

gic to the community,” said


School staff members raised $5,000

for the giveaway. The children also

had an opportunity to take a photo

with Santa. This is the 6 th year

Magnolia staff members have

assisted children at the school during

the holidays.



Carroll Middle School Knights Off

to a Great Start

Students participate in

school events at Carroll

Middle School

The fresh crop of 5 th grade Carroll

Middle School Knights is off to a great

start as teachers use projects,

ac;vi;es, and innova;ve learning

strategies to help them grow in their

social, emo;onal, and academic

abili;es. The year is off to a posi;ve

start with students reading The Best

School Year Ever by Barbara Robinson

and learning to understand characters

and conflict in Language Arts. Social

Studies classes are stepping back in

;me and researching the similari;es

and differences of early colonies in the

United States. Scenes of life during

colonial ;mes are being showcased in


Science students are examining and

discussing ecosystems and biomes and

synthesizing their new knowledge by

crea;ng “Biomes in a Box.” In the

Carroll Middle math department

things are never square—actually,

they are anything but! Triangles,

polygons, and hexagons are filling

students’ notebooks and minds as well

as the walls of the 5 th grade halls. If

you come to our wing be ready to see

art work and representa;ons of

mathema;cal shapes, sketches of

characters like Imogene and Gladys,

and brochures depic;ng various

biomes. However, what you won’t find

hanging around are 5 th grade Knights

—they’re too busy having fun learning

that they can’t slow down long


L. Gilbert Carroll Middle School has

been busy, busy, busy. What a fun

and wonderful year it has been with

the implementa;on of PBIS. We are

doing monthly recogni;ons of our

Noble Knights and Crown Jewels of

CMS (staff of the month). Every

Monday and Friday students are

recognized for “Ye Royal Acts of

Kindness” and “Ye Royal Bus Riders”.

There was a great turn out for

Swee_rog Night and Zaxby’s Night.

What great fun. December 13 th was

the CMS Holiday Concert. Our

students and staff have worked very

hard in prepara;on for the concert

and all their efforts were evident and




Fairgrove Middle School

This Bear is on the Prowl! -­‐ When you pull up on campus at Fairgrove

Middle School, there is a new greeter that will meet you at the door. This

bear is a new addi=on to our campus. He was added to the school

grounds in December. Not only did he get a new home, but a new bed

was made for him with beau=ful flowers to enhance our school campus.

Great thing are happening with PBIS

Great things are happening with our PBIS

program! Students par;cipated in the “Penny

War” compe;;on. Each grade level competed

against one another, raising 236.14, 5 th grade

won and 4 th grade came in 2 nd place. Mrs.

Harrell, our PBIS coach, wrote a grant with Wal-­‐

Mart and our school was awarded 500.00 to

help towards our PBIS funds.

Students were also able to par;cipate in the

“Perfect Aiendance Fun Time,” students who

had no tardies, no early pickups and perfect

aiendance for the 1 st Nine weeks, were

rewarded with extra ;me in the gym.

New Staff added to Fairgrove Middle School -­‐ Fairgrove Middle School

would like to welcome three addi=onal staff members to our campus,

Kyle Kenny, Teresa Mitchell and Robin Woodell. Mr. Kyle Kenny is

teaching 8 th grade math. He graduated from UNCP in Dec. 2012, with a

B.S. degree Math Educa=on. He worked with UNCP with Braves Academic

Readiness that was designed for at risk incoming freshmen, and tutored

students in Mathema=cs. Mrs. Teresa Mitchell came to our campus in late

September as the Technology Facilitator. She has worked with PSRC as a

Media Coordinator for 29 years. She is a Na=onal Board Cer=fied teacher

with a Masters in Educa=onal Technology. Ms. Robin Woodell is a coming

to us from Pembroke Middle School. She will be serving as a Lead Teacher

in Reading. She earned her BS. and Masters degree from UNCP. We are

excited to have them teaching on our campus.

FiBh Grade News -­‐ The 5 th grade has just wrapped up a very successful

and educa=onal 2 nd 9-­‐week. In Science we have learned the ins and outs

of the Water Cycle. In math we have been learning about adding and

subtrac=ng frac=ons. In reading Ms. Taylor presented us with a project

we all really loved; making our own spin on a book jacket for our favorite

novels. Even now our projects are being displayed in the library to en=ce

other students to read our favorite novels. The best part of the 9-­‐weeks

however was our trip to Durham, NC to the Museum of Life & Science.

We enjoyed the math exhibits, loved the live animals, and explored the

space exhibit with great excitement. The most beau=ful part of the trip

was the bu_erfly habitat. We would definitely recommend this trip to


PTO In ! Spi"t of Giving

PTO of Fairgrove Middle School was definitely in the spirit of giving.

Staff and students were indulged with tasty cupcakes to enjoy with

their lunch on the last day of school before the holiday break began.

The en;re faculty was also treated with holiday gij bags that

included a variety of wonderful presents inside.

Not only was PTO busy spoiling the students and staff of the school,

but also the landscaping got to indulge in the spirit of giving with a

beau;ful new flowerbed and shrubbery arrangements. PTO also

sponsored several fundraising events in an effort to raise money to

purchase a school sign on the grounds of campus to inform parents

as local community members of current events happening

throughout the year.

Fairgrove Middle School is recognized

as a Race to the Top School



PSRC Receives An Early GiB as Two Schools Are Recognized for Their

Improvement in the Race to the Top IniIaIve

December brought an early gic for

Red Springs Middle and Fairgrove

Middle Schools in the Public Schools

of Robeson County as both schools

were honored for their

achievements as Race to the Top

Schools. In two years the schools

have improved their student

performance by more than ten

percent. The federal government is

recognizing this achievement as the

plans u=lized by both school are

being looked at as models for other

districts. The two schools were

chosen along with 9 of the 118 Race

to the Top schools around the state

for showing significant progress. In

December, Red Springs Middle and

Fairgrove hosted visits by educators

from around the state to see how

they are making the grade.

Fairgrove Middle principal Charles

Locklear said collabora=on is vital.

“Crea=vity is in no short demand at

Fairgrove Middle. For instance,

parent par=cipa=on was a

communicated concern for the

majority of faculty and staff,” said


The Race to the Top (RTTT) schools

are also called TALAS. In 2010,

North Carolina earned one of 12

Race to the Top (RTTT) grants

awarded by the U.S. Department of

Educa=on. In part, these funds are

available to s=mulate and

strengthen states’ efforts to turn

around their lowest achieving

schools. North Carolina wrote the

state plan and in turn gave each

individual school district monies. The

Public Schools of Robeson County

received almost $8 million dollars

which must be spent by 2014.

Each individual district had to write a

plan on how the monies would used.

The Public Schools of Robeson

County plan has 4 pillars for Race to

the Top: Professional development,

“Each faculty member

recognizes the need to

analyze the data and to

aiend to curricular

issues accordingly, “

said Charles Locklear.

Technology, Standards and

assessments and Turning around the

lowest performing schools.

The first component of the plan for

PSRC focuses on “Great teachers and

leaders”. The plan wrote in changes

to build teachers and administrators

as the district moves to new

standards and new assessments. The

second part of the plan

“Technology”, focuses on

infastructure and equipment. A good

amount of the grant is being u=lized

to have sufficient access to

technology, such as making schools

wireless with laptops, ipads and

smart boards. The third component

of the plan focuses on “Standards

and Assessments”. With the

transi=on to Common Core and

Essen=al Standards, the school

system is bringing in professionals to

help the districts move forward with

these changes by suppor=ng

teachers to help them understand

the new standards with professional

development. The fourth pillar in the

plan focuses on “Turning around the

lowest performing schools”. Here

the state iden=fied twelve districts

which are low performing. These

districts agreed to go through a

transforma=on model with Race to

the Top Schools. The money was

used to provide more curriculum

facilitators for these districts. Each

Race to the Top school also received

a school transforma=on coach who

is working with the principal while

instruc=onal coaches are working

with the teachers.

Red Springs Middle School principal

Karen Brooks-Floyd speaks with

educators on a tour of her school.



Fairmont High School

Art students 14 and under competed in the Radon

Poster contest.

This is sponsored by the N.C. Radon Program and the N.C. Radia;on

Protec;on Sec;on

Compe;ng students:

Courtney Mccormick

Summer McCrory -­‐

Graceanne Suchuster

Aus;n Thomspsom

Reva Locklear

Mena Lojon

Katlynn Bass

Kain Tyree

Tiffany Hicks

Courtney won first place in the state, Summer won third

place in the state

Both girls artwork will travel to the national level

Graceanne and Austin won an honorable mention award

from the state

Drug Awareness Contest, Prevention of

Prescription Drug Abuse

Jennifer Martinez is the Senior Division Winner

NAHS (na)onal art honor society) first place booth at

Robeson Regional Agricultural fair

Congratula;ons to the following students

Open Art Divisions

Watercolor Junior Division -­‐ 2nd place -­‐ Hannah Ammons

Drawing Charcoal -­‐ 2nd place -­‐ Jennifer Mar;nez

Photography Color -­‐ 2nd place -­‐ Briiany Moie

Phtography Black and White -­‐ 2nd place -­‐ Briiany Moie

Fair art winners in the PSRC student show case

Beginner Level -­‐ First Place -­‐ Shequell Elerby

Proficient Level -­‐ Second Place -­‐ Jennifer Mar;nez

Congratula)ons to the following students and former

students for winning in the second por)on of the Take it to

Heart Annual Red Dress Design Compe))on.

This year the compe))on had a second judging at the fair.

1st - Jennifer Martinez

2nd - Ny'Ree Watson

3rd - Katie Crawford

Congratulations to the following National Art Honor

Society Members for having artwork selected for the

National Art Honor Society Traveling Show

Davida Billings

Olivia Billings

Makaila Chavis

Jennifer Martinez

Ivy Page

Haley Patterson

Students artwork will be on view at the following


Jan-Feb: Mint Museum in Charlotte

March: UNC Charlotte

April-Mid May: NCCAT

FCCLA First place

booth at Robeson

Regional Agricultural


Robeson Regional

Agricultural Fair H.S.

FFA Division - First



Fairmont High School


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diam et, sodales.


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Sen. Michael Walters presents Lucille

Ward, an English teacher at Fairmont

High School who has taught for 50

years, the Order of the Long Leaf Pine.

The award is given to citizens of North

Carolina who have a demonstrated

record of service to the state.

Ac dolor ac adipiscing amet nullam,

massa lacus molestie ut libero nec,

diam et, sodales.

Fairmont High's very own Mrs. Lucille

Ward received the Order of the Long Leaf

Pine in January. Ward has taught for 50

years. Senator Michael Walters, a former

student of the English teacher, presented

her with the award. The award is the

state’s highest civilian award and was

issued by Governor Bev Perdue. Ward

now teaches at Fairmont High School, but

has also taught at Orrum. The educator

was also chosen as radio station Q 98.1

Teacher of the Week! Mrs. Ward says she

was "totally surprised, but it was a

pleasant surprise!" "I am very passionate

about teaching and I have always known

this is what I wanted to do!" Mrs. Ward

says the best part of teaching is witnessing

the success of her former students. Each

Friday afternoon Q98 honors another

teacher in the area with: a plaque from

Z's Matting & Framing, a new pair of

sunglasses from Spectacles Eyewear &

Contact Lenses, a little pampering at

Renaissance European Day Spa, tickets to

any show at Giving's Performing Arts

Center, a $25 gift card for Fusion Salon,

and more!

Indian Heritage Month

Fairmont High celebrated Indian

Heritage Month with a cultural

awareness program. The JROTC posted

the colors. Miss Indian North Carolina

Layla Locklear talked about her role and

sang songs. Ms. Brittany Simmons

demonstrated fancy dance and done

some storytelling. Teen Miss Fairmont

Festival Queen Taylor Locklear along

with Yasmon Carter did a tap routine.

Ms. Taylor also demonstrated women’s

traditional dance. FHS Choir sang the

song “Go my Son” and some of the

students talked about famous Native

American composers. After the

program, we got the students involved

with a round dance.

Native American Student Association

(NASA) Club News

Fairmont High School NASA Club

welcomed the San Carlos Apache

Indians from Arizona to their meeting.

The group talked about their tribe and

culture. They showed them different

crafts that they had made such as baskets

& beadwork. They spoke and sung

songs in their language. After the

meeting, they gave away beaded

bracelets and ink pens. We were

fortunate to have them with us and hope

they can visit us again.

Community Leader’s Breakfast @

Fairmont High School

Fairmont High School continued its’

“Building Partnerships” theme with the

first Community Leader’s Breakfast for

the 2012-2013 academic year on Friday,

September 21, 2012 in the school


The keynote speaker for the breakfast

was former Asst. Superintendent DeRay

Cole who is currently

Director of workforce grant based at

Robeson Community College. Mr. Cole

presented timely information to the

audience that included keys to successful

career choices for our student attendees.

Previous speakers have included

Fairmont Charles Kemp, Commissioner

Jerry Stephens, UNCP Admissions

Counselor Morgan Hunt Warriax and

Senator Michael Walters.

Student participants included Presider –

Morgan Atkinson, Invocation/Grace -

Cody Lindsey, Welcome – Brandon

Britt, and Introduction of Speaker – Deja

Lewis and Morgan Hunt.

“The best part of

teaching is witnessing

the success of your

students,” says Lucille



Green Grove Elementary School

“Pandas Climb for Success”


We would like to welcome new staff

members to our Panda family. They are

Ms. Jessica Johnson, second grade

teacher, Ms. Ava Lynn Lewis, third grade

teacher, Mr. Randall Badge_,

kindergarten teacher assistant, Mrs.

Ashley Hunt-­‐Seals, school nurse, Mr.

Emmanuel McDonald, temporary

custodian, and Ms. Rhonda Cooper, first

grade subs=tute. We are excited to

have them with us this school year.


The Pre-­‐K students at Green Grove

Elementary have been very busy

Pandas. They enjoyed a Disney on Ice

performance in Florence, SC where they

were able to see some of their favorite

Disney characters. Lightning McQueen

and Mater were their favorites!

Students also discovered the joys and

wonderment of Christmas as they

learned all about The Polar Express. To

conclude the magical journey, students

rode an Amtrak from Dillon, SC to

Faye_eville, NC. Pre-­‐K students are

eagerly awai=ng their next trip as they

con=nue to explore the world around



The Kindergarten Pandas at Green

Grove are working very hard this winter.

We are learning all about the winter

season. Soon it will be Mar=n Luther

King Jr.'s holiday. He was a great man

that felt all people should be equal.

Social Studies and Science are really

exci=ng this =me of year. We are busy

reading our A-­‐Z readers and prac=cing

our Daily 5. Our book boxes are nearly

full of all the wonderful topics we are

interested in reading about.

1 st Grade

Green Grove first grade students

accompanied by their teachers, Mrs. S.

Jeffords, Mrs. J. Harris, Mrs. V. Kelly,

Mrs. J. Hunt, Mrs. S. Pa_erson, Mrs. P.

Hunt and several parents enjoyed a field

trip to Lumberton Sr. High School to see

“The Nutcracker.” Acer leaving the play,

we enjoyed a meal at Lung Wah Chinese

Restaurant. This was a wonderful

follow-­‐up experience as we had been

studying about foods and different

cultures. Upon returning to school, we

did several other follow up ac=vi=es.

Students were able to discuss genre and

write about their favorite parts of the

play. Students also drew pictures of the

different foods they ate and talked

about their great experience that day.

We had a great trip!

2 nd Grade

Second grade students have been

learning more about crea=ve thinkers

like George Washington Carver. We

have explored the most interes=ng

world of peanuts and how to care for

plants. It’s all about mathema=cal

measurement with inches and feet! Let

the measuring begin.

3 rd Grade

This year started off with the New

Common Core Standards, which has

brought many new and welcomed

changes. Green Grove Elementary

welcomes new and crea=ve ideas that

can help our students excel in their

learning. We third grade teachers are

off and running to help our students to

excel in their learning. We also want to

welcome a new addi=on to our Third

Grade Team this year; she is Miss Ava

Lynn Lewis. Miss Lewis has definitely

been and an asset to our third grade,

and we look forward to con=nue

working together as a super team.

EC News

Mrs. Hunt’s and Mrs. Lewis’s classes

have been working hard on learning

their mul=plica=on facts. Students even

got a chance to be crea=ve and write a

rap song for the mul=plica=on squares.

We have also been discussing what New

Year resolu=ons are and how we can set

goals for 2013. Many students wrote

that they want to improve their reading

and math skills in the New Year. Our

en=re class did a great job with wri=ng

their resolu=ons and with hard work &

determina=on; we know that they can

accomplish each and every one!

Mrs.Chaudhuri’s students have been

busy char=ng progress in their data

notebooks. Students enjoy seeing how

much they have learned, and color each

goal to corresponding percentage points

with growth. Before the month is over,

students will begin to compose poetry in

their journals on topics of their

choosing. We have begun reading

poetry to get ideas.


The fall Scholas=c Book fair was very

successful. Thanks for all the support

from students, staff, parents and

friends. Karl Anthony Hunt, Lumbee

ar=st and storyteller was our guest

visitor in the fall. Mr. Hunt met with

each grade level and helped each

student create a po_ery piece to take


Green Grove Elementary School

Green Grove Elementary School recognized students on behalf of their artwork chosen for compe==on. Some artwork was

displayed at the Robeson County Fair, while other artwork was chosen to go to Raleigh for the "North Carolina Farms to Schools"

art compe==on. The la_er compe==on relates to the school's fresh fruit and vegetable grant. One student's work is on display in

the Public Schools of Robeson County's Board Room. Pictured are (siung): D.J., Garrison, Noah, Dakota, Rafael, and Jaleel, second

row: Kadence, Trayvon, Lexie, Mahaven, Trinity, and Abimael, back row: Enrico, Faith, Tavarius, Davarius, Joshua, and Mackenzie.

Each student was provided a pencil reading, "My Principal is Proud of Me".

home. He also shared thanksgiving

stories and facts. The students and staff

enjoyed his visit. The Fairmont Rotary

Club presented each third . Our second

and third grade Ba_le of the Book

students are reading and preparing for

the compe==on in February. Mrs.

Elizabeth Oxendine and Ms. Jo Ann Hunt

are the school coaches.


The PTA has been really busy this year

working for our school. They have

already sponsored several fundraisers.

They have provided the staff with treats,

gics and meals and are now in the

process of acquiring a marque for the

front entrance of our school. The PTA

and school program commi_ee are

planning the first annual Talent and Art

Show in March. Thank you PTA for all

that you do for our Panda family.

Panda Pride News

King and Queen. Congratula=ons to

Jamien Sco_ and Paityn Evans, our

2012-­‐2013 Green Grove School king and

queen. Jamien is a kindergarten student

in Mrs. Pamela Chavis’ class and Paityn

is a pre-­‐k student in Ms. Jamie

Flanagan’s class. They have represented

our school in both the Fairmont and

Lumberton Christmas parades. TOY and

TAOY. Congratula=ons to Mrs. Pamela

Chavis and Mrs. Claudia Lewis, our

Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the

Year. Mrs. Chavis is a kindergarten

teacher, and Mrs. Lewis is an EC teacher

assistant. ReIrement. Congratula=ons

to Mrs. Rhonda Thompson. Mrs.

Thompson served as our school nurse.

She re=red in December 2012.We wish

her much enjoyment in re=rement.

Direct TV. We are very excited about

our new Direct TV system. We are now

able to see the news and educa=onal

programs throughout the school and

also broadcast live news throughout the

school. New Programs. Our teachers

now have access to two new programs

this year, A-­‐Z Readers and the Scholas=c

Leveled Bookroom. Safety. Mr. Jamie

Oxendine, Maxton police officer and

parent volunteer, met with students in

each grade level in the media center to

discuss the importance of maintaining a

healthy body by saying no to drugs. Mr.

Oxendine also encouraged the students

to always be posi=ve, safe pandas by

having good behavior and following

school rules.


Long Branch Eagles


The Pre-­‐K students recently took a

field trip to the Crown Coliseum.

The students enjoyed “Disney on

Ice Rockin’ Ever Ajer”. The Ice

Show featured favorite fairy tale

characters including: Merida, Ariel,

Belle and Rapunzel. Upon return

to their classroom, students

compared the Ice Show storyline

with that of their classroom book

storyline. There were many

similari;es but also differences in

the two. They also illustrated and

dictated their favorite fairy tale.


The kindergarten students have

been busy learning lots of new

skills, such as leiers, sounds,

number set, coun;ng and skip

coun;ng. We have been busy

working in small group reading

decodable and simple readers.

We are currently working on

simple addi;on. We would also

like to welcome Mrs. Crystal

Raimo and Mrs. Crystal Houser to

Kindergarten. Ms. Rose Hunt and

Ms. Catherine Carter have also

joined the Kindergarten team as

teacher assistants. We cannot

wait to see what the rest of the

year will bring!


The first grade students at Long

Branch Elementary have been

busy decora;ng their school’s

campus for the Winter

Beau;fica;on project. They have

been prac;cing their school’s PBIS

rules promo;ng posi;ve behavior

and helping to maintain an orderly

and safe learning environment.

They have been comple;ng their

weekly reading and math

assessments with lots of vigor.

Before the Christmas holiday

break, they enjoyed viewing the

movie The Polar Express. They

enjoyed wearing their pajamas, as

they viewed the movie and held

an in-­‐depth discussion comparing

and contras;ng The Polar Express

movie and book. They also

performed at the Christmas PTA

program. The teachers and

students con;nue to make great

strides with the Common Core

Standards…as they LEARN TODAY



Second Grade classes did a unit on

the Polar Express. We read the

book and watched the movie and

compared and contrasted the two

using a Venn diagram. We also did

a crea;ve wri;ng assignment

telling what we would have asked

for as the first gij of Christmas.

We also studied about Christmas

around the World. Students

“traveled” to 8 different countries,

learning about their holiday

tradi;ons. A craj was created to

represent each country.


Third graders are busy reading!

Students are having fun reading

AR books and taking tests.

Students are using reading

strategies to read and answer

ques;ons each day. Mrs. Collins'

3rd grade class is in a ;ght

compe;;on with Mr. Minga's 4th

grade class for the most AR points

in the school. Students are having

fun learning and making academic

growth. Go Eagles!


The 4th Grade just finished the

novel "Sign of the Beaver" where

they learned about Na;ve

Americans. This unit also ;ed in

with Social Studies where the

students also learned about North

Carolina Indians. In Science the

students started a new unit not

previously taught in 4th Grade,

"Energy". They are exploring light,

sound, heat, and how those forms

of energy create change and




Encouraging students to read

every day is the main focus of the

media center at Long Branch.

Celebra;ng at a pizza party and

movie with students who accepted

the challenge to earn 50 points by

December 14th was one way we

did that before Christmas.

Twenty-­‐one students aiended

this party on December 17th.

The second and third grade Baile

of the Books team and a 4th grade

Baile of the Books team, are

another group of students that are

busy reading and studying. These

students are beginning to prepare

for compe;;on with other schools

in the county.


Long Branch Elementary shared

the warmth of the holidays at the

PTA mee;ng and performance on

Tuesday, December 18, 2012. The

Pre-­‐Kindergarten, 1 st and 3 rd grade

students performed a mini-­musical

that helped us to learn

how to treat others and not to

judge. The musical was called The

Li0lest Christmas Tree. At PTA our

audience also enjoyed our second

grade students who performed a

song on Orff-­‐ Schulwerk

instruments including, xylophones,

glockenspiels, and voices by a

small ensemble. The students

really enjoy learning music and

improving their musicianship on

these instruments. The Long

Branch Elementary choir

concluded the program with their

Christmas music. All groups were

under the direc;on of Janet Meier,

the music teacher.

The Long Branch choir was very

busy throughout the holiday

season of 2012. In that ;me they

were able to prepare for three

holiday events. The first event

was the Holiday on Main event in

Fairmont. The students sang in

the parade and were the musical

highlight of the tree ligh;ng

ceremony on November 30 th in

the community park. The next

holiday celebra;on was with

Orrum middle school band. The

last performance of the season

was at our school PTA on

December 18, 2012. The students

have worked hard and are looking

forward to the musical events to

come in the New Year.


We would like to welcome Mrs.

Crystal Raimo, Kindergarten

Teacher, Miss Kris;na Francia,

Second Grade Teacher, Miss Julia

Lashley, EC Teacher, Mrs. Crystal

Houser, Kindergarten Teacher,

Mr. Richard Jones, YDS, Ms.

Amanda Mar;n, NCWise, Ms.

Ashley Hunt-­‐Seals, School Nurse to

the Long Branch Family. We

would like to welcome back Mr.

John Blount, EC Teacher Assistant.

We would like to wish Mrs.

Rhonda Thompson, School Nurse

and Mr. Eddie Smith, NCWise a

happy re;rement. We will miss

you both! Enjoy your new


The 2012-­‐2013 Long Branch Royal

Court, 2012-­‐2013 Baile of the

Books team and the 2012-­‐2013

Teacher of the Year rode in the

Lumberton Christmas Parade.

They all enjoyed the parade, even

though it was a very cold day!


Lumberton Junior High School


Left to Right: David Lemmons, Denise Dockery, Christian Govan & Maya McNeil

Mr. David K. Lemmons is an 8 th Grade

Math Teacher at LJHS. He has been in

this profession for 2 years and all of

those years have been at LJHS. Mr.

Lemmons is married to Allison and they

have 4 children, Jonathan, Rebecca,

Sophia, and Katie. He has earned 2 BS

Degrees from Louisiana College, a

Master’s from Southeastern Seminary,

and he is currently working on his

master’s degree at UNCP. In his spare

time, he enjoys spending time with his

family, watching and playing most sports

and is very involved with his church and

community. Mr. Lemmons is thankful

and grateful for his coworkers for their

help since day one.

Ms. Denise Dockery is an EC Teacher

Assistant at LJHS. She has been in this

profession for 15 years, and 9 of those

years have been at LJHS. Ms. Dockery

has earned an Associate Degree in

General Office Technology. In her spare

time, she enjoys reading, traveling and

spending time with her family and

friends. She is a soloist, and a praise &

worship leader at her church. She

recently went on a mission trip to Iligan

City, Philippine. She has gone on other

mission trips to Trinidad, Nigeria and

Ghana. Prayer is where she finds

complete solace. Her motto: If I can

help somebody as I travel along, then my

living shall not be in vain.

Christian Govan is a seventh grade

student at LJHS and is 12 years old. He

is the son of Mikkita Brown. Christian

earned 2 trophies for making 4’s on his

EOG and making all A’s at the end of his

6 th grade. His plans for the future are to

become a NFL football player or an

electrical engineer. In his spare time, he

enjoys playing football with his friends.

Maya McNeil is an eighth grade student

at LJHS and is 13 years old. She is the

daughter of Tammy Floyd-McNeil and

Anthony McNeil. Her plans for the

future are to attend college and

becoming a professional artist. In her

spare time, she enjoys reading books and


The award winners for November were

Tara Lewis, Debbie Hunt, Nicholas

McNeill and Ku Mo.

Lumberton Students Give Hundreds

of Can Goods to Help the Church and

Community Center

Food goods were running low in

December at the Robeson County

Church and Community Center Food


Jacqueline Patterson says donations were

already down, but the food box request

have also increased. “As of yesterday the

center had green beans and a little corn

so the center had to purchase items”.

One day later the shelves were restocked

thanks to the students and staff

at Lumberton Junior High School.

On Tuesday the 7 th and 8 th grade students

at Lumberton Junior High School

donated 378 can and dry goods to the

Robeson County Church and

Community Center through their “Home

Room Challenges”.

The principal Ericka McComb says the

students were asked to bring in at least

three can goods to help their neighbors,

but some brought in more. It is the first

of several events for the students.

“We are having homeroom challenges

for fundraising activities to reach out to

the community. The student homerooms

are also being asked to send one person

from each homeroom to help elders

during a turkey giveaway for the

community during the Christmas


The Robeson County food pantry assist

around 100,000 people per year. Right

now they are moving 50- 60 boxes per

day. Patterson says the school donation

is greatly appreciated. The homeroom

challenges also have an incentive for the

students. The school administrators are

counting the number of students from

each homeroom who are involved in the

fundraisers. At the end of the year the

homeroom with the most points wins the

Principals Cup for the year.


High School Students Receive a Special GiS To

Support Them on Their Path to Gradua)on

As schools prepared to go

home for the Christmas

holiday, Lumberton Senior

High School students

received an early gij. The

first group of the 11 th and

12 th grade students received

a MacBook Pro Computer as

part of a new technology

roll-­‐out. 30% of the class

picked up their computers,

with the remaining students

checking out the 1100

Taylor Stuart

MacBooks machines in the

coming weeks. Twelve

hundred 9 th and 10 th grade

students will receive an I-­pad.

The computer

technology roll-­‐out is the

first of its kind in the Public

Schools of Robeson County.

The computers are part of a

three year , $6 million

School Improvement Grant.

The grant targets to

improve gradua;on rates.

Almost five years ago, the

gradua;on rate at

Lumberton Senior High

School was at 47%. With a

expansive effort by school

administrators and staff, the

rate is now at 83%.

These computer devices

will be used to enhance

classroom presenta;ons

and extend


beyond the

school day.

Along with

using search

engines to


documents and



teachers are

u;lizing various

applica;ons to view

podcasts, upload

Alexcia Singletary

and download research,

idea exchanges, and

informa;on sharing in group

ac;vi;es and discussions

that here-­‐to-­‐fore would

have gone dead at the end

of the class period. Teachers

can make direct,

individualized contact with

each student via email and

digital lockers to provide

immediate, personal

response to ques;ons about

projects and papers

assigned in the classroom.

Tiana Tapia is excited. “It is

definitely going to make my

school work easier with

submiung online

assignments more

efficiently,” said Tapia. The

computers are expected to

aid students with the

submission of online

assignments. Students are

able to check grades and

makeup work via programs

such as ENGRADE, QUI, and

EDMODO where teachers

have set up classroom

profiles and developed

lessons relevant to the

Common Core and State


Alexcia Singletary and her

mom waited pa;ently as

students were given

instruc;ons on checkout

and maintenance. Her mom

Annie said the computers

will give the students more

responsibility. “I am excited

to see how it is going to

work out and be put in the

curriculum at my school,”

said Alexcia. Both mom and

daughter said the rollout

gives many parents a break

from buying new machines.

Tiana Tapia


Special GiS @ LSHS

Dr. Johnny Hunt speaks with Lumberton HS

students and their families as they pick up

their new computers.

Taylor Stuart said the computer will

help him in class. “We take alot of

notes in class and i can type faster

than I can write and having more

resources to help me is a bonus,” said

Stuart. Each Lumberton Senior High

School teacher also received a

MacBook and will also receive an iPad.

The computers are just one part of the

grant. It also funds extra social

workers at the school, a Drop-­‐out

preven;on coordinator, an addi;onal

counselor, a 9 th grade Career Academy

for Math and a Business and

Community Liason who networks with

the community to ensure the

ini;a;ves that began with the grant

con;nue once it ends. A large amount

of the funding also aides with staff

development and academy. Another

por;on is being used for technology

infrastructure. The school couldn’t

operate such an extensive computer

wireless network without changes.

Some of the students have never

owned a lap top computer. The

parents say the experience is a great

educa;onal opportunity, but it also

gives the students responsibility which

will assist them as they get older and

move toward college.

The computers are considered a

technology which is being used to

enhance the school district. Educators

know as students receive addi;onal

support, their successful gradua;on

will also enhance the community. The

computers will be returned to

Lumberton Senior High School at the

end of the school year for a new class

of students . Fairmont High School

also received more than one million

dollars through the School

Improvement Grant.





Fellowship of Christian

Leaders Club is in the

process of trying to help the

SECU House stock it’s


The SECU House is a non –

profit organization that

houses family members of

hospital patients in Chapel

Hill, NC. Some of our

Lumberton Senior High

families have had to use the

SECU House from time to


Now, it’s our turn to give

back and help stock the

house for others. Anyone

that wishes to contribute

may drop the donation off at

LHS. We accept ready to eat

foods, gift cards, toiletries

and office supplies. Contact

Cheryl Jacobs 827-0517 for


Faculty/Student Blow-Out!

The Faculty at Lumberton

Senior High School

challenged the junior and

senior classes to an intense

basketball game on

December 18 th . The game

was suggested by Tyler

Hammonds, 12 th grade class

president. He wanted to help

a family in need for


The girl’s game consisted of

5 minute quarters and the

faculty ladies took the

victory. The guy’s game was

a full game with the senior

boys going home with the

victory. There was

entertainment by the LHS

Step team.

The students planned the

event and collected enough

money to be able to help two

families for Christmas.

Being able to help, touched,

not only the families they

helped, but the students as


Eco-Pirates Recycling


The Student Government

Association of LHS began a

recycling program, known

as Eco-Pirates, last school

year. The Eco-Pirate began

collecting recycling

materials in classrooms and

delivering them to a central

location in Lumberton.

Students used their own

vehicles and gas to deliver

these materials free of


The program has progressed

so much that we now have

our very own recycling bin

on campus. Now, nothing

goes to waste LHS.

It’s Peanut-Butter Jelly Time

Teacher Cadets was

contacted by Back-Pack Pals

of Lumberton that they were

in need of peanut butter for

the Christmas holidays.

Teacher Cadets in

conjunction with the Student

Government Association

advertised and were able to

collect 140 jars of peanut

butter to donate to Back-

Pack Pals.

Back-Pack Pals is

organization that packs

backpacks with ready to eat

food for needy children

children right here in

Robeson County. Lumberton

High School was more than

happy to help and be a part

of giving back.

Follow Petey the Pirate for

all your LHS News.

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scholarship info, jokes, fun,

parent info, announcements,

club news, random info!!!!

Petey the Pirate keeps you

"in the know" at LHS.1

On Twitter - @PiratesLhs

Super Santa in the House!

Mr. Adrian Hammonds

organized and conducted 9 th ,

10 th , 11 th and 12 th grade

Celebrations for nominated

students at LHS. Students

from all grades were

nominated by their teachers

to receive great prizes. The

more the students were

nominated, the better their

chances were to win. Mr.

Hammonds gave a great and

exciting presentation on

staying focused, working

hard and achieving greatness

at school. The students were

really excited and enjoyed

the show. Mr. Hammonds

dressed as Super Santa to

present to super students.

Keep up the great work

students and Mr.


Senior Macbook Rollout

On Monday, December 17 th ,

from 4-6 there were a lot of

anxious and excited seniors

at LHS. The students were

about to be the first of many

to receive their own personal

Macbook Pro. As explained

by technology coordinators,

Lydia Locklear and Allison

Lemanski, as well as Mr.

Larry Obeda, Principal and

Dr. Johnny Hunt,

Superintendent, LHS had

received a three year Federal

Technology grant to

implement technology

throughout the school and

for the students. LHS was

able to obtain and distribute

Macbook Pro laptops or

iPads for all of the students

at LHS. The parents and

students were responsible

for paying a $25 usage fee

and completing official

paperwork. Over 100

students were there to

participate in this very

historical event and many

students continue to collect

on this great opportunity.

LHS is striving to become a

green school and encourage

students daily to use the

technology we have

available to go paperless.

Juniors will receive their

Macbook Pros in February

and sophomores and

freshmen are expected to

receive their iPads in the

spring. We anticipate the

turn out to be extraordinary.


Magnolia Elementary School

Kindergarten - Kindergarten is

snow much fun at Magnolia!

Our kindergartners are working

together, problem-solving and

sharing ideas and activities.

They are learning to think

through problems and find

solutions together in pairs and

cooperative groups. We are

learning to write simple

sentences, spelling words,

solve addition and subtraction

problems. Also, we welcome

our wonderful student intern

from UNCP, Ms. Sarah Heard.

She is making a wonderful

addition to Ms. Angela Cox’s

kindergarten classroom.

3 rd grade -Third grade has

enjoyed their study of

Antarctica. They have

explored measurement by

creating life size drawings of

penguins, and have

experimented with blubber to

see how penguins may stay

warm. The students are

looking forward to an

upcoming field trip to Marbles,

where they will apply learned

skills to real life situations.

4th Grade News -

Congratulations to our students

for their hard work and

awesome accomplishments on

the Discovery Benchmark. We

have to stay focused in order to

maintain our top spot on the

Trojan Wall. Come on,


6 th grade - On December 6 th ,

sixth graders attended the

Christmas show at Pirates

Voyage. We learned about

South American sea lions

during a pre-dinner

performance by some very

talented sea lions (not seals)

and Pirates of North Carolina.

As members of the Emerald

team we were able to

participate in several intriguing

Pirate games! Hayleigh and

Jacque were able to ride a ship

across the “sea” pulled by one

of the adult team members

from the audience. Jillian and

Cesar chased a flock of our

feathered friends from one end

of the arena to the other to win

us yet another competition.

The highlight of the fieldtrip

was when Ms. Jennifer Jones

was chosen by the entire 6 th

grade chanting in unison for

her to play with the sea lion,

only to find out that she would

be the lucky recipient of a nice

fishy kiss! As we continue

with our hard work to improve

ourselves for the EOG, the fun

we had this day will surely

keep us smiling for many days

to come. In math we continue

to make strides on Expression

and Equations. The students

are working hard to

demonstrate growth on the next

testing session. In Social

Studies, the students finished

their Native American History

projects and presentations in

early December and did a

marvelous job at presenting

their research. They created

tri-fold boards displaying their

tribes history. Our 6 th grade

language class is always

bubbling with the enthusiasm.

Miss McDonald keeps the

students focused on reading by

finding articles about “Texting,

how is this language” and

“Are you smarter than a fifth

grader” The discussions that

the children can have on these

topics! But wait, can you

support that statement from the

reading Language Arts has

never been this exciting! And

that is the news for now from

Magnolia’s 6 th grade.

7 th Grade - Working on

Literacy Design –

Collaborating a model of

instruction that is new to the

county. Under the leadership

of Ms. Theresa Hardin, Mr.

Blackwell and Mr. Hughes are

examining the lives and

influences of two dominant

civil rights leaders: Martin

Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm


Students are also gearing up for

the annual 2013 Science Fair.

Students will choose topics

from a variety of science

related areas, such as physical,

biological, and earth/

environmental science. From

these areas students will choose

a topic of interest and use

Scientific Investigations to

explore their topics. Projects

are due February 21, 2013.

8 th grade - The 8 th graders at

Magnolia completed a

fascinating novel study of The

Hunger Games in Language

Arts with Ms. LaChelle

Ransom. The students learned

how to find the theme or

themes of a novel. They also

enjoyed creating and designing

their own District pin, finding

out their Hunger Games name,

and comparing the movie and

the book. The students

completed a project of their

choice to show their

understanding of the novel. As

a community service project all

four classes participated in

“The Hunger Games Can Food

Drive” collecting over 50 cans

of food to give to the needy of

our community. Students were

so excited to watch the

collection grow knowing that it

would be helping out people

right here in the Saddletree

area! This month long unit

ended up being the most

rewarding for both the teacher

and her students.

Beta Club Induction

Proud Moments at Magnolia:

A beautiful candlelit ceremony

was held to induct 29 new

members into the Junior Beta

Club at Magnolia Elementary

School on January 15, 2013.

Junior Beta Club is for students

in grades 6-8 that have an allaround

outstanding personality

and high academic

achievement. New inductees

were given the official Beta

Club certificate, pin, and

sticker. These students and

their guests were treated to

dinner as well. The new

inductees as well as the other

members are looking forward

to the upcoming Beta Club

Convention held in

Greensboro, NC. Beta Club

has been busy this year with

service projects that have

helped our community and

others. Adopting a Senior and

Pennies for Patients are two we

are currently working on. Our

club loves to help when we



uzzing News From the Pembroke Elementary Bees

Our teachers work hard to make

sure that our students have the

opportunity to “Bee All They Can

Pembroke Elementary has

nominated its Computer Club

officials for the 2012-2013 year. We

are excited about all our projects and

actives planned for the year; some

have been our election, delivering

letters from Santa, and pictures with

Santa. We have many more activities

planned for this year and are buzzing

with excitement.

Kindergarten News!

Happy 2013! We are excited about

starting the New Year. The

kindergarten classes have been busy

working on various activities. Each

class has been working on hands on

activities such as making snowmen

for the winter. The students have

been introduced to the AR Program

in which they can read books and

take a test in order to earn points. We

are learning to read one step at a time

using “The Daily Cafe”. The

children enjoy the learning process as

they participate in the different

workstations that have been designed

to meet their learning needs.

Kindergarten is also planning a field

trip for the students that everyone is

excited about. We will be taking a

trip to Myrtle Beach and visiting

“The Pirates Voyage”. Our teachers

work hard to make sure that our

students have the opportunity to “Bee

All They Can Bee”.

4th Grade News

4th grade classes here at Pembroke

Elementary have been very busy

BEES.We have completed various

novel studies as well as integrated

curriculum units already this year. A

few examples have been...

Blackbeard and His Piracy, Native

American Studies, Christmas Around

The World, Rainforest Research and

Phases of the Moon. We are doing all

these wonderful units in the midst of

implementing the Daily Five and

Common Core requirements in order

to "BEE All We Can BEE”. We are

already looking forward to the

second half of our school year by


tutoring in preparation for EOG.


Pembroke Middle School News

Congratulations Warriors!

Warrior Projects on


Be sure to stop by the

Pembroke Middle Library

to see our Warrior’s latest

creations on display. Our

students have been busy

constructing their

Research-based learning


6 th graders have completed

reports on a specific

country and its Christmas

traditions from their unit on

“Christmas around the


7 th graders are excited and

proud to display their Race

Car Science projects which

demonstrate the theory of

force and motion.

8 th graders are staying busy

with their novel study and

calculating Algebraic “Real

World” problems.

Also, Ms. Ussery’s Art

Department is



Christmas paper mache




Mrs. Cathy Revels and Mr.

Keith Jacobs, our Youth

Development Specialists,

have enjoyed several

activities this year with

their NASA & AISES

members. On November

13 th , the 8 th grade NASA/

AISES Club enjoyed the

Native American County

tour guided by Mr.

Kenneth Clark at the

Indian Education Center.

The 7 th grade NASA/

AISES students have

plans to attend the River

People Musical Festival

at UNC-Pembroke on

January 25, 2013. A

special thank you to the


Club for


collected for their

Community Service

Project. Donations were

given to the Prospect

United Methodist Church

food bank.

PMS Student

Wins Local

Book ‘Em

Essay Contest



8 th grader,

won first

place in

her age


at the





Congratulations Warriors!

The essay contest asked

students to write about the

person who had inspired

them the most in their life.

For her essay, Darien

received a $25.00. Also, a

special celebration to honor

her and other essay winners

will be held at Robeson

Community College on

February 23, 2013.

"I am so proud of Darien

and are honored to help her

celebrate her

accomplishments,” said

teacher Julie Broughton. I

would also like to thank the

many other students who

submitted essays as well

from Pembroke Middle


Pembroke Middle School is proud to celebrate the following

academic achievements of its staff members.

Elizabeth Caburet: Master’s of Art in Mathematics

Education (UNCP)

Rhonda Lambert: Master’s of Art in Mathematics

Education (UNCP)

Matthew Locklear: Master’s of Art in Mathematics

Education (UNCP)

Whitney Oxendine: Master’s of Art in Mathematics

Education (UNCP)

Jeannine Locklear: National Board Certification in School

Counseling (NBPTS)

The Counseling Department welcomes Ms. Brittany Lambert, our

UNCP Intern. Ms. Lambert has transitioned quite well into her

new role. Working with our staff, students and community

members, she has quickly become an integral part of our team.

Ms. Amanda Tyner, our Curriculum Specialist, can be found from

one end of campus to the other working diligently with our

teachers and students. She is indeed an asset to our instructional

program at Pembroke Middle. Thank you Ms. Tyner for helping

us reach our goals!


Piney Grove Elementary School

Home of the Pioneers




Proven Kindergarten

Teaching Strategy

Piney Grove School has sponsored several events in December,

promoting reading, math, and the joy and love of the

holidays.Bringing in Christmas with Hats, Antlers, Socks, and Bells.

This strategy is considered innovative and

is used to help the students in literacy

development. The teacher has used this

strategy for the last ten years in

kindergarten. It is a proven strategy and is

an incentive based strategy and it is called

Mrs. Sandy Nation’s Kindergarten Word

Contest! Our county requires our students

in kindergarten to learn 45 sight words.

Several years ago, many of students

successfully learned the 45 words and

would receive a 1 st grade word list.

Liberty Holiness Church

donates 50 coats to

Children at PGS

BookFair Classroom Winners!

Science and Math were popular


BBs (Books and

Brownies) for Reading

We all like to get something for doing

something that is required, at one time or

another. That is the premise of my contest.

My word list is a combination of the sight

words required by the county as well as

60 additional sight words that are part of

our K-2 Literacy Assessment. The list has

105 words. The children receive a prize

for every 10 words they recognize. The

grand prize is given at 100 words. The

teacher uses a bulletin board in her

classroom to recognize the students who

are earning prizes!! For students who are

not yet learning words, they are

encouraged daily to study their words.

They are very excited about the day they

too will get prize 1 and then the other


A copy of the word list for the contest is

attached to each child’s homework folder

on the first day of school. During Open

House, before school begins, parents are

given a letter that explains how the contest

works as well as a word list.



Prospect Lady Wildcats Volleyball Team

*2012 Robeson County Volleyball Champions

*Defeated Pembroke in the first round of


*Defeated Orrum in Championship game for

the title.

* Finished regular season 12-0 as undefeated

Conference Champions

* Coached by Lezlie Woods-Jacobs for the

past four years. Have been County Champs

for three of those and conference champs for

all four. ( Art Teacher @ Prospect)


#1 Nakyra Mitchell

#2 Dymond McPherson

#3 Alicia Freeman

#4 Mckenzie Maynor

#5 Lexie Caulder

#6 Chandler Locklear

#7 Patience Epps

#8 Brooke Huggins

#10 Elayna Locklear (Captain)

#11 Chelsea Jones

#12 Kaylee McMillian

#13 Grace McMillian

#14 Alexis Lowry

#15 Jada Jacobs (Captain)

Assistant Coach: Raven Woods

Scorekeeper: Tara Lowry

Line Judge: Brock Chavis

Athletic Director: Joseph Johnson

Chinese Live Museum

Prospect Middle School's Advanced Art

Class would like to present the Chinese

Live Museum

Featuring: The Great Wall, Terra Cotta

Soldiers, Buddha, a Parade Dragon and

more! The museum will be open for

visitation on March 6 th for all schools and

grades interested in visiting. The cost is .50

cents per child. Reservations can be made

by calling Ms. Corey Deese at 521-4766 or

emailing her at

Can Food Drive Successful

Terri Maynor-Guevara and Linda Bullard

would like to thank everyone that

participated in our annual Indian Heritage

Month Can Food Drive. Our school

collected 5,500 items with the winning

class Mrs. Sheila Stultz’s kindergarten

class turning in 335 items. They will

receive a pizza party. The following

classes were next in line: Leslie

Locklear’s 7 th grade homeroom; 281,

Lauren Locklear’s 1 st grade class; 228, and

April Strickland’s 4 th grade class; 225.

Wildcats PBIS

Our Wildcats are really wild about our

PBIS program. The PBIS store has been a

big success and the students can’t wait to

see it coming around to their classrooms.

They have all really been working hard to

earn their Cats Cash and to use that cash

for all the wonderful incentives offered

throughout this school year. We

congratulate our students and staff for all

their hard work in making this program a


DAR Writing Contest

Mrs. Velinda Locklear’s 8 th grade students

were given an opportunity to partake in the

Daughters of the American Revolution

(DAR) writing contest. The contest is for

5 th -8 th graders interested in learning more

about the American Revolution. Students

were responsible for researching unsung

heroes that supported the American

Revolution and writing an essay about this

individual or group. Each contestant wrote

a 600-1,000 word essay and included both

a cover and bibliography page. The

following students participated in the

contest: William Barnette, Katie Gibson,

Eric Locklear, Hope Locklear, Antione

Newkirk, and Emily Troy. Good luck to

all of those who participated.

Chinese Live Museum


Rowland Middle School

Students and staff at the Biltmore Estate in

Asheville, North Carolina

Rowland Middle School’s 1 st nine weeks

awards program was held in November.

Students were recognized in each subject

area and grade for their academic

performance and behavior. The

following students received Miss

Wooten’s Principal’s Award for their

outstanding growth and amazing

leadership skills: Izean Bethea (7 th ),

Fantashia Johnson (7 th ), Zion Davis (7 th ),

Christian Owens (8 th ) and Noah Hunt

(8 th ).

The school’s first annual fall festival,

sponsored by the PTSA, was also held

during the first semester. Rowland

Middle School’s cheerleaders, South

Robeson High School’s teacher cadets

and many other community members

were great volunteers and contributed to

the fall festival’s overall success. All

those in attendance had a great time!

NASA members and advisor Mrs. Nikki

Locklear were very busy during the

months of November and December.

The students planned and participated in

the Native American History Program;

volunteered at a local nursing home for

their community service project; worked

on their science projects for AISES; and

even sponsored and participated in the

school’s Native American History Month

art and writing contests. Skyler Hunt

(6 th ) was the writing contest winner and

Noah Hunt (8 th ) was the art contest

winner. Congratulations!

The Cobras have been very busy

traveling to take advantage of insightful

opportunities that extend their learning

beyond the classroom. The adventures

include: the 8 th graders traveling to South

Robeson to visit the Mattie C. Stewart

Choice Bus which encourages students to

stay in school; a special group of students

attending the Studio One Production—

the Nutcracker; 7 th and 8 th graders

visiting the State Capitol, Legislative

Building, North Carolina Science

Museum and North Carolina History

Museum--all made possible by a travel

grant won by 7 th grade teacher Mr.

Jeremie Nunnery; student athletes and

staff attending a men’s basketball game

at UNC Chapel Hill; and the top readers

in the school, determined by Accelerated

Reader points, being rewarded with a trip

to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North


Make sure to visit the school’s website

for more information about upcoming

events and activities. Exciting things are

taking place at Rowland Middle—a 2012

School of Distinction and Title I Reward



“Dino”-mite Dinosaurs

Rowland-Norment Elementary

Pre-K and Kindergarten

We are having a wonderful

year. This year we are

fortunate to have several

new teachers with us. In

Pre-K Mrs. Trish Lawson

and in Kindergarten we

welcome Mrs. Courtney

Miles and Mary Watson.

We are also lucky to have

such a wonderful group of

kindergartners this school

year. Students are working

hard learning new words,

writing sentences and

learning how to read. We

are also working hard in

math, learning numbers and

how to count to 100. We

have found many great

things that students love

using to add and subtract. It

has been a great year and

has many exciting things

waiting for us to make it

even better.

First Grade

First Graders have had a

great start to the New Year!

After a wonderful holiday

break, we became authors

as we wrote resolutions

(promises) for the New Year

that we’re working hard to

keep. We’re reading every

day in class and every

evening at home so we can

be the best readers we can

be. We know great authors

must be great readers!

We became historians as we

studied Dr. Martin Luther

King’s life through books,

videos, and online clips.

We remembered Dr. King’s

birthday by making

booklets about the things he

did to help all Americans.

Each student wrote about

one thing they would like to

change about our country.

Lastly we became

meteorologists as we

investigated the season of

winter with all its fun

activities. We had a flurry of

writing about making snow

angels, sledding, snowball

fights, and drinking hot

chocolate. We had a storm

of creativity with cotton

balls (or paint or tissue

paper or foam) that resulted

in over a hundred forty

snowmen to decorate our

rooms and hallways! After

all this winter excitement,

we are still hoping for a real

“winter wonderland”. Let’s

keep watching the skies!

Second Grade

Our team has just stepped

off our Polar Express

Excursion. We had so much

fun reading the story and

then celebrating the Polar

Express. Our adventures

included sipping hot

chocolate, eating cookies,

and watching the movie

among other activities.

As this New Year rolled in,

Second Graders made

resolutions to improve work

habits for the remainder of

the year. Rowland-Norment

classes are working

diligently on our projects

for the Curriculum Fair in


Third Grade

We are off to a wonderful

start to the new school year.

We would like to welcome

two new staff members to

our team, Mrs. Sharon

Leonard, and Mrs. Emily


We have learned about the

Constitution and what it

stands for. Mrs. Erica, Art

teacher, taught us about the

“Pinwheels for Peace”

project, and we decorated

our campus with all the

beautiful pinwheels.

During “Red Ribbon Week”

there were exciting

activities planned

throughout the week. We

especially like saying our

chants while parading

around the school campus.

Congratulations to Mrs.

Sharon Leonard’s Third

Grade class, they won the

door decorating contest for

our hall.

Our Canned Food Drive

was a great success this

year. Ms. Browning’s class

collected the most cans for

the school, and was

awarded a pizza party.

We also enjoyed the

performance of “Best

Christmas Pageant Ever” at

the Crown Coliseum in

Fayetteville. We would like

to say “Thank You”, to the

employees at McDonald’s

in St. Pauls for being so

patient with us during our

stop for lunch.

Fourth Grade

Students were busy as

Santa’s elves during the last

few weeks of school before

the holidays. In reading we

explored countries all over

the world, their cultures,

and how they celebrate the

holiday season. We have

also looked into their

demographics, economies,

and traditions. In math we

have just been as busy.

Using area and perimeter,

the students drew colorful

gift boxes on graph paper,

and used construction paper

and as assortment of other

materials to explore word

problems more effectively

and efficiently.

We took a field trip to The

Special Operations and

Airborne Museum in

Fayetteville, North

Carolina. What a treat!

The students really enjoyed

the brief movie on the

history of the soldiers, and

were excited to tour the

museum, look at all of the

artifacts and displays, and

read about the various items

on display in the cases.

We are looking forward to

more exiting trips and

activities in 2013!


Robeson Co. Shootout

Kane Banner helps defense for St.

Pauls as they go against

the Dillon Wildcats

Athletic Director Jason Suggs

list winning teams at Shootout


Shootout Final

Boys - West Bladen defeats Lumberton

Girls - Lumberton defeated West Bladen

Shootout Luncheon


St. Pauls Elementary School – “Home of the Bullpups”

St. Pauls Elementary students,

parents, faculty and staff

collected more than 2,000

perishable and nonperishable

items to the United Methodist

Church Food Bank of St. Pauls.

St. Pauls Elementary faculty and staff collected more than 125 toys and

games for St. Pauls High's Na;onal Honors Society. The toys will be

donated to Southeastern Medical Center for children hospitalized during

the Christmas holiday..


8 th Graders are Creating Dream Catchers

Mrs. Bullard’s 8 th grade science students have

been exploring energy. They have learned the

different forms of energy and how they can be

transformed or transferred. In honor of Native

American Heritage month they created dream

catchers to review science information. Many

of the students chose the forms of energy as

their topic. They included pictures and

information about energy on the strands that

hung from the dream catcher. The dream

catchers were judged and our winners were:

first place- Jamiya, 2 nd place- Nayeli, 3 rd place

Mya, most creative Chasity. Congratulations to

all the 8 th grade students on their hard work and


6 th Graders are Building Ziggurats

Mrs. Kerns 6 th Grade social study classes have

been busy this year discovering, learning and

comparing the ancient civilizations of the past.

In this picture, they are using sugar cubes to

build ziggurats. Teachers, parents and students

were running around St. Pauls and Lumberton

buying up all the sugar cubes they could find.

After building the ziggurats they were able to

paint them and display in the classroom.

7th Grade Accelerated Reader Class


Students are being awarded for reading and take

accelerated reader quizzes. Ms. Kimberlei

Taylor and her 7 th Grade Core 3 Language Arts

class are AR Class Champions and earned a

class celebration by earning 259.7 points. Also

the high point AR earner for the school was 7 th

grader, Anne with 157.2 points. 6 th grade high

point earner was Kyle with 141.2 and 8 th grade

was Hunter with128.9. Congratulations


Beta Club

The SPMS Junior Beta Club and Sandra

Johnson as sponsor are getting prepared to

usher in new members for the 2012-2013

school year. The 2013 Induction Ceremony is

set for Thursday, January 24, at 7 PM in the

school cafeteria. From this year’s roster, SPMS

Beta Club members elected are Heather,

President; Kevin, Vice President, Jaida,

Secretary, and Caitlyn, Treasurer.

Art and Music in St. Pauls

St. Pauls hosted a wonderful community event

this past Saturday, January 12, featuring the

music and artwork of our students. Art teacher,

Ms. Trisha Brownlee, displayed beautiful

landscapes and portraits and creative Lorax

sculptures completed by students at St. Pauls

Middle School. Students, parents, and

community members walked through and

admired the galleries while St. Pauls Middle

School strings students played in the

background under the direction of Ms. Peggy

Marshall. The students played several fiddle

tunes, followed by an Irish piece, and ended

with a Spanish piece.


Vonta Leach Gives Christmas To

Community Students

Vonta Leach brings joy

to more than 100

children from the

Public Schools of

Robeson County with a

special gift presentation.

In December the lines

wrapped around the

Lumberton Wal-mart

garden center as children,

parents and teachers

anxiously waited as the

NFL Ravens Fullback

Vonta Leach entered the

Lumberton store. School

by school Leach called

out the student’s names.

The Rowland native gave

one hundred and twenty

$100 Wal-Mart gift cards

to the smiling students.

51 children were chosen

by counselors and social

workers from the Public

Schools of Robeson

County through the free

and reduced lunch

programs at the district.

Leach also gave an

additional 69 gift cards to

children from South Side

Ashpole School in this

hometown of Rowland.

Some of the children

purchased toys with the

gift cards, but others

sought out the basics of

clothes and shoes.

Leach said he believes

where much is given,

much is expected. “It is

very important for me as

I come from Rowland,

where we didn’t have a

lot. To play an NFL

football game and then to

do this, it puts everything

in perspective,” said


Shereka Locklear held

back tears as she talked

about feeling so blessed

for the donation that was

given to her 11-year-old

son Dewhitt. “He didn’t

know about it until today.

He deserves it because he

is a good child and this

will help a lot at

Christmas time”, said


much time picking out

their gifts. Savannah

purchased a Daisy rifle,

while her brother sported

new video games. The

children’s grandfather

Alvin Hunt escorted them

as they proudly displayed

their gifts. “It will help

with Christmas. Their

mother was killed last

July and they live with

us,” said Hunt.

The program is funded

through the Vonta Leach

Foundation. This is the

6 th year Leach has

sponsored the program.

Leach is a football

fullback for the

Baltimore Ravens, of the

National Football


9-year-old Josh Cooke

and his 11-year-old sister

Savannah didn’t waste

Dewhitt Locklear


Tanglewood Elementary

Polar Express Fun! Our kids and teachers wore

their PJs and robes, had hot chocolate , read

the book, watched the movie and did things

throughout the day associated with The Polar

Express book

Some are of the canned drive (6,138 CANS!). Some

of our Kindergarten Polar Express and 2nd grade

Chris;mas play. Canned food drive done every year

by the whole school. We call our lobby tree The

Giving Tree and all the canned goods are collected

around it. We also have a few compe;;ons to see

who or which class or teacher or assistant can bring

the most. All of our canned food was delivered to

the Church and Community Center. We've been

doing this for at least 10 years.




Bus driver of

the month

Brenda Blue

L. Gilbert Carroll

Classified Employee

of the Month

Betty Mayes

Child Nutrition

L. Gilbert Carroll

Certified Employee

of the month

Tara Lewis


Lumberton JHS



Union Chapel Elementary School


The kindergarten students

have been busy. They are

now taking spelling test,

which incorporates the sight

words that they must know.

They snap, clap, and sky

write their spelling words for

mastery. The Kindergarten

students read books and did

activities to celebrate the

birthday of Martin Luther

King Jr. The Kindergarten

students made snowmen

inside and outside the

classroom. Artwork in the

classroom and hallways show

their excitement about the

snowflakes and snowmen.

First Grade

The 1 st graders are involved in

the Waterford Reading

Program and the students are

thoroughly enjoying the

program. They are also

working hard on gaining

Accelerated Reader and

Accelerated Math points.

Their reading unit this month

was related to “Changes”.

They have researched and

discussed how people, plants,

and animals change. As a

follow-up activity they have

posted pictures of themselves

on posters as babies and 2 nd

graders to show changes

within themselves. This

research and discussion was

incorporated into the science

and social studies curriculum.

The students created books

about Martin Luther King Jr.

and then read them to the

class to observe his birthday.

They also wrote a story

describing their dream for the

future. Through this research,

they were able to realize the

“Home of the Tigers”

impact that Martin Luther

King Jr. had on our country.

Second Grade

The 2 nd graders started school

back after the holidays

focusing on New Year

Resolutions!!! They revisited

goals set at the beginning of

the school year to assess if

they were still on track and

looked at new goals they

could set for the New Year.

The 2 nd graders looked at the

famous speech made by

Martin Luther King Jr. They

then created their own

speeches related to their

dreams for the future. They

also read books on Martin

Luther King Jr. and took test

for A.R. points. They read the

Quilt Story and then made a

quilt for the classroom out of

symmetrical squares.

Third Grade

The 3 rd graders are reading,

writing and practicing math

skills especially their

multiplication facts. They are

also beginning to research

information for their science

projects. The third graders

are studying animal habitats

and environments. They read

a story about whales and as a

follow-up activity. The 3 rd

graders completed research

and class projects related to

the Civil Rights Movement

and the significance of the

famous “I Have A Dream

Speech” by Dr. Martin L.

King Jr.

Fourth Grade

The 4th graders are utilizing

the TOES Process as they

work on math problems.

They translate, organize,

eliminate and then solve the

problems. The students are

engaged daily in writing

activities. They were

involved in activities related

to Martin Luther King Jr. to

observe his birthday and the

Civil Rights Movement. The

4th graders are studying

traditions and various

customs found across our


Fifth Grade

The 5 th graders are studying

interior angles and

measurement. They are

engaged in Persuasive

writing. They read reading

passages related to Martin L.

King Jr. and then answered

questions to test for accuracy

of comprehension. They then

wrote their own stories

describing how they felt

Martin L. King had

contributed to the

development of race relations

in our country. The students

researched timeline of events,

accomplishments and

nonviolence/bullying as

related to Martin L. King.

The students are also studying

about weather.

Sixth Grade

New Years presented the

perfect opportunity to

reinforce evaluation writing in

the 6th grade Language Arts

class. Students were asked to

evaluate the one thing that

they could do that would

benefit the most people.

Students are busy at work

evaluating their own New

Year’s resolutions. They are

learning to set goals and work

toward achieving their goals.

Students have just completed

a unit of study on earthquakes

and volcanoes. As a followup

activity students created

and tested the durability of a

building made from drinking

straws and clay. Students

have been hard at work on

measurement and fractions

perimeter and area. Students

had a great time participating

in a stretch it out activity that

tested their measuring skills.

They are working on

literature circles.

Here at Union Chapel, our

PBIS program is in full

swing. The students are

earning “Tiger Bucks” for

good behaviors. At the end of

the 2 nd nine week period, the

home room class who has

accumulated the most

“ROAR” Tallies will be

rewarded with a surprise!!!

The ROAR Motto and the

ROAR Matrix are being

incorporated on a daily basis.

Teachers are utilizing

character education words to

teach social skill lessons to

the students.


Union Elementary School


Pre-K is talking about what

happens in the winter. We are

made snowmen out of coffee

creamer containers. We had fun in

the art center making snowmen

with cotton balls. Pre-K loves



Happy New Year from the

Kindergarten Quad! We are all

ready for the second semester. We

have learned so much. We are

reading and writing sentences. We

have learned about 30 sight words

already and we are well on our

way to completing our

Kindergarten words. Our teachers

are proud of the independence we

are beginning to show. We are also

learning all about Winter. We have

made snowmen, talked about polar

bears, and penguins. Now, we are

sitting back waiting on the


1 st Grade

What are the 1st Grade Eagles up

to at Union Elementary Our first

graders are learning about

Community Helpers. Our story

was Who Works Here , and we

were able to have a postal worker

come out and talk to our students.

Mrs. Terena Nephew came out and

explained how mail is transported

and checked for accuracy. Did you

know that if you write a letter to

someone in Pembroke it has to go

all the way to Fayetteville to be

processed and then it is sent back

to Pembroke again She talked

about the key things to check for

when you receive a piece of mail.

She also told the students about the

proper way to label an envelope.

"Sloppy handwriting is one of the

main reasons mail is sent back",

stated Mrs. Nephew. The students

were excited and had all kinds of

questions to ask. Here at Union we

try to make meaningful

connections with our students.

2 nd Grade

Our Second graders started the

New Year off with a positive note.

We all made positive New Year's

resolutions to become better

students. We have students

preparing to get ready for the

spelling bee; some are also getting

prepared to do their very first

Science fair project. Our second

graders have started writing penpal

letters. Ms. Katara Oxendine's

class is writing to a second grade

class at St. Pauls Elementary. Mrs.

Cassandra Bell's pen pals are from

Piney Grove


With students

having pen pals

it gives them a

chance to work

on socialization

skills. At the end

of the year they

will video chat

with them and


diversity at the

two schools. In

math second graders are learning

to tell time, multiplication, and

next we will be decomposing

numbers. We look forward to

learning about all the exciting

people in black history month.

3 rd Grade

Third graders at Union Elementary

were surprised when they received

a $1,000.00 travel grant that will

provide them an opportunity to

visit the N.C. History Museum in

Raleigh. Due to monies from Coca

Cola Company, the museum is able




ACROSS North Carolina. The

third grade teachers at Union are

excited to know all programs

provided by the museum are

structured to provide students with

meaningful experiences in North

Carolina history that are directly

linked to the Common Core

Standards. They also stated, “They

really want to help students love

history and make connections

between the past and the present.

4 th Grade

Well, after an AWESOME visit

from Santa, we are ready for 2013.

We have made many resolutions

but our top 2 are: Just become a

better person, and study harder.

Our teachers, Mrs. Tara, Mrs.

Hathaway, Mrs. Rhonda have been

doing this for us already. Since we

have been back from our break, we

have been learning about angles,

diamante, and rocks/minerals.

LOL, while studying these skills

we are still trying to figure out how

they can help us get some SNOW.

5 th Grade

Fifth grade students at Union

Elementary School kicked off the

weather unit by studying about the

formation of clouds through the

process of condensation. In

addition to creating a cloud chart,

students used cotton balls to make

their own replicas of cumulus,

cirrus, stratus, and cumulonimbus

clouds. They also gave a brief

description of what type of weather

each cloud brings.

The fifth grade math classes are

busy at work learning about

fractions. They are making

foldables to display in class. They

will also be using recipes to learn

more about fractions and


6 th Grade

Union “Senior” Eagles are

experiencing an exciting year.

Students are continuing to work

eagerly to master the Common

Core through the use of various

interactive, hands-on activities and

projects. The “Senior” Eagles

extended their learning by visiting

the Disney on Ice performance in

Fayetteville, NC. They also

enjoyed learning about Christmas

cultures and celebrations in other

countries through our Social

Studies unit of Christmas Around

the World.


West Lumberton Elementary

“Home of the Dolphins”


The students in grades PK-4 th

entertained their parents and

teachers with many Christmas

favorites at our last PTO

meeting, Dec. 13, 2012. The

students performed well and

made everyone very proud of

them, especially their music

teacher Ms. Williams. She is a

wonderful asset to the school!

Pre-K class: Mrs. Chambers’

and Ms. Freeman’s Pre-K class

took a ride on the AMTRAK

train on December 11, 2012.

We took an Activity Bus to the

train station in Dillon, S. C.,

where we boarded the train for

a beautiful, scenic ride through

wooded landscapes and fields,

all the way to Fayetteville, N.C.

It was an exciting and relaxing

trip! The conductors on the

train were very knowledgeable

and friendly, answering all our

many questions. When we

arrived in Fayetteville, we

again boarded the Activity Bus,

which took us to McDonald’s

for lunch, and then the return

trip to school. We had so much

fun! It reminded us of the train

ride in the movie “Polar

Express”. We all agreed that

we would like to go again


Kindergarten - Ms. Walton

and Ms. Demery's Kindergarten

class have had an awesome

start to the school year.

Students are learning new

things each day. In Language

Arts, we are learning the

difference between Fiction and

Non Fiction books, reviewing

PSRC sight words, letters and

sounds. Students are working

diligently with their writing

including writing first and last

name. In Math, students are

decomposing numbers and

solving addition words

problems. For the month of

December, Students learned

how other countries celebrated

Christmas such as Germany,

Sweden, Mexico and the

United States. The students had

lots of fun making various

Christmas ornaments and with

other Christmas activities. Our

Kindergarten classes also

enjoyed watching the Polar

Express while drinking hot

chocolate and eating

peppermint sticks.

Both Kindergarten classes look

forward to 2013 and are excited

about learning new material

with Common Core. Working

together we will succeed!

1 st grade celebrated the month

of December with a variety of

activities to learn more about

the Christmas traditions around

the world. We also enjoyed

watching the Polar Express

along with a nice warm cup of

cocoa. We loved our break and

now are eager to begin the New


2 nd Grade - December was a

busy, busy month. The

students learned about different

ways people around the world

celebrate Christmas. We

finished the unit with a fun

activity: making and eating

sugar-cone Christmas trees.

Also during the month of

December, Ms. Diane Zepaltas,

SRMC Community Dietitian,

visited the class several times

and spoke with the students

about eating healthy and

making smart snacking choices.

3 rd Grade - The third graders

at WLES have been working on

a unit called "The People, the

Presidents, and the Preamble."

Both third grade class’s

researched information on the

candidates who were running

for President in this last

election. Ms. Knighton's class

filled out mock voter

registration cards and held an

election on Nov. 6, 2012. In

both classes, students are

completing a projects based on

the US Presidents. They are

creating PowerPoint

presentations with all kinds of

information on their chosen

president and have also

completed timelines. They are

also learning the meaning of

the Preamble to the


As part of the Christmas

holiday, Ms. Knighton's third

grade class worked on reading

comprehension sheets relative

to the holiday season. The

student learned about the

history of gingerbread houses

and the origin of Christmas

cards. They also read about

how retailers made profits

during the Christmas season. At

the end of the week, the class

made their very own

'gingerbread' houses using

items donated by the children.

These items included graham

cracker, licorice, gumdrops,

cake icing, Skittles, and

M&M's. They had a great time

making them!

The Junior Cadets from

Lumberton Senior High School

are coming to WLES to teach

third and fourth grade students.

Josh and Tyler are working

with our third grade class. This

semester the cadets taught the

students about the solar

systems. They showed the

students Power Points with

information about all the

planets and the sun. The

students really enjoyed the

hands-on activities that were

done. They had a chance to

draw planets, make and paint

clay models. In the last of

many activities, the students

used styrofoam balls to paint

their favorite (they had to

explain why) planets. A ribbon

was attached and they used

these as Christmas ornaments!




Former Board Member

Luther Herbert


Former Board Member

Yveie Ray


Peterson Elementary

Bobby Blue

Purnell Swei HS

Kanikki Johnson

Deep Branch Elem.

Zachery Murdock

Lumberton SHS

We remember those who

have passed on....



The PSRC Health Services Department

Gives to the Empty Stocking Fund

The PSRC Health Services Department donated $500

to the empty stocking fund on December 18,

2012.Every year

at Christmas

the members

would give

each other

gifts, but

decided to give

to a charity. This

is the 2 nd year

the school

nurses have

given to the

empty stocking

fund. “We work

with needy

children every day and the need is great, so this is a

way to help children have a good Christmas,” said

Kathryn McDaniel – The Health Service Supervisor.







Leading the nation in the number of National

Board Certified Teachers is a trend worth

boasting about, and it's one that continues in

2012 as the state congratulates 636 newlycertified

National Board teachers. This newest

batch of credentialed teachers brings the state's

total number of National Board Certified Teachers

to 19,799 – making North Carolina home to the

largest number of National Board Certified

teachers in the country.

Newly Certified in Robeson County:

Vonda Graham, Alissa Hall, Jadell

Hawks, Deborah Lemanski, Jeannine

Locklear, Eustacia Lowry - Jones.

Renewals in Robeson County:

Kimberly Adcox, Wanda Brewer, Ricky

Dial, Tonnye Flectcher, Deborah Graff,

Kirstie Jorgensen, Alan Locklear,

Katherine Locklear, Marian McLaurin.




Bus driver of

the month

Gwen Daniels

Long Branch

Elementary School

Classified Employee of

the Month

Darlene Hammonds

Deep Branch Elem.

Pre-K teacher


Certified Employee

of the month

Lakeshia Revels

Deep Branch Elem.

5 th Grade Science


Principals Retreat Looks

at Perspective

Robeson County Principals were given a lesson

on perspective as they looked at ways to transfer

knowledge into real life situations at the December

Principals retreat. One lesson focused on Common

Core Curriculum. Another lesson on keeping

perspective required the educators to read a book

called “The Ball”. The moral of the book was given

wings as each administrator joined in groups to pass

around a ball. The principals used the ball as a

metaphorof how educators can lose sight of what is

important when they take their eye off the ball.



February 18, 2013

Optional Teacher Workday

February 19, 2013

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Parent

Night Activities

February 21, 2013

PSRC Art Teacher Exhibit

"Beyond Art" Opening

Reception @ Carolina Civic Ctr.

April 27, 2013

Teacher Recruitment Fair

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Lumberton Senior H S

March 8, 2013

Elementary Music Festival @

LJHS Auditorium

March 15, 2013

Optional Teacher Workday


Student Artwork

Lumberton Senior HS

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