Paris/Berlin: 20 years of underground techno

Paris/Berlin: 20 years of underground techno

Paris/Berlin: 20 years of underground techno

Directed by Amélie Ravalec //

"This is what techno was about, this is what it should be about, and hopefully this is gonna stay

this way for a while now.." Adam X (Sonic Groove)

This 52” documentary tells the story of an underground movement, from its beginning until

now. Born in Detroit in the late 80s, techno met its audience a few years later in Europe, as

the UK, Germany, France and many others countries started to host the foundations of a

techno scene.

It is mostly focused on Paris and Berlin. Two different cities, two different tales, but techno

grew up in both, from secret underground parties to huge clubs, from a small faceless

movement to an etablished business, and from vinyl to digital.

The documentary features those in the scene who kept it true to its original spirit. About

twenty people trace the evolution of techno over the years. They all have different profiles -

dj, producer, label manager, promoter, record shop owner.. but all share a common

passion : techno.

With Adam X (Sonic Groove), Regis (Downwards), Ancient Methods (AM/ Downwards),

Kareem (Zhark Berlin), Function (Sandwell District), Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts), Laurent

Garnier (Fcom), Nick Höppner (Ostgut ton), Terence Fixmer (Planète Rouge), Christophe

(Toolbox Records),Tama Sumo (Ostgut ton), Dasha Rush (Full Panda), Henning Baer

(Grounded Theory), Milton Bradley (Do not resist the beat), Lupo (Dubplates&Mastering),

Tobias Rapp (Berlin, techno und der Easy Jet set), Electric Rescue (Skryptom), Fabrice

Gadeau (Rex Club), Laurent Baylet / Patrick Bamberger (Dimuschi), Mathieu Guilien

(Paris III-Sorbonne), Remote (Kill the Dj), Heartbeat (Dement3d)


May 5th, Brussels (Belgium) Fondation Sonore with Adam X, Ancient Methods, Monolith,

Face Down

May 5th, Athens (Greece) Reform #003 : Modal Analysis Label Launch Party with

Kangding Ray, Cassegrain, Marcelus

June 3rd, London (UK) Plex vs Perc Trax at Corscica Studio with Kangding Ray, Perc,

Lone, AnD, Randomer, DJ Skirt

June 9th, Budapest (Hungary) Technokunst at A38 with Electric Indigo, Isu, Dork,

June 29th, Berlin (Germany) Stroboscopic Artefact night at Suicide Circus with Lucy, Xhin,


June 29th, San Francisco (US) As you like it / Sandwell Disctrict showcase at Public

Works with Function, Silent Servant, Rrose

June 30th, Limerick (Ireland) Bump Music Conference with Reeko, Kr!z

July 6th, Paris (France) The Only Way out at Batofar with Silent Servant, Polar Inertia

July 27-29th, Vienna (Austria) XKM Techno festival

August 22th, Singapore BO02 Asian premiere of /with Perc

September 15 th , Malmo (Sweden) with Ctrls, Rivet

September 22 th , Zagreb (Croatia) with Dasha Rush

September 22 th , Madrid (Spain) with Svreca

September 29 th , Dunkerque (France) with Face Down

October 17th, Paris (France) Projection at la Gaité lyrique (french cultural center)

TBA : Italy, Australia, Danemark, Scottland

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