Classifying Mixtures

Classifying Mixtures

Classifying Mixtures

What is a mixture

A physical blend of two or more


Most matter are mixtures, some are easier

to recognize then others.

Based on the distribution of their

components, mixtures can be classified as

heterogeneous or as homogeneous



In a heterogeneous mixture the

compositions are not evenly throughout

the mixture.

Like in chicken noodle soup, the

ingredients are not evenly distributed.

There is more likely to be more chicken in

one spoonful than another.


Normally doesn’t look like a mixture

In homogeneous the compositions are

evenly distributed throughout the mixture.


Another name for a homogeneous mixture

is a solution.

Most solutions are liquids. But some are

gases, like air, and some are solids, like

stainless steel.


The term phase is used to describe any

part of a sample with uniform composition

and properties.

Homogeneous mixtures consists of a

single phase.

Heterogeneous mixture consists of two or

more phases.


1. True or false,

Heterogeneous are evenly

distributed throughout the



2. Homogeneous mixtures have

how many phases

A. One or more

B. Two or more

C. Only one

D. Only two

C. Only one

3. Solutions are often…

A. Liquids

B. Gases

C. Solids

D. None of the above

A. Liquids

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