A sightseeing tour of our town, Râmnicu Vâlcea - PRIETENUL cel ...


A sightseeing tour of our town, Râmnicu Vâlcea - PRIETENUL cel ...

A sightseeing tour of

our town,

Râmnicu Vâlcea

A project made by:

•Sebastian Chiriloae

•Anca Lincă

•Roxana Marcu

•Ioana Păun

Coordinated by:

prof. Eugen Belivac

The town we live in is called

Ramnicu Valcea. It is situated in

the south central part of

Romania, at the confluence of

the rivers Olt and Olanesti. The

town of Ramnicu Valcea has a

surface of 8.866 hectars.

Geographic position

Geographic position

The population of Ramnicu

Valcea is about one hundred

and seventeen thousand

inhabitants. The town of

Ramnicu Valcea was for the first

time mentioned in an oficial

document on May 20, 1388,

document signed by Mircea cel

Batrin, voievode of The

Romanian Country.

Administration of the town

The Prefect’s Office is the

representative of the

Government in Valcea

county. Its main role is to

solve the problems of the

entire county and it is led

by the Prefect.

Administration of the town

The Town Hall is

concerned with solving

the problems only of

the town and it is led by

the Mayor .


The educational system of Ramnicu Valcea is divided into

several forms, just like anywhere else in the country:

kindergardens, primary and secondary schools, high schools

and faculties.


In Ramnicu Valcea, there are a lot of places

for spending time and for entertainment,

both for children and grown-ups. There are

two beautiful parks here, Mircea cel Batrin

Park and Zavoi.

It was in Zavoi Park, where, the national anthem

of Romania was sung for the first time on the


of July 1848.


Religion has a big role in the life of

a town. The Bishopric has the most

important role in the religious life

of Ramnicu Valcea town. In the

past, the Bishopric was a powerful

cultural centre. It was here where

the first book was printed in

Romania. Now, a printing house

functions here, but also a museum

with religious objects.


There are a lot of cultural institutions in our town, such as:

museums, theatres, libraries, philarmonic and show halls.

There are several museums here in Ramnicu Valcea: The

History Museum, The Art Museum, The Village Museum and

Anton Pann Memorial House. There is also Ion Dumitrescu

Philarminic Hall where classical music concerts can be




There is an important shopping

centre in Ramnicu Valcea, called

Cozia Shopping Centre. You can

find all kinds of goods in

different departments situated

on different floors.


The Chamber of Commerce and

Industry is an institution made of

companies, whose role is to

represent the interests of

companies and to give

information about the business



Banks have a very important

role for the economy, but also

for the individuals. We can

keep our money in a bank

account or we can borrow

money from the bank.

Companies use banks also for

making payments to other


It was an interesting week

for us, because we have

learned new things about

our town.

We are very proud to live

in a town such as Ramnicu




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