GoToMeeting - Henderson County Public Schools

GoToMeeting - Henderson County Public Schools

Setting Up GoToMeeting ®

for Presentations &


Instructional Technology Department

May 2012

Scheduling a GoToMeeting

1. Go to

2. Click Login.

3. Login with the credentials provided to you by the HCPS Instructional Technology Dept.

4. After a few moments, you will see a screen when you can click Host a Meeting.

5. You will be prompted to choose whether you want to

begin hosting a meeting or schedule one for a later time.

If you choose Meet Now, skip to step 9. If you choose

Schedule Meeting, proceed to the next step.

6. A form will popup for the user to enter information

about the time and date of the meeting. In addition

there are other features to control:

a. Audio- We recommend using the “Provide Audio

Information” option and choosing the “Both”

preference. This will allow users to join by

computer with microphone OR by computer and


b. Meeting Password- By selecting a meeting

password, presenters can assure no unwanted

guests appear in their meeting.

7. Once “Schedule” is clicked, Microsoft

Outlook (Startup Window) will try to open

on your machine. Click Cancel, as we do

not use Microsoft Outlook for our email

system. Confirm that you want to cancel

the setup of Microsoft Outlook. This may

happen twice.

8. Return to the browser window (where you are logged into GoToMeeting). Click Refresh.

9. You will see the meeting which was just scheduled popup in the list of upcoming meetings.

10. You will now need to communicate this meeting to your participants, including important

information for connecting to your GoToMeeting session.

11. Create an email in FirstClass to all your participants. Ensure the following information is


a. Date and time for the session

b. Remind users to have either a

computer and telephone OR a

computer with microphone (if you

need participants to talk).

c. Website for the meeting “Go to”

d. Meeting ID (which is found next to

the Start button in the list of

Upcoming Meetings).

e. Put the link to the Help Guide.

Sample Email:

Dear Participant,

Our virtual meeting will be held on January

2 nd at 2:30pm. Please remember to be at a

computer and either have a phone or

speaker/microphone available.

On that date and time, please go to Enter

the Meeting ID 123-456-789. Follow the

directions for joining the meeting. For more

information, go to



Hosting a GoToMeeting

1. Login to your online GoToMeeting account and click on My Meetings

in the left-hand menu.

2. Locate the scheduled meeting you need

to start.

3. Click on the Start button beside the

appropriate meeting date and time.

4. Your computer will begin to load GoToMeeting software and you will see the Meeting


5. Ensure that you choose the appropriate audio settings which you will be using. A headphone

with microphone is recommended for presenters.

6. Your dashboard provides you with controls to assist in presenting. The most important window

is the Screen Sharing window. This window provides the presenter with the controls for the


A. Show My- From this menu, the presenter can

decide what windows to share with

participants. Simply select from the drop

down and click the Show My button. To stop

showing your selected screen option, click

Stop Showing Screen.

B. Give Keyboard & Mouse- Click on the dropdown menu on the button and choose a

participant to receive control of your keyboard and mouse. As soon as you move your

mouse, you regain control temporarily. In order to take back control permanently, click

again on the dropdown menu and click on the participant’s name again, removing the

checkmark from their name.

C. Change Presenter- In order to allow another participant to become a

presenter, click on the dropdown menu on the button and choose

the name of the person who will take over presenting. To remove

this right, repeat the process.

7. From the Attendee List window, you can right click on a particular user to

get more information on the user and manage that participant in more


8. The Control Panel Tools bar offers several options:

A. Hide/Show Control Panel- This allows users to view or hide the

entire GoToMeeting Control Panel.

B. Mute/Unmute- Clicking this will mute/unmute the microphone on the

computer currently being used.

C. Share/Unshare Webcam- This will share/unshare the webcam on the

computer currently being used.

D. Share/Unshare the Screen- This will share/unshare the presenter’s

computer screen.

E. Give Control of Mouse/Keyboard- (See above)

F. Change Presenter- (See above)

G. Drawing Tools- Clicking this tool gives the option to use a pen, highlighter, arrow or


9. The Main Menu provides various options for presenters:

A. File- In this menu, users can Exit or End a meeting in progress.

B. Options- Presenters can decide whether or not attendees can chat, view other

attendees, or share webcams.

C. View- This menu contains Control Panel options.

D. Help- Provides additional links for support, should it be needed.

For more detailed user guides for Organizers and Attendees, go to .

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