Brussel Sprouts - Community Index

Brussel Sprouts - Community Index


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Dec 2009


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Please telephone 0161 232 8916 if you would like

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December 2009



Welcome to the December


Carol Mowl from Rubbish

Revamped has been busy

again this month making

some lovely simple Christmas

decorations from old copies of

Community Index.

Local Business woman

Laura Gaither reflects on

the possibility of creating

a simpler, more meaningful


ManyHands Café outline their

plans to create a community

arts café in Chorlton. Could

you be the first Poet in


A big thank you to Gilly

Kingham for her DVD reviews

this month.

Thanks also to Monica

McCusker for another lovely

seasonal recipe and a very

warm welcome to the team

here at Community Index as

our new Advertising Sales


I’d like to thank all our

readers, contributors and

advertisers for your support

over the last year and wish

you all a very happy and

peaceful Christmas.








ManyHands Café

Chorlton community arts venture

Brussel Sprouts

Seasonal recipe

Book Reviews

Chorlton Bookshop’s

Christmas choice

Christmas Chandelier

Rubbish Revamped upcycle

another Community Index

DVD Reviews

by Gilly Kingham

A Simpler Christmas

Reflections from Laura Gaither

Deadline for the Next Edition:

10th December

Front cover image by Carol Mowl

Community Index is printed on Forest Stewardship Council

approved paper using vegetable based inks.


Editor: Lesley Swann

Technical Editor: Sam Paechter

Advertising Sales Manager: Monica McCusker 0787 589 5604


Community Arts Café

You may have seen them recently protesting against the Hardy

Farm redevelopment, or serving you cakes at the Beech Road

Festival, but who are ManyHands Café, and what are they all


We established an informal

co-op back in the spring and

have been working towards

acquiring a permanent venue

for the café since then. The

idea is to establish a friendly

space in the heart of Chorlton

to act as a hub for all the

amazing things that happen

here. Artistic activities,

workshops, complementary

therapies, music, community

initiatives, it’s all going on,

and we just want to help tie

it all together and provide a

space for local residents to try

something new, or share their

skills. One of the problems

with so many things going on

is that it’s easy to miss stuff,

so we thought we needed a

place where everyone could

meet, talk, and practice

their crafts and skills whilst

enjoying a nice cup of tea

and a tasty vegan chocolate

truffle or two.

We had a busy stall at Beech

Road Festival, where the

gluten-free, sugar-free and

vegan cakes went down a

treat! We also sold artwork by

local residents, and greetings

cards we’d made, talked to a

lot of people about what they

might want from a community

arts café and added a whole

load of people to our mailing


please get in touch.

Since then we’ve hosted a

poetry and music evening

at St Clement’s Church with

local poets Copland Smith and

Linda Chase, and performers

from the café group itself.

We served vegan canapés,

with Bloody Mary soup,

and homegrown beetroot

and cashew paté. It was all

snaffled pretty sharpish!

Thanks to all those

Chorltonites who voted for

us at the ‘U Decide’ event,

we’ve been given a Council

cash grant to establish a

local group of the Get Into

Reading scheme that’s proved

so popular and effective in

Liverpool. It’s a ‘therapy

through literature’ programme

helping promote health and

happiness through a weekly

group where a novel, short

story, or poetry is read aloud

and acts as a conversational

cue. It’s non-academic (no

literary quizzes here!), there’s

no required reading outside

of the group, and it’s a great

way to talk about aspects of

life that may otherwise be

difficult to address. We’ve

nearly raised enough money

to train a group facilitator

and will be setting it up in the

New Year; if you’re interested

We’ll be inviting interested

parties to invest in loanstock

soon too, so look out for our

brochure and application

forms on the website, or

send us an email. Then we’ll

be handing out paint rollers

to everyone, sprucing up a

place and installing an army

of volunteers to man the

café and run lots of exciting

projects and workshops. We’ll

also rent out studio space for

artists and therapists, most

likely in part-exchange for

workshops and events.

Right now we’re inviting

entries for our poetry

competition, with a reading

taking place in the New Year,

and a plan to have a café Poet

in Residence, and maybe an

anthology of local writing. If

you’d like to be involved and

are as excited as us about

supporting the plethora of

weird and wonderful activities

Chorlton has on offer then

check out the website for

more details and sign up to

our mailing list. We’d love to

hear from you!


Leigh Matthews


Happy Christmas

to all our customers

and thanks for

all your support

Piano & Electronic Keyboard Tuition

0161 860 7416


E. G. Durden BA A.R.M.C.M. Cert.Ed

A GRADE Achievements

Tutor of 30 years’ experience offers:

Maths, English, Language and

exam preparation classes.

Lots of Great Stocking Fillers

Traditional Wooden Toys

Books, Arts & Crafts

Games, Puzzles & Jigsaws

Bikes, Trikes & Ride-ons

Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

Where to find us

93 Manchester Rd

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M21 9GA

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 9.30 - 5pm

Sat 10 - 5pm

Sun 12 - 4pm

Easy Parking!

0844 800 8574

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Late night


till 8pm

Thurs 3rd, 10th

& 17th Dec

48 Parsonage







Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

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Very reasonable rates CRB Approved

Contact: Paul 07974 295 314

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Brussel Sprouts

The dark nights are drawing

in and winter is upon us.

Many of us a starting to think

about Christmas presents

and plans for the Christmas

meal. One vegetable which

is always linked to Christmas

dinner is the Brussel sprout.

The exact origin of Brussel

sprouts is unknown, but the

first mention is traced back

to the late 16th century. They

are believed to be native to

Belgium, being a local crop

in this area until their use

spread across Europe during

World War I. Brussel sprouts

are now cultivated throughout

Europe and the United States.

Good quality Brussels sprouts

are firm, compact and vivid

green and grow in bunches

of 20 to 40 on the stem of

a plant that grows two to

three feet tall. When buying

them ensure they are free

of yellowed or wilted leaves

and are not puffy or soft in

texture. If Brussel sprouts are

sold individually, try to choose

those of equal size to ensure

that they will cook evenly.

It's no surprise that Brussel

sprouts look like perfect

miniature versions of cabbage

since they are closely related;

both belong to the Brassica

family of vegetables.

Health benefits of Brussel


Brussel sprouts are an

excellent source of vitamin C.

They are also a good source

of dietary fibre and potassium

and supply iron as well as a

selection of other minerals

and vitamins.

Brussels sprouts can help

protect against cancer

Human population as well as

animal studies consistently

show that diets high in

cruciferous vegetables,

such as Brussel sprouts,

broccoli, kale, cabbage and

cauliflower, are associated

with lower incidence of

certain cancers, including

lung, colon, breast and

ovarian cancer. Now, research

published in the International

Journal of Cancer (Zhao H,

Lin J) suggests that bladder

cancer can join the list. It is

the glucosinolates in these

vegetables that increase the

detoxification action of the

liver, helping us eliminate

toxins from the body.

For healthy skin and

immune function, think

Brussel sprouts!

Brussel sprouts are a great

source of vitamin C, the

body's primary water-soluble

antioxidant. Vitamin C

supports immune function,

giving us protection from

bacterial and viral infections;

crucial over these coming

winter months. Our bodies

also use vitamin C to make

collagen, a protein that forms

the basis of body structures

including the skin, connective

tissue, cartilage, and tendons.

A large study


on nearly

20,000 men

and women in

England found

that people with the highest

vitamin C levels had half

the risk of dying from heart

disease, stroke or cancer. Risk

of dying from heart disease

was reduced by 71% in men

and 59% for women in the

group with the highest vitamin

C levels.

In addition, a cup of Brussel

sprouts contains a whopping

1122 IU of vitamin A plus 669

IU of beta-carotene, both of

which play important roles in

defending the body against

infection and promoting

supple, glowing skin.

Fibre-rich Brussel sprouts

support a healthier colon

Add Brussel sprouts to your

diet, and you'll increase your

fibre intake. A cup of Brussel

sprouts contains more than

4 grams of fibre. Fibre not

only fills you up, satisfying

your hunger, but nourishes

the cells lining the walls of

the colon, promoting colon

health and helping to prevent

diseases such as diverticulosis

and colon cancer. In addition,

fibre aids elimination helping

keep us regular and removing

toxins daily.


Monica McCusker 07740 680 401

Brussel Sprouts and Chestnuts

Too often Brussel sprouts are over-boiled and

end up grey and mushy. As an alternative this

year lightly steam or boil them until green

and crisp and prepare with roasted chestnuts

(another traditional Christmas food). They

make a tasty contrast with the softer and

sweeter chestnuts. Glaze with a little broth

and a small amount of butter, and hopefully

your memories of grey soggy Brussel sprouts

will fade.

3/4 pound chestnuts

1 1/2 pounds Brussels sprouts

2 tbsp vegetable or chicken broth

1 tbsp butter

Ground black pepper to taste


1. Preheat oven to 220 degrees C, gas mark 7.

2. Cut chestnuts with an X on flat side and

place them on a baking sheet; roast for 25-30

minutes, until tender. While still hot, remove

shells and skin.

3. Trim Brussel sprouts and cut an X on the

underside. Steam or boil for about 8 minutes

or until just tender.

4. Drain. Return to heat, add broth, butter

and peeled chestnuts; cook for 1 minute and

toss to coat.

Season with freshly ground black pepper.

Serves 4-6 as a side dish.

feeling tired stressed

overweight bloated

nutritional therapy can help...

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Nutritional Therapist & Stress Advisor

Manchester Nutrition

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Jewellery Shop

Open: Mon-Sat

10am to 6pm

Closed Sunday

New in Chorlton!

Gem Stones

Sterling Silver

Designer Collection

Unique Collection of Gifts for

Men & Women

Real Stone Beads & Necklaces

Pearls from Japan

Lapis from Afghanistan

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Attique’s Collection

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Chester, CH4 9QR

download the latest edition at


Seasonal Events


Creative Recycling

Christmas Celebration

Sunday 6 th December 12 – 5 pm

A Full range of artwork

Framed designs, and Free Standing work

and ‘Pallet’ art, Slate Clocks and Metal sculpture, Candle holders

Our unique Glass range of Platters & Dishes,

Coasters and new designs in Jewellery

Felt work – Stained Glass – Applique – Wood and Ceramics

Paper products and Christmas Cards and Decorations

Manship Jazz Trio

Mulled Wine

Home-baked Cake and Mince Pies

Book Creation – Art Journaling

demonstration by James Sharp

Sunday afternoon 13 th December

Christmas Sounds

Pianist Maureen Caine

Sunday afternoon 20 th December

we are open everyday 11-5 pm until the 24 th December

‘Pedal Powered’ Christmas Lights in the Urban Garden

Creative Recycling Gallery 40 Beech Road, Chorlton

Christmas Book Reviews


Children aged 0-5

Who Wants To Be

a Poodle - I Don’t

by Lauren Child

A cautionary tale

of a poodle named

‘Trixie Twinkle Toes trot-a-lot

Delight’ who lives in the lap

of luxury but longs to be a

dazzling daring adventurous

dog. Illustrated in Child’s

charming style, it’s sure to

be a hit with Charlie and Lola


Boys aged 6-11

Nonsense Botany

and Nonsense


by Edward Lear

In this beautiful

facsimile of an 1889 edition

the strange botanical

illustrations of plants and

creatures from Lear’s

imagination are complete

with intriguing captions

and lyrics and his set of 3

illustrated alphabets feature

his trademark bizarre imagery

and language. It’s not hard

to see where Ricky Gervais

got his inspiration for the

Flanimals series!

Girls aged 6-11

Old Possum’s Book

of Practical Cats

by T.S. Eliot

Children young

and old will delight in these

cat poems and this lovely

new edition of an old classic

features artwork by the

Gruffalo illustrator Axel

Scheffler. A welcome gift for

any poetry (or cat) enthusiast.

Boys aged 11-15

The Enemy

by Charlie Higson

An adventure story

with zombies!

Anybody over the

age of fourteen seems to be

affected, leaving a young

population without adult

influence or control. When

rumours of a zombie free zone

arise, a group of youngsters

decide to risk crossing London

to find it. Will the group make

it or will they be set upon by

crazed flesh-eaters

Girls aged 11-15

Hetty Feather

by Jacqueline Wilson

Beginning in 1876,

this is Jacqueline

Wilson’s first historical

novel. Hetty Feather is a

feisty red head in a drab,

miserable world. Blessed with

a quick mind and an amazing

imagination she often gets

herself into terrible trouble.

The prefect read for children

studying the Victorians, but

have a box of tissues handy!

Mums, Dads and everyone


Silver Spoon Pasta

Following the

successful Silver

Spoon cookbook comes this,

containing everything you

need to know about making

and serving authentic pasta.

There are recipes to suit

every cook with clear timings,

easy to follow instructions and

easily obtainable ingredients


by Nigel Slater

Nigel Slater

has once again

produced a

beautiful book; part gardening

guide/part cookery book.

Each chapter is dedicated to

planting, growing and eating

one particular vegetable.


Geographic Image


A spectacular

visual voyage through the

National Geographic archive,

with ground breaking

photography from the 1890s

to the present.

Dylan: 100

Songs and


Featuring the

sheet music of one hundred

of his most celebrated songs

accompanied by rare photos,

this is an elegant portrait of

the legendary poet/singer/



Thanks to Chorlton download Bookshop the latest edition at


Chorlton Trade Paints

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fax: 0161 881 8415

With our designer tinting

machines we can mix

1,000s of colours

in a wide variety

of finishes and sizes

while you wait

Suppliers to trade and general public

Unit 2a Albany Trading Estate, Albany Rd, Chorlton, M21 QAZ

Free Parking and Free Delivery locally on orders over £50

HMC Professional

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All All


m the Chorlton OfficeSOLD

All recently sold from the Chorlton Office

Chorlton Office

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year


Eddie and all the staff at

JP & Brimelow



Your Chorlton office has been responsible for the

sale of my property on Chelsfield Grove.

I had my house with Jordan Fishwick for

18 months and instructed Eddie on the 1st

September 2009 after only 3 days with your

Chorlton office you had an offer. Eddie was

excellent in securing an offer and secured a good

price in a tough market. Fay since then has been

informative and always in touch throughout the

sale process.

I just wanted to write a note as their work has

been of an excellent standard up to my exchange

on Friday 30th October 2009 and I would not

hesitate to recommend your business.

Kind Regards


430 Barlow Moor Road Chorlton M21 8AD

SALES: 0161 882 2233 LETTINGS: 0161 882 2244


Christmas Chandelier

Get crafty with your old copy of Community Index!

Carol Mowl from Rubbish Revamped shows us how....

You will need:

Two colourful pages from your

old copy of Community Index,

scissors, glue, black pen,

ruler, paper clips, needle and

thread, beads.

help to make the decoration

firm. You could also use - old

calendars, greetings cards,

magazine covers and wrapping


Using a needle and thread,

attach beads and paper

shapes to the chandelier.

Copy and cut out the

chandelier, heart and star

templates by enlarging the

picture below or download

and print your template



Choose two colourful pages

from your old copy of

Community Index and glue

them together. This will

Use a black pen to draw

around the templates and

copy the outlines onto the

glued together pages. Whilst

drawing around the template

shapes you may find that it

helps if you hold them in

place with paper clips.

Neatly cut out the shapes

using a small pair of scissors

for the curly bits.

Using a ruler, draw the lines

shown on the templates. Cut

along these lines to make your


Slot the shapes together and

arrange the paper so that it

makes a 3D shape.

To hang the chandelier, make

a hole with a needle at the

top (on both sides) and tie a

thread through.

You could write a greeting on

the decoration and flatten

it so that it will fit into an

envelope, it will then double

as Christmas card.

Rubbish Revamped offer

recycled craft sessions for

adults and young people

(14+) on Thursday evenings in

their lovely garden studio in


Look out for the festive

themed workshops in

December where you can

make original gifts, sparkly

decorations, wacky wire

fairies and brilliant bottle



Rubbish Revamped download - Recycled the latest edition Craft Workshops at


P l a y



Easy Parking!

Directly outside for 45 mins

Personal sho ping

by appointment

or buy online

10% off

with this leaflet



Opening hours

Mon - Sat 10- 5pm

July 2009

July 2009.indd 1 17/08/2009 23:31:56

August 2009

August 2009.indd 1 17/08/2009 23:29:45

Sept 2009

September 2009.indd 1 17/08/2009 23:33:35


fun and funky clothing for 0-8years

Print • Design

Advertising •

Eighth Page Advert

For 3 months


Quarter Page Advert

For 3 months


Half Page Advert

For 3 months


Full Page Advert

For 3 months


A5 Leaflets




Opening September 2009

“An independen toy shop for people

who want something a bit di ferent”

Tradit onal and Unusual Wo oden Toy s

Gre at Trave l andOutd or Toy s i ncl Climbing Fra mes and Sandpits

Bikes , Trikes , Rid e-ons and Micro Sc oters

Books , Arts and Crafts and Musical I nstruments

Games , Pu zles andJ i g Saws

Huge Range f or Babiesa nd To ddlers i ncluding Gifts f or New born

Where to find us

48 Parsonage Gr en

(o posite the leisure centre)


LNTT Wilmslow d 2 17/08/2 09 11:03:27

0844 800 8574

LNTT Wilmslow Leaflet.indd 1 17/08/2 09 13:48:56


Double sided

Glossy Full Colour



Chorlton & Whalley Range

Chorlton Beer Festival

Age of Stupid

Abundance Manchester

Local Web Community

Book Reviews

Little Nut Tree Toys


Chorlton & Whalley Range


Chorlton Good Neighbours

Paper Jewellery

Call to Real Action

Book Reviews

Chorlton Plant Swap


Chorlton & Whalley Range



Ministry of Craft

JP & Brimelow

Alexander Technique

The Energy Revolution

Book Reviews

0787 589 5604

Nina West


“She’s So Neat”

07958 382 682

Interiors, Exteriors

Paper Hanging

Colour Advice

to advertise call Lesley: 0787 589 5604


DVD Reviews by Gilly Kingham

The Reader

There is always going to be

a whiff of jackboot erotica

about a story of post-war

German guilt in which a

Nazi atrocity is displaced

into a scene of transgressive

sex. Here, a fleeting affair

between thirty-something

Hanna (Kate Winslett) and

fifteen-year-old Michael

(David Kross) is dressed

up artfully with gauze and


We first meet middle-aged

Michael (played by Ralph

Fiennes) in 1995, a successful

lawyer, whose personal

life is, nonetheless, arid

and dysfunctional. By way

of explanation, a series of

flashbacks returns obsessively

to his sexual awakening

nearly forty years before and

its ramifications.

In the mid 1960s, Michael,

now a law student, comes

across Hanna again as a

defendant in a war crimes

trial where she is exposed

as a former SS guard and

accused of mass murder. The

film picks up interest at this

point raising questions about

law and justice and the lack

of education which leads

people of Hanna’s class to

follow orders blindly.

That Hanna is increasingly

seen as a victim has

uncomfortable implications,

but to its credit the narrative

doesn’t allow Michael, and

the German generation he

represents, to settle for

this as an explanation (or

excuse). Forgiveness remains

out of reach.

Notes on a Scandal

In a story of embittered

loneliness and obsession,

middle-aged History teacher,

Barbara’s beady attention

is drawn to the new and

delightfully boho Art teacher,

Sheba Hart (Cate Blanchett).

Barbara, played with

pinched, socket-about-toblow

tension by Judi Dench

inveigles her way into Sheba’s

life under cover of offering

professional support. Later,

she discovers the scandalous

secret of Sheba’s affair with

a pupil (Andrew Simpson) - a

knowledge she uses with

ruthless determination

to force Sheba into a

grotesque version of love and


In Zoe Heller’s novel from

which the film is adapted,

an unreliable narrator

allows the disjunction

between Barbara’s mask of

professional reserve and her

seething, delusional inner

world, to emerge first as

niggling suspicion, building

slowly to full and horrifying

revelation. Unreliable

narrators are notoriously

difficult to replicate in film,

but the voice-over strategy

employed here, particularly

in the opening scenes, does

give a sense of the perverted

neediness which drives

Barbara’s manipulation of

others, allowing us both to

despise her actions and pity


Building to a dramatic and

violent conclusion, Barbara

and Sheba are mesmerizing

throughout, despite the

morally despicable choices

they make.




Herbal Medicine

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Chinese Medicine

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Sympathetic Refurbishments

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M Duffin

Property Repairs





Free Estimates

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Complete Bathroom &

Kitchen Fitting Service

With Qualified Plumbers, Plasterers, etc

Painting & Decorating Service

Local Ceramic Tile Specialist

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High Quality Work Guaranteed

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evolve joinery

windows & doors


timber & laminate floors


stairs, skirting & architraves

stud partition walls

Experienced, Reliable

Competitive prices

For a free quote phone

Pete on

Mob 07947 242 339

Tel 0161 718 2425

please mention Community Index when responding to adverts




clean quality craftsmanship

specialists in re-skimming and

all aspects of renovation work

call Matt for a free quote

07759 655 078

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local and independent

Est 1995









We are a local company based in Chorlton

Fully trained to

NCCA standards

Ring or email for a FREE ESTIMATE

07742 369 231

or leave a message on 0161 881 4822


Plumbing & Heating

Central Heating Installation

Power Flushing

Servicing & Repairs

Gas Cooker & Fire Installations

Landlord Safety Certificates

All types of Plumbing Work

Fully Tiled Bathrooms

Contact Tony Goss

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07973 908 592

Gas Safe

Registered No. 196842

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A Simpler Christmas

Hate it, love it. It’s that time of year again. According to Frank

Sinatra, it is “the most wonderful time of the year.” He certainly

wasn’t trying to buy gifts at the Arndale Centre!

It’s a funny thing. Back where

I’m from in America, this time

of year is often referred to

as the “Holiday Season,” a

politically correct expression

to include all religious

celebrations that occur at

this time. Hanukkah for Jews,

Kwanza for African Americans

and on very rare occasions,

even Eid for Muslims. The

British, of course, see nothing

of a “Holiday” at Christmas

time! No way. Christmas is

full of hard work: drudgery

at the shops, lots of rain,

little sunshine. dealing with

relatives, and kids. Kids who

have consumed sugar. Way

too much sugar. So hearing

an American speak of the

“holiday season” sounds

totally daft! There is nothing

holiday about it!

We yearn, I think, for an

idyllic Christmas: soft

candles, yummy smells,

carols, greenery. A dusting of

snow, perhaps Quality time

with friends and family. We

can almost just reach it….

if we just try to do more

things…but it often dissolves

like a mirage. The harder

we work – sending Christmas

cards, doing the shopping

(the endless shopping!) the

wrapping, the standing in

line, the “Where is the @*!#

packing tape” – the further

away this idealised Christmas


How can Christmas be

more simple

Let’s go back to the origins

of Christmas. As a child I was

taught that we exchanged

gifts (or more accurately,

received gifts from my

parents. Toys preferably!) to

symbolize the gifts the Wise

Men brought Jesus, and the

gift of Jesus to the world.

Scripture records:

“When they saw the star, they

were overjoyed. On coming

to the house, they saw the

child with his mother Mary,

and they bowed down and

worshiped Him. Then they

opened their treasures and

presented him with gifts of

gold, and of incense and of

myrrh.” Matt. 2:11.

Three gifts! Could Christmas

really occur with only three

gifts And what gifts, too.

They were expensive –fit for

a King- gold, frankincense,

myrrh. (What did Jesus’

family do with these gifts, I

wondered Store them in a

closet Sell them on eBay

Buy a house….) But more

seriously, Jesus is a gift

Himself: God’s gift to us as

a sacrifice for our sins. Yup,

that’s a biggie. So why am

I buying a scented bubble

bath for an officemate I don’t

particularly like… Has gift

giving, including the planning,

shopping, wrapping and

shipping become the most

important ritual during this


“But we always….”

Reflect on what kind of

Christmas celebration

you really want with your

family and friends. Does

your celebration focus on

the aspects of Christmas

that you feel are the most

important Perhaps it is

to share experiences and

activities with children.

Maybe it is to celebrate with

those less fortunate, or the

environment, in mind. Or

maybe developing a ritual

that helps you affirm your

spiritual beliefs Share

your thoughts with your

family. Their suggestions

and feedback are essential.

Remember: Simplifying

Christmas is not about

taking things away from the

celebration. It is about adding

more meaning.

I recommend starting

slow and making gradual

changes to entertaining and

gift-giving rituals. To be

honest, my husband and I

began simplifying Christmas

for financial reasons, not

spiritual ones. We began in

the smallest way. The first

Christmas we experimented

in just two simple ways:

firstly we painted our own

wrapping paper and secondly

we sent our cards out after

Christmas (Epiphany cards, we

called them). The following

year we began to examine

our budget and gift giving

practices and decided to

make some gifts. I knitted

mittens for my parents and

siblings. Another year we

made cookies. Slowly over

the years we have reshaped

our Christmas. After 8 years

of small changes, this August

my Mother-in-law suggested

that we not exchange gifts

this year, but do something

together instead. I couldn’t

believe it!

Perhaps consider:

1) What activities can you

scale back or reduce

2) What activities can you

celebrate next year, instead

of this year

3) Who can help you with the

remaining activities to make

them less stressful on you and

more fun for everybody

4) What activities do you

find enriching, worthy of

more time or worth more


5)What would you like to

receive as a meaningful gift

that you can’t buy on the high


Some Simple Gift Ideas:

1) Assemble a collection of

favourite recipes or songs.


2) Record interviews of

parents, grandparents and

other family members on

audio or video tape; ask them

to discuss their memories of

your family’s history.

3) Buy a family membership to

a zoo, museum or health club

4) Offer to teach the recipient

a skill you have: gardening,

embroidery, cooking your

special spaghetti sauce, or

playing the harmonica.

These are just a few ideas.

May you be blessed with

the simple pleasures of the



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