GCF 2012


GCF 2012

Dr Andrew White

Associate Dean For Executive


Saïd Business School

University of Oxford

GCF 2012




21-24 January 2012


The Leadership Challenge

Level 5 Leaders

‘ Level 5 leaders subjugate their

own needs to the greater

ambition of something larger

and more lasting than

themselves. For those people,

work will always be more than

what they get — the fame,

fortune, power, adulation, and

so on. Work will be about what

they build, create, and


Collins , J (2001)

The Story of Ajax

• Ajax was one of the most valiant Greeks at Troy.

• He fell out with his comrades when the armor of the dead Achilles was

awarded by general consent to Odysseus.

• Maddened by anger and jealousy, he sought to attack the army.

• However, in his demented state, and under the spell of the goddess Athena, he

attacked herds of sheep and cattle by mistake.

• On realisation of this mistake, he kills


• With considerable pressure not to mark his

death, Odysseus intervenes, puts his hatred

and rivalry behind him, and ensures Ajax

has a honorable burial that befits his good

name and achievements.

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and the Quraish

• When Allah’s Messenger was thirty-five, the Quraish started rebuilding Al-Ka’bah as it was roofless

leaving thieves with easy access to its treasures inside and exposing it to the wearing factors of nature.

• When they started rebuilding its walls, they divided the work among the tribes.

• Each tribe was responsible for rebuilding a part of it. The work went on in harmony until the time came

to put the sacred Black Stone in its proper place.

• Then strife broke out among the chiefs, and lasted for four or five days, each contesting the honor of

placing the stone in its position.

• Daggers were on the point of being drawn and great

bloodshed seemed imminent.

• The oldest among the chiefs Abu Umaiyah bin Mughirah Al-

Makhzumi made a proposal that was accepted by all. He

said: “Let him, who enters the Sanctuary first of all, decide on

the point.”

• The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then entered the Mosque.

On seeing him, all the people present, cried with one

voice:”Al-Ameen (the trustworthy) has come.”

• They informed him of their objective. He asked for a mantle

spreading it on the ground and placing the stone in its centre.

• He then asked the representatives of the different clans

among them to lift the stone all together. When it reached

the proper place, Muhammad (PBUH) laid it in the proper

position with his own hands.

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