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Federal Proposal Management

Winning proposals are engineered to win from the start. Learn from the experts how to

develop client-centered proposals and establish your company as a responsible bidder.

The proposal preparation process is explored using effective, efficient, disciplined, and

time-tested strategies. Become skilled at how to establish a winning proposal team for

managing a successful proposal effort. Through practical exercises, learn the fundamentals

that will move your organization’s business development activities forward and position

your company to increase proposal life cycle efficiency and contract awards.

Course Topics Include:

$1295 / $1195* • 35 hours

Instructor: Harry Cleaver, Jr.

Ethics in Federal Procurement

In proposing for work, a company must balance widely diverse positions and opinions while

ensuring the company’s internal controls do not breakdown - especially in the face of enthusiasm

for new work. You will examine how this fits into proposal management by studying the central

issues of business as contemporary moral issues, often with more than one right answer.

Capture Management

Potential bidders on complex or sizeable contracts have to determine their level of activity

prior to the release of bid packages by Government buying agencies. Such decisions are

driven by the level of pre-solicitation activity by the agency in question, as well as the degree

of targeting intended by the potential bidding organization.

Kicking Off the Proposal Effort

Your team now faces the crucial test of establishing a good and timely kickoff to the proposal

effort. During this early phase, you will make a final bid/no bid decision after final bid document

analysis, and after you agree to submit candidate bid document questions to the Government.

Ensuring Proposal Responsiveness

The proposal team faces the challenge of meeting responsiveness requirements. The team

may take several approaches including storyboards and various interim proposal reviews. The

proposal writing, costing, data gathering and tangible deliverable efforts begin in earnest.

Meeting the Responsibility Requirement

The proposal team shifts its focus to proving that they are a responsible bidder. It strives to

obtain the highest possible evaluation scores and ensure that it has given the Government

a strong indication of ability to perform this particular contract. The team obtains management

approval of the final proposal version, and the proposed technical, schedule, and cost baselines.


$1295 / $1195* (Fee Includes Lunch) • 35 hours

Comprehensive 40-hour week format covering all topic areas.

Apr 3 – May 3, 2012 • T, Th • 5:30 – 9:00 pm • C2512031E

On Demand • Online • D2512020E

*National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Member Discount

Multi-Student Discounts and

Customized Training Available

Team with our expert instructors to provide your

organization with courses tailored specifically to your

needs. Schedule your training for locations and times

that are convenient and cost effective. To discuss the

best training solutions for your organization, contact

JoAnn.Jones@uah.edu or phone 256.824.6372.

Featured Instructors

UAHuntsville Certificate Programs are led by industry and government experts – providing

knowledge you can rely on to build your future!

Harry Cleaver, Jr., CPCM, CPE, has over 35 years experience in proposal preparation and

contract negotiation for technology and construction projects, 33 years in professional

training, and 27 years in contracts management and administration.

Howell Riggs is a Senior Partner with Dick, Riggs, Miller LLP, Attorneys at Law and has

practiced Government Contract Law since 1970. Prior to establishing his private practice

in 1981, he served as a contract attorney for the Department of the Army.

Federal Contract Management Essentials

Gain the knowledge base for success in the federal contracting arena. Federal Contract

Management Essentials (FCME) introduces attendees to the realm of contract management

while providing real-world examples of the pitfalls encountered. You will find immediate value

in the practice-based curriculum whether you are new to contract management or already

working in the field.

Certificate awarded after completion of the following three courses covering six topics.


Instructors: Harry Cleaver, Jr. and Howell Riggs

Understanding Procurement and Contract Types

$745 / $705* • 14 hours

Topic I – Understanding the Government Procurement System will give you a working knowledge

of the Federal Government Procurement System with an overview of how the U.S. Government

acquires goods and services.

Topic II – Contract Types and Structuring provides insight into all areas of FAR Part 16 and Types

of Contracts (including fixed price, cost-reimbursement, and time and materials).

Jan 23 – Feb 13, 2012 • M • 5:30 – 9:00 pm • C2512028E

On Demand • Online • D2512004E

Legal Aspects and Clauses

$925 / $885* • 19 hours

Topic I – Legal Aspects of Government Contracting increases your understanding of the statutory

environment that surrounds and impacts the government contracting system, making it unique

in the way that it does business.

Topic II – Required and Optional Contract Clauses presents information regarding mandatory

clauses for various types of contracts and also clauses that allow input from bidders.

Feb 27 – Apr 2, 2012 • M • 5:30 – 8:40 pm • C2512029E

On Demand • Online • D2512005E

Cost/Price Analysis and Contract Administration

$925 / $885* • 19 hours

Topic I – Cost and Price Analysis concentrates on Public Law 87-653, The Truth in Negotiations

Act, and its implications in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Topic II – Elements of Contract Administration covers the roles of the buyer and seller in contract

administration, the function of the Defense Contract Management Command (DCMC) and Defense

Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), how to read and interpret the contract, and resolve any differences.

Apr 9 – May 14, 2012 • M • 5:30 – 8:40 pm • C2512030E

On Demand • Online • D2512006E

Save $300

Register for the entire certificate program and pay only $2295.

Classroom – P2512001E On Demand Online – D2512031E

Refer to policies for withdrawal information.


$1595 / $1545* (Fee Includes Lunch) • 40 hours

A week-long comprehensive format covering the same topic areas as the three separate courses.

May 14 – 18, 2012 • M – F • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm • C2512035E

*National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Member Discount

Online Learning

Self-paced learning with specific start and end dates. Simply view

the course presentations and complete quizzes and assignments

to earn your certificate.

On Demand

Register for a course at ANY time. Participants have one month to

complete the course, or two months for courses over 30 hours.


Utilize both classroom and online learning formats

to complete your certificate.

System Requirements: PC-based Windows OS; Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher

and Silverlight (available as a free download at www.microsoft.com).

Federal Contract Management Specialization

Advance your federal contract management skills. Federal Contract Management Specialization

(FCMS) moves beyond the basic foundations of contracting into more complex issues requiring

more focused study and greater depth of understanding. It also provides an update on the

newest issues in government contracting.

Prerequisite: FCME curriculum or equivalent contract management experience.

Certificate awarded after completion of the following three courses covering six topics.


Instructor: Harry Cleaver, Jr.

Procurement Issues and Contract Formation

$745 / $705* • 14 hours

Topic I - Current Procurement Issues explores ten current topics. They range from the latest

revisions in procurement methodologies (as they relate to commercial item acquisition and

contracting by negotiation) to performance based contracting issues.

Topic II - Contract Formation is primarily focused on responding to Requests for Proposals

(RFPs) under FAR Part 15, Contracting by Negotiation.

On Demand • Online • D2512007E

Cost Accounting Principles and Contract Negotiations $745 / $705* • 14 hours

Topic I - Cost Accounting Standards and Principles provides insight into government cost

principles as they relate to the key concept of Cost Allowability.

Topic II - Contract Negotiations is oriented towards multiple negotiation situations with the

Federal Government, including Competitive Range Discussions, contract modifications, and

sole source negotiations.

On Demand • Online • D2512008E

Subcontract and Financial Management

$925 / $885* • 19 hours

Topic I - Principles of Subcontract Management examines the complexities inherent in a prime

contractor seeking value-added work or deliverables from subcontractor sources.

Topic II - Financial Management of Government Contracts orients toward classic financial

issues such as cash flow and liability situations. It also provides focus on an effective approach

to keeping contract cost performance and reporting within government norms.

On Demand • Online • D2512009E

Save $300

Register for the entire certificate program and pay only $2115.

On Demand Online – D2512032E

Refer to policies for withdrawal information.


$1595 / $1545* (Fee Includes Lunch) • 40 hours

A week-long comprehensive format covering the same topic areas as the three separate courses.

Apr 9 – 13, 2012 • M – F • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm • C2512034E

*National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Member Discount

Professional Designations

Optional Professional Designation Certificates are offered in both the Essentials and Specialization

programs to participants who desire further career qualifications. Requirements for designations are:


• Complete the FCME curriculum

• Pass a UAHuntsville

administered Professional

Designation exam


• Earn the Federal Contract Mgmt Essentials

Professional Designation

• Earn the Federal Contract Mgmt Specialization certificate

• Pass a UAHuntsville administered Specialization examination

An optional review for classroom students and practice quizzes for online learning students are

available for those who register for the examination. Participants who do not pass the exam are

allowed a second attempt at the end of the next program cycle.

Register Today


at www.PCS.uah.edu


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8:15 am – 5:00 pm (CST) Mon – Fri




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All classroom courses are held on the UAHuntsville campus unless otherwise noted.

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UAHuntsville Disability Support Services (voice/TDD 256.824.6203) provides for students with disabilities. See policies.


Withdrawals – Failure to attend a non-credit course does

not constitute withdrawal. The UAHuntsville Professional

and Continuing Studies (UAH PCS) Registration Office

must be notified directly at least one full business day

prior to the course start date, or prior to logging onto any

On Demand course. Withdrawal requests for On Demand

courses must be received within ten business days from

the initial date of registration.Substitutions are permitted

with prior notice.

Full Program Discounts will be forfeited with any course

withdrawal. Full course fee will be charged for any courses

completed and the course in progress if applicable.

Course Cancellations – Non-credit courses are selfsupporting;

therefore, classes are subject to cancellation

if there is insufficient enrollment. In the event of a course

cancellation, a student has the option of applying fees

paid to another course or receiving a complete refund of

the course fee.

Non-Credit Registration and Payment Policies – Payment

or employer billing authorization is due at the time of

registration. A copy of your Purchase Order, Tuition

Voucher, or other billing authorization form is required

and should be submitted prior to enrolling.

Tax Deduction – Treasury regulations may permit an

income tax deduction for educational and training

expenses (registration fees, travel, meals, and lodging)

undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) – UAH PCS courses

meet requirements for providing Continuing Education

Units (CEU).

• One CEU = 10 contact hours of instruction

• One PDH or CPE = one contact hour of instruction

• One CEU = 10 PDH or CPE

Successful course completion requires participants to

attend 80% of scheduled class meetings (and complete

associated exams or projects, if applicable). Participants

receive a certificate indicating the number of CEUs


Services for Students with Disabilities – UAHuntsville

Disability Support Services (256.824.6203, University

Center Room 113 or www.uah.edu/counseling/disability)

provides special accommodations for students with


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