Edelweiss Chalet Chatter November 2005


Edelweiss Chalet Chatter November 2005


2005 Season Review:

To say that this season was a challenge would be an

understatement. We began the season with what I would

consider severe winter damage to the golf course. During

the season we also faced abnormal heat, humidity and

drought like conditions which added stress to an already

stressed out playing surface. The combination of the

winter weather and summer weather proved to be too

much stress for the golf course. We attempted to seed our

bare spots from the winter and, as you witnessed, that

process did not turn out to be the answer to our problem.

The more effective and expensive answer was to sod our

bare spots. The sod has taken wonderfully and we expect

it to look just as good in the spring. That is now in the

past. We cannot turn back the clock and change what

happened. All I can do is tell you what steps we have

taken to improve our conditions for 2006. We have

scheduled new drain tile to be installed on holes #3, #8,

#14 & #15. This procedure will help drain surface water

from the golf course and minimize water damage

following rain showers. The board of directors has

decided to replace our heating and cooling system and

roof. While our current HVAC system and roof are only

11 years old, they are in horrible condition and in need of

replacement. The biggest change you will notice for 2006

is in the course and grounds department. We have

purchased 2 new units used to mow fairways and rough.

We currently have one of these units and used it to mow

fairways for the past 2 months. Those of you who have

played this fall have noticed a huge difference in fairway

conditions because of this mower. We also purchased a

new bunker rake for the 2006 season. Our current unit is

over 10 years old and would have required extensive

repairs. The new bunker rake has an attachment that stirs


up the sand to add some “fluff” to the bunkers while

raking. I am confident that you will see a completely

different golf course next season. The new equipment will

have a big impact on playing conditions.

The 2005 season was a very profitable season for

Edelweiss. We had about an $85,000 increase in net

income compared to the 2004 season. The majority of the

difference came from reducing expenses while the

revenues stayed about the same. Unfortunately, we are

still in a tough position financially even after the good

season we had. In the past, equipment issues and

clubhouse issues were not a priority when they should

have been. If you compare equipment to your automobile,

the majority of our equipment has in excess of 500,000

miles on them. Last fall we took delivery of a used

fairway mower, new rough mower, blower and top

dresser. The invoice for those items was paid in July.

($65,000) In August we had one of our greens mowers go

down and need replacement. ($20,000) We paid for the

invoices totaling $85,000 by writing a check versus

financing. Due to our equipment and clubhouse needs, we

will experience cash flow issues for the next couple of

years. I can assure you that this is not something out of

the ordinary. Most golf courses are going through the

same cash flow problems we are experiencing. I think we

all would agree that golf is our core business. It is

extremely important for us to continue to invest in our

product. I have had members ask us how we can afford to

purchase equipment and the answer is simple…how can

we afford not to! If our conditions do not continue to

improve, we will end up paying more in the end due to

lack of business and memberships.

Overall, Edelweiss has and will continue to have cash

flow problems for a couple of years. We will continue to

promote and grow our business for the future. It is not

realistic to think that we will see a large increase in

revenue in a year’s time. This is a slow painful process.


My goal is to witness financial and facility improvements

every season much like we did this year. It is the

responsibility of Edelweiss management, along with the

board of directors, to continue to improve the conditions

of our facility. I feel we have taken the necessary steps to

accomplish that task beginning with the 2006 season and


You will be receiving your 2006 membership invoices

soon. The board of directors has approved an

approximately 3% increase on membership items and a $1

increase on greens fees. Edelweiss, just like you and I,

has experienced a price increase on necessary items such

as fuel, fertilizer and propane, to name a few. We feel

that a 3% increase in membership fees and a $1 increase

in greens fees is an extremely balanced way to offset our

increased expenses. I agree that we as human beings do

not like to pay more than we have to for a product or

service. The simple fact is that we know we are going to

be paying more for the same amount of product used in

past seasons and we have no choice but to account for

those increases.

We sincerely value our members at Edelweiss and look

forward to continuing our relationship.

Joel Sarbacker, Club Manager



To the members of Edelweiss,

I would like to thank all of you for your

continued support of Edelweiss. Just as a reminder -

Edelweiss will be closing for the winter on November

18 th . That means there are still three Friday nights in

which you can enjoy one of our wonderful fish fries. I

hope I will see you!

I have had many people ask me what I am doing

for the winter. Well, I will be staying here. The list is

endless of things to be done for spring and the coming

season, because yes, it will be here before you know it. I

will continue to tweek the menu and try to bring

Edelweiss as much as I can possibly offer. There are

many chores and things to be cleaned that can’t be done

during hours of operations. I will be booking weddings

Edelweiss Chalet Chatter

and holiday parties. Yes, I said holiday parties. If you

have a group or know of a group of at least 50 guests,

Edelweiss and I would be more than happy to cater to

your every need.

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for

your continued support of Edelweiss. If I don’t see you at

the annual meeting, I will see you come spring time.

Thank you,

Chef Justin


(This is a short synopsis of the minutes of the board

meeting. A complete listing of the board minutes is

posted on the bulletin board in the bar entryway. Please

take the time to read them. It’s your club!)

September 28, 2005

Rick Hagen, a representative of the Klein Insurance

Agency, presented tentative bids from two insurance

companies, General Casualty and Allied, for our

workman’s comp and liability insurance for next year.

The board will look over the bids and make a decision as

to which company to use at the next meeting.

Joel reported to the board that we have three wedding

receptions scheduled for October.

Jim and his crew have fertilized the greens, tees, and

fairways. Jim told the board that he is not going to do a

pre-emergence treatment for quack grass and broadleaf

weeds this fall. If we have winter kill again this winter,

we would not be able to seed those areas, as was the case

this past spring, because of the pre-emergence treatment.

Jim also presented the board with equipment


Joel has been working on next years budget. Suppliers of

fuel and chemicals have already told us to expect

increases in costs of about 30%. Sky Cable, our current

cable TV provider, is going out of business. We will be

serviced by Dish Network beginning October 1.

The bid from Harker Heating and Air Conditioning was

accepted to replace our heating and cooling system.


Advanced Roofing will be putting new shingles on the

roof at the same time as the new heating and cooling units

are installed on the roof.

Pat and Rick attended the Exeter Planning Commission

meeting on Tuesday night. The Exeter board will do a

site view to determine if we can put a driveway into the

two lots that were recently surveyed.

Martinson Drainage will be tiling on #3, #8, #14, and #15

this fall. The money to pay for this improvement will

come from the money market fund for beautification of

the course.


We have several projects going on in the month of

November. You will see drain tile being placed on some

of the lower holes on the course. This will help some of

our water problems on these holes. We have also finished

adding sand to some of the bunkers on the course. Be on

the lookout for some fluffier, better playing bunkers next


As we put the finishing touches on this season, I know the

challenges that next season will bring are undetermined at

this time, but I am very excited about the direction that we

seem to be headed in addressing the conditions of our

course. The addition of some vital pieces of equipment,

as well as the enthusiasm of the people that will be on

staff next year, have me excited about our ability to

provide you with a totally different golf course for the

2006 season.

Have a great Thanksgiving and I hope that you enjoy the

last couple of weeks of golf. Hopefully, Mother Nature

will give us great weather to do just that.

Jim Scott


Edelweiss Chalet Chatter


For those of you who like to plan ahead - the annual

meeting of the membership of Edelweiss Chalet Country

Club is scheduled for Sunday, January 15, 2006. Please

mark your calendars and set that day aside to attend.

Rick Meier and I have been attending the Exeter Planning

Commission meetings for the past three months. We have

a parcel of land that is located between the cart sheds and

Fred Cruse’s home that the board is going to recommend

to the membership at the annual meeting in January that

we sell at this time. Rick and I have been doing the

preliminary work to determine whether or not we could

sell this parcel of land for building lots. At the October

25 th meeting at the Exeter Town Hall, the Planning

Commission voted to recommend to the Exeter Town

Board that we be allowed to have two lots of 1.5 acres

each, with a shared driveway onto Edelweiss Road.

Whether the membership votes to sell the lots at this time

or keep them for future sale, this preliminary work needed

to be done.

I am busy getting the invoices for next years dues ready to

be mailed. The board voted on a very reasonable 3%

increase in the dues for next year. Given the increases

that we will be seeing in fuel and fertilizer, this is a very

modest increase.

We have lots of activity here at Edelweiss right now.

Martinson Drainage began preparations for the drainage

work on Monday and they will continue until this work is

completed. Next Monday Harker Heating and Advanced

Roofing will begin the work on the new heating and air

conditioning system and the new shingles on the roof.

Bruce Company will also be here in about a month to

move trees to the #13 fairway.

With the nice weather that we are having (for November),

it is fun to see so many of you out here enjoying the last

few rounds of golf for the season. It is not too often that

we have 60 and 70 degree weather in November!



Edelweiss Chalet Chatter

Chatter From the Caddy Shack

The doors of the Caddy Shack will be closed November

first until February first of 2006.

In regard to the “Suggestion Box”, which is located by the

handicapped computer screen, I will need your

suggestions for next year. This will help determine

improvements for next year and will better serve the

members. We have had quite a few suggestions made on

100 yard markers. The cost for these markers is about

$3500, which is too expensive at this time.

Have you tried the walleye at the Friday night fish fry It

has been excellent!

I’ve had a lot of fun serving on the Board and am looking

forward to seeing all of you next spring for another year of

great golfing experiences.

Thank you for your continued support.

Did you know that for as little as $83 per

month you could be a member at

Edelweiss That $83 gives you

unlimited golf for the entire season plus

$75 in Edelcash to spend in the bar and

restaurant. With our new direct deposit

option, that would be your cost each

month for one year. If you, as a member,

know of anyone who might be interested

in joining Edelweiss, please pass this

information along to them. If you are

interested in setting up a direct deposit

for your dues, please contact Pat and she

will get you all the necessary forms.

Rick Meier


Edelweiss Chalet Chatter

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