Edelweiss Chalet Chatter November 2005


Edelweiss Chalet Chatter November 2005


My goal is to witness financial and facility improvements

every season much like we did this year. It is the

responsibility of Edelweiss management, along with the

board of directors, to continue to improve the conditions

of our facility. I feel we have taken the necessary steps to

accomplish that task beginning with the 2006 season and


You will be receiving your 2006 membership invoices

soon. The board of directors has approved an

approximately 3% increase on membership items and a $1

increase on greens fees. Edelweiss, just like you and I,

has experienced a price increase on necessary items such

as fuel, fertilizer and propane, to name a few. We feel

that a 3% increase in membership fees and a $1 increase

in greens fees is an extremely balanced way to offset our

increased expenses. I agree that we as human beings do

not like to pay more than we have to for a product or

service. The simple fact is that we know we are going to

be paying more for the same amount of product used in

past seasons and we have no choice but to account for

those increases.

We sincerely value our members at Edelweiss and look

forward to continuing our relationship.

Joel Sarbacker, Club Manager



To the members of Edelweiss,

I would like to thank all of you for your

continued support of Edelweiss. Just as a reminder -

Edelweiss will be closing for the winter on November

18 th . That means there are still three Friday nights in

which you can enjoy one of our wonderful fish fries. I

hope I will see you!

I have had many people ask me what I am doing

for the winter. Well, I will be staying here. The list is

endless of things to be done for spring and the coming

season, because yes, it will be here before you know it. I

will continue to tweek the menu and try to bring

Edelweiss as much as I can possibly offer. There are

many chores and things to be cleaned that can’t be done

during hours of operations. I will be booking weddings

Edelweiss Chalet Chatter

and holiday parties. Yes, I said holiday parties. If you

have a group or know of a group of at least 50 guests,

Edelweiss and I would be more than happy to cater to

your every need.

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for

your continued support of Edelweiss. If I don’t see you at

the annual meeting, I will see you come spring time.

Thank you,

Chef Justin


(This is a short synopsis of the minutes of the board

meeting. A complete listing of the board minutes is

posted on the bulletin board in the bar entryway. Please

take the time to read them. It’s your club!)

September 28, 2005

Rick Hagen, a representative of the Klein Insurance

Agency, presented tentative bids from two insurance

companies, General Casualty and Allied, for our

workman’s comp and liability insurance for next year.

The board will look over the bids and make a decision as

to which company to use at the next meeting.

Joel reported to the board that we have three wedding

receptions scheduled for October.

Jim and his crew have fertilized the greens, tees, and

fairways. Jim told the board that he is not going to do a

pre-emergence treatment for quack grass and broadleaf

weeds this fall. If we have winter kill again this winter,

we would not be able to seed those areas, as was the case

this past spring, because of the pre-emergence treatment.

Jim also presented the board with equipment


Joel has been working on next years budget. Suppliers of

fuel and chemicals have already told us to expect

increases in costs of about 30%. Sky Cable, our current

cable TV provider, is going out of business. We will be

serviced by Dish Network beginning October 1.

The bid from Harker Heating and Air Conditioning was

accepted to replace our heating and cooling system.

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