ROLE DESCRIPTION - Cerebral Palsy Alliance

ROLE DESCRIPTION - Cerebral Palsy Alliance



Reports to:

Executive Assistant

Manager, Executive Admin & Projects

Role Family: Corporate Support Level: E (AQF4)

Organisational Context:

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) is the largest non-government provider of

disability services in NSW and the ACT, providing a range of services to people

with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. These client services include

accommodation, therapy, technology, supported employment, community

access and support. Services are delivered to around 5,000 clients annually

and currently operate in a highly decentralised model through 55 separate


CPA’s corporate support services include human resources management,

organisational development, financial management and accounts, fundraising,

marketing and events management and general administrative support and are

based at the Allambie Heights campus. Their primary function is to provide the

organisation with the necessary resources and support that will assist all client

services areas to achieve CPA’s overall mission and strategic direction.

CPA currently employs 1100 staff, 175 of whom are supported employees.

Purpose, Nature and Scope of the Role:

The Executive Assistant is part of the Executive Administration Team. The

Executive Administration Team assists the CEO and Executive Team with

administration requirements. The role is based at Allambie Heights.

This role exists to:

Provide administrative support to the General Managers within the

Executive Team.


Organisational Relationships & Staff Establishment:

This role reports directly to the Manager, Executive Administration Team &

Projects who reports to the CEO.






Team & Projects


Core Competencies of the Role:

Organisational Knowledge


Interpersonal Skills/Communication

Problem Solving/Decision Making


Service Delivery

Professional Learning and Development:

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has a strong commitment to providing our employees

with evidence–based, responsive professional development which includes the

delivery of nationally accredited courses through its Registered Training


It is compulsory for all new employees to complete Cerebral Palsy Alliances,

Orientation and Induction Program in accordance with the current action PACT

Learning Calendar. For further information please visit:

Each employee must also ensure that learning and development, as outlined in

the Annual Performance Appraisal, including knowledge of current Cerebral

Palsy Alliance policies and procedures, is maintained.

Interpersonal Relationships:


CEO and Executive team

Executive Administration Team

Management and staff of other Cerebral Palsy Alliance Regions

Corporate Services management and staff


Parents, community organisations, government and non-government

service providers.


Position Dimensions:


Direct Reports: Nil

Indirect Reports: Nil

Budget: Nil



Core Competencies Competency Descriptors Performance Outcomes

Organisational Knowledge

Has a good understanding of the mission and values of

Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Has a good understanding of Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s

Key Result Areas and Strategies.

Has a sound understanding of the impact and

interaction of services/programs/departments on other

Cerebral Palsy Alliance services.

Has a general understanding of Cerebral Palsy

Alliance policies and procedures.

Clearly articulates the policies and procedures affecting their role

Identifies and promotes the positive relationships with key internal partners and

the relationships

Develops working relationships with external bodies

Clear understanding of links between own service and other Cerebral Palsy

Alliance services

Understands Cerebral Palsy Alliance Strategic Plan

Operates from a Code of Conduct in line with Policies and Procedures


May act as a resource for a small work group (of up to

4 staff) on a regular basis, providing coaching and


Supports other team members, actively participating

and contributing to team goals.

Provides leadership to other staff in the delivery of service

Provides hands on training and coaching to new staff

Provides leadership to working parties

Coordination of team projects, reporting outcomes to managers

May be required to actively participate in performance appraisal of more junior


Is recognised and utilised as leader in area of administrative expertise


Core Competencies Competency Descriptors Performance Outcomes



Problem Solving/Decision


Handles non-routine phone enquiries and

correspondence and can provide appropriate direction

for response.

Effectively liaise, both verbally and in writing with other

services/programs/ departments.

Able to resolve conflict with assistance.

Provides assistance to others with solving problems

using knowledge/technical expertise.

In relation to more complex matters, escalates

problem to next level when appropriate.

Identifies areas of potential concern and assists in the

development of solutions.

Responds to non routine enquiries, verbally and in writing, in a professional and

timely manner

Undertakes a range of communications with other services, programs and


Uses a diverse range of communication methods to meet needs of internal and

external clients and customers

Resolves conflicts within workplace using appropriate techniques

Demonstrates an awareness of the impact of staff conflicts on others and

service delivery

Ensures the principles of Good Working Relations within workplace is upheld

Promotes diversity in the workplace and ensures others adjust own work

practices accordingly

Demonstrates ability to resolve day to day service delivery issues

Able to involve senior staff when more complex issues arise

Actively participates in the resolution of solutions

Provides advice within range of knowledge

Takes ownership and initiates tasks and creates reports as appropriate


Core Competencies Competency Descriptors Performance Outcomes



Has a broad working knowledge of all relevant

standards and government legislation e.g., OH & S,

Disability Services Act, Disability Service Standards.

Understand the issues surrounding non-compliance to

legislation and standards, and the impact his has on

the organisation.

Understands the importance of sharing this information

across the organisation.

Understands and interprets complicated work practices

and may assist in the review /development of new work


HSC or Certificate IV in Administration or equivalent

work experience.

Adheres to quality standards and all relevant government legislation

Adheres to detailed and precise service delivery procedures and standards

Evaluates own work to ensure standards are met

Understands and interprets complicated quality standards which require

understanding or interpretation of variations

Awareness of ‘bigger picture’ – the impact of legislation and standards on day to

day service delivery

Demonstrates working knowledge of OH&S responsibilities, policies and

procedures within organisation

General understanding of the role and responsibilities in relation to the Child

Protection Act

Identifies and reports all policy/procedural breaches

Actively participates through available means, to develop better work practices

in service

Numeracy and literacy skills appropriate to the role

Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook)

Basic computer skills in PowerPoint

Support other team members in Microsoft Office computer applications

Participate in all ongoing / relevant training

Service Delivery

Performs general administrative and or data entry

duties including the maintenance of record systems

(hard copy and electronic).

Deals with routine correspondence.

Completes basic reports according to timetable.

Assists supervisor/manager with organising meetings.

Begins to develop specialised skills in a particular

functional area of work.

Presents a positive image of the organisation to the

community and external customers

Indicative typical duties and skills of this level may include:

Prepare cash payment summaries, banking report and bank statements,

calculate and maintain wage and salary records, follow credit referral

procedures, apply purchasing and inventory control requirements, post journal

to ledger etc at a higher level than at Level D

Provide detailed advice and information on the organisation’s products and

services, respond to client/public/supplier problems within own functional area

utilising a high degree of interpersonal skills

Secretarial – performing a broad range of clerical functions at a higher level than

Level D

Assist with the administration of special projects

Apply software computer packages utilising clerical skills at a higher level than

Level D

Adheres to policies relating to excellence in customer service

Liaison & organisation with parents and other internal service providers around

groups / events


Diary management, organise travel arrangements, minutes and meeting


Provide assistance with special projects

Provide administrative support to Executive Team


Summary of knowledge, skills, experience and values:


Computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft packages: advanced skill

level (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

Advanced interpersonal and written communication skills

Ability to prioritise work and meet deadlines

Excellent attention to detail

Commitment to the rights of people with disabilities

Commitment to learning and development

Demonstrated commitment to excellence in customer service

Previous experience in similar support roles

Experience in working independently and as part of a team


Previous experience in assisting with projects

Previous experience of working with people with disabilities




People, Learning and Culture does not require a Statement of Duties.

However, where duties vary amongst employees with the same (or

generic) role description, the manager may choose to attach a detailed

statement of duties to the role description.


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