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Are You Prepared? - NSSC Public Search Engine - Nasa

Are You Prepared? - NSSC Public Search Engine - Nasa


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June 2012<br />

Welcome Aboard<br />

Derrick Booker<br />

Business and Administration<br />

In This Issue<br />

Office IM on Web pg. 2<br />

Data Center Relocation pg. 3<br />

Contract Specialist Awards pg. 3<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> EO pg. 4<br />

ESD at Six Months pg. 5<br />

Look Back Events pg. 7<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Date Event Location Staff<br />

6/19 Books are Fun <strong>NSSC</strong> <strong>NSSC</strong> Staff<br />

6/21 SSC IT Expo SSC ESD/<strong>NSSC</strong><br />

<strong>Are</strong> <strong>You</strong> <strong>Prepared</strong><br />

2012 Hurricane Season Starts June 1<br />

Read about how you can prepare yourself for the hurricane season. See pg.6.<br />

Our Vision: Unparalleled Service<br />

Our Mission: To provide timely, accurate, high-quality, cost-effective and customer-focused support<br />

for selected NASA business and technical services.<br />

www.nssc.nasa.gov<br />

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June Birthdays<br />

Amy Alexander<br />

Latonia Kirksey<br />

Mandy Spadoni<br />

Kim Avery<br />

Paulette Ladner<br />

Theresa Stanley<br />

Deborah Bordelon<br />

Annette Brandon<br />

Christopher Canary<br />

Kimberly Catherman<br />

Veronica Causey<br />

Steven Collins<br />

Elizabeth Edwards<br />

Michelle Gallaher<br />

Kyle Gardner<br />

Karen Gleason<br />

Keegan Hawkins<br />

Monica Hill<br />

Kristine Hunstad<br />

Natalie Madigan<br />

Dora Manton<br />

Tammy Mitchell<br />

Johnathan Oynes<br />

Anthony Parisi<br />

Kathleen Parker<br />

Ida Polk<br />

Thomas Potts<br />

Timothy Raborn<br />

Vance Rawls, III<br />

Beverly Rice<br />

Julie Samples<br />

Susan Smith<br />

Norma Stewart<br />

Michael Sweigart<br />

Troy Taylor<br />

Rebecca Vaughn<br />

Edward Wallace<br />

Cassandra Williams<br />

Rachael Zimmerman<br />

Office Instant<br />

Messaging<br />

Now Available Via the Web<br />

<strong>You</strong> can now use Instant<br />

Messaging (IM) without the<br />

Office Communicator or Mac<br />

Messenger client. Office<br />

Communicator Web access<br />

allows you to use IM through a<br />

Web browser. <strong>You</strong> do not<br />

need to be at, or connected to,<br />

a NASA Center to use this<br />

service. The only requirement<br />

is a Java-based browser, such<br />

as Internet Explorer, Firefox or<br />

Safari.<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> Diversity and Inclusion<br />

Pilot Results<br />

During the week of Dec. 5 – 9, 2011, Curtis Lewis & Associates (CLA)<br />

conducted focus group interviews with <strong>NSSC</strong> employees and supervisors<br />

regarding the culture and environment within the <strong>NSSC</strong>.<br />

The resulting report summarizes the findings CLA obtained from the<br />

interviews and the recommendations CLA developed in response to the<br />

findings.<br />

As the <strong>NSSC</strong> moves forward with its culture change initiative, the Diversity<br />

and Inclusion Pilot results will be considered and incorporated (as<br />

appropriate) into the final action plan.<br />

We welcome your comments, questions and feedback regarding the<br />

report. Please contact Ruth McNeil at: 228-813-6055, or by email:<br />

ruth.mcneil-1@nasa.gov or visit Room 288C.<br />

Log in at:<br />

https://ocsweb.ndc.nasa.gov,<br />

just as you would log in to<br />

NOMAD Webmail. The service<br />

is also available on mobile<br />

devices. Please be advised,<br />

that some mobile device users<br />

will need an application to<br />

utilize Office Communicator<br />

Web access; however, these<br />

applications are not supported<br />

by Agency Consolidated<br />

End-user Services (ACES).<br />

Many of these applications<br />

have a short “free trial” period<br />

before purchase is required.<br />

More information, including<br />

training materials, is available<br />

at:<br />

http://nomadinternal.nasa.gov/<br />

nomad/IM.html<br />

Help Desk:<br />

https://esd.nasa.gov/<br />

RELEASED - Printed documents may be obsolete; validate prior to use.<br />


<strong>NSSC</strong> Relocates Data Center to NCCIPS<br />

As the <strong>NSSC</strong> continues to grow, so<br />

does the need for its availability to<br />

NASA customers. Twenty months<br />

ago the <strong>NSSC</strong> began planning to<br />

improve the availability, reliability<br />

and serviceability of its data center.<br />

On April 29, the <strong>NSSC</strong> completed<br />

this upgrade by relocating from its<br />

Tier-1 data center to the National<br />

Center for Critical Information<br />

Processing and Storage (NCCIPS)<br />

Tier-2+ facility, located at SSC.<br />

“We were looking for a way to<br />

provide additional physical security,<br />

and greater protection from<br />

hurricanes and the unexpected,<br />

especially since “Go Live” of<br />

NASA’s 24/7 ESD…,” said CSC<br />

Project Manager Tommy<br />

Thompson. “We also wanted to<br />

allow for redundancy of both of our<br />

networking and power distribution<br />

as well as all the advantages that<br />

come from Tier 2.”<br />

NCCIPS is a NASA-managed,<br />

Tier-2+ shared data service facility<br />

serving multiple federal agencies,<br />

and providing robust electrical,<br />

cooling and bandwidth<br />

infrastructure necessary to support<br />

the secure processing of critical<br />

federal information.<br />

The <strong>NSSC</strong> brought together four<br />

teams--CSC, SAIC,<br />

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise<br />

Services and the NCCIPS<br />

staff--to work to ensure the<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong>’s IT infrastructure was<br />

enhanced, and the transition was<br />

completed efficiently with minimal<br />

interruption to services.<br />

“Other data centers may move<br />

half their data center and leave it<br />

there for a month and make sure<br />

that everything is working,” said<br />

Walker. The strategy for<br />

relocation to NCCIPS consisted<br />

of first moving the servers that<br />

power ESD.<br />

The ESD website was down for a<br />

period of 90 minutes on a<br />

Saturday. Two weekends later,<br />

the team reconvened and moved<br />

the servers that support all of the<br />

other <strong>NSSC</strong> services.<br />

A large team from different<br />

functional areas dedicated time on<br />

a Sunday to ensure all<br />

applications were up and running.<br />

Monday morning came and it was<br />

business as usual at the <strong>NSSC</strong>.<br />

The data center’s relocation,<br />

enhanced its infrastructure and<br />

ability to better withstand natural<br />

disasters and better postures the<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> for around-the-clock<br />

support under all adverse<br />

conditions.<br />

Critical personnel, financial, IT and<br />

procurement data are now<br />

maintained in a nationally<br />

recognized and secure data<br />

center.<br />

“Over the past five years as the<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> has continued to grow and<br />

mature, it became evident to us that<br />

our data center was not up to the<br />

standard necessary for the <strong>NSSC</strong> to<br />

be able to provide continuous<br />

services to all of our customers,”<br />

said <strong>NSSC</strong>’s Deputy CIO, Jim<br />

Walker.<br />

RELEASED - Printed documents may be obsolete; validate prior to use.<br />

On March 24, William McNally, Assistant Administrator, Procurement, HQ,<br />

presented the <strong>NSSC</strong> Contract Specialist of the Year Awards to several<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> recipients.<br />

Pictured (L to R): Mike Sweigart, Chief, Procurement Division; Kenneth Albright (<strong>NSSC</strong><br />

Contract Specialist of the Year - SBIRs & STTRs); Gregg De Felicibus (<strong>NSSC</strong> Contract<br />

Specialist of the Year - Grants & Cooperative Agreements); Anna Lann (<strong>NSSC</strong> Contract<br />

Specialist of the Year - Procurement Leadership Team); William McNally, Assistant Administrator,<br />

Procurement, HQ; and Mike Smith, <strong>NSSC</strong> Executive Director. (not pictured: Darryl<br />

Smith, <strong>NSSC</strong> Contract Specialist of the Year – Agency Procurement Services; and<br />

Michelle Berdux, <strong>NSSC</strong> Contract Specialist of the Year – Agency Contracts)<br />


Inclusion, Innovation<br />

and EO at the <strong>NSSC</strong><br />

By Ruth McNeil,<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> Diversity and EO Manager<br />

NASA Organizational Plan for<br />

FY 2013 - 2015<br />

On May 2, the NASA Office of<br />

Diversity and Equal Opportunity<br />

(ODEO) released its Organizational<br />

Plan for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013<br />

through FY 2015.<br />

The Organizational Plan outlines<br />

NASA goals and objectives in the<br />

areas of equal employment and<br />

diversity and calls on NASA Center<br />

EO offices to take action, assisting in<br />

the achievement of Agency goals.<br />

The plan provides the NASA ODEO<br />

mission that states:<br />

“We lead the effort to make NASA a<br />

model agency for EO and diversity<br />

and inclusion.”<br />

The ODEO helps NASA to realize the<br />

goal of using the talents of all<br />

segments of society by enhancing the<br />

Agency’s efforts to recruit, hire,<br />

promote and retain a diverse<br />

workforce.<br />

The ODEO also helps NASA to<br />

eliminate barriers to equal<br />

employment opportunities and end<br />

workplace conflicts that diminish trust,<br />

impair teamwork, compromise safety<br />

and ultimately undermine excellence.<br />

NASA’s success requires every<br />

employee to be a valued, motivated<br />

and highly functioning team member.<br />

The <strong>NSSC</strong> ODEO will be working with<br />

the NASA ODEO and the other Center<br />

ODEOs to integrate these goals into<br />

NASA’s way of doing business. These<br />

goals will also be embedded into the<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> Culture Change initiative that<br />

will soon be launched here at the<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong>.<br />

RELEASED - Printed documents may be obsolete; validate prior to use.<br />

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and<br />

Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month<br />

LGBT Pride Month commemorates the events of June 1969, when<br />

patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn in New York City staged<br />

an uprising to resist the police harassment and persecution to which<br />

LGBT Americans were commonly subjected. This uprising, which took<br />

place on June 28, 1969, 43 years ago, marked the beginning of a<br />

movement to outlaw discriminatory laws and practices against LGBT<br />

Americans.<br />

In regards to the 2011 LGBT Pride Month Proclamation to all NASA<br />

employees, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden stated:<br />

“At NASA, we strive to be a model employer whose equal<br />

opportunity policies and practices extend to all of our<br />

employees. We recognize that innovation and investment in the<br />

future thrive on the different backgrounds, perspectives and life<br />

experiences of our workforce. We value and respect the<br />

achievements of our employees, and this month we honor the<br />

contributions of NASA’s LGBT employees in working toward the<br />

success of our agency.”<br />

These remarks are directly tied to the goals listed above for the NASA<br />

ODEO Organizational Plan for FY 2013 – 2015.<br />

<strong>You</strong>r comments and feedback regarding the <strong>NSSC</strong> Diversity and EO program are always welcome!<br />

Please contact Ruth McNeil at: 228-813-6055, or by email: ruth.mcneil-1@nasa.gov or visit Room 288C. 4

Enterprise<br />

Service Desk<br />

Six Months of Operation<br />

The Enterprise Service Desk<br />

(ESD) has continued to<br />

manage a growing NASA<br />

customer base with increased<br />

efficiency and improved<br />

performance.<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> Financial Specialist<br />

Receives Accolades<br />

GSFC Accountant, Jing Hou, recently recognized <strong>NSSC</strong>, (CSC) Financial<br />

Specialist, Jenna Abrams, pictured above (center) with the Service Delivery<br />

Director Ken Newton (left) and Executive Director Mike Smith (right).<br />

Hou applauded Abrams’ recent performance while resolving an important<br />

billing issue, calling her, “...very diligent, responsive, thoughtful, smart and<br />

efficient.” Well done, Jenna!<br />

Upcoming <strong>NSSC</strong> Event-Civil Servants Only<br />

ACES Wave Two and Three<br />

Centers completed transitions in<br />

January and March, increasing<br />

the volume of help tickets to the<br />

ESD. Centers have also begun<br />

relying on the ESD’s Web<br />

support and Tier-1 helpdesk<br />

support for NASA Integrated<br />

Communications Services<br />

(NICS).<br />

As of May 1, the ESD has<br />

completed every scheduled<br />

transition. The focus is now<br />

turning to creating new modules<br />

for CIO users, implementing<br />

customer service improvements<br />

and system enhancements.<br />

After six months of operation, the<br />

ESD has teamed with ACES and<br />

NICS to resolve more than<br />

100,000 help tickets; publish<br />

more than 99 services within the<br />

service catalog (including two<br />

service bundles); route more than<br />

30,000 orders to ACES for<br />

fulfillment; publish more than<br />

70,000 knowledge articles on the<br />

Tier-0 Self-Help Website;<br />

disposition more than 221<br />

services through the Service<br />

Definition Repository (SDR); and<br />

load 160,000 configuration items<br />

through the Configuration<br />

Management Database (CMDB).<br />

Click to read more about current<br />

ESD efforts.<br />

RELEASED - Printed documents may be obsolete; validate prior to use.<br />


<strong>Are</strong> you <strong>Prepared</strong><br />

The 2012 hurricane season officially begins June 1<br />

and runs through November 30.<br />

To coincide with the beginning of the 2012<br />

hurricane season and to increase awareness<br />

concerning the importance of family preparedness<br />

and planning, the <strong>NSSC</strong> Safety Committee will set<br />

up a hurricane information and resource table<br />

located in the lobby of the first floor of Building 1111<br />

starting Tuesday, June 5.<br />

Please stop by the lobby and pick up informative<br />

emergency planning and preparedness brochures.<br />

Also, additional emergency planning information and a link to NASA’s Family <strong>Prepared</strong>ness Program, “Know <strong>You</strong>r<br />

Stuff, Be <strong>Prepared</strong>,” can be found on the <strong>NSSC</strong> Employee Emergency, Health, and Safety Web page.<br />

“Know <strong>You</strong>r Stuff, Be <strong>Prepared</strong>” is an Agency program designed to provide awareness, resources and tools to help<br />

prepare for emergency situations that may affect you and your family.<br />

June is National Safety Month<br />

National Safety Month<br />

Each June, the National Safety Council sponsors National Safety Month as an opportunity to raise awareness of the principal<br />

safety and health risks facing today’s workers and to reduce the number of preventable injuries and fatalities.<br />

“Safety 24/7,” this year’s theme, focuses on both work-related factors and factors outside the workplace that influence our<br />

employees’ total health and safety. Each week in June is dedicated to a specific topic that deals with safeguarding the health<br />

and safety of our employees not only at work, but also in their homes and communities, and on the roads. Most importantly,<br />

these topics—employee wellness, ergonomics, fall prevention, and safe driving—help organizations to identify a wider range of<br />

factors that influence behaviors around the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. This year’s campaign underscores<br />

the idea that our workers’ safety and well-being extends to every aspect of their lives, and not just to those aspects in the<br />

work environment.<br />

Safety is a NASA core value. It forms the foundation for how we go about our work achieving the agency’s exploration,<br />

science, and aeronautics goals. Safety best practices are those practices we use every day in everything we do—24/7. Our safety<br />

and mission assurance initiatives ensure that these best practices for health and safety are adopted consistently throughout the<br />

agency. This summer we encourage our workers to share with their families the safe practices learned at work and adapt them<br />

to lifestyles and home activities.<br />

The NASA Safety Center is a resource available to all of us here. The center produces safety campaigns based on current<br />

mishap trends and leading indicators such as slips, trips, and falls, collectively a leading causal factor of injury throughout the<br />

agency’s workforce. The website at http://nsc.nasa.gov contains articles, case studies, and videos on mishap prevention and<br />

risk management to help us work safer. Watch the website for July’s campaign on transportation and motor vehicle safety.<br />

This June, organizations nationwide will celebrate safety. We encourage the members of the NASA family to take part in the<br />

celebration and to share the value of safety—saving lives and preventing injuries—with their own loved ones at home.<br />

Think Safety!<br />

Charlie B.<br />

RELEASED - Printed documents may be obsolete; validate prior to use.<br />


Memorial Day 2012<br />

Look-Back<br />

Events<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> Celebrates Family Day Picnic<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong> employees and their families enjoyed themselves during the<br />

<strong>NSSC</strong>’s Family Day Picnic, held last month at the McLeod Park<br />

under sunny southern Miss. weather.<br />

The celebration began with great pop music from DJ Dynamite and<br />

the arrival of all the attending <strong>NSSC</strong> families. Stonewall’s BBQ,<br />

donated by CSC, was as spectacular as it was mouth-watering:<br />

smoked chicken, beef brisket, shredded pork sandwiches and<br />

hot-dogs were paired with a seemingly endless assortment of side<br />

dishes and desserts. Many of the desserts were contributed from<br />

the “Cupcake Wars” competition, in which Barbara Harriel took first<br />

place for her prize-winning cupcakes. Venetia Gonzales and Cindy<br />

Mroueh were also awarded ribbons for their efforts in the cupcake<br />

battle.<br />

As some took time to relax, talk and eat, many of the children lined<br />

up to take turns on the inflatable water slides and exhausted<br />

themselves playing basketball and baseball games. The day<br />

concluded with chances to win many door prizes and a magic<br />

show for additional entertainment.<br />

The <strong>NSSC</strong> Exchange Council organized this event to promote<br />

healthy and happy <strong>NSSC</strong> families through social interaction outside<br />

the work place.<br />

RELEASED - Printed documents may be obsolete; validate prior to use.<br />

“For many Americans, Memorial<br />

Day has come to symbolize family<br />

gatherings and the start of<br />

summer. But, as an agency that<br />

owes so much to the men and<br />

women who serve in our armed<br />

forces, we at NASA have<br />

traditionally set aside this day to<br />

honor our nation’s fallen heroes in<br />

special ways. Whether through<br />

commemorative ceremonies at<br />

our centers or moments of private<br />

reflection, NASA employees are<br />

acutely aware of the<br />

indispensable role that America’s<br />

brave service men and women<br />

have played and continue to play<br />

in defense of our country and in<br />

advancing the highest ideals of<br />

our democracy.”<br />

“Military veterans have been<br />

aboard every NASA spacecraft<br />

from the first Mercury flight,<br />

through our current expeditions to<br />

the International Space Station.<br />

And thousands of service members<br />

have supported those and<br />

other missions as engineers,<br />

scientists, technicians and support<br />

staff. For those of us who have<br />

had the privilege of serving in the<br />

military and at NASA, Memorial<br />

Day reminds us of what a special<br />

honor it is to uphold military traditions<br />

while expanding America’s<br />

reach into the heavens.”<br />

“It is my belief that the best way to<br />

remember those we’ve loved and<br />

lost is to look to the future, to<br />

serve in ways that honor their sacrifice<br />

and to rededicate ourselves<br />

to the work of keeping NASA and<br />

our nation strong.”<br />

- Charles Bolden,<br />

NASA Administrator,<br />

on Memorial Day 2012<br />


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