Sestava 1 - Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze

Sestava 1 - Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze


It is remarkable to follow ontogenesis not only in biology but also in

other structures and, surprisingly, in institutions as well. From the

comparison of the dynamics of particular structures interesting

consequences may be deduced.

I had learned to read and write by the age of eight. The basics of my

second language I had managed by the time I was twelve years old. Our

alma mater, the University of Business in Prague, has managed to

communicate and to fully command the second language after ten years,

when it is now able to carry out all activities bilingual.

Our journal, formatted as three lingual medium, has transformed with

this issue into a full English version.

Between writing my first student scientific paper and publishing the

first impacted article six years have elapsed. The University of Business

has needed five years to get the master accreditation and another five

years to be involved in international doctoral study program. Our

journal is in this way accomplishing a complete structure of

a specialist scientific journal for the sphere of applied science. It is

extended by research papers, research notes, reviews of existing work,

short essays, and industry news as a starting point for discussions and


In the above mentioned biology it is typical to research the relationship

between the dynamics of ontogenesis and that of phylogenesis,

i.e. between the development of the individual and that of the species,

where a characteristic finding is that ontogenesis represents a more

dynamic version of phylogenesis. I hope that this regularity will be

applicable to our journal as well. Hopefully it will soon reach a perfection

of a species (connected e.g. with impact and reader satisfaction); at the

present speed of development it can be surprisingly soon and it depends

only on us (the authors and editors) when this will happen.

On the other hand although the evolution of a species is in every

moment closed and final, the evolution of an individual crosses the

border of the species and only time will show whether it is a dead

individual variation or mutation or another step in the development with

impact on the whole species. I am optimistic in writing that the Journal

has reached its phylogenetic peak, but I am not sure whether the

development will not turn another direction or seemingly go even

backwards. After coming back from continental China I am not sure

whether the trend to communicate in a single language is irreversible

and whether the limited knowledge of English in this territory does not

bring back the multilingual variability of a scientific journal with global

aspiration (after all, in the horizon of several years computer translation


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