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Photovoltaic iNStallatioNS FRoM thE Photovoltaic ... - Solar-Bazaar


FROM THE Photovoltaic Specialist

Rely on the specialist for photovoltaic installations:



The time has come for solar power. This form

of electricity generation is just as interesting

to private households as it is for agriculture,

trade and industry, or for wholesalers.

Because, by using photovoltaic technology,

you can liberate yourself from the energy

suppliers’ rising electricity prices.

You can make use of the sun’s free and

unlimited energy for your own electricity

needs. Or you can feed the electricity into

the grid and may profit from a potential

income. We would be delighted to let you

know about any potential promotions.

Even if you don’t have your own roof, you

can profit from solar power by participating

in a community solar installation (known in

Germany as a Bürger-Solar-Beteiligung).

Everything from a single source

If you are looking to acquire your own solar

installation, we are the right partner for you.

Solartechnik Stiens is one of the most

successful providers of photovoltaic

installations in Germany.

Our technical advisors, who will also plan

installations, will visit you personally to

evaluate your roof. Afterwards we will send

you a free capability analysis and an income

forecast. We will always be there for you _

from planning for the professional installation

and commissioning, through to remote

monitoring and after sales service. We make

everything possible for you _ that is our promise.

That is also the case in the solar office

building at our headquarters in Kaufungen.

The upper storey can turn itself around and,

therefore, always points in the best direction

to face the sun. If you would also like to

invest in the technology of the future, your

personal Stiens technical advisor would be

delighted to help you.

It’s worth it

By investing in photovoltaic technology you

are choosing an economic installation which

both you and the environment will profit from

over the long term _ because photovoltaic

installations have an average lifespan of 30

years. Liberate yourself from the large energy

providers and create your own supply.

Solartechnik Stiens



You will find the ALL-INCLUSIVE NO-WOR-

RIES DEAL from Solartechnik Stiens is a

good choice for you. As the leading provider

of photovoltaic installations in Germany, we

can support you all the way - from designing

and planning your photovoltaic installation

right through to providing comprehensive

service over the whole life of the installation.

You can rely on the experience and specialist

knowledge of our photovoltaic advisors. And

your personal contact will always be there

for you.

Advice and Analysis

For private customers, agriculture,

trade and industry, and wholesalers

Individual capability analysis and income

forecast for your location

Preparation of business case

Power for your private consumption from

your own photovoltaic installation

Community solar installations: participate

in a large installation or rent out your

rooftop to large installations


Regular free income analyses

Remote monitoring particularly _

recommended for larger installations

Cleaning module

Insurance, e.g. in case of weather-related

damage, loss of earnings, theft,

vandalism etc. …

Repair and maintenance


Components repeatedly tested

for quality

Clean and tidy installation with

high specification design

Connection to mains power supply

and commissioning

We support you

When making applications for the grid connection

When having questions of finance

Private customers

Your reliable energy supplier:


A photovoltaic installation is a safe investment

in your future. Because the sun’s free

and unlimited energy can liberate you from

rising electricity costs and the large energy


You may feed the electricity you generate

into the grid, as well as using it yourself. Your

own usage can normally be supplied from

the rooftop without any problem (the power

consumption of an average household can

normally be met without problems using the

available roof area).

Your all-inclusive, no-worries deal

Initially we check how suitable your location

is. The chances are good. In essence, all

roofs that have enough incidence of light

are suitable. Even when orientation is not

the best, your photovoltaic installation will

achieve high returns. We can support you

with regard to your own personal energy

use if you need to make applications or

require finance. Because even if everything

is financed through a bank you can still make

attractive profits. Take the first step on your

journey into the solar future!

Quality and Service

Our products are made to the highest specifications.

We exclusively use high quality and

tested branded products. We would suggest

to take on the cleaning of your installation.

Although the rain washes most of the

pollutants away, dirt will settle on the solar

modules over time. Leave the cleaning to the

experts for consistently high returns.

Use your roof

The roof of an average detached house is

sufficient to meet the annual electricity needs

of a family via solar energy.

Quick overview

99You become your own electricity


99Save money if you use the produced


99Comprehensive advice and high

quality technology

99Environmentally friendly energy


Rent out your roof

No risk _ high returns. We can offer you the opportunity

to participate in community solar installations, so you can

even invest in solar energy without having your own photovoltaic

installation and generate clean profits.

Quick overview

99Safe investment with attractive


99Free advice with detailed income


99High quality branded technology

with outstanding lifespan

99Simple income management via

the internet

“Stiens was the right choice.”

Paul Schockemöhle, Olympic champion and

showjumping legend

We have already installed over 10,000 kWp (10 MWp) of PV output

for his successful logistics company, Paul Schockemöhle Logistics.

This provides the electricity supply for over 2,500 households and

saves the environment approx. 5.4 million kg of CO 2

per annum.

Business Clients

Your new employee:


Let your roof produce attractive returns.

Photovoltaic installations are highly profitable

investments and, until now, unused

and depreciating assets for your company.

Renting your rooftop for citizens who are

ready to invest can pay off.

Solartechnik Stiens is specialised in the planning,

installation and maintenance of major

photovoltaic installations. We can provide

you with tailor-made solutions from a single


Quality and profitability

An investment in photovoltaic technology

is a safe investment. Your personal photovoltaic

advisor will first analyse your rooftop

on site and give you free advice with

no obligation. Clients particularly value

our conservative income forecasts.


Our installations use high quality branded

technology that has been repeatedly tested,

are consistently highly robust and have an

outstanding lifespan. In addition, the control

is always in your hands. Using our tried and

tested monitoring solutions you can maintain

a clear view of everything, even in the case

of extensive installations. Internet-supported

management systems use clear diagrams

to provide you with income analyses and

income comparisons. As well as benefiting

your company’s finances, this ecological

type of installation can also improve its

image. Thus providing you with an important

competitive advantage.

Wholesale trade

A strong partnership:



Become a STIENS PLUS technical partner

and let your business make use of the high

demand for solar installations. As a wholesaler,

our experience, expertise, high quality

branded technology, training, advice and

service will give you top class support in your

day-to-day business.

Growth in the solar market looks extremely

promising. This is confirmed by last year’s

worldwide growth figures. Find out about

the many lucrative business areas, such

as cleaning and maintaining installations,

power management, usage control, electromobility,

solar filling stations and storage


Become a Technical Partner

As a Technical Partner you will benefit from

tried and tested quality and professional

support. Your personal wholesale advisor

is there to offer you support and proven

planning tools so you can build high-output

photovoltaic installations with high service

standards. If you have any questions you can

always ask your technical advisor. You can

start working together with us immediately.

Quality pays off

By working with us you are backing tried and

tested quality. You can count on supply being

highly flexible and reliable. Products are

sourced from market leaders in photovoltaic

installations and we have a large and high

quality product range, and our installations

are repeatedly tested.

We will provide you only with tested branded

products _ high quality photovoltaic modules

from Yingli, inverter technology from market

leader SMA, rack technology for every

rooftop system and top quality accessories.

No sooner said than done

This is the promise we make for our work

and its immaculate results _ and our clients

place a high value on it. You can also count

on us for further training and education in

the areas of technology and service. Take the

plunge _ towards a successful partnership

and a solar future.

At your premises

Solar centres and warehouses

across Europe _ for accessibility

and short delivery times.

Quick overview

99In-depth experience and

technical expertise

99Comprehensive training

and advisory programme

99Your own personal

technical advisor

99Exclusively using tested

branded products

99Shortest delivery times


Quick overview

99Your rooftops can provide an

income source without the need

for investment



Free advice and business case

Comprehensive service during

and after commissioning

9 9 Freedom from rising electricity

prices if you use the electricity

by yourself

A great form of cultivation:



Now you can become an energy farmer and

harvest your own electricity. Large unused

roofs are potentially a huge and reliable

source of income _ without the need for any

additional work. We’ll show you how.

Experience and quality

Solartechnik Stiens is your reliable partner.

We can answer all your questions and

support you all the way towards achieving

your own solar installation. We believe that

the most important things are individual

advice and a free income forecast including

business case. Your personal advisor can

continue to help you with formalities such

as applications and also with questions of


Highest standards for agriculture

Your future photovoltaic installation will meet

the highest standards. Stiens only uses tested

branded components. We pay particular

attention to the ability to withstand ammonia,

so we can ensure durability even in the

agricultural sector. You can also access our

comprehensive service after commissioning,

e.g. to maintain your installation and income.

How you can harvest the sun

You will find it particularly interesting that

you can use the electricity produced for your

own requirements. Because many agricultural

machines are extremely intensive

consumers of electricity. In addition, the

unused solar energy may be fed into the grid

and you may be reimbursed for it (depending

on a potential feed-in tariff).

Community Solar Installations

A further option is to rent out your rooftops

for a community solar installation. This way

you can be guaranteed a secure long-term

rental income. You will profit from a calculable

income _ without the need for investment.



to choose Stiens












from committed advisors with highly developed

knowledge and expertise across all industries


from your regular advisor


and professional evaluation of your rooftop


from one of Europe’s leading provider of photovoltaic installations


and compilation of all important documents for your applications


through checking all components used in your solar

installation to the highest standards before installation


of the entire solar installation


for everything _ from the first consultation, to the

professional fitting, through to all future service issues


and comparison of installations


e.g. good value insurance in case of weather-related

damage, loss of earnings, theft, vandalism, etc.

Solartechnik Stiens GmbH & Co. KG

Sonnenweg 3-7

34260 Kaufungen


Fon: +49 (0) 561 510 57 0

Fax: +49 (0) 561 510 57 22

This brochure was printed

on FSC-certified paper from

sustainably managed forests.

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