Junaio for developers – GLUE channels


Junaio for developers – GLUE channels

Junaio for developers GLUE channels

What is junaio

Free mobile AR platform for iPhone and Android


Open API for developer to create and publish


Location based informations and image recognition

No experience with mobile applications

programming needed

server side scripting and XML


Junaio GLUE channels

Location based channels

3D components

What is a channel

Channels are a way of representing your specific

application within junaio.

Users can "tune into" your channel to see your

information or play your game.

What do you need to know to create your own


Some server-side programming

Some XML

Some modeling if you want to

No programming skills

Use the Channel Creator (slide #17)


Channel Use Cases

Channels can be anything, such as but not

limited to:

Game case

Cinema channel and movie program

Hotel reservations, train schedules

Ticketing service, theatre and concert guide,

museum guide

Theme park virtual tours

Restaurant and bar guides

Auctions, shopping


Getting started

Become a developer and create

your own GLUE channel

Sign up to get an API key

Set up your server

(see Getting started)

Register a channel here

Test and submit your channel


junaio„s Open API


What is junaio GLUE

junaio GLUE goes beyond the capabilities of

usual location based internet services

Enrich flyers, packaging, books, magazines or

anything else with junaio GLUE

Content: real-time, dynamic, social and 3D



Examples what can you do

GLUE" object specific real-time, dynamic, social and 3D information

onto the object itself


3D components

Trigger videos

Image overlay


How can I use junaio GLUE

Setting up a junaio GLUE channel is as

easy as creating any other channel

junaio GLUE is available for free for every


It can be integrated in your channels and be

made available for all junaio users

Enrich an image with virtual content


Create a GLUE channel

Integrate the junaio GLUE functionality in

your channel

Create a new channel or edit an existing


Provide a pois/search interface on your server

Return a valid XML defined in the pois/search

section with a link to your tracking xml and pois


The tracking XML can be created online (see

slide #15) or on the fly using the

tools/trackingXML request


How does junaio GLUE work

Works with pois/search or pois/visualsearch (see slide #15)

- Instant image overlay for server-side image recognition

- Allows layover of 3D models on a real object

- GLUE is based on poi/search and poi/event request

- Requires a TrackingXML


Visual Search

Include server side visual search


The pois/visualsearch request is one way to

support junaio Glue within your channel.

Users can take an image to be sent to your

server from within your channel

This image can be used for further server side

detection and/or recognition

„Detect“ an image

The return of this channel needs to include a

trackingxml, which can be created via



User Interactions

Interact with the POIs in your channel in different ways

Client / Direct

You can assign click customizations to POIs and 3D Models:

Navigation and Website Links

Email and Phone

Video Streaming

Sound with 3D Models


User Interaction „Click“:

Vote and see result

Server side

junaio is based on a constant communication with your

developer server. Hence, also user interactions can be

provided, that alter the content in your channel:

1. Click interaction from pois/event

Within junaio, you can provide enhanced interaction

funtionality based on user interaction. With a click event, a

request will be posted to your server, upon you can change,

add or remove pois.

2. Hit interaction from pois/event

For shooter games, there is a hit and fire interaction

implemented, where a ray is shot through the center of the

screen. The first POI hit by this ray will trigger an hit event

on your server, upon POI can be altered, removed or added.


User Interaction Online Documentation

Take the right “pattern”

The pattern is the reference

image that will be "searched

for" in the live view

junaio GLUE pattern

Take a 2D image of an object,

where the information can be

glued onto

Use a pattern that is highly


Have your pattern in a "common"

format, e.g. square format or

rectangle format

The shortest side of the image

sent to tools/trackingXML can be

approximately 100 - 150px


Good pattern / bad pattern

Make sure that your object in the

real world looks the same as the


Make sure they have the same

format, e.g. having the same

aspect ratio and being



Make sure there are no missing


It is recommended to use diffuse,

non-reflective materials for the


good pattern

bad pattern

Online tracking XML creator

Create easily an Online tracking XML

Choose any image file (jpg, png, gif) to be used as a pattern and click "Create

Tracking XML“.

Store the returned file and upload it to your server

The order of files is important and must be remembered

Tracking XML’s are cached on the device based on the URL

For print advertisement pages and billboard advertisement license fees

may apply.


Tracking XML creator

How to work with Movie Textures

Creating a channel with a movie texture is as

simple as creating any other junaio GLUE


On junaio.com you will find ready prepared md2

models to play any of your movies with.

A video will be directly glued to a GLUE pattern

Example XML:








Movie texture Tutorial

How to convert my movie file to work with movie textures

Assets being helpful

junaio Channel Creator

Create your own junaio channel

without any programming skills

- A simply and intuitive GUI will do

all the work

- You can create junaio GLUE

channels, supporting 3D models

and video trigger functionality

Add 3D components

- Links:

junaio Channel Creator


Become a Certified Developer

Join the growing junaio ® developer


Create unique apps

Build a reputation in this expanding


You keep full control over your

application and your data

Junaio’s community provides

interesting business opportunities

You will be highly visible on our

recommended Developer Network

Our young and dedicated team is

providing advice

Certified Developers


Benefits from junaio


Making Money with junaio ®

Junaio ® is for free

You can sign on to the Certified

Developer Network free of charge

Users can enjoy charge free content

So where is there any money to be


Sell channels or content in the


Location Based Advertisement in your


Print advertising extended with

multimedia or 3D displays

Indoor Navigation as a Business


Who is behind junaio

junaio ® was created by metaio GmbH

10 years research & development in

Augmented Reality

Locations: Munich, San Francisco,


Marketing of AR solutions for industry,

business and end-users


Related Links

Sign up at


Become a certified developer




Examples and Tutorials


More Questions Go to the Google Group for junaio




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