Multichip Modules

Multichip Modules

Multichip Modules

Creating customized vanishingly small electronic systems for sensors and


Multichip Modules

Draper Multichip Module (MCM) technology integrates electronic system functionality into a package nearly 1000

times smaller than a traditional circuit board for a wide range of applications, including processing platforms, custom

communications, and sensors.

Precision Grinding Facility

St. Petersburg Microelectronics Fabrication Center

Module Inspection

Rapidly and cost-effectively integrate

heterogeneous semiconductor devices into

a single module

• Integrate analog, digital, and RF integrated circuits

• Compatible with all varieties of interconnect

• Create modules fractions of millimeters thin

• Design custom assemblies to prototype your system

without spinning ASICs

• Can configure as ball grid array style chips for surface

mount technology integration

• Reuse existing technology designs with the latest

semiconductor devices

• Add integrated sensors, camera, antennas, and

custom IOs

• Shorten the development cycle

A full-spectrum engineering partner with

pilot-production capacity in St. Petersburg,


Draper partners with customers to invent, design,

prototype, produce, and deliver MCMs rapidly and cost


• 7000 sq ft of clean room space in a 40,000 sq ft


• 100 mm and 200 mm wafer tool set

• Deep reactive ion etching

• Metalization, lamination, die recovery, and die


• Full metrology suite

• Photolithography capabilities

• MCM foundry services


John Burns

MCM Facility Director

727-235-6565 | |


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