Migrating Apps from BREW to Brew MP - Uplinq


Migrating Apps from BREW to Brew MP - Uplinq

Using Brew MP SDK to develop for

BREW ® 3.x/4.x and Brew MP devices

Chrissy Mahlum



Migrating apps from BREW 3.x to Brew MP

– Advantages to the Brew MP development environment

– Key differences between BREW 3.x/4.x and Brew MP applications

– Creating a new BREW 3.x/4.x app using Brew MP Tools

– Importing a BREW 3.x/4.x app to Visual Studio using Brew MP tools to

build and run on different platforms/devices


Why Switch to Brew MP SDK now

• The Brew MP SDK is highly adaptable to

your development needs

• You can develop a single application for a

wide range of device platforms

Brew MP Toolset can be used for both BREW

3.x/4.x and Brew MP application

development in Visual Studio


Toolset Comparison

Generate App

Resource Editor

Generate Makefile

Build for Simulator

Brew MP


Generate App

Click2Run on Simulator

Click2Debug on Simulator

Click2Run on Device

BREW Workflow

Launch Simulator

Run on Device

Restart Device


Build for Device

Run on Simulator

Build for Debugging

Load Debug Module

Debug on Device

Click2Debug on Device


Migrating Apps from BREW to Brew MP

• Differences between BREW 3.x/4.x and Brew

MP applications

– Resource file format—conversion is automatic

with Brew MP Wizard

– Changes to project files

• Changes to header file paths

• Changes to environment variables


Brew MP Visual Studio Environment Setup

For detailed setup instructions go to


1. Install Brew MP SDK

2. Install Brew MP Visual Studio Plugin using

Brew MP SDK Manager

3. Install BREW/Brew MP Platforms based on

desired development needs




Use Brew MP SDK to develop for BREW 3.x/4.x

and Brew MP devices

Brew MP offers streamlined application

development within the IDE

BREW 3.x/4.x applications are easily migrated to

your Brew MP development environment

• For more information, see the Technology Guide

Migrating Applications from BREW to Brew MP

on the Brew MP website


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