Benefits Enrollment Guide - City of Knoxville

Benefits Enrollment Guide - City of Knoxville

Over‐the‐counter (OTC) program

The OTC program requires that if you take certain

prescripon drugs when an OTC alternave is available,

your coverage will be reduced from the normal copay to

50% of the drug’s cost. For example, Prilosec has an OTC

alternave called omeprazole that may be as effecve. And

the full cost of omeprazole may be less than 50% of the cost

of Prilosec.

Schedule 2 narcocs program

If your doctor prescribes a schedule 2 narcoc, such as

Oxyconn, Oxycodone, Fentanyl or Opana, and your

prescripon exceeds a 60‐day supply, prior authorizaon is

required. Your doctor must be in your BCBST network and

the prescripon considered medically necessary by the plan.

Visit under Tools and Resources

for a complete list of schedule 2 narcocs.

Over‐the‐counter medicaons

Over‐the‐counter medicaons — such as aspirin,

anhistamines and heartburn medicaons — can’t be

reimbursed under the Health Care FSA or your HRA unless

you provide a doctor’s prescripon. See page 18 for more


“I was diagnosed with diabetes about

three years ago, and I wanted to get that

under control. My main goal was weight

loss and I’ve lost 70 pounds so far. I

would encourage people to join My

Health because they custom tailor to

your needs. They work with you, instead

of just saying, ‘Here’s the info, go

do it.’ ”

Todd Kennedy

Construcon Management Supervisor


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