Build hope. - Beaches Habitat for Humanity

Build hope. - Beaches Habitat for Humanity

Build hope.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good

put together that overwhelm the world.” -Archbishop Desmond Tutu

A little about us.

Beaches Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing

ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard housing in the Jacksonville

Beaches. As an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, we work in

partnership with local families and volunteers to build simple, decent homes for

qualified families in need. To date, we have built more than 210 homes in our

community of just 50,000. Recognizing the importance of education in breaking

the cycle of poverty, we also offer college scholarships, after-school tutoring and

rewards for academic excellence for our partner families.

Our success in all these endeavors has helped place us in the top 10 percent of

1500 affiliates nationwide, as well as earned us a number of awards including

Affiliate of the Year, the Jimmy Carter Award for most homes built per capita and

most recently, the Clarence Jordan Award for our innovative education programs.

(PHOTOS) left: child of a homeowner, Ja’Nae, in front of her new

home; above: one of our partner families pose in front of their new

home at our traditional house dedication ceremony.

(PHOTOS) from top: a duplex in Haywood Estates; our

construction manager, Paul, helping a volunteer on

the worksite; children on the playground at our afterschool

program at the Donner Center.

Our mission.

Partnering with God and the community,

we strive to eliminate substandard

housing in the Jacksonville Beaches. In

addition to building quality, affordable

homes for qualified families in need at no

profit, we also guide our partner families

through homeownership and provide

educational opportunities so that they

may build brighter futures for themselves

and their children.

Think globally, act locally.

(PHOTOS) clockwise from top: future homeowner of a

Habitat home from our sister affiliate in Monteverde,

Costa Rica; a future homeowner works on her new

home in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India; a Slovakian

family in front of their new Habitat home.

Nearly 2 billion people around the world live in slum housing and over 100 million are homeless.

Habitat for Humanity is needed to help eliminate poverty by providing simple, decent shelter

to those in need. Beaches Habitat is one of more than 1500 US and 531 international affiliates

of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) that combined have built more than 350,000

homes throughout the world. Habitat affiliates are independent, nonprofit organizations that

are organized by local citizens and operate with local boards and local volunteers. Volunteers

provide most of the labor, and corporate, faith-based and individual donors provide the money,

materials and labor necessary to build Habitat homes. Each affiliate is asked to tithe a certain

percentage of their unspecified donations to a sister affiliate elsewhere in the world. Since 1992,

Beaches Habitat has donated 10% of all undesignated dollars (more than $260k) to Habitat for

Humanity Costa Rica, helping move more than 80 families into new homes.

Building homes, building hope.

Clockwise from top left: a homeowner

working off some of her 300-plus “sweat

equity” hours; construction manager, Bill,

and a homeowner at the worksite; a wallraising

ceremony in Haywood Estates.

Not a giveaway program.

Habitat for Humanity is all about people helping people to help themselves. We do not give

away homes nor are we government-funded. In order to be considered for a Beaches Habitat

home, families must fill out an application and make a down payment of eight hours of labor

(“sweat equity”). Our family selection committee then chooses families to live in our homes

based on level of need, ability to pay and willingness to partner with us. Families selected

must invest at least 300 additional hours of labor working alongside volunteers and Habitat

staff to build their homes and the homes of others. The partner family then purchases the

house from Beaches at no profit and with no interest charged – the money from which

is used to build future Habitat homes. Learn more truths and myths about Habitat for

Humanity at

No place like home.

Tishania was on the run. Trying to escape her abusive husband with no driver’s license and five children to care for,

she didn’t know if she’d ever make it on her own. She had already tried to run away and been found twice. Far from

home in Clearwater, things weren’t looking good for this Jacksonville native. Then she found hope.

With the help of her church’s battered women shelter, Tishania and her children moved back to Jacksonville to live

with family. It wasn’t long before she received her driver’s license, found work as a nursing assistant and moved from

her grandmother’s into their own apartment.

Tishania says she was pleased to be out on her own, but the apartment conditions were substandard at best. It was

shortly after this that a close family friend encouraged Tishania to apply for a Habitat home. The rest, as they say, is


(PHOTO) TIshania and her beautiful family in April 2010.

When she and her five beautiful children move into Haywood Estates in Winter 2010, Tishania says she’ll know “We

finally made it.”

Build Programs

Homes are constructed through one of a number of different build programs, all of which involve collaboration between Beaches Habitat,

sponsor organizations, a Habitat partner family, and volunteers. As such, a “build” is a partnership of individuals, just like you, joining

together from the larger community to share in the goal of eliminating substandard housing. Beaches Habitat also employs a number of

specialized Build programs including a Women Build, Apostle Build and Collegiate Challenge program.

Women Build

Apostle Build

Collegiate Challenge

Promoting the involvement of women

in the construction of Habitat houses,

Women Build projects give women a

unique opportunity to work in home

construction in a more comfortable, allfemale

environment. Women Build projects

also provide an environment where women

can build community amongst each other.

More than 350 Habitat homes have been

built across the country by women crews

and this number continues to grow.

The simplest and most common form

of church participation is through

contributions of money and volunteer

recruitment. Some local churches take

on the challenge of building a home

themselves, known as an Apostle Build. This

unique program is a partnership of several

church congregations coming together to

fully fund and build a Habitat home for a

local family.

Collegiate Challenge is Habitat for

Humanity’s alternative school break

program offering students the opportunity

to work with a U.S. affiliate to help eliminate

poverty housing. Since getting involved

with the national program in 2001, Beaches

Habitat has hosted student volunteers from

30-plus colleges and universities across

North America.

Please email to learn

more about any of these specialized build programs or

sign up to volunteer at

Clockwise from top right: members of Women Build at

a traditional wall-raising ceremony; group prayer at the

dedication of an Apostle Build home; University of Guelph

students during Collegiate Challenge.; group prayer during

morning orientation at the construction site.

More than homes.

Since our affiliate began in1991, Beaches Habitat has grown substantially. Recognizing its importance in breaking the cycle of

poverty, we now offer a variety of educational opportunities to both our homeowners and their children.

Lessons in Homeownership and Financial Literacy.

Beyond realizing the dream of homeownership, Habitat homeowners must maintain their homes, manage their finances, and

provide the best available opportunities to their children. In the realm of homeowner education, Beaches Habitat offers a

comprehensive array of workshops specifically tailored to Habitat families including: orientation and partnering with Beaches

Habitat; budget and finance; understanding closing documents; being a good neighbor; plumbing; home maintenance; lawn

maintenance; going green - how to conserve energy and reduce waste; and making your home beautiful on a budget.

Jessica Borges, proud owner of our 200th home in the Jacksonville Beaches, says that “Learning about credit has been great. I

never really thought about it before I started going to the meetings,” said Borges. “I appreciate being taught home ownership,

as well as important financial lessons that will help me the rest of my life.”

A Beaches Habitat homeowner learning how to fix a leaky faucet

at a maintenance and repair workshop; homeowners take a

break from construction to pose at the site of their future home.


Thanks to a generous donation from Miyuki and Herb Scheidel in

1998, every Habitat youth is eligible for a full 4-year scholarship

to the University of North Florida, including one semester of

study abroad. To date, six Scheidel Scholars have graduated from

UNF. Through another donation from the Scheidels in 2003, our

homeowners and their children now also have access to a 2-year

scholarship to Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Take Stock in Children

Created in 1995 by Communities In School, Beaches Habitat

is proud to partner with this successful, dropout-prevention

program which matches community volunteers as mentors

and student advocates with middle and high school students.

Mentors meet with their students one hour in school each week to

motivate and encourage students to succeed.

Clockwise from top: students celebrating different

cultures at the Donner Center after-school program;

Prep Club members on a special field trip to Universal

Studios; Scheidel Scholars from UNF and FSCJ.

After-school Programs

To better prepare children for academic success, encourage

physical fitness and teach life skills, Beaches Habitat partners

with the City of Atlantic Beach to provide dynamic after-school

programs at three centers in the Beaches. Students have access

to homework help, reading and math tutoring, physical fitness

programs, book clubs and special programs like Readers Theater.

Scheidel Prep Club

Founded in 1998, this program encourages academic excellence

and perfect attendance by rewarding K-12 students for academic

accomplishments through cash incentives. Along with a focus

on grades and attendance, the Prep Club also gives students the

chance to hear motivational speakers, attend educational field

trips and participate in community service activities. Prep Club

members must also pledge to remain drug and crime free.

Get involved!

By donating, volunteering or advocating for Beaches Habitat for Humanity, you are not only showing your

support for the affordable housing cause in our community - you are helping a family in need. Our success

depends on the entire community: generous supporters, enthusiastic volunteers, hardworking families and

dedicated staff. In merging the talents of local businesses, churches, community organizations and individuals,

we can and will eliminate substandard housing at the Beaches. Please join us as we strive to make our world a

better place for everyone to live.


(PHOTOS) Nancy Huang & family learn the name of our newest

subdivision, Huang Villas, in honor of her and her husband

Larry’s commitment to our cause; supporters pose by the sign

promoting Regency Centers as sponsor of our 200th home.


(PHOTOS) Volunteers hammering away at the worksite;

a volunteer giving homework help through our afterschool

tutoring program.

All are welcome. Habitat is a

partnership founded on common

ground— bridging theological

differences by putting God’s love

into action. All who desire to be

a part of this work are welcome,

regardless of religious preference

or background.

One-time donations are greatly appreciated, but please

consider taking your donation to the next level. From

planned giving to estate planning, stock and bond gifts

to in-kind donations, a variety of options exist to make

your donation go farther. Remember, we raise all of our

funds locally and receive no funding from HFHI.

Donations are tax-deductable and accepted by mail

(see address on back cover), at and

by phone at (904) 241-1222. Gift cards acknowledging

honorariums and memorials are also available.

Work with your coworkers/boss to determine how your

company could best benefit Beaches Habitat. Whether

it’s through a corporate sponsorship, volunteering on

the worksite or holding a garage sale, you’ll be amazed

at the camaraderie built when you work together for a

good cause.

In working side-by-side with the family who will live

in the house, our volunteers experience firsthand

the joy created when a family is able to realize their

dream of home ownership. Though the vast majority

has no construction experience, our volunteers are

involved in most phases of construction. Volunteers

are also invited to serve on committees (education,

family support, family selection, etc.), assist in the

office, mentor a child through our after-school

program and help with special projects. Time

commitments vary so you can choose to volunteer

as little or as often as you would like.

Check out individual construction opportunities on

our volunteer calendar at

For information on group construction and all other

types of volunteering, please contact our Volunteer

Coordinator at (904)241-1222 before signing up.


Show your passion for the affordable housing cause

in the Beaches community and around the world by

advocating for Habitat. Become a fan of our facebook

page (, tell your

friends about our cause and write your representatives

and senators. Learn more at

advocate and

Learn more at

1671 Francis Ave, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Tel: 904.241.1222 Fax: 904.241.4310

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