december 2012 volume 2 • issue 11 december 2012 ... -

december 2012 volume 2 • issue 11 december 2012 ... -

december 2012 volume 2 • issue 11

the evangel

Vital Signs


Worship 210

Offering 3597.00

Designated 100.00

Building fund 701.00

Weekly need 3259.72


Behind the Story

Upcoming Sermon Series!

Coming to a pulpit nearest you - this December...Behind the Story!

Starting December 2nd we will be taking a look each Sunday

morning in the month at little known Christmas story characters

who worked behind the scenes somewhat in the Greatest Story Ever

Told. This 4-week series will challenge us to recall the finer points of

the Christmas story and lead us into some reflective lessons. Do you

remember all of the characters behind the story Here is a look at

what we are going to tackle:


Worship 208

Offering 5949.07

Weekly need 3259.72


December 2nd:

Decembrer 9th:

December 16th:

December 23rd:

Elizabeth and Zechariah

(the parents of John the Baptist)

Herod (the jealous king)

(Brian Swope will be preaching)

Joseph (the earthly father of Jesus)

Simeon and Anna (in the temple)


Worship 210

Offering 3597.00

Designated 100.00

Weekly need 3259.72



Worship 166

Offering 3417.00

Designated 50

Weekly need 3259.72


On December 30th, Brian will be preaching a stand-alone sermon as

we prepare for 2013!

As I have been reflecting on this upcoming series, Behind the Story,

I can’t help but think of the many people in our church who work so

tirelessly behind the scenes. I know of people in our church family

who have given time, money and of themselves for the sake of others

and the work of the church. There are some people who continually

give of themselves just so they might serve! Behind the Story here at

FCC stands many who continue to give for the sake of the babe in the

manger. Thank you for your servitude. Thank you for your humility.

Christmas Eve Service

Our annual Christmas Eve service will be held on December

24th, Christmas Eve at 6:00pm here at First Christian

Church. What a great event for you and your family as you

come to worship the baby, our Savior, Jesus Christ!

On the cover: Correggio’s Adoration in Dresden, also

known as La Notte c.1528-1530

Evangel Editor and Designer: Darin Hansen

Information is correct at press time.

Check for archived editions.

Christmas is full of hustle and bustle along with gift

exchanges, food preparation, decorating, family gatherings,

stockings, trees, wow! Come join us for a quiet, worshipful,

candelight and communion service for you whole family

and take some time to thank the one who truly is the

Reason for the Season!

Merry Christmas!

Church News


Christmas Cantata

F O R M O R E G R A P H I C D E S I G N F R E E B I E S : V I S I T W W W . D E S I G N F R E E B I E S . O R G

December Good Life Club: Senior Adults

The Good Life club will not be meeting in December due to the holidays. Look

for a calendar for 2013 in the next Evangel. Brian Swope will be coordinating

the Good Life Club starting in January.

December 8th at 7pm and

December 9th at 4pm

at the Grace United

Methodist Church. All are

invited to attend these


Comedy Night:

We need desserts!

We will providing a dessert

buffet for everyone who

attends our Comedy night!

If you can bring a dessert,

please do! We will set up

desserts starting at 6pm, the

show at 6:30pm and dessert

time afterwards!

Ladies’ Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study will be resuming on Jan 14 @ 6:30pm. We will be studying Philippians this term and a

book signup is at the welcome center. Cost approx. $8. Stay tuned for more details!


Calendar December 2012

F O R M O R E G R A P H I C D E S I G N F R E E B I E S : V I S I T W W W . D E S I G N F R E E B I E S . O R G

December 2012

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Nov 28

6:30 pm Tree Decorating



Winter Huffman

3 4

Volunteers at


Paci McClure


Youth Group

Gustin Bauguss

Paul Lake


1-5pm; 6-8pm

Community Clothesline

Wilma Kingery


Jane Erwin


7 pm Community

Cantata @


Brianna Baker


4 pm Community Cantata


5 pm Financial Board Mtg


Jim Baker

Randy Rennels


George Brazelton


Youth Group

Larry Moore


Alaina Lake

14 15

Gary Wright


6:30 pm Comedy Night

with Jeremy Nunes

17 18 19

Susie Carruthers


9am– Noon

Community Clothesline


Sydney White


23 24

6 pm Candlelight

Christmas Eve


Terry Miller


Brian & Katie Swope


Leota Figgins

Bill & Leota Figgins

Harry & Judy Starwalt

27 28

Mike & Doris



Betty Kenworthy

30 31


Serving Schedule for December 2012

Date Audio Video Greeters Nursery Wee Worship Servers Meditation

F O R M O R E G R A P H I C D E S I G N F R E E B I E S : V I S I T W W W . D E S I G N F R E E B I E S . O R G

2-Dec Don Coen D. Gebhardt J&M Wilson D&P Moore Sheri Coen D. Baker Dave Coen D. McClure

Don Coen T. Hendren

C. Hill B. Conn

P. Lake J. Latch

9-Dec Don Coen D. Gebhardt M. Lindley K. Banks Sheri Coen D. Miller R. Banks M. Frankie

T. Gebhardt M. Frankie J. Latch

Z. Letizia M. Page

T. Miller D. Moore

16-Dec A. Storm M. Frankie W. Burton L.Baker Sheri Coen W. Letizia Jay Miller Smitty

H. Baker Re. Rennels R. Russell

Congregational Votes

A. Robinson B. Schwindt

L. Moore Ra. Rennels

23-Dec A. Storm M. Frankie T&J Miller P. Storm Sheri Coen D. Baker R. Banks R. Groves

J. Miller Dave Coen Don Coen

B. Conn H. Starwalt

A. Walk C. Walk

30-Dec D.Hansen T. Huffman C. Hall B. Baker Sheri Coen T. Miller R. Banks C. Hall

J. Dow Don Coen Dave Coen

B. Schwindt P. Lake

H. Starwalt L. Moore

2013 Budget: 92% Approval

Affirmation of Elders:

Doug McClure - Affirmed

Matt Frankie - Affirmed

Affirmation of Trustees:

Don Scoles - Affirmed

Joe Briggerman - Affirmed

Tom Huffman - Affirmed

Affirmation of Financial Board Member: Don Scoles - Affirmed



F O R M O R E G R A P H I C D E S I G N F R E E B I E S : V I S I T W W W . D E S I G N F R E E B I E S . O R G

Winds of Change

The weather has turned and colds winds are

blowing in. As the last of the trees drop their leaves,

we look forward to the coming of snow, Christmas,

the New Year, and eventually the arrival of Spring.

With every change comes new and exciting adventures.

One of the biggest changes is the shift that is

happening with our ministry staff. I wanted to take

this time to thank all of the students and parents that

I have had the joy of working with over the past

three years here at FCCN. While I will miss working

with the teens, I am excited about the changes.

These changes present new opportunities for

all of us. There will be new faces to get used to, new

relationships to be made, and many other new

opportunities to take advantage of. I cannot wait to

share them with you.

off the couch

News From the Student Ministry of FCCN

In Christ,


Mark Your Calendar


Wed. Night Youth Group



Last Wed. Night Until the

New Year. Christmas Party!



ThaT’s righT. We





iT’s a surprise! so

don’T Tell anyone




F O R M O R E G R A P H I C D E S I G N F R E E B I E S : V I S I T W W W . D E S I G N F R E E B I E S . O R G

Don’t Forget About Wee

Worship and Jr.

Worship. Two programs

designed specifically for

your preK-6th graders

every Sunday morning!

We need more adults who

are willing to work in the

Wee Worship program. It

involves a month-long

commitment to working

with pre-K children during

the Sunday morning

service. Please see Sheri

Coen or talk to Brian if you

are able to serve.

the family


Children and Family News


The New Year will be bringing new

opportunities as well as new challenges. Whit

that, we are focusing on improving the children’s

ministry programming at the church. The most

exciting part about that is that you get to help

decide what we are going to do.

This is your chance to make your voice

heard. A suggestion box is going to placed at the

Welcome Center. You will be able to submit

your suggestions there or, if you prefer, you can

talk directly with me. The bottom line is you

know your kids and we want to know what you,

as the parents, feel that we could do in order to

help them with their spiritual growth. This is the

new children’s ministry here at FCCN. In 2013,

You Decide.

In Christ,




First Christian Church

PO Box 156

Neoga, Illinois 62447

Have you been on our website yet

The Evangel Online, Sermons and more

F O R M O R E G R A P H I C D E S I G N F R E E B I E S : V I S I T W W W . D E S I G N F R E E B I E S . O R G

Prayer Needs

The family of Agnes Walk

The family of Bill Dunbar

Don Scoles

Richard Russell

Jane Erwin– Heartland

Joe Wright

David Fear

Olive Stiebner

Mildred Gentry

Jay Miller

Linda Gentry

Leaton Beeler

Jack Hardiek

Bill Dunbar

Greg Albin

Mark Bettinger

Lyle Overton

Clyde Frankie

Pat Briggerman

Paul & Marilyn Rennels

Shirley Hawk

Tom Hawk

Summer Monroe

Joann Hood

Charles Latch

People who could use a card!

Carolyn Gast

Cumberland Co. Nursing Center,

300 N Marietta St, Greenup, 62428

Jane Erwin and Elsie Phillips– Heartland

Allene Young

Hill Top Nursing Home

910 Polk Ave, Charleston, 61920

Drew and Brooke Hansen (Air Force)

109 Louisiana Dr., Jacksonville, AR 72096

Mission Stats for November 2012

Community Clothesline:

31 families

88 individuals

1 baby crib, 1 infant car seat, 1 stroller

Helped 3 expectant mothers

Received donations of coats and pajamas from Neoga Girl Scouts

Neoga Food Pantry: December need: pork n beans

Food Pantry

61 families

187 people served

3 deliveries

15 volunteers, 23 hours

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