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Events Insert - The Ibiza Sun



ibiza’s weekly dance music supplement

issue 31 - july 10th - 2013


Born, artistically at least,

amongst the urban clubbing

sprawl and booming underground

sound-systems of

northern England, Mak &

Pasteman have spent the

winter entertaining Radio

One-sized audiences. This

summer, you’ll find the bass

duo performing at We Are

Rockstars for Ibiza Rocks.

Tell us about the first event you played together

in Ibiza

We played two shows last year. The first was

after Skream & Benga to a packed house at the

Ibiza Rocks hotel. What a way to start!

Where will you be performing this season

We Are Rockstars at Ibiza Rocks and Mallorca

Rocks on the 11th and 12th July, and then again

on the August 2nd. We’ll be joining Doorly as

well for his soon to be legendary boat parties

and maybe a cheeky slot at Ibiza Rocks Bar.

Last season was W.A.R.s first in Ibiza – did

the event work and did you enjoy playing on


It was packed both times and the crowd where

similar to that of a rock concert. Everyone just

seems to let loose and go all out! This makes it

very enjoyable for the DJs who play there and

it is very different from the slower building atmosphere

of a club.

Pasteman – you were verbally loose at last

summers W.A.R. gig – we didn’t know you

were an accomplished MC

Ha, Yea… Came up on a diet of UKG so the Mic

was always a tool of the trade.

Tell us about your Radio One gig – how did

the opportunity arise

Radio One have a slot for a whole month for

new talent. We have always enjoyed Radio and

have a lot of fun doing it, so we got our manager

on the case and it came through quite quickly.

It was a really professional set up as you would

expect and some invaluable experience for us!

Have either of you hosted a radio show before

and what was the most difficult part of

the process

Matt - Yes I have had quite a bit of experience

hosting a show on Frequency, Rood FM and

plenty of UStreams. It was quite a natural process

for us. We just have a laugh and don’t take

ourselves seriously… but we are deadly serious!

Mak – Even I did a short stint on Frequency FM.

I did one show with Matt on his Rood FM slot

and we definitely had a Vibe. After that we knew

we wanted to do more radio when the time

was right. 5 chart...

1. Breach

Jack (M&P Remix)

2. Joy O


3. Redlight


4. Mak & Pasteman


5. M.A.P

It Aint Right

How do you guys share the studio workload

We both write together in order to build a vibe.

We have a sound so we kind of stick to it, but

sometimes we just flip it and do something different

to keep things fresh. Matt does a lot of

sampling work before we start a tune, while

Mak takes care of any final tweaks to the mixes

after the beats have been tried and tested in

the clubs.

There are lots of young, up-and-coming DJs

on the island trying to score gigs – but which

newbie should SunDance readers seek-out

Ste V Something has been working his magic

over the last year in Ibiza. He’s maybe a bit

cheesy, but the ladies seem to like him.

Any new releases looming up on the horizon

Our next release is with Breach’s label - Naked

Naked. We are working with another label as

well, but keeping that locked down for now.

We like to have things signed off before we go

around shouting about it.

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interview: jon rundell - 2 - july 10th

Formerly renowned as

Carl Cox’s warm up man, Jon

Rundell is now regarded as

more of an accomplice. Experimental

at times, but always

mature and versatile

in scope, Rundell has remained

a highly consistent

producer DJ for the last

15 years. If you like your

tech-house productions

raw and chunky, Space is

the place to check-out this

revolutionary recruit.

Tell us about the first time you DJd in Ibiza

I can’t remember the exact year, maybe it was

around 2004, and it was on a small boat party

that me and a group of friends just decided to

do one day. It was quite funny really as we had

no idea what we were doing or if anyone would

turn up, and no one did. We ordered a load of

drink and some food and set sail with the 12 of

us on the boat, so we messed around on the

decks for 4 hours and came back a little drunk.

Where will you be performing this summer

I’ll be at Space playing for Carl at his Tuesday

nights a few times which I always look forward

to. Space is one of the best clubs in the world,

so it’s always a pleasure to be asked back – in

a strange way I work all year to be asked back

really. And to top it all off we will also be doing

a few Intec parties there this year so keep

a look out.

Tell us about Cox the mentor - has he ever

given you any wonky advice

Apart from the time he tried to get me to act as

a human connection between the plug socket

and the monitors you mean Only joking. I

don’t think we have ever been in a situation

where anything like that has had to happen,

plus he’s not the type of person with the experience

he has to be offering anything but good

advice to anyone.

Tell us about your new Intec mix

We decided in the end that Carl would mix all

the remixes we had from his last artist album “All

Roads Lead To The Dancefloor”, and I would mix

all the forthcoming tracks we have coming out

on EP’s through out the year. There were a few

tracks I had hoped to use for sure that didn’t end

up fitting into the mix, but that’s always going to

happen when doing something like this.

Name today’s Future Hero

That’s a tough one without singling someone

out, there are some gems out there who take

on board what you say, and those will be the

ones that will achieve what they hope to in the

future, and you’ll be hearing from them on Intec

very soon! If your talking about break throughs

in the last few years though, then I’m happy to

single out Carlo Lio, he can produce such great

music in his own style and play anytime of the

night in any club, and he’s been patient with

a great manner. A good example to any up

and coming producer and DJ out there and I’m

happy to have shared some really good times

with him.

DJ/producer or Premier League Footballer

When I was a teenager it was the Premier Footballer,

and part of me would still of love to do

that, but in the end it didn’t work for me, so that

was when I put everything I had into DJing. It

was tough to hear those words that somebody

didn’t think I could make it at the highest level

for football, and when I set out to wish to play

music in clubs I said to myself that no matter

what, I’d never hear those words again. I’ve

been able to travel the world DJing, experience

some amazing cultures and talk to some really

interesting people; and all that has made me

feel wiser in the ways of the world and I would

not change that for anything.

We loved the raw groove of Top Shelf – is it

all about the percussion

I’m glad you like the groove in that track; it

turned out with a nice warm bottom end with

some good movement on it. It’s important to

me as I feel that’s how I’m best represented

in my sound, a good groove with the percussion

is essential for me and the way I play, but

some days I could come up with something

completely different and that’s also fine, but it

might surprise people, and I’m all for that too

from time to time.

Where do you stand in the EDM debate

I believe in the end that if you fake it you’ll get

found out. Simple as that. The EDM sound and

style is more dedicated to commercialism and

the generation that like it now will grow and

explore music more as they get older. That’s

where we step in and introduce them to the

longevity of what we are doing, with EDM being

the entry point. The trouble is the popularity it

is has gained leads more people to be prepared

to do anything to be the one that’s adored, and

that’s just chasing fame, which is a whole other

topic! People faked it through out the whole

of the 80’s on Top Of The Pops, so it’s nothing

new really.

Tell us a little about your studio setup

I’m a Logic person – I learnt to use that first.

But I did just get Ableton 9 and I’ll be exploring

to see if I can make the switch fully in the end.

Generally I use all the plug ins that Logic comes

with, coupled with things like Echo Boy for effects,

and the UAD plug ins for some basic mastering.

I have a Focusrite soundcard and Makie

every issue archived online:

5-tunes to work the

Funktion-One @ Space

1. Knick Knack!

2. Joe Smooth

Promised Land

3. Dave Clarke

Wisdom To The Wise

(Steve Rachmad Mix)

4. Carlo Lio

My Favourite Mistake

5. Carl Cox

Family Guy

(Loco Dice Mix)

monitors at home and then I take all tracks I

make over to Alex Tepper’s studio and we sit

and give them a good going over to get the mixdowns

really good, as well as change or tweak

anything we feel will help.

Any advice for young producers in Ibiza

Be prepared to slog it out, there are loads of

people on the hustle in Ibiza. Make sure you get

your music sounding the best it possibly can because

the sound systems here take no prisoners.

The mix downs are so important now to make

other DJs literally choose to play your record or

not. The last thing I learnt was that actually; that

tracks can often sound more powerful with less

parts to them.

Music piracy – how do you guard against it

You can’t really and you just have to accept

that in the end. If people want quality then they

don’t use those places to get music, and there

are enough people out there that do help to

keep us going. I’ve downloaded my own music

from a torrent site to see what it was like, and

the sound quality was shocking.

Any new releases looming up on the horizon

I recently released the Hammer EP on Etch,

which includes one full-on techno banger, one

quirky tech house number, and a deeper but

real funky groove work out. Next up is the Pure

Intec 2 Compilation as we discussed previously,

then a debut EP on MB Electronics in May.

Then an Intec EP, another Etch release, and who

knows after that…

elrow @ privilege paradise opening @ dc-10 mambo sunset sessions

Elrow at Privilege was one of our favourite

parties last summer. Why Well, it’s the

craziest and most colourful event on the

island, which makes it enormous fun to attend.

Visually, each week Elrow sports a different

theme; musically, however, the techhouse

vibe at Elrow isn’t particularly experimental.

The mostly Spanish crowds come to

hear credible percussive party music, but

they’re not terribly interested in stomping

to anything other than upfront 4/4 beats.

Which is why we were a little surprised that

French artisan and global superstar DJ Laurent

Garnier, who is a renowned innovator,

had been added to Elrow’s 2013 Ibiza roster.

But we needn’t have worried, because

Laurent Garnier got things exactly right,

playing a smart mix of banging, hypnotic

techno that gripped the dancefloor in absolute

state of hedonistic subordination for

three hours. In fact, Garnier’s was the finest

set we’ve heard on the island since… well…

for a very long time. It was one of those

very special clubbing moments when one

of the best DJs in the world happens to be

well and truly ‘in the zone’. If you have the

opportunity to see Garnier perform later in

the season for Carl Cox at Space, make sure

you jump at it.

Lea Dobricic, too, deserves a mention,

because she started the night off in fine

style. As you might expect, her tech-house

output chugged, but the latter part of her

set was also hard and melodic, with Joseph

Capriati’s jarringly metallic techno growler

‘Awake’ her standout moment.

fast news...

Eden is now open! And the venue looks

good. More to come on this story next week

as we review the opening party with Ferry


Workers night Departure at Itaca has

moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Last week, the Bomba website was hacked

and diverted to… and then

Bomba became Booom! Once again, more

to come on this story next week, as Ibiza

Town’s newest venue does it’s best to perplex

and mystify in equal measures.

And Plan B is open again - keep an eye out

for last minute party announcements.

It’s now July and all the big club-nights are ready for

business. On Wednesday, it was the turn of Jamie Jones’

Paradise gigs to open at DC-10.

Luca C and Ali Love, aka Infinity Ink, started things off,

before Richy Ahmed took to the high booth at 2am,

playing his new ‘Your Love’ tune which will be released

soon on Rinse. If you’re into Ahmed’s stuff then keep an

eye out for his upcoming compilation, also on Rinse. It’s

the first time the bass music brand have comissioned a

house DJ to front one of their mixes.

After Ahmed, it was time for a live set from Tom

Demac, who performed on a hardware setup that included

a Roland TR707 drum machine, Dave Smith Tetra

Analogue synth and delay pedals, all of his gear wired

up and synced to Ableton.

Then it was the turn of label boss Jamie Jones to play

the final set of the night, performing from 4:30am until

7am, to an unreasonably rammed dancefloor.

In summary: Paradise will own Wednesdays this summer.

The reason why Well, Ahmed and Ali Love and

Jones are still ravers, and the young crowds at Paradise

rightly feel as though they’re part of the hot action.

la grand bazaar @ ushuaïa

Pete Tong’s new Le Grand Bazaar gigs kicked off on

Friday afternoon at Ushuaïa, with a free beach party on

the sands at the rear of the venue.

The evening event was blessed with a pop-concertlike

atmosphere and the outer perimeters of the venue

were lined with screaming fans, all of whom were eager

to catch a glimpse of Pharrell Williams (above), who was

performing live in Ibiza for the first time.

Fresh from his role in the recent game-changing Daft

Punk album, Pharrell performed after Aussie dance act

Nervo, whose commercial dance sound was a perfect

fit for the fun and festive mood of the evening.

Tong and Tato started things off on the beach with

some underground beats, and Tensnake was also in

Bossa to play a very special one hour set exclusively for

the Grand Bazaar Opening. Tensnake, whose Essential

Mix was recently voted one of the Top 20 mixes of the

year by Rolling Stone Magazine, played an educated but

accesible mix of house tunes and he also premiered his

new single, ‘See Right Through’ featuring Fiora.

With more huge global acts to come, such as Calvin

Harris, Fatboy Slim, Afrojack, Hot Natured, Carl Cox,

Eats Everything, Luciano, Idris Elba, Paul Kalkbrenner,

Reboot, and Hot Since 82 still to come, Friday’s at Ushuaïa

really are going to be busy this summer.

It’s poppy, its festive, it’s a bit like a mini-Radio One

roadshow – surprise, surprise, Le Grand Bazaar is actually

Ushuaïa’s strongest beach club event.

Featuring tracks by Maria Callas, Richard

Hawley, Raphael Saadiq, Apelsin, Takuya

Matsumoto, John Heckle, Stimming and

many more, Café Mambo – The Sunset Sessions

is a 30-track album soundtracking the

world famous sunset as celebrated on the

terraces of the legendary Ibiza venue.

The album has been compiled by esteemed

Balearic ambient and techno DJ/

producer, Kenneth Bager, who showcases

an eclectic mix of chill-out, folk, pop, house,

techno and even classical sounds across the

breadth of the two discs.

The launch party at Mambo (above) went

off last week - if you missed it, grab the

soundtrack which is, after all: OUT NOW

more than privilege

Over the years, Privilege has hosted

nights like the infamous Manumission to

Armin van Buuren’s ASOT, Tiësto to Renaissance

via SupermartXe.

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Privilege

have released a new mix CD – an aptly

named offering called Privilege Ibiza 2013 –

More Than A Dancefloor.

The two discs are set out in much the same

manner as the current club; the first disc

representing the sound of the Privilege

Main Room; the second disc reflecting the

vibe inside the Vista Club backroom (above).

The second disc is the one you want, with

20 tracks from the likes of Ben Pearce, Eats

Everything, Jamie Jones, Breach, Justin Martin

& Dusky, all mixed live by Ibiza’s very own

DJ Paulette.


mail: - 3 - follow us on twitter

- where: colours ibiza sessions - when: july 1st 2013 - who: jack eye jones, dannic, jon mancini -

where, when and who photos by marco federici - contact:

- The best boat party we’ve boarded this season - Jon Mancini started things off on a deep house

vibe - Jack Eye Jones (above) soaked the crowd with vodka spray, dropping his own remix of ‘Hello I Love

You’ and his spine tingling ‘Born Slippy’ mash up - Fresh from his performance at Pacha, Dutch electro star

Dannic (above right) played a special sundown set, opening with ‘Satisfaction’ by Benny Benassi -

july 11th ushuaia loco dice €60 16:00

july 12th pukka up insane €52.50 18:00

july 15th es paradis colors €28 23:59

July 16th santos pooldisco €20 16:00




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