Tillage Radish® + Tillage RootMax

+ CCS Crimson Clover

Tillage Radish®

Tillage RootMax

Cover Crop Ryegrass

CCS Crimson


Coated and preinoculated


3 Scavenging and storing N

3 Building soil structure

3 Generally restoring soil health

3 Relieving compaction

For Deep Rooting and Proven Yield Improvements

INDY delivers a bundle of benefits, starting with the amazing Tillage

Radish® taproot that drills right through tough compaction, and Tillage

RootMax Cover Crop Ryegrass with its fibrous roots that are renowned

for building soil structure. Add the nitrogen fixing advantages

of CCS Crimson Clover and you have an outstanding option for getting

more out of your cover crop program.

To maximize forage potential increase seeding rate to 20 lb /acre. INDY

includes RootMax Cover Crop Ryegrass, and adding clover increases

the protein content. Adding Tillage Radish® adds protein content and

digestibility. The addition of clover can slow down rate of digestion to

help extract maximum nutrition.


Planting: Plant 3-10 weeks prior to first killing frost

Seeding Depth: 0.25 - 1”

Comparable seed on Drill chart is Tall Fescue (reduce by 25%), Crested

Wheat Grass (reduce by 15%), Annual Ryegrass

Seeding Rate:

- Drilling: 15 lbs/acre

- Broadcast / Aerial: 17 lbs/acre

- Precision Planting (15” with 2” in-row): 12 lbs/acre

(Kinze Brush Meter with Backing Plate - 60 Cell Milo Plate)

- For Forage: Increase rate to 20 lbs/acre

Control: Tillage Radish® winter kills with 3 nights in the mid-teens.

Tillage RootMax and CCS Crimson Clover require a burndown of two

quarts of glyphosate with one pint of 2,4-D.

Best control is achieved spraying on a warm day between 9 am - 4 PM

with water adjusted to 5.5 pH.



Seeding rate 20 lbs. To maximize forage potential, harvest at early bloom.

Variety % Moisture %CP % ADF % NDF NDFd % Sugar TDN Nel RFV

RootMax alone 79.4 12.2 22.2 36.7 85.3 16.4 73.4 .77 180

INDY 1 81.7 16.7 19.9 33.4 74.1 15.6 73.9 .77 228

INDY 2 81.6 16.3 19.6 32.6 73.3 16.6 74.9 .79 237

RootMax Cover Crop Ryegrass, Tillage Radish®, CCS Crimson Clover

CP Crude protein

ADF Acid detergent fiber

NDF Neutral detergent fiber

NDFd 30 hour in-vitro neutral detergent fiber digestibility

TDN Total digestible nutrients

NEL Net energy lactation

RFV Relative feed value These observations are based on reliable research, testing and verification.

Data available on request. CoverCropSolutions.com

1-800-767-9441 35 CoverCropSolutions.com

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