Regimes of Memory - Academia Europaea

Regimes of Memory - Academia Europaea

Academia Europaea

The Academy of Europe

Academia Europea Knowledge Hub in Wrocław

One-Day Open Conference

Regimes of Memory

Tuesday 30 October 2012, Wrocław, Poland

09:00am – 18.30pm

Will be held in: to be decided

Organiser: Iván Zoltán Dénes

Local contact:

Tusday 30 October

9:00-9:20. Introductory Thoughts: Some Characteristics of the Regimes of Memory in The Netherlands.

Pieter Emmer

Session 1

9:20-9:40. Interpreting Regimes of Memory in Poland from East Central European Comparative

Approach. Cases and Contexts. Maciej Janowski

9:40-10:00. Interpreting Regimes of Memory in Belgium: Flemish and Dutch Versions of the WW1

and 2. Chantal Kesteloot

10:10-10.20. Memory of Fascism in Italy. Alessandro Cavalli

10:20-10:40. Discussion

Coffee break. 10:40-10:50

Session 2

10:50-11:10. Interpreting Regimes of Memory in Spain: Cases and Consequences. Salvador Orti-Camallonga

11.10-11:30. Interpreting Regimes of Memory in the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia and the Bohemian Part

of the Habsburg Monarchy, 2011-1848. Subjects, Places, Key Events and their Meanings in the Different

Narratives. Michal Kopecek

11:30-11:50. Competing Victimologies in the Contexts of the Different Regimes of Memories In Estonia and

the other Baltic States. Meike Wulf

11:50-12:20. Discussion

Moderator during the morning sessions: Iván Zoltán Dénes

Lunch. 12:15-14:00

Session 3

13:30-13:50. Reinterpreting the regimes of memories in the Context of the Different Political Languages in

Hungary. Iván Zoltán Dénes

13:50-14.10. Regimes of Memory in Spain. Pablo Sánchez León

14:10-14:30. Critical Rethinking of the Dictionary of relationship of the Minorities. Nándor Bárdi

14.30-14:50. Reinterpreting the Regimes of Memories in Finland: Subjects, Events, Narratives.

Árpád Welker

14:50-15:10. Polish Taboos and their Conclusions. Piotr Wcislik

15:10-15:40. Discussion

Moderator of the afternoon-session: Pieter Emmer

Coffee break. 15.40-15.50

Session 4

15:50-16:50. Round-table discussion on the Regimes of Memory by all the participants of the conference.

Moderator: Iván Zoltán Dénes

16:50-17:30. The floor is open for the audience. Questions and Answers

Coffee break. 17.30-17.40

17:40-18:10. Suggestions and Ideas. Pieter Emmer

18:10-18:30. Conclusion. Iván Zoltán Dénes


Papers will be published as a focus in the Journal ‚The European Review’


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