euro-Maus 4 - ROPA Fahrzeug

euro-Maus 4 - ROPA Fahrzeug

Multi-function terminal

With only one operating device

automatic switching in and out

Comfort-cabin can be raised – platform converts into steps

Technical data: ROPA euro-Maus 4

Diesel Engine:

Mercedes Benz OM 926 LA, exhaust rate EURO-MOT 3b

(with SCR-Cat and AdBlue), 6 cylinder multibank engine

with 240 kW / 326 HPS at 2200 rev/min. and 7,2 litre

cubic capacity, max. rotation at 1300 Nm at 1200-1600

rev/min, Fuel consumption appr. 194 g/kWh at 1250

rev/min when fully operating, completely electronic

controlled with fuel consumption analysis in the colourcoded

terminal, temperature controlled with automatically

reversing hydrostatic driven fan, only one flat belt

drive with automatic belt tightening, any defects caused

by operational conditions are indicated by the engine

diagnosistics, which are integrated in the colour terminal,

fuel capacity of 1225 l, AdBlue store for 95 litres,

flow valve for 8 litre fuel reserve tank when fuel tank

is empty, electric pump for fully automatic ventilation

of fuel system.


Variable hydrostatic (Bosch-Rexroth) of 4-gear OMSIpropulsion

of 2 OMSI planetary steering drive axes, drive

pump has more operational capacity than the maximum

Diesel engine output, 2 separately operated differential

locks with automatic function, automatic total 4 wheel

drive, cruise control, low engine revs when in automatic

driving mode, constant throttle brake prevents over revving

of the Diesel engine at full braking and downhill

driving, load power control through fine control of low

range gear.

Front axle with drum brake 500x180, 4 spring-mounted

brake cylinders for the operating and parking brake, driving

speed 20 or 25 km/h, optional 32 km/h (with additional

drum brake in the rear axle).


Cabin with an all round view, adjustable to a height of

up to 5,1 m, soundproofed, with tinted all round glazing

and a low edge, new compact control panel and swivel

chair with integrated colour terminal, function keys

and rotary selector switch, 2 multi-function joysticks

with integrated proportional mini joysticks, automatic

air-conditioning, comfortable, air sprung swivel chair

with chair brake, colour terminal with clearly visible

beet flow fault display, MP-3 radio with audio system,

telephone mount, 60 litre-storage shelf in the cabin rear

wall, windscreen wipers at front, left ,right and rear, 2

inner LED lights.

Operational Drives and Hydraulic System:

OMSI-pump distributor gear, pressure circuit lubrication,

with drive oil cooling fan, adaptable drive transmission

for low engine revolution (load revolution 1200-1300 1/

min) when loading, load-switching power shift clutch

for operating 6 hydraulic pumps of the operating drives

- Providing easy start of Diesel engine even at very low

outside temperatures;

- 4 axial piston pumps (Bosch-Rexroth) for continuous

load sensing and auto reverse for front roller drives (for

lifting, dividing and cleaning front and rear)

Made in Germany –TÜV and Trade Association tested,

conforming to CE Legislature. Technical Alterations excepted.

- 2 axial piston pumps (Bosch-Rexroth) for continuous

drive of in-feed web and elevator

- 1 load-sensing axial piston pump (Bosch-Rexroth) for

supplying all hydraulic cylinders -> with LVS- flow

valves enabling all movements to be carried out concurrently.

- 1 axial piston pump (Bosch-Rexroth) for reversible cooling

fan drive (hydraulic oil-, water-, load air cooler)

- hydraulics drives from Sauer-Danfoss


Front axle steering, rear axle steering, steering of all

wheels, automatic central positioning of rear axle

Turning circle: 9,90 m inner diameter

Cleaning and loading efficiency:

Up to 560 t per hour of loading

Collection system:

Maximum collection width 10,2 m, ROPA-roller collection

with 18 rollers, divided into 3 separate drives (each

drive with continuous adjustment, rotation control and

automatic reversing):

1. Lifting: 2 finger rollers lift down to 7 cm underground,

2 initial cleaning rollers

2. Dividing and Cleaning: 6 conveying rollers convey

and divide beet flow whilst cleaning

3. Cleaning: 8 tangentially rotating spiral rollers clean

whilst conveying the beet, double cleaning path

Nose cone with new, tensioned drive, automatically adjustable

speed matching collecting rollers. Slow running

for low wear and tear of the split nose cone cap .

Valves protection against breaking safety chains, when

not disconnected.

Telescopic and proportional control of end of clamp

collector arm (external telescopic tube 180*180*5mm),

colour camera and LCD-colour monitor for camera depth

control, de icer

In-feed web:

80 cm wide, 50 mm pitch with new designed PU finger

rollers and soil deflectors, double profile belts, with

speed control and high-speed gear, 4 mm steel side


Additional cleaning:

Standard: conveyer web, 90 cm wide, 40 mm pitch

Optional: spiral rollers clean with 8 tangentially rotating

spiral rollers, 135 cm wide


80 cm wide, 40 mm-pitch, with speed control and highspeed

gear, side walls interchangeable

Loading height: up to 6 m

Loading width: 14,20 m, optional 15 m

Counterweight arm: length 9,02 m, 6 m to pivot point,

base of fuel tank from 20 mm steel

Total cleaning area: 34,5 m²

Maximum cleaning path: 31,7 m


24 Volt, 2 light of 100 amps each, electronic batteryoperated

main switch with automatic cut out after 5

days ignition off (AUS), 3 X 12 Volt sockets, diagnosis

mechanism for the entire sensing and operational system

integrated in the colour terminal, warning signals

are shown as symbols with text in the appropriate native

language, software updates can be made via standard

supplied USB ports, long-life, water and corrosion

protected construction control panel electrics, use of

exclusive, individually protected plugs (AMP German),

wiring of central electric system with WAGO-spring tightening

clips (vibration protected), electronic fuses, cable

looms largely provided with thread protection

Road transport and operational mode:

Switching from road transport into operational mode

takes appr. 2 minutes, the machine can be automatically

folded in and opened out in appr. 2 minutes with only

one control device

Measurements at road transport:

Length: 14,50 m; width: 3,00 m; height: 4,00 m

Empty weight with full fuel tank 31000 kg


Front- and rear axles of 710/75 R34, load index 178 A8

2. and 3. axles standard production, with tyres 235/75


Standard equipment:

Reversing camera, central greasing, final beet collection

arm, air-conditioning, on-board tools, all spiral and lifting

rollers with hard weld finish

Additional equipment:

Cleaning with rear spiral roller with 8 counter-rotating

rollers, fixed heaters, water jet system, loader camera,

Weighing mechanism, integrated GIS interface, RABS

system integrated into terminal for logistics of disposal

or Data-Key, laptop fixture for DELL type ATG.

ROPA Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Sittelsdorf 24 · D-84097 Herrngiersdorf · Tel: +498785/9601-0 · Fax: +498785/9601- 42

E-Mail: · · 10/10 · Art.-Nr. P800102GB e-M4

euro-Maus 4 Superior Class.


Optimum balance with the counterweight arm

Double cleaning path during collection

10,2 m wide Collection System

3 groups of rollers with adjustable speeds,

double cleaning path

■ Variable cleaning intensity


Only 194 g/kWh when fully running,

all from a minimal 1250 rpm, automatic

loading, SCR-Cat and AdBlue

■ Extremely economical and environmentally



Adjustable height up to 5.10 m

■ Optimum overall view of the loader

Stepping on this Superior Machine

Platform or easy steps

■ Innovative and safe

Management and Use

Weighing system and RABS (optional)

integrated in the colour terminal

■ Documentation for practical instruction

Cooling System

Hydrostatically controlled with automatically

reversible ventilation, protected against


■ Comfortable and economical

Pump Distributor Drive

Excellent cold start feature and minimum

fuel consumption when idling by means

of a load switching power shift clutch for

all operational drives

■ Energy efficient and safe

Hydraulic System

No gear pumps, no volume divider,

all operational drives via volume controlled

axial piston pumps

■ Maximum efficiency with minimum

fuel consumption

Superior class

for the Professionals

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