Download Spec Sheet PDF - X-Rite

Download Spec Sheet PDF - X-Rite

ATD Auto-Tracking


Fully automated

color control


delivers fast,

accurate process

color printing

Tighten Quality Parameters While Reducing

Make-Ready Time

Designed to measure 4-color process work, the Auto-Tracking

Densitometer (ATD) helps operators establish firm targets and

tolerances for an entire press run using density, dot gain, trap

and print contrast color data readings.Then ATD archives these

standards for quick and accurate set-up during reprints.

Maintain Consistent Color Using Real-Time Data

ATD continuously gathers color quality information during the

press run and displays data in real-time. It also analyzes the

data and alerts operators whenever performance falls outside

of established tolerances.


• The ATD densitometer measures an entire

color bar in just seconds and transmits data

to the ATD software. Select from industry

standard Status T, Status E, or Status I density


• The ATD software displays color data in

real time in easy-to-view graphical formats.

• Powerful software tools continuously

analyze density, dot gain, ink trap, print

contrast, hue-error and grayness.When

deviations from targets or tolerances occur,

the operator is alerted immediately.

• The ATD helps press operators make timely

color adjustments, which results in consistent

color quality and minimized waste during

the press run.The ATD also identifies the

specific ink keys that need to be adjusted.

At the end of each run, the ATD software

generates printed reports summarizing the

job and detailing color reproduction data,

color tolerances, and much more.


The ATD reduces make-ready time by

automating many steps in the process.

This means you need fewer trial-and-error

adjustments.You cut back the run-waste for

each job. And you operate much more

efficiently, which boosts profits.

The ATD also gives operators quality

control feedback.The ATD locks-in color

okay information, then displays run data to

help press operators maintain color quality

within tolerances.The ATD software saves

this color data so operators can get repeat

jobs or multiple forms up and running



Product includes Windows ® -based

data acquisition software, and

several standard, measurable

test-image files.

System Requirements

450Mhz or higher class

computer running Windows ®

98/NT4/2000, hard drive space for

application and data, and

free serial port for connection

to ATS hardware.

Measuring Geometry

45°/0° per ANSI PH2.17

Light Source

Gas Pressure @ 2850°K

Spectral Sensor

DRS Technology (31pt)

Spectral Range

400nm - 700nm

Reflectance Range

0 - 200%R

Repeatability On White

0.2 ∆E max. ±0.01 Density max.

0.4 ∆E max. ±0.01 Density max. Polarized

Density Reproducibility

±0.02 Density @ 1.5 Density

Density Range




Scan Spot Size

(Total Scanned Spot)

3.0mm (.118") x 3.5mm (.138") Large

2.3mm (.091") x 3.5mm (.138") Med

1.2mm (.047") x 3.5mm (.138") Small

Polarization Filter

Factory option for Large and

Medium apertures only.

Patch Width (along scan path)

3.8mm (.15") min.

Patch Height

5.0mm (.20") min. Large

3.2mm (.128") min. Med

2.0mm (.078") min. Small

Paper Thickness

1.5mm (.06") max.

Scanning Rate

150mm/sec. (6.8mm patch)

100mm/sec. (4.8 mm patch)

Scanning Width Available

ATS40 standard: 1016mm (40")

Other sizes available to fit

common press configurations.

Color Bar Location

Paper edge to 38mm (1.5")

from edge

Color Bar Alignment

Automatic centering of

measurement on color bar.

Paper set against stop.

Paper Hold Down

Vacuum activated with

measurement command

Power Required Station

110 / 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 4/2A


115 / 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 4/2A


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© X-Rite, Incorporated 2006.


Grandville, Michigan USA • +1 616 534-7663 • +1 800 248-9748 • FAX +1 616 534-8960

L7-132 (07/06)

4 3 2 1 X 75% 50% 75% 50% 75% 50% 75% 50% 4 3 2 1 P 2+4 2+3 3+4 P 1 2 3 4 50% 75% 50% 75% 50% 75% 50% 75% X 1

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