SEPtEmbEr 5–7, 2012 HOLLYWOOD, FL -

SEPtEmbEr 5–7, 2012 HOLLYWOOD, FL -

SEPtember 5–7, 2012





212.671.1181 | FALL 2012 | Ere Expo

Dear Colleague,

Talk about a sign of the times -- literally.

I recently heard about a guy in Silicon Valley. He’s standing alone

on a street corner, holding a cardboard sign about getting a job.

But this sign didn’t say “Need Job” but rather, “Need Employees.”

While the global economy still struggles, many employers face

tremendous challenges finding high-demand employees like engineers

and software developers. Even as many recruiting departments

have slimmed in size, there has been a decline in engagement

that has made it harder to keep good people.

All this is the backdrop for this year’s ERE Expo. The macro

environment will be covered by Bob & Vishnu. These are the guys,

from Morningstar, who each month when the government releases

its jobs report manage to make terms like U-3, U-6, and “birth/

death model” interesting. At the Expo they will share their insights

about the economy and the upcoming election.

Then the rest of the conference will delve into the nitty-gritty that

you deal with in your own companies, in your own departments --

branding, recruitment outsourcing, social media, and so on.

One session that I am looking forward to is based on a recent

article on called “Recruiting 3.0” written by Matt Jeffery

and Amy McKee from Autodesk, which sparked an epic

discussion with a record 221 comments. Obviously this topic is

something that gets people talking, so Matt & Amy are coming

over from the UK to talk about how they use those ideas at their

company, and how you can do the same!

Putting good ideas into practice is what ERE Expo is all about

and why over 800 corporate recruiters attend our two events

each year. When you flip through the agenda in this brochure,

that is what you will see. Companies like Google, HP, IBM,

Mars, DaVita, & others sharing real strategies and tactics that

actually work and giving you ideas to immediately implement

into your own recruiting strategy.

So take a look for yourself and visit to see

more about what the ERE Expo experience is all about.

I can’t wait to meet you personally in Florida.


David Manaster CEO

ERE Media, Inc.

(212) 671-1181 x801

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Workshops & Events [

Wednesday, September 5th

Note: Additional fee required for pre-conference workshops ]

Increase your conference ROI by attending pre-conference workshops. These 3-hour, small group intensive sessions allow workshops

leaders and participants to drill down into the heart of topics that are crucial to the success of your recruiting strategy.


10:00 am – 1:00pm


The Recruiter Sales Skill Train

Dinah Matlock

Consultant - HR Partners plus

Nancy Parks

Consultant - HR Partners Plus

“It’s not selling someone something they don’t want. It’s about

talking about their needs and positioning what you have to fill

their needs.” - Nicole Giantonio, VP, Sales, Buck Consultants,

a Xerox Company. Whether you are already “on board the Recruiter

Sales Skill Train” or you are still not sure you’re ready for

the “ride or the destination,” this special workshop is for you!

Designed to be interactive, practical, and fun, this session

should challenge you, excite you, and equip you! The time will

fly as you pick up practical tools as well as a proven method for

building sales skills into your recruiting process. You will return

to the workplace with specific, actionable tools and techniques

that will help you either begin your sales skills training — or build

upon your current recruiting/sales skills efforts.

Don’t have time for research Just want to know what works

No problem. The Recruiter Sales Skill Train is built on the key

learnings (and successes!) that have resulted from working

directly with corporate recruiters – including three years of

recording and debriefing over 600 recruiter calls.

Expect to receive:


• Find out how to select the “right” sales skills for recruiters.

• Review a practical sales skill scorecard, designed to assess

recruiter performance in three critical sales skill areas.

• Learn about a specific type of question that has been proven

successful in turning common recruiting questions into

powerful sales questions. (… No, it’s not the ‘open-ended’


• Learn how the “sales pros” define and handle common


• Learn the secret to “holding the gains” that result from your

sales skill training.


• You’ll have the chance to learn and practice a powerful

listening skill that has been proven to build recruiter success

in assessing fit (… No, it’s not confirming or paraphrasing…

“what I heard you say is…”)

• You’ll have fun learning and practicing a four-step process

that has been proven successful in helping recruiters

overcome the salary objection.

Practical tools

• You’ll depart with job aids and a Recruiter Sales Train

“Starter Kit” that you can immediately apply upon returning to

your workplace. And, oh yes, probably a smile on your face.

10:00 am – 1:00pm


Thought Leadership Institute

Forum: A Roadmap to

Recruitment Reinvention

John Chaisson

Director - Thought Leadership Institute

Denny Clark

Co-Director - Thought Leadership Institute

Conni LaDouceur

Founder and Chief Sourcing Strategist -

ExecuQuest Corp.

Tom McGuire

Director, Global Talent Acquisition - The

Coca-Cola Company

Recruitment reinvention is a practical sidekick to strategic

operational excellence and innovation. In 2012 and 2013, as

sourcing and hiring become more predictable and planning

solidifies around the demands of our post-recession economy,

organizations will pursue in earnest the reinvention of their recruiting

operations into even more effective valued components of the

business. The challenge will be finding and tapping into a ready

source of reinvention knowledge, wisdom, case studies, and

shared learning.

What if you had the opportunity to share in four years of reinvention

lessons learned that have been shared amongst some of the

nation’s most dynamic and successful talent acquisition groups

in one three-hour workshop

In collaboration with ERE, the Thought Leadership Institute, one

of the leaders in peer-to-peer best practices development for

sourcing and talent acquisition, has reached into its arsenal of reinvention

thought leadership formulated over the past four years

to provide attendees of this workshop with a practical introduction

to the principles of recruitment reinvention.

During this workshop:

Recruitment Reinvention Review: TLI will launch the workshop

with a concise review of the Top Five Reinvention practices/

ideas developed via our peer-to-peer member network, which

includes companies such as Lockheed Martin, HSBC, KPMG,

Johnson & Johnson, Waste Management, W.L. Gore, and other

industry leading recruitment organizations. We’ll also share stateof-the-industry

research that supports our selection of the Top 5.

Expert Practitioner Roadmap: You will be treated to a recruitment

model re-examination and an articulation of a model reinvention

roadmap by one of the leading practitioners in the field of

recruitment operations, who will share their step-by-step methodology

for reinvention developed over a decades-long process

with working internally and externally dozens of major recruitment

organizations. This session will cover the performance results to

be garnered from the adoption of roadmap principles.

Case Study: The workshop will conclude with a case study of

the post-reinvention practices of one of the nation’s Fortune 500

companies who has become a showcase of purposed reinvention,

resulting in a talent acquisition operation that is an exemplar

of efficiency, quality of hire, and effective process.

This workshop is designed for current recruitment and human

capital leaders or other senior practitioners working on the

strategic operational components of their recruitment and/or talent

management operations. We welcome these leaders with at

least six years of operational experience to register for this unique

and powerful reinvention workshop.

10:00 am – 1:00pm


Strengthening Your Employer

Brand Through Your

Employees’ Personal Brands

Susan Strayer

Head of Talent Strategy - Evviva Brands &

Founder - Exaqueo

For your employer brand to be successful —

drive attraction, engagement, and productivity

— your organization must consistently deliver on the brand

promise in tangible ways. And no one can better deliver on that

promise than your employees. But how do they connect with

the brand and feel empowered to deliver that brand message

It all starts with understanding the employer brand: a clear

relevant and resonant and differentiating value proposition of

what it means to work at a particular organization. But the role

of the individual is also important. Each employee has to understand

the role they play in supporting a consistent employer

brand message. But they also have to find a place for their own

unique talents and experience: their personal brand.

This workshop will explore the connection linking an organization’s

master and employer brand and each employee’s

personal brand. You’ll learn how to empower your employees to

become brand ambassadors while highlighting their individual

strengths. We’ll focus on why your employees need to understand

what a personal brand is, how to build one, and why it

matters. You’ll consider your favorite consumer brand and learn

how to think like a brand customer and a brand creator.

The workshop will include storytelling, classic brand examples,

live exercises, and takeaway instructions to get started on

strengthening your brand and developing your people at the

same time. It’s designed for human resources, talent acquisition,

and employer brand leaders who are eager to engage their

workforce. Individuals looking to develop their own personal

brands to grow within their organization are also encouraged to



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Workshops & Events [

Wednesday, September 5th

continued ]


2:00PM – 5:00pm


Talent Acquisition: a Cornerstone of

Integrated Talent Management

Andy Rice

Principal and lead Strategist - Black Box Consulting

Secure the right talent, at the right time and the

right cost, and retain that talent to deliver continued

value. Today, many companies are improving their ability to

meet those four goals by explicitly aligning their talent strategies

to corporate strategies and building meaningful connections

between key talent management functions: workforce planning,

succession planning, learning & development, performance

management, compensation, and talent acquisition. In this

workshop, we will explore the role of talent acquisition in an

integrated talent management function.

You’ll learn:

• What Integrated Talent Management is

• How talent management can better align with corporate


• How talent acquisition can better integrate with other processes

• The advantages of talent management

• How companies are integrating their talent management


Integrated Talent Management strategy expert Andy Rice will

help you answer these questions. He’ll introduce a practical

perspective on the interaction and data flow between talent

acquisition and other talent processes, and lead you through

interactive exercises that will help you visualize these connections.

This is a great opportunity for talent management and HR practitioners

and leaders to gain a practical strategic and operational

perspective on the state of talent acquisition and integrated

talent management today.

2:00PM – 5:00pm


Improving the Quality of Hires

Through Your Staffing Process

Mark Tortorici

Sourcing Manager - netPolarity

Everyone in staffing talks about the quality of the

candidate and the quality-of-hire metrics. These

are very hard to measure. But if you have sourcers, recruiters,

and candidate specialists who know what they’re looking for,

and know how to ask the right questions of the candidate that

they’re talking to, then the quality of hire metric increases

dramatically. This is especially true for technical requisitions.

In this workshop, we will talk about the steps that will help you

improve your staffing process, from sourcing to interviewing and

candidate closing. By focusing on the key points in the process

and improving them, we can directly improve your quality-ofhire


If we don’t understand the technical functions of the job, then

the whole hiring process will be wrong, from start to finish. The

job reqs you post won’t be compelling because you can’t speak

to the strengths of the project that the candidate will be working

on. Or worse, the candidate doesn’t know what they will be

doing even after you explain the job.

By combining higher-than-average technical knowledge with

razor-sharp search string skills and interviewing questions,

we vastly improve the quality of the candidate, which in turn,

improves the quality of hire.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

• How to correctly analyze your technical requisitions and how

to communicate that unified message to the entire team

• How to come up with multiple search strings and strategies

that will capture these types of candidates while keeping the

technical specs intact

• How to recognize the few good candidates from the thousands

of generic ones

• How to write technical screening questions that get you the

answers you need before you submit a candidate.

If you have a deeper understanding of technology than most

people, you gain credibility with not only your candidates, but

your hiring managers as well.

Companies need sourcers and recruiters with expert-level abilities.

They need to be able to deliver the quality of hire that the

hiring managers so desperately want. If you get the research/

sourcing/recruiting process right from the beginning, then you

can increase your quality of hires and your own success.

2:00PM – 5:00pm


Optimizing Recruiting and Sourcing


Shally Steckerl

Chief CyberSleuth & Founder - 4SCT

With today’s turbulent talent marketplace constraints,

effectiveness only delivers average results.

The extreme optimization of existing recruitment teams is

required in order to establish talent identification practices that

yield a virtuous cycle of sustainable competitive advantages.

Shally will demonstrate how in just a few minutes you can

conduct his ingenious and innovative diagnostic to identify your

sourcing and recruiting teams’ development path. You will also

learn how to easily measure the productivity and efficacy of

sourcers and recruiters together, and be able to fairly compare

performance between them regardless of their diverse roles,

experience level, and industry specialties.

After this session you will be fully prepared to accurately pin-point

bottlenecks, opportunities for gaining efficiency or reducing

waste, and strategic advantages your team can gain immediately.

5:00PM – 7:00pm


Welcome Reception

Start the conference off with appetizers and beverages with

your fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

7:00PM – 8:00pm


Creative Excellence Awards

Presentation & Cocktail Party

Join us as we highlight and announce the winners

of the 2012 Creative Excellence Awards at

a small networking reception, and short presentation.

For full information, please visit

8:00PM – 12:00Am


ERE Foundation Poker Tournament

& Reception

Join us for the annual ERE Foundation Poker Tournament –

we’ll play some poker, have some fun, and raise money for

great charities. It’s a Texas Hold ’Em tournament and buy-in

starts at $40. Hope to see you there!

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact


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Conference Day One

Thursday, September 6th

The sessions were great,

the networking opportunities

are even better!

Lance Abisror

Executive Talent Scout - Nike

7 Ere Expo | FALL 2012 | | FALL 2012 | Ere Expo


Conference Day One

Thursday, September 6th

The ERE Expo philosophy is to feature actual practitioners who will share their stories; what has worked for them,

what hasn’t and how you can apply those principals to your own recruiting strategy.

8:00AM – 9:00Am


Networking Breakfast

9:30AM – 10:30Am


The Story of Mars

during this networking break between sessions.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

12:00PM – 2:00PM


Networking Lunch

workforce, in a cost-effective way. See how it hires as much for

an individual’s potential as their current skills. They’ll also talk

about internal sourcing, university hiring, staffing the recruiting

department, and building talent pipelines at HP. Find out about

some of its tools it uses to drive its success.

2:00PM – 3:00PM


Not Another Dead End Job


Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a bite to eat while mingling

with fellow attendees during this networking breakfast.

Sponsored by:

9:00AM – 9:30Am


Welcome Remarks

Ed Newman

Accidental Entrepreneur

Our Conference Chairperson, Ed Newman, kicks

off ERE Expo Fall and sets the stage for two days

of learning and collaboration.

Brian Flanagan

Regional Talent Director - North America - Mars, Inc.

Historically, the Mars name was not associated

with its brands and it had little recognition as an

employer. With Mars’ re-branding of its food businesses to take

on the Mars name, this family-owned company started a journey

of building a more visible corporate brand. Brian Flanagan

will tell you about this journey. He’ll tell you about the extra challenge

because of the diversity of its businesses and the strong

consumer brands. He’ll describe the deep reflection that went

on about the principles and the culture that are the “Essence of

Mars.” He’ll go through the compelling “One Mars” storytelling

campaign that was launched — and the results.

10:30AM – 11:00Am


Networking Coffee Break

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and mingle with fellow attendees

11:00AM – 12:00pm


A Peek Behind the Jobs Numbers

Linda Brenner

Managing Partner - Designs on Talent, LLC

Robert Johnson

Director of Economic Analysis - Morningstar

Vishnu Lekraj

Senior Equity Analyst - Morningstar

A two-person Morningstar all-star team that has been digging

deeply into employment data talks about what’s coming down

the pike in terms of the economy and the election, and takes

your tough questions. Linda Brenner moderates.

Enjoy a buffet lunch in the exhibit hall – mingle with other

attendees, chat with speakers, and check out the latest and

greatest from the recruiting industry’s leading vendors.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

2:00PM – 3:00pm


A Startup Called HP

Mitch Schwartz

Director of Staffing - Hewlett-Packard

Nan Weizman

Global Talent Channels Leader -


Come hear about how HP is re-shaping its workforce model to

stay competitive in a changing marketplace. It’s expanding its

global footprint beyond software and products, and re-inventing

itself. Find out how it’s developing a high-performing, engaged

2:00PM – 3:00pm


RPO: Does it Make Sense for Your

Organization The True ROI.

Shanil Kaderali

Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition -

Knowledge Universe

This discussion will be about Recruitment Process

Outsourcing and whether you should do it within your organization.

This session neither advocates for and/or against RPO

but looks at it agnostically and peels the layers to see when it

makes sense and how to make it successful. Shanil has been on

both sides, working internally with a company to make the decision

and manage it (WellPoint at 3,000 hires/year) and working

within a RPO managing the recruitment process (UnitedHealth

Group — 15,000 hires/year). In addition, Shanil developed a

business case to do a RPO and also to grow an internal staffing

team to handle high-volume recruitment.

Aaron Abell

Human Resources Manager, Talent Acquisition &

Compliance - Batesville Casket Company

If you think you’re not Google and HP and some

of the other sexier brands on this agenda -- Aaron Abell can

relate. He manages talent acquisition for a casket company

that’s figuring out how to turn people on, not off, to its brand.

He’ll talk about the self-inventory the company did to assess its

reputation, and how it’s embracing, not hiding from, its place

in the funeral business. He’ll also touch on other issues at

the company: metrics; insourcing (they used to use an RPO);

becoming a business partner; saving money, and more. This

will be a discussion-interaction heavy session for you to discuss

your own challenges and solutions when it comes to attracting

people to not-so-big-name firms.


9 Ere Expo | FALL 2012 | | FALL 2012 | Ere Expo


Conference Day One [

Thursday, September 6th

continued ]

ERE Expo is all about innovation. We have been first to live stream our events to the community, first to integrate

social media as a discussion tool and first to touch on cutting-edge topics.


3:00PM – 3:30PM


Networking Coffee Break

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and mingle with fellow attendees

during this networking break between sessions.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

3:30PM – 4:30Pm


From Dark Horse to Shoo-In: The

Recruiter’s Guide to Getting What

You Want

Elisheva Yuan

Head of Strategic Growth - The D. E. Shaw Group

Many of us at smaller, boutique firms compete

for top talent with brand name, multi-national

firms and struggle to stand out among the competition. If you’re

in that boat, this session’s for you. You can bring up your biggest

recruiting challenges, and get ideas from the rest of the

group for solving them. Elisheva will moderate, and supplement

answers with her own recommendations. She’ll also talk about

the value of sourcing, branding, and more from her experience

at a company highlighted in the book “Recruit or Die” as having

impressive and creative recruiting strategies (though not without

challenges, as a financial firm during the Occupy Wall Street

era). Learn what criteria entry-level candidates seem to care

about most, tactics of “heavyweight” firms worth mimicking,

and how to define a “unique selling proposition” for your firm.

3:30PM – 4:30Pm


Are You Fully Using Your Business


Jacelyn Swenson

Manager - IBM

Jacelyn Swenson will discuss why IBM alumni —

a candidate pool some companies ignore — are

so essential to IBM. She will provide examples of how a wellmanaged

alumni group can strengthen your brand and help deliver

business objectives. More specifically, she’ll share how you

can: Enhance thought leadership by tapping the expertise of

your former colleagues; Promote collaboration between current

and former employees; Deepen relationships with customers,

partners, and influencers; Attract the best talent by leveraging

the business and personal networks of your alumni.

3:30PM – 4:30Pm


Understanding Mao’s Little

Emperors -- The China Challenge

Emma Reynolds

Co-Founder and CEO - e3 Reloaded

China’s re-emergence as the world’s superpower

is dramatic. Amidst the significant transformation

from “Made in China” to “Made for China,” the shift from sweatshop-manufacturing-hub

to R&D-tech-innovation powerhouse,

means that for the first time in history more people now live in

cities than rural areas. China’s middle-class growth equals the

entire population of the USA. There’s a new generation: Mao’s

“little emperors” — the products of the country’s one-child families,

whom are educated, mobile, savvy, and not all that interested

in traditional values and customs. The complex landscape

in China is forcing a deep re-think of the traditional approach to

attracting, recruiting, onboarding and developing talent.

In this session, Emma Reynolds will fly in from China to

help you explore:

• The China recruiting landscape

• Sourcing amongst a billion people

• Whether Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn don’t work

• The complex candidate behavior

• The new DNA of Mao’s Little Emperors

4:30PM – 6:30Pm


Networking Reception

Wind down the day with drinks and appetizers in the exhibit hall

— a great opportunity to see what fellow attendees learned that

day. Don’t miss out on this chance to engage your colleagues in

discussions about the challenges facing our industry.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

presentation slides

Stop by the Kenexa booth to pick up

a flash key with presentation slides. Videos

and slides are also available on www.ereexpo.

com during and after the event.

twitter updates

Thanks to our sponsor iCIMS (@iCIMS on

twitter), please make sure to follow the

@ereexpo twitter handle and the conversation

with the #EREExpo hashtag for event updates.


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Conference Day Two

Friday, September 7th

This was my first ERE Conference and I thought it

was one of the best conferences I have ever attended.

Jeremy inspired all of us and the presenters/speakers

were some of the best I have heard.

Dori Neuman

Senior Technical Recruiter - ADP

13 Ere Expo | FALL 2012 | | FALL 2012 | Ere Expo


Conference Day Two

Friday, September 7th

ERE Expo features speakers you haven’t heard anywhere else. New faces like Mitch Schwartz from HP, Brian Flanagan from Mars,

Bryan Power from Google, and Jacelyn Swenson from IBM will all be presenting at ERE Expo.

7:30AM – 8:30Am


8:45AM – 9:45Am


9:45AM – 10:45Am


10:45AM – 11:00Am


12:00PM – 2:00Pm


proposals right now — “putting the recruiting back in recruiting

process outsourcing.” And Morgan shares a personal RPO experience

that’ll make you squirm.


Networking Breakfast

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a bite to eat while mingling with

fellow attendees during this networking breakfast.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

8:30AM – 8:45Am


Opening Remarks


Ed Newman

Accidental Entrepreneur

Ed Newman, Conference Chair, recaps

yesterday’s sessions and highlights today’s

The Inside Story of Autodesk Recruitment


Matthew Jeffery

Head of EMEA Talent Acquisition &

Global Talent Brand - Autodesk, Inc.

Amy McKee

Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition -

Autodesk, Inc.

This revealing session provides a fascinating insight into

Autodesk’s recruitment. Last year, Amy McKee & Matthew

Jeffery co-authored ERE’s most-commented article of all time:

“Recruitment 3.0: A Vision for the Future of Recruiting.” The

article detailed changes to the fundamentals of recruitment and

revealed stimulating new innovatory ideas that many companies

are trying to introduce today. In this session, learn first-hand

how Autodesk is adapting its recruiting model, its employment

brand, and approach to Recruitment 3.0. Hear what works and

what doesn’t as Autodesk reveals the story behind its cuttingedge

mobile recruitment app, new corporate careers site, use

of social media, and its goals to create engaging repeat visitors

and a community of talent.

Field ‘em Like the Best

Molly Fletcher

President and CEO - MWF Enterprises

Come hear what you can learn from sports agent

Molly Fletcher, who moves top coaches from one

school to another and famous television personalities from one

team or network to another. This isn’t a talk about sports — it’s

about what corporate recruiters can learn from the way Fletcher

sees all sides of a relationship — the players, the teams, and

the schools — and the parallels to the recruiting that you do.

She’ll talk about consistently and productively fielding the best

talent, and how you can implement these tactics in your practice

— now.

Networking Coffee Break

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and mingle with fellow attendees

during this networking break between sessions.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

11:00AM – 12:00Pm


Best Practices in

Recruitment Advertising

Jeremy Eskenazi

Managing Principal - Riviera Advisors, Inc.

This is your chance to hear from corporate

recruiters who’ve run successful recruitment

ad campaigns. You’ll hear what business challenges drove

the campaigns, how they decided to allocate money and time

various ways, the role of mobile phones and social media, and

the results.

Best Practices in Networking Lunch

Enjoy a buffet lunch in the exhibit hall – mingle with other

attendees, chat with speakers, and check out the latest and

greatest from the recruiting industry’s leading vendors.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

2:00PM – 3:00Pm


Yes or No on RPO

Morgan Hoogvelt

Director of Talent Acquisition - Clear

Channel Communications

Kevin Wheeler

President & Founder - Global Learning


Morgan and Kevin have an interactive discussion of outsourcing

parts of your recruiting. They talk about how RPO can be more

about process than talent. They discuss the big theme in RPO-


15 Ere Expo | FALL 2012 | | FALL 2012 | Ere Expo


Conference Day Two [

Friday, September 7th

continued ]

ERE Expo is the largest independent recruiting conference in the world. Hundreds of corporate recruiting leaders come to learn and

network with their peers, and the hundreds more industry consultants, press, vendors and service providers that join us each year.


2:00PM – 3:00Pm


Demonstrating to CEOs How

Recruiting Can Directly Increase


Dr. John Sullivan

Dr. John Sullivan & Associates

Are you at a point in your career when you are

ready to dramatically expand your thinking If

you are ready to look beyond low-impact recruiting activities

and do something strategic that could really WOW your senior

executives, this session could be an eye-opener. In case you

don’t know anything about the strategic agendas of CEOs,

they are laser-focused on “topline” or revenue growth. And

even though you might think that recruiting could never impact

that lofty goal, this session will show you how recruiting can

directly increase corporate revenues and make other business

impacts. If you’re looking for a strategic, bold, and fresh new

way to approach recruiting, Dr. John Sullivan, long-time ERE.

net author and renowned metrics expert, will guide you through

this approach.

This highly interactive session will highlight:

• How to prioritize recruiting resources to maximize your focus

on revenues

• How to identify high-impact recruiting actions and the jobs

with the highest revenue impact

• How to convincingly demonstrate your revenue impact to

skeptical executives

2:00PM – 3:00Pm


Open is Better Than Closed: Dialogue

with Candidates Beyond the

Traditional Recruiting Process

Bryan Power

People Operations Manager - Google

Jeff Moore

Lead Engineering Recruiter - Google

Real-time information on the social web has fundamentally

changed the nature of how candidates learn about companies

and new jobs that exist today. The explosion of social

interactions online has created new opportunities for recruiting

organizations to build unique, authentic relationships with

prospective job-seekers, beyond the traditional sourcing and

interview processes. Come hear Jeff Moore and Bryan Power,

two leaders within Google’s staffing organization, talk about the

latest innovative practices in candidate management through

the use of social media and targeted programs.

3:00PM – 3:30Pm


Networking Coffee Break

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and mingle with fellow attendees

during this networking break between sessions.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

3:30PM – 4:30Pm


Beyond the Dollar – the Real ROI of

Internal Headhunting

Fraser Hill

Founder - Pure Recruitment Training

Not social media, not job board advertising or

writing InMails, but true market mapping, cold

call headhunting. When we measure up direct sourcing (social

media, job boards), agency recruiting, and executive search

firm recruiting against each other, where do we get maximum

return This session aims to outline a model that graphically

illustrates to the internal budget holders why they should be

investing in real internal headhunters, along with a step-by-step

guide to planning an internal headhunt strategy. It’s based on

Fraser Hill’s work as head of executive search for a division of

J.P. Morgan in 2011-12.

3:30PM – 4:30Pm


Manage Your Media … Don’t Let It

Manage You

Kristen DesPalmes Neubert

Manager, Employment Brand - DaVita

You’ll learn how to not just say you are a proactive

sourcing organization, but to really be one

where it counts: time and media dollars. Over the last five years,

DaVita has gone from a post-and-pray media strategy to one

that knows their recruiters are spending time on better quality

candidates. Despite a sharp increase in hiring, DaVita has kept

a flat marketing budget and has driven stronger results than

ever before.

Kristen Neubert will discuss exactly how DaVita made the

journey. She will share how it used data and the recruiters

themselves to identify and validate their strongest talent pools.

In addition, she will share their future plans to educate the

“Village” (DaVita’s workforce) on the transition from candidatedriven

to DaVita-driven recruiting. Through stories, real data,

and lessons-learned, she will provide you with the tools you can

apply in your next round of media planning, buying, and negotiating.

In the end, you will be equipped with the knowledge

to have a data-driven media strategy that could be less reliant

on standard sources and more true to what delivers quality

candidates and tools.

4:30PM – 5:00Pm


Wrap Up & Open Mic

Ed Newman

Accidental Entrepreneur

Ed Newman leads a wrap-up discussion of the

last three days, takes your questions, and makes

sure you get tips from the sessions you missed.


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Come Join Us In Florida

11th Annual Fall ERE Expo

Very insightful and inspiring! So many

wonderful ideas and best practices to

Join us

bring back


to our


company. ” this year!

Tara Guthrie

Recruiting Manager - Greenleaf Hospitality

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Hotel Information

11th Annual Fall ERE Expo

Thank You

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The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa

3555 South Ocean Drive,

Hollywood, Florida 33019

Phone: (888) 627-9057

ERE Expo 2012 Fall will be held at the world-class conference

facilities of the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood,

FL. All ERE Expo events — educational sessions, receptions,

tradeshow activities — will be held at the Diplomat.Conference

guests will enjoy discounted room rates at The Westin

Diplomat in conjunction with their attendance. Read below for

more information.

Single/Double rooms are available to ERE Expo 2012 Fall

attendees through Thursday, August 2, 2012 for $205 per

night, plus tax, currently 11% state tax. Additional persons are

charged $25.00 per person, per night.

To make reservations, call (888) 627-9057 and identify yourself

as an attendee of the ERE Expo 2012 Fall.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hotel reservations, transportation needs or the facilities for

ERE Expo 2012 Fall, please contact Amy Suits, at (212) 671-1181 ext 813 or via email at



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iCIMS • Jobs2web, Inc. • • JobTarget • Kenexa • Montage • SkillSurvey, Inc. • Spark Hire • Talent Circles, Inc. Talent Technology Corporation

• TalentWise • TMP Worldwide • VetJobs • Wiley Job Network • Work4 Labs • FINS from the Wall Street Journal • Qualigence

For information about how to add your company to this list, email Kevin Plantan at

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an additional registration and fee.

** For Conference Only Pass orders, the first ticket will be charged the “Conference Only Pass” price and each additional attendee

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payment details:

INVOICE ME (this option not available after September 26, 2008)

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by email:

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