PtD Leaflet_June 2013.pdf - People that Deliver

PtD Leaflet_June 2013.pdf - People that Deliver


World Health Report 2006

Over 1.7 billion people – nearly one-third of the world’s

population – lack access to essential medicines (World

Health Organization 2004).

Every year development partners and national governments

spend about 10 billion US dollars procuring health products

for low-income countries. Yet all too often these life-saving

supplies do not reach the people who need them.

The “global health workforce crisis” 1 has highlighted the

urgent need for a competent, recognized and empowered

health supply chain workforce.

Our Vision

Launched in 2011, the People that Deliver Initiative is a global partnership

of over 70 organizations. We envision a world where national supply chain

workforces are planned, financed, developed and supported in a way that

ensures equitable and sustainable access to the medicines and other

commodities needed for optimal health outcomes.

Over the last few decades, growing investments from multilateral and

bilateral donors have resulted in huge increases in the quantity, value and

complexity of medicines and commodities flowing through public health

supply chains in low-income countries.

National health supply chains in these countries face great difficulties in

responding to the increased demand, putting both health products and

health outcomes at risk.


For optimal performance, complex health

supply chains need a competent,

recognized and empowered health

supply chain workforce.

A well planned, financed, developed and

supported supply chain workforce is

essential for achieving national and global

health goals, including the Millennium

Development Goals for improving

maternal health, reducing child mortality,

and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria

and other diseases.

Our Mission

The People that Deliver Initiative aims to build global and national capacity to implement evidence-based approaches

to plan, finance, develop, support and retain the national workforces needed for the effective, efficient and sustainable

management of health supply chains.

The three working groups of the People that Deliver

Initiative are taking action to raise awareness, generate

evidence, and develop approaches and tools for strengthening

the health supply chain workforce.


In marked contrast to the modern commercial sector, where supply

chain management is considered a key strategic function, the

health sector in many countries has been slow in recognizing this

critical function and in taking steps to develop the capacity of this

important workforce.

→ The Advocacy and Knowledge Management Working Group

aims to raise awareness and recognition of these issues at both

global and national levels, through advocacy, information sharing

and events.


The significant research gap in human resources for health supply

chain management is impeding evidence-based action.

→ The Research Working Group aims to strengthen the evidence

base in order to guide action.


Increasingly complex supply chains demand specific technical and

managerial competencies to work effectively and efficiently towards

improved health outcomes.

→ The Technical Working Group aims to develop and disseminate tools,

guidelines and resources that will support a wide range of countrylevel

stakeholders in designing and implementing action plans to

sustainably strengthen health supply chain workforces.

For more information about the organizations and countries

participating in the People that Deliver Initiative, visit our website

at: The following organizations

are represented in the Initiative’s Board of Directors:


People that Deliver is developing resources

to foster information exchange and

networking between individuals and

organizations interested in improving

health supply chain management in

low- and middle-income countries.

the Website

A global, online platform in

English, French, and Spanish.

the Knowledge Gateway

An interactive platform for people

and organizations interested in

contributing to the Initiative.



A new online resource for finding

supply chain management courses.


Join the People that Deliver

mailing list and receive updates directly to

your email inbox. To join, send a request to:

For more information on the Initiative and

its member agencies, visit our website at:

Elaborated with financial support from USAID

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