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cedarwood atlas

Cedrus Atlantica

Country of origin: Morocco

Cedarwood is an evergreen

native to Africa that is

cultivated in Asia and can

grow up to 130 feet. It

has needlelike leaves and

can live as long as 2,000

years. The oil is extracted

from the cedar’s sawdust

and wood and has a sweet,

deep, camphor-like aroma.

Cedarwood is believed to be the first essential

oil ever made. Ancient Egypt considered it their

most important oil. It was used daily in cosmetics,

embalming, and as a deterrent to insects.

Native Americans believed that the Great Spirit

created cedarwood as a healing tree. They also

taught that the earth mother supplied cedar with

blood because of its deep red core. When burning

cedar, they discovered its healing powers to the

respiratory system. Deeply cleansing, cedar bark

was considered a sacred purification plant.

Cedarwood is highly aromatic and imparts a

calming essence for a harried society. As with other

essential oils, Cedarwood is exceedingly beneficial

for all skin types. It is particularly beneficial for

blemished or troubled skin and as a support to the

respiratory and immune system. These benefits

make cedarwood ideal oil for the winter season.

Cedarwood’s aroma helps to promote spirituality,

balance and sense of tranquility.

For sensuality

Cedarwood is believed to enhance the senses

and relax the body. People have long relied on

the oil to help create an atmosphere of romance

and sensuality. Cedarwood combines well with

jasmine, neroli, sandalwood or patchouli.

5-10 drops cedarwood

5 drops patchouli

2 drops lemon

bowl with warm water

Blend in a bowl with warm water and

place bowl close to you

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Cedarwood oil

aromatherapy—essential oils

Considered sacred by the Native American Indians, cedarwood was used in ceremonial

practices as a potent purifier and a protection from evil. Today it promotes calming and

uplifting feelings. When diffused, cedarwood cleans the air and supports a healthy

respiratory system.

Room sprays

Cederwood is extensively used

in room sprays and household

bug repellents. Add a few

drops to a cloth, and store in

your linen closet. Its pleasant

aroma is released nicely from a

diffuser, especially when mixed

together with sandalwood

or patchouli.

Body care

Cedarwood oil is a common

ingredient in many body-care

lotions or creams. Add 2-4

drops of cedarwood essential

oil to 1 Tbs of SISEL Hand

and Body Lotion and massage

into the skin. It will help tighten

your pores and help even out

your skin tone.

Lifts Mood and Promotes


Many essential oils have a

profound effect on emotional

health. Cedarwood lifts and

lightens the mood, making

gloomy days a little more

tolerable. Cedarwood has

stimulating effect on your

psyche and is known to help

the body cope with stressful

situations. Its woody aroma

promotes calmness and


With a dry woody aroma,

this oil is ideal for soothing,

harmonizing and focusing

the mind. It has a tonic

and stimulant action on

the whole body, while at

the same time helping

to reduce tension and

stressful situation.

Would you like to know

Essential oils penetrate the body

in three ways: 1) the nose, 2) the

skin, or 3) a combination of both.

For example, when taking a bath,

add a few drops of essential oils.

They will penetrate through both

your skin and olfactory system




Stuffy nose

The following blend helps open nasal

and bronchial airways. Mix the oils in a

small bottle and then pour a few drops

onto a tissue and inhale deeply.

1 oz SISEL Gentle Touch massage oil

10 drops eucalyptus

5 drops peppermint

5 drops of cedarwood

Hair care

To help relieve flakiness from your scalp,

control oily hair or improve hair condition

use the following blend in 1 Tbs of olive

oil. Massage the mixture into scalp

for 2-3 minutes and leave it on for 10

minutes, then use SISEL Mild Shampoo

and wash your hair. Follow up with

SISEL Moisturizing Conditioner. Repeat

weekly until you achieve desired effect.

3 drops cedarwood

2 drops rosemary

1 drop tea tree

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