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Anna Kennedy

Now that Autism Awareness Month is over, we take a

look back at the month, with Aspire regular and wellknown

autism awareness campaigner, Anna Kennedy.

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All you need to know

for your big day with

The Perfect Day

Get Glamping

Put some luxury into

your camping break

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Business Start Up

How to be the Best

in the Business...

Many companies across the

country are suffering under

the effects of economic

instability, but it’s our local

businesses that have been hit

hardest. Without the financial

backup of a parent company,

with a chain of businesses,

they are finding it tough to

keep afloat. Here at Aspire,

we like to bring you the very

best and most reliable, local

and independent companies

because we realise that quality

and service really matter.

Over the last few years, we’ve gone from

being a nation of shoppers to a nation

of savers, as we avoid the High Street in

favour of hanging on to our hard earned

cash. This has dealt a devastating blow to

our independent, local businesses. You

only need to take a stroll around your

town or city to see the aftermath of the

worst economic crisis for more than two


Situated at 202 Wellingborough Road, Northampton, mutz,

nutz, mogz and more is a pet emporium offering the best choice

of pet care products, food and accessories. Founded by Lesley

Deefholts, mutz, nutz, mogz and more opened its doors to the

public for the first time on 24th August 2012 and has gone from

strength-to-strength, despite the current economic instability.

Lesley told Aspire: “In the spring of 2012, I took the decision to

start my own business involving the skills that I had developed

over many years in public-facing roles. I have had an array of

dogs, cats, fish and aviary birds all adopted at various stages of

their lives and mine. Most of my knowledge concerning nutrition

and care has been born from reading avidly, personal experience

and professional advice. I have also had a great deal of technical

services and retail experience, most recently with a large white

goods, Blue Chip Company. It did not take a huge amount of brain

work to put the two fields together and so mutz nutz mogz &

more was born.

“The name mutz nutz mogz & more came first and I felt that it

was pivotal to how I wanted the business to be; that is, inclusive

of all animals, with their health and welfare taking priority. My

first step was finding the correct location which fell into place

almost immediately. I was extremely fortunate that I already

had financial backing. I put in a lot of time researching the type


For those who have recently taken the

plunge and started their own business,

these tough economic times mean that

you need to ensure you offering the very

best products at the very best prices.

For those who are running their own

business, the advice from the British Retail

Consortium is for independent companies

to create their own distinct identity and

focus on incorporating local character.

This will ensure you offer something truly

unique that other, rival companies do not

and encourage customers to use your

services and goods.

Another way to set yourself apart from

the crowd is to offer a reliable service,

friendly customer service and a great

aftercare package, when required. This will

encourage your customers to come back

time after time and is also vital for your

reputation, as those who go away happy

will recommend your business to their

family, friends and colleagues.

Whether your business is a single-person,

home-based company, a small, regional

outfit or a nationwide organisation, the

road to success is still the same, so make

sure you are taking the right steps to

survive the credit crunch.

A Local Success Story

Peter flavell

Personal Tax Adviser

For a friendly, personal service

Tax returns and small business accounts

(including sub-contractors)

Perhaps I can help you

30 years’ Tax experience

I can visit you at your home or workplace, day or evening

Telephone me on 01455 823115

Opening Times:

Tuesday to Friday, 10am until 5:30pm

Saturday, 10am until 5pm

Sunday & Monday, closed

of products that I wanted to sell which matched my personal

ethics and my business vision. The products I have chosen for

mutz nutz mogz & more are of quality, ethically sourced where

possible, incorporating natural materials and ingredients, visually

stimulating and heaps of fun.

“The best advice I could give to myself, pre-mutz nutz mogz &

more, would have been to be more courageous earlier in life and

to have grabbed very opportunity. I should question everything,

listen to everyone and then make up my own mind. I would really

like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for all

their love and support; my wonderful customers for helping me

grow mutz nutz mogz & more as their local pet shop and of being

part of a very special local community.”

All Lesley’s hard work has paid off because mutz, nutz, mogz and

more are the latest winners of an Aspire Certificate of Recognition

for Quality and Service.

mutz, nutz, mogz and more stocks the best brands for your pets,

from biologically appropriate food to non-prescription treatments,

homeopathy and a wide range of gifts and accessories. They aim

to offer loose food in pre-weighed bags for those extra special

treats, as well as an unrivalled atmosphere for owners and their

pets to come and show-off, relax and share their knowledge.

Tel: 01604 866212


Stockists of

ABA (Anti-Bullying Alliance)

and Anna Kennedy OBE worked

together this Autism Awareness

Month (April) through their ‘Give

us a break’ campaign, in order

to raise awareness of bullying of

children with autism in schools and


This spring, they surveyed over 200 parents and carers

of children with autism and found that:

• 70% of parents report that other children react

negatively to their child

• 42% of parents report that their child often tells

them they are bullied at school

• 74% say their child finds break or lunch times

particularly difficult or frightening

• 88.9% said structured break and lunchtime activities

help children with autism feel safer

Together, they aim to:

• Raise awareness of bullying of children with autism -

particularly during break times in school and college.

• Highlight the need to make sure children with

autism feel safe during break times by providing

opportunities to take part in positive activities

• Encourage schools and colleges to share examples of

their break time activities

and the ways in which

they keep all children safe

and improve social skills

"Most school kids strive

to learn math and

grammar. Aspergic

children strive to make

themselves invisible...venturing into the school

playground can feel as hazardous as Scott leaving his

Antarctic base camp. 67% of children with Aspergers

report that they are taunted and bullied at school

lunch time. There is no such thing as normal and

abnormal, just ordinary and extraordinary. It's time

we recognised kids with Aspergers for the exceptional

people they are. Bullying makes them runners up in

the human race." Kathy Lette, Author

"I agree, being autistic doesn't mean helpless or

incapable. Acceptance is also a key to opening up the

brilliance people are capable of. Please follow autism

warrior, Anna Kennedy and support her campaign."

Lennox Lewis

"Good Luck with the campaign, Anna. You do the

work of 20 women. If there is anything I can do to

help." Arlene Phillips

"Every child deserves a safe and caring environment.

That's why CRAE is delighted to support Anna

Kennedy's fantastic campaign to prevent the

bullying that many young people with autism still

face." Dr Liz Pellicano, Centre for Research in Autism

and Education

How can you

get involved

If you would like to

spread the word of

the campaign in your

school and community,

you can download

the promotional

flyer online at: www.


com - just print it off

and spread the word!

How can schools and

colleges get involved

Anna told Aspire how

schools and colleges

can get involved with

Anna Kennedy

A Look Back At Autism Awareness Month with



Image Courtesy Of Tesco Mum Of The Year

the ‘Give us a break’ campaign: “We know that for

children and young people with autism, break and

lunch times in schools and colleges can be particularly

daunting, and can put them at risk of bullying. With

the 'Give us a break' campaign, we are calling on all

schools and colleges to provide positive activities

during break times that support children and young

people with autism to feel safe, have fun and build

relationships with their peers.”

Anna has been asked to appear and speak at schools

across the country about the 'Give us a break'

campaign in the coming months.

A bit more about Anna Kennedy

Anna Kennedy OBE is winner of Tesco Mum of the Year

2013 for her amazing work supporting children and

young people with autism. She founded Hillingdon

Manor School - the largest school in Europe for

children and young people with autism – in 1999 and

supports over 50,000 parents of children with autism.

For further information, please visit



Front cover image courtesy of

Tesco Mum Of The Year

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Spark Festival 2013


The Spark Festival returns to Leicester

It’s playtime for families as

The Spark Festival returns to

Leicester between 29th May

and 9th June. The children’s

arts festival is promising a

more playful festival than ever

with a feast of events for all

ages taking place across the

city. Discover groundbreaking

dance theatre, quirky

puppetry, innovative work

for under fives, digital arts

and urban arts workshops.

Leicester will host hundreds of

events across twelve days with

activities and performances

in theatres, parks, museums,

galleries, community centres,

libraries and schools.

The Spark fun begins during May half term

with a host of free drop in events and must-see

performances for all the family. Curve is the

festival hub, The Spark Play-ground, with free

activities taking place from Wednesday 29th

May until Saturday 1st June. Drop in and help to

build a large-scale cardboard city, try your hand

at printmaking, acting, dancing or dressing up in

costumes. Talented local artists will be performing

on the foyer stage and there is even a comfy book

corner for families to chill out in. Curve’s Spark

shows during half term include the fantastically

fun Wanted:Rabbit from Mass Theatre and Dance

(Netherlands) (29th and 30th May) which all

the family over three will love, the beautiful The

Snow Queen from Trestle Theatre (29th and 30th

May), a new adaptation of the much-loved books

for young children Spot’s Birthday Party from

Kenny Wax (30th May to 1st June), and a stunning

dramatisation of Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient

Mariner, A Thousand Slimy Things from Tangere

Arts (31st May and 1st June) for everyone over nine.

Workshops and shows are pre-bookable in advance

on 0116 252 3595.

There is also a free digital play-ground to explore

during half term as Sparking The Imagination

returns to Phoenix from Wednesday 29th May to

Sunday 2nd June. Imagination becomes reality

as Book of Worlds brings stories to life around

you in the interactive installation Graffit! Where

colours can be sprayed across a virtual canvas. As

well as this feast of free activities during half term,

Phoenix is presenting screenings of incredible

Japanese Anime films. Phoenix also presents the

ever-popular DigiKids workshops during half term.

On Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th and Friday

31st May, DigiKids media production workshops

will take place, giving young people a taste of

music-making, film and computer programming.

Workshops are bookable in advance. For more

information about Phoenix activities and to book

please call 0116 242 2800.

Also during half term, New Walk Museum and

Art Gallery invites families to come and play in

Diversions. Children can explore the space however

they choose, by running, jumping, hiding, taking

a car for a drive or maybe building a tunnel – all

helped by the creative team. Diversions is a free

activity and is suitable for the whole family but

there are specific time slots for different ages.

Please visit The Spark website or call 0116 261 6893

for more information.

Embrace Arts is hosting fantastic family events

during half term. The Waving Cat of Japan from

Krazy Kat on Wednesday 29th May is a visually

exciting Japanese-style fantasy with puppets,

actors and music suitable for ages three to seven

with fully integrated sign language throughout.

Paperbelle from Frozen Charlotte (30th May to 1st

June) is an enchanting theatre performance for

ages two to five set in a magical world of paper.

There is also a cosmic new production at The

Guildhall, Mavis Sparkle from M6 Theatre Company

(30th May) mixing illusion, animation and laughter.

This year The Spark returns to Loughborough

Town Hall with the brilliant Cloud Man from Ailie

Cohen (31st May) featuring stunning puppetry

for ages four to seven plus a creative, interactive

storywriting and storytelling workshop Literature

Lab with award-winning writer Anne Fine on

Saturday 1st June.

There are also lots of workshops taking place

during half term with plenty of opportunities for

all ages to get involved. Pedestrian Arts is hosting

a DJing and Turntablism workshop on 29th May

and an Urban Art workshop on 30th May. The

workshops need to be booked in advance via The

Spark on 0116 261 6893. At The Y there will be

a lively Drumming and Dance Workshop led by

Zimbabwean percussionist and choreographer

Owen Ncube and Shlomo’s Beat Box Adventure

for Kids, a dynamic world of funny sound effects,

brilliant noises and cool music - both on Friday 31st

May. To book please call The Y on 0116 255 7066.

Over the weekend of 1st and 2nd June, there are

lots of events for all the family. A magical show

for very young children, Shiny will delight young

audiences at Embrace Arts on Sunday 2nd June.

Shiny from Turned On Its Head is a world where

children can explore, dance and discover all that

glitters, shines and sparkles. Shiny is suitable

for ages six-months to four-years. For more

information and to book please call 0116 252

2455. There are also fantastic events in the heart

of the city with a special free performance of Hue

Boy from tutti frutti productions at John Lewis

on Saturday 1st June at 10.30am. This heartwarming

performance transports the audience to

a Caribbean village as the beautiful book by Rita

Phillips Mitchell is brilliantly brought to life. Hue

Boy will also at the African Caribbean Centre at

2.30pm on 1st June.

Week two of the festival features wonderful

performances at Curve with James and the Giant

Peach from Birmingham Stage Company (4th –

8th June) set to delight young and old alike. A

new adaption of the Roald Dahl classic, the tale is

brought to life in vivid, colourful, musical style. My

Bright Friend Spot (3rd – 4th June) is a magical new

show from innovative Italian company La Baracca

featuring a light with a personality of its own and a

story to tell - a visual treat for very young children

from one to four-years-old. Also at Curve is the

exhilarating new dance theatre show Varmints

presented by Travelling Light Theatre Company

(7th June). Bringing to life the astonishing work of

Marc Craste and Helen Ward, this new production

tells of the poignant tale of one small creature’s

struggle to preserve its world. In Magic Doors from

Bombastic Dance (5th June) imagination is the key

to unlocking secret doors in this dance theatre and

new media production.

The Spark’s final weekend is more exciting than

ever. Embrace Arts hosts an incredible participatory

play for audiences with profound learning disabilities

and autism, White Peacock. White Peacock (Saturday

8th June) is a participatory play for just six young

people at a time in a purpose-built micro-theatre

offering a unique experience rich in action, colour,

sound, touch and emotion. At The Y Graffiti Classics

(Saturday 8th June) will burst the boundaries of the

traditional string quartet with brilliant musicality and

mischievous humour. There is exciting storytelling in

Hood in the Wood from Tangere Arts at Beaumont

Leys Library (Saturday 8th June) as the familiar Red

Riding Hood tale becomes a thrilling adventure with

live music, lots of laughs and some scary moments

too. In city parks families can journey into ‘bee reality’

with a wonderful show Honey from Pif Paf at Abbey

Park and Knighton Park on Saturday 8th and Sunday

9th June. Enthusiastic bee guides take the audience

on an unforgettable journey with puppetry, song,

dance and crazy mechanical inventions.

The Spark Newsroom will be providing regular

updates via BBC Radio Leicester and Takeover Radio.

Young reporters will be out and about talking to

audiences and reporting back on air. The festival is

also bringing a Spark to schools with events taking

place in classrooms across the city and special schools

performances in theatres.

Director of The Spark, Adel Al-Salloum, comments:

“This year’s Spark is set to be a truly ‘playful’ festival

which offers something for all the family. We’re

thrilled to be welcoming leading national and

international artists to Leicester and to be presenting

some of the most exciting and innovative work

created for children during our twelve day festival.

Our aim is always to be accessible and this year offers

more free activities than ever and more opportunities

for families to drop in and take part in interactive

events. We can’t wait for the festivities to begin and

to witness that all-important audience reaction - a

mixture of wonder, excitement and fascination.”

Visit the website to find out more at, find The Spark

on Facebook at and Twitter

at sparkartsfest, download the Spark App,


or call 0116 261 6893.



The Perfect Day

It’s A Nice Day, For


A White Wedding

Whimsical weddings and

vintage brides were big in

2012, as were the engagement

shoot, the candy table and the

white bridesmaid dress (thanks

Pippa!). If you’ve recently taken

the plunge and got engaged,

Aspire would like to offer our

‘Congratulations’ to the happy

couple. However, once the

initial glow has died down

and your face no longer aches

from smiling 24 hours a day,

it’s time to get planning.

Unless you have unlimited funds,

chances are your wedding day will

have to be done on some sort of

budget. If your budget doesn’t stretch

to the UK average of £18,500 (http://,

then you’ll not only

need to open a bank account to save

for your big day, you’ll also need

to plan carefully to avoid starting

married life in debt.

Organising your big day may seem

more like a logistical nightmare than

an exciting experience, but don’t

panic, forward planning is the key to


18 Months to Go

Finalise the important

details such as date,

budget and whether

you want to get

married in a church or

register office. Start

searching for your

wedding reception venue.

12 Months to Go

With a year left, it’s time to think about your dress, plain

or elaborate, off the peg or designer, the earlier you

make a decision the better. Book the wedding reception

and organise all the trimmings including musicians, DJs,

caterers, photographers, transport and florist.

9 Months to Go

Book the honeymoon and choose bridesmaids’ dresses and

outfits for the ushers.

6 Months to Go

Book the toastmaster and decide on the best man –

speeches take time! Order wedding stationery, choose

bride & groom’s wedding rings and decide on your shoes &


3 Months to Go

Visit the hairdresser and beautician to have a run-though of

what you’d like on the big day. Issue guests with a wedding

list and don’t forget to buy the wedding licence.

1 Month to Go

Reconfirm everything (in writing if possible)! Arrange

wedding rehearsal and organise hen and stag nights

1 Week to Go

Wear in your wedding shoes and double check everyone

knows their role in the big day!

1 Day to Go

Relax, it’s too late to worry now!

The UK’s largest wedding spectacular The National Wedding

Show is already gearing up for the autumn shows, taking

place on 27th – 29th September at Earl’s Court, London

and on 4th – 6th October at Birmingham NEC, providing

the ultimate inspiration for engaged couples nationwide

planning their perfect day.

For those dreaming of a traditional fairytale wedding,

seeking more of a cutting edge and contemporary affair,

or even planning a destination wedding, The National

Wedding Show is the ultimate shopping destination, with

250 wedding experts from stunning wedding gowns to

show stopping flowers, leading photographers to bespoke

accessories, delicious cakes to dream honeymoons and

groomswear to mother of the bride. For more information

visit the National Wedding Show website

Pink Confetti

Pink Confetti is based in the heart of south Leicestershire, providing

a central location for brides-to-be looking for a warm and friendly

welcome from the moment they walk through the door.

They provide a varied selection of affordable and exclusive bridal gowns and

a full range of bridal & fashion accessories, offering something for all tastes

and budgets. Whether your style is traditional, vintage, dramatic or romantic,

they believe that the experience you have when choosing your bridal gown and

accessories should be a memory to treasure and believe that when it comes to

this ‘’s all about you!’

17 Dunton Road, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire LE9 6NA

Tel: 01455 283311


Wedding Trends

• Feather-like Skirts

• Full Length Sheer Veils

• Long Reception Tables

• DIY Table Numbers and Place Cards

• Charity Favours

• Evening Food Stations

• Tribute Bands

• Cocoa Bar

• Gypsophila Flowers

• Vintage


China Hire

For Weddings, Christenings,

Tea Parties etc.

A beautiful collection of

pretty vintage china to make

your occasion very special.

Delivery to and collection

from your venue (We are

based at Desford).

Please telephone to discuss

your requirements

Tel: 01455 824469

Mob: 07790 989395


(Website currently under construction)

Bespoke Jewellery Designs is dedicated

to designing and creating the best

quality jewellery using only the finest

components. Bespoke Jewellery

Designs make a beautiful gift for a loved

one, or perfect for when you deserve a

special treat for yourself!

I am a home-based/online business,

but I welcome anyone wishing to

view my exquisite jewellery collection,

by arranged appointment only.

Alternatively, I have show cases at the

following venues were you can purchase

my designs:

The Bildeston Crown

Brook Farm Studio

Tel: 01449 744537 | Mob: 07415 126339


Silver Thistle Prints

‘Bringing a Personal Touch

to Your Home’

We're passionate about bringing life into

your home with some personal artwork.

Silver Thistle Prints is a small business

run by recent graduate Laura Johnston.

Laura graduated from Heriot-Watt

University's School of Textile and Design

with a First Class Honours Degree and

now specialises in digital art. Using the

skills which she developed throughout

her university career, Laura is passionate

about bringing personalised digital art

into your home.

​Tel: 07835 655447




Food & Drink

Artists’ Profiles

Good, Local

Food & Drink

In recent years, where our food

and drink comes from and how it is

produced has become something

consumers are more aware of, but

this latest food scandal, which has

affected 15 countries so far, has

forced concerned consumers to

abandon their budget products

at supermarkets in favour of

homemade, traceable products from

independent suppliers, many of

whom deal directly with farmers.

Each item of food we buy has what’s

known as ‘carbon miles’. These are based on

the amount of carbon that’s been emitted

into our atmosphere to get the food from

source to your plate. For years, we’ve been

encouraged to limit our carbon food miles

by buying as locally as possible. Buying

fruit and veg from your local farmers

market, as well as buying meat products

from butchers or farm shops will ensure

you can track your food, directly from the

field to your dining table.

Another great way to reduce your carbon

food miles is by eating seasonally, which

means eating food that’s at its peak when

it comes to flavour and nutritional content.

Seasonal, local food is fresher than its

counterparts; it hasn’t spent as long in

transit so can be on your plate, straight

from the field in which it grew, within 24


Understandably, the horsemeat scandal

– when horse DNA was found in beef

products across the country and into

Europe – has hit consumer confidence

The majority of consumers aren’t upset

or outraged at the horsemeat being in

these beef products, even though the

consumption of horsemeat is generally

taboo; they’re upset and angry about being

sold a product that has been mis-labeled.

Sales at butchers and greengrocers have

soared since the scandal hit as consumer

look for trustworthy sources for their meat.

It’s not just good food that we want. We

want good drink too. Today, there are

around 53,500 pubs dotted around the

country and although the design, the

drinks served and the food available has

all changed enormously since the Anglo-

Saxons helped establish the pub, our

passion for pubs remains as great as ever.

In fact, CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale

– have found that 76% of UK adults believe

the pub makes an important contribution

to British life. Whilst compiling the 40th

anniversary edition of the Good Beer

Guide, CAMRA discovered that Britain is

now home to a staggering 1,009 breweries,

158 of which have opened up in the space

of just 12 months. This number is five

times more breweries than there were in

operation 30 years ago, four times more

than there were 20 years ago, and more

than twice as many as there were a decade


The art world can be intimidating, but there’s something

in every art gallery and museum that everyone can enjoy.

With over eight million visitors each year, The Louvre

(Musée du Louvre) in Paris, France is the most visited

art gallery in the world. Home to 35,000 works of art -

including Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ – it’s not hard

to see why it attracts so many art fans each year. The

Louvre beats the next most visited art gallery by over two

million visitors; The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New

York welcomes over six million visitors through its doors

each year, closely followed in third by The British Museum

in London, which sees over 5.8 million people looking to

soak up some art.

A recent study by Harris Interactive found that people are happier when

they spend money on experiences rather than material purchases, which

is why the admission price to any art gallery is money well spent. Many art

galleries and museums are busiest at the weekend so if you want to take

your time and enjoy looking at the art in a quieter setting, it’s best to avoid

the weekend crowds.

As well as being a great place that inspires everyone, whether you’re six

or eighty-six, art galleries are also great places to spend quality time with

friends and family, in an inspirational and educational setting. Many of the

larger galleries and museums are also free to visitors, so they provide you

and your family with a great way to spend some quality time together for

very little money.

Aspire would like to encourage our readers to get out and about into the

region, and further afield, this spring and discover some of the fantastic,

creative works of art being created by independent artists in studios and

workshops across the country. Locally, you can visit these websites to find

out more:

• Open Studios Northamptonshire -

• Rutland Open Studios -

• Leicester Society of Artists -

For those who want to travel a little further afield, just type ‘Open Studios’

into your preferred internet search engine and get clicking!

Painting is a great hobby to have throughout the year as it can be enjoy

indoors or out; hobbies come in all shapes and sizes and are great for

keeping our minds active, stimulated and creative while away from work.

A recent study suggests that engaging in a hobby, like knitting, making a

patchwork quilt, or even reading a book can delay the onset of dementia.

In the study from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, nearly 200 people ages

70 – 89 with mild memory problems were compared to a group who

had no impairment. Researchers asked the volunteers about their daily

activities within the past year, and how mentally active they had been from

50 – 65-years-old; those who had been busy reading or engaging in craft

hobbies had a 40% reduced risk of memory impairment.

Chef Patron


Chef Patron - a new restaurant in the heart

of Leicestershire. Lol, Karl, Kevin and Sally

invite you to dine with us at Chef Patron.

Chef Patron's mission is to create an

exceptional dining experience for you by

offering wonderful country food with an

English-European style. These dishes,

combined with Chef Doughty's creative and

unique flair, offer an unforgettable dining


Finest Local Produce

Quality Fresh Meat - Cheese - Fresh Dairy Produce - Veg

Boxes - Beers and Ales and MANY MANY MORE

PLUS Brocklebys Pies - including Melton Mowbray Pork

Pies and award-winning Wild Beaver Pie...



Howard Town Brewery is owned by

husband and wife Tony Hulme and

Rowena Curley, and long standing

friend of Tony, Peter Clarke.

Tuesday to Saturday:

Lunch: 12pm - 2pm

Evening: from 6pm

Sunday: 12pm - 3pm

Monday: Closed

22 Church Street,

Thurlaston, Leicestershire,

LE9 7TA (Opposite the church)

Tel: 01455 888 227


What beers do we brew

Although we decided to go for a regular

range of four beers, we’re not averse to

changing our minds, and just to prove

it, we now have 8 regular beers and

various seasonal and special beers.

Tel: 01457 869800


Farm Shop at the Grange, The Grange Garden Centre,

Asfordby Hill, Melton Mowbray LE14 3QU

Tel: 01664 810310

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Artists’ Profiles

Brenda Hartill

Brenda Hartill R E is a British painter, collage artist and printmaker.

Her work explores the texture, pattern and light of the landscape,

and ranges from finely drawn figurative works to bold, heavily

embossed abstract images. For the past 10 years she has been

most interested in drawing abstract imagery from the landscape,

rugged mountain erosion, structure of the land and the dynamics

of plant growth. She loves the strong light and shadow of Southern

Europe, and remote New Zealand, as well as the gentler greyness

of London and Sussex. She exhibits worldwide and opens her Sussex

studio on June 15th &16th, 22nd & 23rd. She plans a solo show at

the Curwen Gallery, London in October.

Pound House, Udimore, Rye, East Sussex TN31 6BA

01424 882 942 |

Maureen Jordan

Awarded Aspire Certificate of Recognition

An independent, self-taught pastels

artist with a host of exhibitions and

awards under her belt, Maureen Jordan

is the winner of an Aspire Certificate of

Recognition for Traditional Art. Maureen

started her career as an exhibition

designer, having trained at Hull Art

College, before becoming an interior and

graphic designer. She is now a full-time

artist, constantly experimenting with

vibrant pastels sometimes mixing them

with watercolour and or acrylics and

metallics creating stunning effects of bold

colour and texture.

On hearing the news

of her Certificate of

Recognition, Maureen

said: “What a surprise!

I have received many

awards for my pastel

paintings, but never for

traditional paintings.

All my flower and

gardens paintings are

done from life as I am

interested in the fabulous colours and light


“My small pictures are often done in my home

or studio, when a shaft of sunlight shines

onto a little pot of flowers in a window. My

garden pictures are often groups of plants in

my sunny garden, where I only work on each

for two hours until the light changes, which

means I work on them for many days – if the

weather changes they sometimes get left until

the next year. As you can

imagine, this involves a lot

of gardening in the spring

and summer. This also

means that I can only paint

certain flowers when they

are in season.

“My garden is my

outdoor studio

planted with shapes

and colours that

excite me. On

sunny days, I love

to put a few objects

together, set up my

easel, pastels, get

a cup of coffee and

a sunhat and just

paint. Well that is

how it should be,

but soon I am burnt to a frazzle, the easel has

blown over and my cat, Sam, has decided to lay

in the middle of my carefully arranged group!”

Maureen’s work will be on show as part

of ‘Florum 2013’ at the Kent Wildlife Trust

Sevenoaks Reserve (TN13 3DH) in September.

Tel: 01473 278122



Pictures always available at Llewellyn

Alexander Gallery, Waterloo, London and

Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester

Top Recommendation

The handwoven tapestry has been a sought after art form for centuries.

Liz continues this tradition with her own graphic designs woven by hand

in Suffolk. Her inspirations are from the landscapes around her; the often

seen, but rarely noticed details of town and country. The tapestries are

woven mainly in wool with silk or linen when desirable, producing both

2-dimensional and 3-dimensional work. They are durable, tactile and

beautiful. Liz exhibits nationally and internationally and also works to

commission. If you would like to discuss how to go about commissioning

your own personal piece, contact Liz using the details below.

Elizabeth Chester, 9 Elsmere Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 3SZ

Tel: 01473 287623 | Email:

caroline machray


My work and intention is to produce compositions and portraits that have a

quality of stillness, quietness and reflection, regardless of the subject matter.

I am interested in meditative and contemplative space, the challenge

of representation; and the idea of the 'averted gaze' which suggests 'an

inaccessible world' occupied by the sitter. I work from life and photographs

using a combination of sources; life models, friends and especially my

children, one of whom is autistic and who inhabits a space that is forever

slipping from my view.

I work in a variety of media but love mono printing - it allows for so many

possibilities and surprises - the outcome cannot be controlled or changed

and there is a wonderful element of chance.

You are warmly welcome to view my work as part of

North Yorkshire Open Studios on the 8th/9th and 15th/16th June 2013



Commissions undertaken

Julia Midgley

Drawing, Printmaking, Documentary drawing.

I am a printmaker and artist who

specialises in drawing. Reportage

and Documentary Drawing

projects occupy much of my time.

My personal work uses drawings of

horses, often as a metaphor, often

as studies for larger works.

Contact details are as follows:

Tel : 01606 77006 | Email:

For most recently completed small works

Carole Aston trained in the 1960s as a textile designer, supplying fabric designs to

Tootals and Marks and Spencer and wallpaper designs to Crown and Sanderson. She

later retrained as an adult education tutor and has taught watercolour for 25 years. She

does demonstrations and workshops for art clubs in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

As well as watercolour, she enjoys working in acrylics, pastels, mixed-media and

collage and has recently been producing linoprints. Inspiration is drawn from

the natural world and from her collection of sketchbooks. Patterns and colour

combinations reminiscent of textile designs often find their way into her collages.

Commissions are welcomed.

South East Open Studios, from 7th - 23rd June 2013

Eildon, Seal Hollow Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3SF

Tel: 01732 453808 | Mob: 07799 178607


Precious Porcelain from

Designing and making pottery since

1977, Bridget Drakeford has a wealth of

experience, as well as a passion for pottery,

especially porcelain. With no formal training,

Bridget began potting after taking adult

education classes (which were run by a very

dear friend) for three years; by the age of

30, she was a full-time potter, specialising in


Bridget told Aspire: “In my early days, working in Scotland, I learnt

how to be a potter by making domestic stoneware, I always

loved porcelain, so as quickly as I could move on, I did. I’ve been

a potter for 36 years and 30 of those I’ve been working with

porcelain. I love its translucency, its fineness and its beauty. I have

a deep fascination with early oriental pots and their simple glazes.

“Almost everything I make is a vessel, all thrown on a wheel. I

specialise in teapots, which I have always loved, but I also make

wide, open bowls, vases and jugs, which are more decorative than

functional with some pieces having innovative decorative detailing

in precious metals, hand worked by myself.

“We always had tea made in a teapot at home when I was a child,

so I think this was the start of my interest in teapots. However,

I am also fascinated by the Japanese tea ceremonies, I like the

reverence of them and I think that has been a heavy influence on

my work. It’s a very special thing.

“I have taken part in three exhibitions in Japan over the years.

I was lucky enough with one exhibition to be awarded a travel

scholarship so I spent a month

there. It was such a rewarding

experience and I made some

wonderful potting friends.”

As well as her three exhibitions in

Japan, one of which was in a small

gallery in Toyko, Bridget has also

shown her work all over the world, in Korea, Holland, Belgium

and the USA. Aspire readers will have the opportunity to see her

work for themselves this summer in Oxford. Bridget is taking

part in ‘Art in Action’ at Waterperry House near Wheatley in

Oxford from the 18th to the 21st of July. She will also have a

selection of work at The Ice House Holland Park in London from

27th July until 11th August. Bridget added: “As well as these two

exhibitions, I will also be taking part in Herefordshire’s Open

Studios – hArt Week – from the 7th until the 15th of September.

My friends and I will be coming together to form a little mixed

exhibit at my studio. As well as Open Studios, I will also be

opening my studio for a small, Christmas-themed exhibition on

November 30th and December 1st.”

Bridget has been a prize winner at the Mashiko Ceramics

Competition in Japan, and at the World Ceramic Exposition in

Korea. She won an Arts Council Award for an exhibition and

study tour to Japan in 2005. She is a professional member of the

Craft Potters Association of Great Britain

Tel: 01432 860411



Address: Upper Buckenhill Farmhouse, Fownhope,

Hereford HR1 4PU



Artists’ Profiles

Get Glamping

Val Emmerson

Artist from Grassington, North Yorkshire

Although I mainly paint, my textile background is always

hovering. I am always experimenting with new ideas with

collage and other mixed media, interpreting and enjoying what

I see around me.

I just enjoy using different media to interpret things around

me, my garden and the landscape of the Dales.

Tel: 01756 753388 | Mob: 07909 690518

Email: |


I have always been fascinated by the endless

variety of colour, pattern and texture of

plant forms, both familiar and exotic, and the

changes that take place as tendrils twine, buds

unfurl and fruits develop. Although I have had

no formal art training, I have always admired

the discipline and precision of the great

botanical artists, both past and contemporary.

Currently I am preparing for an exhibition at

Kew in October on the challenging theme of

‘Black and White, in Colour’.

I exhibit regularly with the Society of

Botanical Artists in London and at ‘Florum’ in

Sevenoaks and have shown my work in Harare

(illustrating the trees and flowering plants

of Zimbabwe) in Frankfurt, Tasmania, New

Zealand and the USA. Some of my Gold Medal

works are in the RHS Lindley Library and many

paintings are in the archives of the Chelsea

Physic Garden Florilegium Society, as well as in

private collections.

SEOS gives me a great opportunity to

welcome visitors to the studio at Russet

House. Visitors to the studio are welcome

to bring their painting kit as I enjoy sharing

techniques and ideas when preparing plant

studies and experimenting with colour mixing

and composition.

MA (Oxon), SBA, Fellow, Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society

RHS Gold Medal 2008

Botanical Artist

Russet House, Lughorse Lane, Yalding, Kent ME18 6EG

Tel: 01622 815 403

Covering 152,033 square miles, Great

Britain has an abundance of places to

discover and explore. A holiday within

the British Isles would allow you to not

only avoid the stress of going abroad,

but also discover some of the magical,

mystical and down-right spectacular

places on this Isle we call home.

As a self-catering, no frills alternative to a

package holiday, caravan and camping breaks

offer the chance of an enjoyable holiday that

won’t break the bank. In recent years, the

economic climate has made us all more aware

of every penny we spend, so to ensure you

and your loved ones can still enjoy quality

time together on an annual holiday, opt for a

caravan or camping break this summer.

Caravan and camping breaks don’t have to be

the back to basics experiences they once were

and they certainly don’t mean going without.

Recognising that many people want all their

home comforts, most sites now provide electric

hook-ups for tents and caravans, so whether

you can’t live without your hair straighteners or

want some proper lighting, it’s easier than ever

to find the pitch that’s right for you. If you’re a

camping novice, there is a unique and recent

creation for you to try out; rent-a-tent options

may cost a little extra but they will leave your

holiday hassle-free and ready to enjoy your


There is a new trend emerging from this

resurgence of caravan and camping holidays.

Glamping (glamorous + camping) involves

accommodation and facilities more luxurious

than those associated with traditional camping.

Glamping tents, yurts or log cabins come

complete with modern luxuries, such as

heated floors, towel and sheet warmers, Wi-Fi,

a full bed and electricity. As well as all these

modern conveniences, you’ll also enjoy the

usual delights of camping, such as the birdsong

just outside your accommodation, getting

closer to nature and away from 21st Century

distractions and the glorious sounds and smells

(of meadow grasses and unpolluted air) of the

great British countryside.

Unlike holidaying in a hotel or guesthouse,

the materials used to construct glamping

accommodation take advantage of

surrounding elements of nature, including

composting toilets, solar power and ecofriendly

towels and bed linen. If that wasn’t

enough, many glamping sites have sourced

their furniture from charity shops and markets

before giving them a new lease of life, keeping

carbon emissions low.

Glamping isn’t just about those modern

luxuries though; it’s a completely different way

of holidaying. It’s the ideal accommodation

solution for holidaymakers looking to spend

their time hiking, chilling in a hammock,

enjoying a romantic getaway or the seclusion

and tranquillity of the countryside.

There are Glamping sites popping up across

the world, so Aspire have selected a few of our

favourites from around Britain…



Image Courtesy Of Mill Farm

Hand-built Pots & Ceramics

from Lucy Birtles

For many people, starting a new career in

your late 40s can be a daunting prospect,

but Lucy Birtles is one woman who made

that ambition a reality. Lucy discovered

ceramics in an evening class many years

ago, but it wasn’t until 1994 that she

completed a BA in 3D Design (Ceramics)

at the University of the West of England

as a mature student. It changed her life,

and her career.

Lucy told Aspire: “During my time as a

student, I was fortunate enough to work as

an apprentice with Mark Skudlarek, a wood

firing potter in Wisconsin, USA. It was a

fantastic experience that really influenced

me. After completing my degree, I built a

studio onto my house and never looked

back. I’ve been making ceramics ever since.

Unfortunately, I have had to do it on a parttime

basis as I was never fortunate enough

to make any real money from it; I did it, and

still do it, for the passion. Luckily, I am now

retired, so I spend a lot more time working

on my ceramics.

“I think clay is an amazing medium to work

with, I’m a little addicted to it if truth be told.

I have always found particular inspiration in

hand building pots, which evolve as families

as I make them, taking shape as almost

human forms. Most of what I make is large,

hand-built, decorative pots, which look

wonderful outside in the garden. I like to

experiment with different finishes, speckles

etc, and just make something no one else


Lucy is a member of the Gloucestershire

Guild of Craftsmen. She has held numerous

exhibitions over the years and usually takes

part in Stroud Open Studios, which she has

decided to take a break from this summer.

She does, however, have an exhibition with

six other artists coming up next weekend.

The preview is being held on Friday May

10th, with the actual exhibition open to the

public on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th

and Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of May

at Seven Stars Cottage, as part of Stroud

Valley Arts.

In 2011, Lucy was selected to exhibit at

sculpture show Fresh Air 2011. She said: “The

Fresh Air exhibition was a wonderful exhibit,

full of fantastic sculptural work. It’s also my

biggest achievement to date as I actually

sold three large pots during the preview of

that exhibition, a feat unequalled since. All of

my work is available to buy as I have a small

exhibition area in my studio, which I am more

than happy to welcome people to. I am here

most of the time, but in case I do pop out, I

would suggest that anyone travelling some

distance should make an appointment.”

For more information, please visit, email or call 01453 836635.

Enjoy the best of the beautiful British

countryside from the comfort of a

luxurious canvas lodge or stay in Mill

Farm House, a self-catering farm house

on our family-run, organic farm.

The farm can also accommodate larger

parties if guests take on the whole site.

Additional facilities and activities on the

farm include an honesty shop, laser clay

pigeon shooting, bikes for hire, donkey

rides and more.

Tel: 01380 828351 | Mob: 07887427882

Fax: 01380 828351


Top Recommendation

We are a boutique camping company

aiming to provide a luxury camping

experience and a premium events service


Our luxury bell tents offer the perfect

accessory for any holiday or event that you

may have planned. The beautiful canvas

and contemporary look create an eyecatching

feature for all festivities, from short

breaks with family or friends to those extra

special parties and functions.

This coming summer will see us providing

hire for weddings, festivals and camping

across the UK, as well as glamping at Tey

Brook Farm, in Colchester.

The summer is coming!

Michael Pearson

07515 933316

Inside Out Camping

Set near the picturesque hamlets of Grange and

Seatoller in Borrowdale, near Derwentwater and

Keswick in the Lake District. For people who

want something different from their holiday,

choose between a Yurt or Bell Tent, comfortably

furnished with futon-style beds and wood

burning stoves.

For families, friends, lovers of the outdoors,

romantics, those in search of adventure and

anyone who wants a little bit of luxury but still

want to feel close to nature.

There is easy access to the fells and all the Lake

District has to offer for the walker, climber,

cyclist, as well as those just wanting to relax in

this beautiful place.

Please quote ‘ASP307 when booking

Tel: 07791 184271


Lowarth Glamping And

Workshop Retreats

Lowarth is the old Cornish word for

garden. Our beautiful secluded paddock

has inspired us to create a small but

luxurious campsite in north Cornwall.

We have four comfortable and cosy Lotus

Belle Tents, which are each set within

their own lovely little area of garden. We

think you will enjoy our Luxury Belle Tent

glamping amongst the flowers and the

lanterns in the heart of beautiful north

Cornwall, just a few minutes from the

upmarket country town of Wadebridge.

Our workshop retreats provide the

opportunity to get together with people

with similar interests in a relaxed, friendly

and caring atmosphere, exchange

ideas, learn something new, gain some

inspiration and make new friends.

Chapel Farm, Edmonton,

Wadebridge, PL27 7JA

Email: bookings@

Tel: 01208 812011 | Mob: 07733272148

Email: retreats@

Tel: 01208 812011 | Mob: 07733272148



Holidays & Leisure

Britain At Its Best

©VisitBritain / Rod Edwards

40 bed bunkroom in the Yorkshire Dales,

start of the 24 mile Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

Warm showers, kitchen/dining room,

disabled facilities, drying room, BBQ &

patio area. Ample car parking.

Ideal group accommodation – schools,

universities, D of E, military, companies or

charities wanting to walk the Yorkshire 3



Weekends £15 per person, per night

Weekdays £12 per person, per night

(including summer hols)

Discounts for bookings in

Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb

Horton in Ribblesdale, Settle,

North Yorkshire BD24 0HB

Tel: 01729 860380

Mob: 07870 849419


Top Recommendation


Awel y Grug (breeze over the heather)

is a lovely traditional 1890 Welsh stone

cottage set in the owner’s grounds,

located in the charming and friendly

hamlet of Sarnau - just 3 miles from

the market town of Bala, where the

largest natural lake in Wales (Llyn

Tegid) is to be found and on the edge

of the Snowdonia National Park.

• Sleeps 3 + cot

• En-suite bathroom with bath &

separate shower

• Wood burner with initial supply of


• Bed linen, electricity and heating


• Close to local amenities

Awel-y-Grug, Sarnau, Bala,

Gwynedd LL23 7LG

Tel: 01678 530217

Mob: 07905 288263


Britain is officially the place to

stay. Over the last few years

the traditional British break

has made a phenomenal

comeback and now more and

more families and couples are

swapping their annual foreign

package holiday for a ‘staycation’.

It’s not hard to see the attraction of a ‘stay-cation’;

a break in good ol’ Blighty this summer starts off

better than a break abroad – there’s no queuing at

the airport for starters. If you’re on a tight budget,

finding places to visit and things to do that don’t cost

money, such as a day at the beach (pack a picnic) or

a museum event, allow you to have a fun-filled day

without breaking the bank. Here are Aspire’s top free/

inexpensive activities the whole family can enjoy, right

here in Britain, this summer…


Walking is one of Britain’s favourite hobbies, and is

great for boosting circulation and improving energy

levels. You can enjoy a walk anywhere and whatever

the weather; if it's raining, don't be put off, grab a

coat and wellies and get out there. The whole family

can come too as the kids will love jumping in the

puddles. You don’t need a lot of expensive, high-tech

equipment to enjoy a walk either, just a pair of comfy

shoes or trainers!

Walking is an excellent form of exercise that not only

burns calories (in fact a brisk walk burns the same

amount of calories as a run over the same distance),

but also builds stamina, helps beat stress, lowers your

blood pressure, and can cut your risk of heart disease

by up to 50%. It’s also good for bones and muscles

and helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and the

risk of some cancers… and it’s FREE.

When planning a walk always remember to check the

weather and choose your route carefully. Be sure to

wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and if you’re

planning to be out and about all day, remember to

take plenty of spare layers as the weather can change

quickly. You should also consider packing a small first

aid kit and a torch in case of emergency.


One of the gentlest outdoor pursuits, it’s certainly easy

to see the appeal of fishing. One of the major appeals

of angling is that it allows young and old, male and

female, able bodied and disabled to compete on

equal terms. Newcomers will find it fairly easy to pick

up too. It’s also an extremely rewarding hobby, one

that is easy to learn and, as there are no specialist skills

involved, it’s great for kids too.

According to the Environment Agency, the popularity

of angling is at an all-time high, with the tackle trade

and licence sales both soaring. In 2009, 1.357 million

rod licences were sold, an increase of 27% compared

to 2000 and 19% compared to 2008. It’s thought that

the boom could be related to the current financial

climate, with more and more people looking for a

calm and relaxing pastime to combat the stress of

day-to-day life.

Fishing is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed

all year round in any location, as there are different

species to catch during each season, such as fly fishing

for wild brown trout during spring, casting for carp

during summer or sea fishing for cod in the autumn.

However, there are certain rules on when you can

enjoy certain types of fishing, so it’s always best to

check before you cast your line. For those planning

on fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels, a

rod licence is vital, but if you are planning on using

an angling club, you will also need a fishing permit,

which gives you permission to fish their waters. For

more information, visit


Cycling is a great way to see more of the outdoors

and a fun activity for the whole family to get involved

with. Our local parks make a great location for a gentle

cycle, whilst the wider countryside provides plenty

to see along the way. There are also many health

benefits of taking up cycling. Research by the British

Heart Foundation found that 20 miles of cycling per

week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by

half, compared to non-cyclists. It’s also a fantastic way

to lose weight and get fit, as even a gentle cycle of

around 12mph, on flat land, uses 450 calories an hour,

but of course, the faster you go the more you burn

Despite our notoriously unpredictable weather, Britain

has an abundance of outdoor space that millions of us

love to regularly explore, so make 2013 the summer

you get out into the great outdoors!

The New Inn

The New Inn at Llanddewi Brefi

provides the friendly welcome of

a traditional Public House with a

large selection of real ales and the

warmth of a real fire.

During the summer enjoy the

beer garden and the views of the

beautiful Brefi valley.

The New Inn provides home

cooked food daily:

12:30pm - 2.:30pm

(except Mondays)

5:30pm - 9:30pm

Bed & Breakfast is available all

year round.

Llanddewi Brefi, Tregaron,

Sir Ceredigion SY25 6RS

Tel: 01974 298452


Fforest Cottage

Aberfforest, Nr. Newport

Fforest Cottage, Aberfforest,

is situated on the west coast

of Wales, between the small

coastal towns of Fishguard and

Newport. The Pembrokeshire

Coastal Path passes the cottage

gate and leads directly to the

beach, and beyond. This selfcatering

holiday cottage sleeps

up to 12 and is available with

a number of amenities, and is

available for long and short

lets, throughout the long.

Tel: 01832 710315


Appin House

Choose to visit our small West Highland self-catering complex of just

three units which has fantastic loch and countryside views, set within

our large fragrant and well landscaped garden.

We are in an excellent touring area, being midway between the

bustling towns of Oban and Fort William. There is lots to do in the area.

Suggestions include walking, wildlife watching, cycling, golf, fishing,

castle viewing – or merely relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

The accommodation consists of one beautiful, high quality 3 bedroom

house with magnificent views, and it’s own garden, situated at the front

of our own house, and also two wood-clad cabins, sleeping just up to 4

people. Set near our front entrance. These are positioned back to back,

and also have lovely loch and hillside views.

Dave and Denys Mathieson, Appin House, Appin,

Argyll, Scotland PA38 4BN

Tel: 01631 730207 | Fax: 01631 730567

Email: | Web:



Camping & Caravanning

Are you watching the pennies this

summer Do you crave a greener

getaway If so, the UK is the place to

stay for a holiday. Providing couples

and families of all ages with a cheap

and cheerful, fun-filled break, with no

passport required, caravan and camping

holidays have made a major comeback.

As a self-catering, no frills alternative to a package

holiday, camping and caravanning breaks offer the

chance of an enjoyable holiday that won’t break the

bank. In recent years, the economic climate has made us

all more aware of every penny we spend, so to ensure

you and your loved ones can still enjoy quality time

together on an annual holiday, opt for a caravan or

camping break.

Camping and caravanning breaks don’t have to be the

back to basics experiences they once were and they

certainly don’t mean going without. Recognising that

many people want all their home comforts, most sites

now provide electric hook-ups for tents and caravans, so

whether you can’t live without your hair straighteners or

want some proper lighting, it’s easier than ever to find

the pitch that’s right for you. If you’re a camping novice,

there is a unique and recent creation for you to try out;

rent-a-tent options may cost a little extra but they will

leave your holiday hassle-free and ready to enjoy your


Are you conscious of your carbon footprint Taking a

British break is one way to drastically reduce your family’s

CO² emissions. Whether you’re getting there by car or

train, your carbon footprint will be lower if you choose

to cut out that flight to the continent. The government

have predicted that airline travel will have more than

Red Bank Farm

& Campsite

Bolton le Sands

A beautiful campsite nestled on the shores of

Morecambe Bay, home to some of the most

beautiful sunsets in England ...

Red Bank Farm Campsite is a small

family-run camping and motor home site

on a working farm, situated on the shores of

Morecambe Bay. With stunning panoramic

views of the Lakeland Hills, you can see some

of the most beautiful sunsets that England

has to offer! The Onsite pets’ corner and

beachside location make it ideal for young

and old alike.

Red Bank Farm, The Shore

Bolton Le Sands, Carnforth,

Lancashire LA5 8JR

Tel: 01524 823196


doubled by 2030 and will see passenger numbers

leaping from 200million to a staggering 470million per

year. As a result, 18million tonnes of carbon dioxide will

be released into the atmosphere every year from aircraft

alone. If you want to reduce these shocking statistics, a

British break is the way to do it.

Since the 2008 recession, caravanning and camping

breaks have enjoyed something of a revival. With so

many households watching every penny, now’s the

perfect time to invest in a static caravan on a picturesque

caravan site. A great investment for your money, not only

can you enjoy your new holiday home whenever the

mood takes you, you can also rent it out to friends and

family and even strangers looking for a budget UK break.

This year, more than 620 holiday parks across the UK

received a David Bellamy Conservation Award for the

work they’ve done to protect and enhance Britain’s

natural environment. The variety of work being done by

these parks is phenomenal – from the creation of new

wildlife meadows and woodlands to the construction of

solar-powered shower blocks and energy-efficient lodges

made out of recycled plastic, parks are active across the


The parks that take part in the scheme are all regularly

assessed by the scheme’s team of local wildlife experts.

The assessors look at the steps parks are taking to:

• Manage their land as a haven for wildlife

• Reduce their use of energy, water and other resources

• Reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they produce

• Support their local communities

David Bellamy uses the assessors’ reports (and any

comments received from members of the public) to

make his awards each year. Three levels of excellence can

be achieved: Gold, Silver and Bronze. For more info, visit

Buttercup Meadows

Caravan and Camping

Escape to the rural peace and tranquillity of

mid-Norfolk, less than an hour’s drive from the

North Norfolk coast and the Norfolk Broads.

We are a small family-run site with five caravan

pitches and five tent pitches in an adjacent field.

Luxury shower and toilet facilities are available

in ‘Miranda’, the shepherds hut.

There are ample taps around the site. We do not

have electricity supply at the site. However, we

do have a battery charging facilities at hooks


Hooks Farm, Hooks Lane,

Dereham IP25 7TB

Tel: 01362 820339


Situated within easy reach of both

Norfolk’s stunning coast and its

tranquil countryside, Park Farm

campsite is a fantastic base from

which to explore everything this

quaint corner of England has to offer.

Founded 10 years ago, Park Farm campsite

accommodates tents, motorhomes and

caravans within 75 spacious pitches, including

23 with electric hook-up. This dog-friendly,

no frills campsite is hidden away amongst

lush meadows, but boasts modern facilities

including a toilet and shower block with

disabled facilities and a family bathroom with

baby changing facilities. There’s also a laundry

room with coin-operated washing machine

and tumble dryer, as well as free of charge

deep freezers, a refrigerator and ice block

recycling facility.

Onsite, holidaymakers will also find a small

shop which sells all the daily essentials, as well

as a small selection of camping equipment and

children’s toys, at supermarket prices or lower.

Site manager, Derek Nice, said: “We get fresh

deliveries of milk and bread on a daily basis

and we also sell ice creams and cold drinks.

Go Camping


©VisitBritain / Rod Edwards

Enjoy A Traditional Camping

Break At Park Farm

We’re looking at adding beers and wines

this season as the assistant manager is also a

license holder.

“For the children, we currently have a swing set

as well as four acres of open fields to play in,

but we’re currently building a resort hill with a

small fort atop for children to play in and in the

future we’re hoping to add a zip wire from this

fort to the bottom of the hill.”

Thanks to its central location, Park Farm

campsite’s guests have easy access to all of

Norfolk, including the cosmopolitan city of

Norwich, which is packed with history, sights

and excellent shopping. If that wasn’t enough,

the area surrounding Park Farm boasts many

footpaths and quiet lanes.

Park Farm campsite are currently offering

Aspire readers a fantastic 10% discount off

their first night’s stay – all you have to do is

quote ‘ASP307’ when booking. Barbecues and

fires are permitted at Park Farm campsite.

For further information, visit or

call 01362 637950

Cae Ffynnon Caravan

and Camping Site

A family-run campsite on the beautiful Isle of

Anglesey. Open all year round, Cae Ffynnon

is only a short distance from Amlwch,

offering a quiet relaxing break with all of

Anglesey's attractions on our door step.

Set in the rural village of Rhosgoch, within

walking distance to a country pub serving

food and refreshments. We are three miles

from the town of Amlwch which has all


Ideally situated for all of Anglesey`s beaches

and only twenty miles away from the town

of Holyhead where there are daily sailings

to Ireland.

Rhosgoch, Amlwch, Anglesey LL66 0AB

Tel: 01407 830998 | Mob: 07836 281 957




Your campervan holiday starts here!

At SB2 Campers we have three VW campervans available for self-drive hire. Our T4 and

two T25 campers can be hired throughout the year for holidays, short breaks and festivals.

Mileage is unlimited and to provide peace of mind, all our campers have AA breakdown

and relay cover.

Silver Birch and Tan-Y-Don

Caravan Parks

5* luxury at our family owned awardwinning

parks in wonderful north Wales.

Luxury caravans for sale and hire

• Family owned, family-friendly, safe and


• Landscaped and maintained the highest


• Nestled between golden beaches

and wooded hills

• Choice of 9 or 10-and-a-half-month licence

• Safe sandy beaches within easy walking


Head Office, Chester Road, Gwespyr,

Fflintshire CH8 9JN

Tel: 01745 852563 | Fax: 01745 851335




to hire - VW

Bay window


​Dornafield is a deluxe, five-star, multiaward-winning

touring caravan and

camping park in ​glorious south Devon

between Torquay, Totnes, Newton

Abbot and Dartmoor. A Caravan

Club Affiliated Site, now in its 23rd

year, Dornafield Caravan Park is also a

member of the Best of British Group

and is proud to have been Overall

Winner of the Practical Caravan Top

100 Sites Award and a David Bellamy

Conservation Gold Award.

Tel: 01803 812732


Contact Us

t: 07789 690 242




May Gardening

Get A Great Garden

by Laura Hyde

Now that summer is just around the corner and the

warm weather is finally here, it’s time to spend a

few hours outside, sprucing up our gardens so we

can enjoy numerous barbecues, afternoons playing

with the children and a chilled drink after work

come summer time, surrounded by the beauty we’ve


Domestic Bliss…In The Shed

As well as cleaning your home, the arrival of spring is the ideal

time to sort out your outside buildings, such as sheds, garages and

greenhouses, so if you’ve not yet taken a few hours to sort out your

shed, here are my five top tips to help you on your way:

• A Dry Day – pull everything out of the shed/greenhouse and lay it all

out in your garden so you can sweep the floor and get rid of any debris;

if you can with a hand-held dust buster, or extension lead, give the

floor a vacuum.

• Get Rid – if you haven’t used it for two years or more, get rid of it;

don’t leave it to fester, take it straight to the tip for recycling.

• Savvy Storage – whether it’s a tool rack on the wall, shelving unit for

plant pots or draws for your seeds, sensible storage solutions will free

up floor space and make your shed a more homely place to potter

about in of an afternoon.

• The Right Tools – now that you’ve freed up some floor space, why not

invest in a potting bench, where you can enjoy planting seeds and repotting

your favourite flowers.

• Safety First – if they think it contains something valuable, burglars will

break into an outside building, so why not label your lawn mower and

any other valuable power tools with your house number and postcode

with a UV pen. This will make them easier to recover if they do get


Once you’re organised, sit back and relax for an afternoon before the

serious gardening begins…

From Veggie Patch To Plate

April is the month when outdoor sowing and planting really begins,

thanks to warmer temperatures and lighter evenings, May is a busy

month with lots of sowing, planting, watering and weeding to be done:

• Plant the last of your maincrop seed potatoes. As we’ve had a mild

spring, why not consider growing your own sweet potatoes; bury them

in deep, rich soil that’s been earthed-up in mounds and sink openended

plastic bottles into the soil alongside them so you can water the

roots directly.

• Sow under cover: sweetcorn, marrows, cucumbers and courgettes.

• Sow in the open: broad, runner and French beans, sprouting broccoli,

carrots, lettuce, spring onions, peas, pumpkins, radish, rocket and

winter squashes.

• Thin out seedlings as they begin to emerge to ensure there’s enough

space for healthy growth. Make sure you water young plants to prevent

them from drying out.

• Weed regularly and gradually acclimatise tender young plants that

have been raised indoors. Move them outside during the day but take

them back inside at night – only plant them out when all danger of

night time frosts has passed.

Elsewhere Around The Garden

It’s not just the veggie patch that needs some TLC this month, there

are numerous other jobs that won’t take a lot of time, but will leave

your garden looking wonderful in the run up to, and throughout, the

(hopefully) sunny summer months:

• With a pressure washer or wire patio brush, give your paths and patio

a good clean.

• Check your fences for any winter damage and replace or repair before

giving them a fresh lick of paint or stain – this will transform your

garden in just a few hours!

• After its first cut of the year, you need to treat your lawn with feed and

weed and moss killer in order to promote thick lush growth that you

can enjoy all summer long.

• Plant up hanging baskets and hang in a frost-free greenhouse or

conservatory, for wonderful indoor colour and scent.

• As frosts can still occur, keep tender growth protected with

horticultural fleece.

• Give any potted shrubs a spring boost by removing the top 10cm of

soil and replace with compost. Feed with slow-release fertiliser.

Happy Harvest

If you’re already a keen gardener and have been working away all year,

you’ll have some delicious treats to harvest this month, including:

• Asparagus

• Brussels sprouts

• Carrots

• Leeks

• Spinach

• Spring cabbages

• Rhubarb

‘Green’ Fingers

Although gardening is a pretty eco-friendly activity already, there are

ways to make it more so; reuse some everyday household waste to cuts

costs as well as carbon emissions – some excellent tips include using

plastic milk bottles as plant pots, using egg boxes (made from recycled

waste paper) as plant pots to sow seeds (much like the biodegradable

ones), and use sports water bottles to give plants a little trickle of


With a Bank Holiday weekend this weekend and another at the end

of May, you’ve no excuse to not spend at least an afternoon in your

garden, especially if the sun is shining! For more information on what

to do when in your garden, visit



The Royal Oak

As a pub for over 300 years, The Royal Oak in Old

Malton, Yorkshire has a wealth of history in its

walls. Owned by Ian Turner for the last 24 years, The

Royal Oak is a unique and quirky traditional village

pub, often referred to as ‘an institution’ by locals

thanks to its abundance of olde world charm and

character. Built around the mid-17th Century, The

Royal Oak has retained much of its character over

the years, which adds to the friendly and welcoming

atmosphere felt by all who cross the threshold.

Ian told Aspire: “We always have five real-ales on tap, as well as three

draught continental lagers and all the usual spirits and shorts. I rarely have

to leave Yorkshire for real-ales because we have so many breweries here

and as I own the pub independently, I’m not tied to any brewery, meaning I

can bring my customers only the best.

“I guess you could say our flagship real-ale is ‘Guzzler’ from York Brewery.

It’s a very tasty ale for its low gravity; it’s very fruity and hoppy. Another

customer-favourite, especially with the ladies, is ‘Golden Pinnin’ from

Copper Dragon Brewery. I’m not sure what makes it so popular with the

ladies but it is very apple-ly and citrusy, so maybe that’s why they love it.”

For Ian, The Royal Oak isn’t just about real-ales; he takes great pride in

providing a very traditional, almost retro, menu filled with classic pub grub,

such as homemade soup of the day, scampi, fresh fish from Whitby, steaks,

pies and award-winning sausages using meat from local farms, as well as a

range of vegetarian dishes using produce from local farms. Ian added: “We

make everything from scratch, including all our sauces, such as our apple

sauce, our horseradish sauce and our coleslaw. The only thing we bring in

is our bread, which is freshly baked by a local bakery. Not only is everything

homemade and delicious, it’s also really good on your wallet. Soup of the

day is just £3 with a roll for an extra £1, and our steaks are excellent value at

just £10.50. We’re really lucky to have local girl, Kelly Williams, as our head

chef. Kelly owned her own restaurant with her sister for many years on the

Algarve, so she brings a wonderful Mediterranean flare to everything she


The Royal Oak can host cosy, intimate affairs, and larger, more flamboyant

ones for your special occasions. During the winter, Ian and his team can

easily accommodate 45, whilst during the summer, weather permitting, this

increases to 80.

The Royal Oak is open Tuesday to Sunday 12noon until 12midnight, with

food available from 12noon until 2pm from Friday to Sunday and from 5pm

until 8pm from Thursday to Saturday. The Royal Oak is closed on Mondays,

except Bank Holiday Mondays.

Previous Customer Feedback:

“A fantastic little find… we had a weekend away with friends in Scarborough and fancied a nice Sunday meal. We found The Royal

Oak and loved it. Fantastic home-cooked food with a lovely service, and best of all lovely staff, who were very friendly. Well worth

a visit - you won’t be disappointed.”

“A lovely warm atmosphere… we called in on our way back from a weekend in Scarborough for a pub lunch and had a gorgeous

Sunday dinner. The service was lovely service and we were made to feel really welcome. We sat in the beer garden and had a few

drinks after our meal, which was very pleasant. Thank you for a great end to our weekend.”

For more information, please visit or call 01653 699334

The Royal Oak,

47 Town Street, Old Malton,

Malton, Yorkshire YO17 7HB



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