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Company Profile

!"#"$"%&'()*()+,-(./ The power of synergies

Televes is much more than a leading brand. It is an intrical part of a large group of

companies that control various niches of the television and telecoms sector.

The Televes Corporation is comprised of nineteen subsidiaries, all working for a

common goal, dedicated to the design and manufacture of distinct equipment to

ensure the total enjoyment of the best possible television anywhere.

From television broadcasting transmitters and gap fillers, CCTV system deployment and

management, professional analysers and portable meters, signal capturing elements

and antennas, vanguard head-ends, robust amplifiers, complete distribution and

switching components, set-top boxes and receivers, cables, outlets... even complex

multimedia solutions for the hospitality sector.

Various companies complementing each other and working for a common goal. Televes

Corporation is placed amongst the largest three companies of the sector in Europe. A

guarantee of quality and compromise.

Televes Corporation is synonimous of a “One-Stop-Shop” solution to deliver the

television signal to the digital home environment, with the best technical support for

the professional installer in charge of certifying the highest levels of quality signals.

The power of Synergies working for a common sector.


Televes is a company dedicated to developing products and services for a competitive

telecommunications industry.

Since our birth in the late 50’s, we have been aware of the ever-changing needs of our

market, that is why our main goal is to achieve technological and industrial excellence

to enable us to reply to today’s demands.

Our constant concern over high quality, our R&D structure and our productivity,

places us among Europe’s leaders of our sector of commerce; that why Televés is the

ideal world partner.




We leave nothing to chance. From design to development to manufacturing.

Televes delivers products and solutions that have been totally controlled by

our carefully selected group of higly skilled personnel.

Quality assurance is our personal signature.

Controlling all variables of the product we deliver is our corporate guarantee.





The quality passion on the manufacturing of our products has

driven Televes to set high criteria’s of quality and reliability,

and to extend them to the rest of the company.

Televes takes the guess work out of the equation

ISO 9001

Televes products undergo the most stringent postproduction

certification testing, so that you can rest assured

the materials and components will withstand the harshest

environment conditions.

Televés is proud to have one of the most advanced certification

laboratories of any company in the sector.

From electromagnetic compatibility, to electrical security. From

exposure to excess heat and humidity, to freezing temperature

testing. We perform extreme componentry aging tests to

validate correct behaviour of our products throughout time.

We even analyse exposure of our products to earthquake

simulations. We do not have to. But we leave no stone unturned.



The quality of Televes’products is due to a precise

selection process, a specialised assembly line and a

quality control applyed to every individual product

once it has been manufactured.

Televes has a broad commercial network, in a continuous international

expansion, this includes branches, subsidiaries, distributors and installers across

the World. Through this solid network, we offer a flexible and competitive

product, as well as the best possible service.

Televes' products offer various solutions to any Radio or

TV installation. We have a very comprehensive range of

products from antennas to electronics. In each case, Televés

has a product available so that you can get the best possible


Solutions to any Installation. With Televes' range of products,

a solution to all reception and distribution problems

concerning either Radio or TV signals is possible. Our

products cover MATV, SMATV, CATV, Digital TV and many

other types of installations.

Our dedication to mechanical design eases their installation.

Constant training of our commercial and technical staff is taken into high

consideration. Televes has always considered that customer service is vital to

maintain our clients trust and to avoid frontiers.


Televes is linked to its clients through its user-friendly interactive “on-line”

service that is permanently connected to our Office Network.

Service which includes the necessary information to help our customers with

their planning requirements, like calculating their equipment needs at any

point within a system/network. Also it includes our complete range of products

and because it is updated daily, the latest product can be easily found.

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