Video Games;

Good or Bad?


Amanda Baumann &

Erin Mackin

The Truth about Video Games

With all of the recent fuss over video games being

dangerous to our children, many people seem to

neglect the fact that there are many video games

out there that can be very beneficial.

Every game has its pro’s and con’s but the real

issue is which one out weighs the other, and that

is how to determine if a video game is good or bad

for your child.

Call of Duty

Violent Games

Pro- Can be a social game, it is somewhat


Con- Very graphic, can be influential

On young children and adolescents.

Grand Theft Auto

Pro- Offer players feeling of power

and control, stress reliever.

Con- Set in very realistic environment, can be

influential and players.


Mario Cart

Fun Games

Pro- Many different game styles, keeps gamer entertained.

Con- Has games that involve betting

money online, not good for young

children who play these games.

Professor Layton and the

curious village

Pro- Fun and entertaining, can be


Con- Players are not physically active.


Educational Games

Dora’s Fix it Adventure

Pro- Very educational for young


Con- Children are not very physically


Stuart little learning adventures

Pro- Different levels available for

all ages

Con- Does not follow any of the Stuart

little story lines


So are video games really

that bad?

So when it comes down to it, are video games

necessarily bad?

There is no answer to that question, because it

depends on what video game you play. In our

opinion all video games have positive and negative

effects and it all comes down to parents to make

the decision of what video games they allow their

children to play.

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