English Form 3 Test Test memoranda Test 12: Spelling ... - Pearson


English Form 3 Test Test memoranda Test 12: Spelling ... - Pearson

English Form 3 Test

Test 12: Spelling and punctuation

Test memoranda

Total: 40 marks

1. The recent suicides of five young people who hanged themselves in Masunga over a

period of one month have left many people dumbstruck.

No one knows why these young people – four young men aged 18 and a woman

aged 20 – decided to end their lives.

There has not been any reason advanced to explain these tragedies. Residents

are still reeling in shock and are having difficulty in coming to terms with the


Masunga Police Station commander, Superintendent Mpho Modisaotsile has

expressed his concern about the recent number of suicide cases, which he said are on

the increase. The deaths, he noted, took place between 13 January and 15 February,

2010. He said this was a shocking figure compared to the same period the previous

year when only one case was recorded.

Modisaotsile indicated that it is difficult for police to say what the causes of the

suicides were. He said in most of these cases, there are no signs or obvious reasons

why the teenagers were contemplating committing suicide.

“At times, we have had suicides among youths who were experiencing problems with

their girlfriends or boyfriends and sometimes it is when a youth is dating a person who

is not accepted by relatives,” he said.

Modisaotsile appealed to the public to always seek help whenever they have

problems. He said there are many people in the community whom these people could

turn to for help. He cited social workers, pastors, district officers and police officers,

as examples of people who could help.

“Life is a very precious gift. We only live once, so we need to protect our life so that

we don’t lose it unnecessarily,” he said.


English Memo 12

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Psychologist, Anita Lebengo, agrees that it is possible for children to think of suicide.

She says an 18-year-old could commit suicide when overwhelmed by stress, either

from relationships, failure to meet certain demands of the society, arguments

with parents, and so on.

“Sometimes some children who suffer from psychological disorders characterised by

hallucinations and hearing voices, commit suicide to get away from these disorders,”

she said. [10 x 2 = 20]

2. A young man who lives in Lobatse was dumped by his girlfriend and decided the

only thing left for him to do was to kill himself. He got into his car and drove

recklessly to Gaborone because he wanted to have a head-on collision with

another vehicle. Because of the heavy rains that day, his car got stuck in the mud

somewhere near Mogobane. A friend found him there and gave him a ride. On the

way back, he told his friend what he was trying to do. His friend was shocked

and took him to a social worker he knew. The young man told the social worker

that he couldn’t live without his girlfriend. The social worker explained to him that

he had a lot to live for and that he would find another girl. After weeks of

counselling, the young man realised that the social worker was right. [10 x 2 = 20]

[Total: 40]


English Memo 12

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