June 2012 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat & Westmeston


June 2012 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat & Westmeston





The Revd David Wallis

The Vicarage, 2 Charlton Gardens,

Lewes Road, Ditchling, BN6 8WA

Geoffrey Heath

St Margaret’s

Andrew Martin

(01273) 843165

(01273) 845134

(01273) 846123

Mike Sewell Streat Church (01273) 890366

Mark Moody-Stuart

Doreen Kallman

Richard Allen

Colyeen Blanchard

St Martin’s

(01273) 846525

(01273) 844743

(01273) 842919

01444 246186

Hon Treasurer: Mark Moody-Stuart (01273) 846525

Bookkeeper: Sue Sewell (01273) 890366

Hon Secretary: Margaret Bovill (01273) 845319

Stewardship Officer: Rodney Dodds 01444 250753

Organists and


Hon Organists:

Nick Hancock

John Sandford

Lynette Walker

Lynn Bond

St Margaret’s

Streat Church

St Martin’s

(01273) 841815

07855 957644

(01273) 891005

(01273) 842387

Parish office Email: admin@beaconparishes.org Phone: 01273 843165

The Beacon

Editor: Graham Sharpless (01273) 845368



Sue & George Hancock (01273) 890298



Jenny Bell

Margaret Moore


(01273) 843194

(01273) 843805

Paul Charman Streat & Westmeston (01273) 844743

Full membership of the PCC can be found on the website at:


The Revd David Wallis’s day off is Friday

The Beacon Parish is a registered charity, number 1132488

Front cover: Ditchling Fair in 2010 (photo by Tomek Henke, courtesy of


The Beacon June 2012


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Michael Wilson 1926 - 2012 .................................................................................... 9

Beacon Parish Church Duties June 2012................................................................11

Bible Notes .............................................................................................................12

Malawi Association for Christian Support .............................................................12

Prayer Diary – June 2012 .......................................................................................14

‘Jefferis The Revd. Mr. Vicar of Ditchling’ by Richard Allen ...................................17

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To Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Street Party

Saturday 2 nd June, Church Lane, Ditchling


For the most regal or zany crown!

Come and join the fun and delicious food from 12.30pm

Adults £7.50 Children £5.00 (includes first drink)

Tickets from the Post Office or telephone Nicki 842791

If wet the party will be in St Margaret’s Church


The Beacon Churches Calendar June 2012

Morning Prayer at Ditchling: Monday to Friday at 9.00 am

1 Fri Wedding of Robert and Anna Ditchling 12.30pm


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

All Age Sung Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

Morning Prayer Westmeston 9.45am

4 Mon Lighting of the Jubilee Beacon Ditching Beacon 10.00pm

6 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am

9 Sat Wedding of Christopher and Kirsty Ditchling 2.30pm


Sung Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

Morning Prayer Streat 9.45am

13 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

Morning Prayer Ditchling 9.45am

Eucharist Streat 9.45am

Eucharist Westmeston 6.00pm

20 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am


The Beacon Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

27 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am

30 Sat Wedding of Jessica and James Ditchling 2.30pm

The Beacon Parish Office

Open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings

9.30 am to 12 noon (the place to direct any enquiries)

01273 843165 email: admin@beaconparishes.org



Fr David writes

Dear Friends

The Olympic torch has arrived, the Queen’s Diamond

Jubilee is fast approaching and after that we have the

700 th Ditchling Fair to look forward to. We shall all be

exhausted by the end of the summer!

Some of the celebrations for the Jubilee have already

begun and Queen Elizabeth seems to be thoroughly

enjoying marking the 60 th year of her reign. How very

much the world has changed during those 60 years, yet

what a great contrast of consistency Elizabeth has been

throughout. Whether you are in favour of the monarchy

or not, there is no denying that Elizabeth is a remarkable person and someone

who is very committed to the Christian faith. Her last Christmas speech made

clear how deep her commitment is and how it is very much her hope that the

people of this Land will come to know Jesus Christ. If you are impressed by

Queen Elizabeth, you need to ask yourself, what fuels her I feel sure that she

would answer her belief in God and there must have been times over the last 60

years when she has needed to draw deeply on the strength, wisdom and comfort

of God.

“if we want prosperity and comfort, it should never

come at the cost of other people’s suffering”

The celebration of ‘Jubilees’ is not, however, restricted to the monarchy alone;

rather, the concept of a Jubilee Year originates from the Bible. Leviticus, one of

the Old Testament books of the Law, states that every fiftieth year is to be a year

of Jubilee in which debts are cancelled, slaves are set free and the land is

allowed to rest fallow. Jubilee is a year of redemption and rejuvenation. I find

great wisdom in such a concept. There are numerous ways in which these

themes of Jubilee can be fruitfully applied to the modern world to produce much


Jubilee – a year when debts are cancelled

One of the traditional versions of the Lord’s Prayers uses the word ‘debt’ where

we are more accustomed to the word ‘trespasses’ or ‘sins’. ‘Forgive us our debts

as we forgive those who are indebted to us’. The wisdom at the heart of this

cyclical petition is that in order to receive what we desire for ourselves, we must

be willing and generous enough to offer it to others. So, if we want prosperity

and comfort, it should never come at the cost of other people’s suffering.


Jubilee – a year of liberation

Liberation and Liberty can have many meanings; liberty for those who are

imprisoned for their faith (and many Christians are); liberation from the

loneliness of being housebound; liberation from inescapable poverty; liberation

from disability by the way we organise our public spaces; liberation from the

guilt of our past; I am sure many other forms of liberty spring to mind.

Jubilee – a year to allow the land to rest fallow

Far fewer people work the land nowadays. Nevertheless, we are all consumers

and what we consume has an inevitable impact on the land and Creation. It is

astonishing to think that the instruction and wisdom of Jubilee given so many

years ago has such relevance today. When will we learn

“this year of Jubilee will herald the beginning of a

new reign of generosity, liberty and fruitfulness”

Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee is set to be a time of great celebration; I hope not just

because we will be recalling the past events of her 60 year reign but also

because this year of Jubilee will herald the beginning of a new reign of

generosity, liberty and fruitfulness.

With every blessing

Fr David

The Collect of the Queen’s Jubilee

God of time and eternity,

whose Son reigns as servant, not master;

we give you thanks and praise

that you have blessed this Nation, the Realms and Territories


our beloved and glorious Queen.

In this year of Jubilee,

grant her your gifts of love and joy and peace

as she continues in faithful obedience to you, her Lord and God

and in devoted service to her lands and peoples,

and those of the Commonwealth,

now and all the days of her life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Beacon Parish News

Annual Church Meetings

The Annual Beacon Parish Meetings were held on Sunday 29 th April, 2012, at St

Margaret's Church. The Vestry Meeting was held to elect the Churchwardens

which are: Andrew Martin for St Margaret's, Mike Sewell for Streat and Doreen

Kallman and Mark Moody Stuart for Westmeston. Geoff Heath has resigned as

Churchwarden for St Margaret's and Fr David thanked him for all his hard work

over the years. There is therefore a vacancy for a Churchwarden at St


The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) followed and started with the

election of the new PCC, which now includes a new member, Emma French. The

PCC members are Penelope Bennett, Ian Berrill, Margaret Bovill, Janet Cragg,

Emma French, Colin Juniper, Mike Middleton, Graham Sharpless, Sue Sewell and

Carolyn Webb. Fr David and Churchwardens are also members of the PCC.

Members of the Deanery Synod and Sidesmen were also elected.

The Beacon Parish PCC for 2012-13

The Treasurer's Report showed that we must remain vigilant with our funds. Fr

David's Report concentrated mainly on the Hurst Deanery, which is undergoing a

major review. Fr David also mentioned that the population of St George’s is

now larger than Streat and Westmeston combined. We need to look at our


mission and how we can include worship there. There is a great opportunity to

use St George’s to its full potential and it is hoped that the PCC will look at how

this can be achieved.

Margaret Bovill, PCC Secretary

Jubilee Choir - 10 th Anniversary Concert

The Jubilee Choir will be celebrating its 10 th birthday in June. The choir is

therefore organising a small concert and reception on the evening of Friday, 8 th

June at 1930 hours in Westmeston Parish Hall. There will be no entry fee but

we would be very grateful if you could give generously to our chosen charity, the

Martlets Hospice.

The evening will be a mixture of music and entertainment with interval drinks

and light refreshments. Some local parishioners have already kindly volunteered

to 'do a turn'. If anyone else feels that they would like to participate (eg with a

sketch, instrumental, reading etc.) then please do contact us. We look forward

to hearing from you and seeing you on 8 th June.

Helen Firmin

The Beacon wins Best Parish Magazine Competition

The April issue of The Beacon was entered into the

Chichester Diocese competition and won first place as

the best parish magazine in the Diocese (or at least of

those which were entered).

The Diocese said ‘We will be judging the April issue

based on its overall design (front cover and internal

design) and content and the winning Parish magazine

will be featured in the Diocesan Chichester Magazine

for all to see! It will also be included in a new parish

magazine resource pack as an example of a good


Thanks are due to all those who contributed to The

Beacon. A photo of some of the contributors and others involved in this and

other issues of the Beacon was taken on 29 th April, before the annual meetings,

and is shown on the next page.


The front cover was designed by Aaron Goff (age 10) of Ditchling (St Margaret's)

CE Primary School. There were a number of entries from the school, but Aaron’s

was chosen for the magazine. Aaron is in the centre of the photo, holding a copy

of the April Beacon.

Cricket Tournament

This is advance notice that this year’s Six-a-Side Cricket Tournament will be on

Sunday 9 th September at Ditchling Recreation Ground. Anyone wishing to play,

help or bake please let Matthew Searle, myself or Nicki Amas know.

Tony Blanchard

The Beacon Churches “100 Club”

The two winners of the Easter Draw were Shirley Cox and Alan & Julia Tinker

receiving prizes of £50.

Pam Gaskin


In June we remember:

In Memoriam

1 st William Henry Taylor 4 th Edith May Steptoe

4 th George Mabbutt 20 th Anthony (Tony) Way, Priest

16 th William Ernest Dean 23 rd Mary Pascoe

24 th Herbert Bannister 27 th Francis (Frank ) Kingshott

Hilda Doris Paine

Muriel Trudgill

Michael Wilson 1926 - 2012

Michael Wilson died on Friday May 4 th at Homelands Nursing Home, Cowfold.

His funeral was at St Margaret’s on Ascension Day, May 17 th . Although Michael

had been incapacitated for some time he still kept in touch with his many friends

in Ditchling and received the communion regularly in the nursing home.

In the early 1960s he moved to the village with his wife Elizabeth and their

children Paul and Ruth and a warm welcome awaited all who called on the

Wilson household in Lewes Road. Soon after Elizabeth died in 1997, Michael

moved to his house in the Twitten.

He was a regular communicant at the early service on Sunday mornings and

served for many years as Treasurer of the Friends of St Margaret’s. He was a

Volunteer at the Museum and very regularly acted as Prompt for the

productions of the Ditchling Players. Perhaps more strikingly he could be seen on

Fair Days dressed perhaps as the Tin Man and, on a later occasion, as Compo

from ‘Last of the Summer Wine’!

A man of deeply held faith and principle, Michael worked all his life for a fairer

society in which people would live in peace and harmony and where injustice

would be no more. He had a wide circle of friends for whom his forthright views

coupled with an impish sense of humour made him greatly loved.

Our sympathy goes to Paul and Ruth and to all Michael’s family.

Richard Allen




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Beacon Parish Church Duties June 2012

Time Church Service Lessons Readers Sidesmen

3 Trinity Sunday



9.45am Ditchling









10 First Sunday after Trinity

9.45am Ditchling






17 Second Sunday after Trinity



9.45am Ditchling





9.45am Streat Eucharist




24 Third Sunday after Trinity

9.45am Ditchling



Flowers: Streat: Holly Maxwell-Gumbleton

Westmeston Brenda Hall

Romans 8: 12 - 17 Ivor Ivor

John 3: 1 - 17 Blomfield Blomfield

Romans 8: 12 - 17

John 3: 1 - 17

Isaiah 6: 1 - 8

Romans 8: 12 - 17





Yvonne Sen

Carl Belfield



Brenda Hall

Flowers: Streat: Myrtle Skelton

Westmeston: Brenda Hall

2 Corinthians 4: 13, 5: 1 Judy Di Martin

Mark 3: 20 - end Walker Judy Essex

2 Corinthians 4: 13, 5: 1

Mark 3: 20 - end

tba Sue Sewell

Flowers: Streat: Myrtle Skelton

Westmeston: Doreen Kallman

2 Corinthians 5: 6-10, 14-17

Mark 4: 26 - 34

Jenny Bell Jenny Bell

Ezekiel 17: 22 - end Rodney Joan Styles

Mark 4: 26 - 34 Dodds Jane Roberts

2 Corinthians 5: 6-10, 14-17

Mark 4: 26 - 34

tba Sue Sewell

2 Corinthians 5: 6-10, 14-17

Mark 4: 26 - 34





Shelia Tester

Flowers: Streat: Gillian Tenant

Westmeston: Doreen Kallman


2 Cornithians 6: 1 - 13 Myrtle


Mark 4: 35 -end Skelton

Ian Berrill


Bible Notes

Last year I wrote how the Bible Society in Egypt was allowed to quote Bible

verses in the national newspapers to promote peace and unity in the difficult

days after the spring revolution. They are now planning to give away a million

tracts and 200,000 books and CDs to help rebuild the society with Christian

values. Nevertheless sadly Christians are still being persecuted, some killed and

hundreds injured. Many have fled and others are looking to leave.

Does history repeat itself Our Bible verse this month is from Exodus, where God

released his people from persecution in Egypt, under the leadership of Moses. It

seems incredible that after the hardships of coping with the grumbling and

unfaithful Israelites, Moses could say to God in Exodus 32:32; “Please forgive

their sin, but if not, then blot me out of the book you have written.” See

Revelation 20:15 about the book of life.

Moses was much rewarded by his talk with the Lord in the next chapter Exodus

33:12-23, especially verse 17; And the Lord said to Moses “I will do the very thing

you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.”

From the New Testament we know that Jesus can save people from their sin, I

wonder if Jesus quoted these verses to the couple on the road to Emmaus (Luke


Jill Veness

Malawi Association for Christian Support

For many years, MACS has

supported a blind school in Malawi

at Nkope, giving a grant each term

and also providing much needed

equipment such as Braille Machines.

The number of students has

increased over the years, in

particular the number of girls.

Nkope blind school has a fine

tradition of equipping these children

to face the future in a particularly

poor country.

Many of the children are orphans;

all are blind or visually impaired and

poor, a triple whammy. One student dreaded going home for the holidays, as


she would be shut in her mud hut all day, her family ashamed of her disability.

The awful truth is that most of these children should not be blind in the first

place. Their disability is caused by diseases such as measles and trachoma. These

are the complications of poverty and malnutrition.

“Many of the children are orphans; all are blind or

visually impaired and poor”

A few years ago the school was visited by the Christian Blind Mission and the

accommodation for these students was assessed as being sub standard. MACS is

committed to building 2 new hostels for the students, one for 20 girls and one

for 20 boys. So far we have raised £27,500. The plans are currently being drawn

up by an architect in this country and we hope to begin the project later this

year. One complication has been the devaluation of the Malawian currency by

40% in the last 2 weeks as advised by the IMF. Bingu wa Mutharika, the former

president died in April from a heart attack, having fallen out with foreign

investors and bringing the country to near collapse. The new president, Joyce

Banda has a tough job in revitalizing the country and bringing about some

stability. She has the goodwill of the people on her side and hopefully this very

poor country will see better days. The Beacon Parish helped us raise funds for

mosquito nets and I hope they may be prepared to help us again by raising

money for these urgently needed new hostels.

In 2002, MACS sent over £10,000 to help with a famine in Malawi. It was just a

drop in the ocean, but we did what we could. It is hard for us to understand what

it is like to live through a famine, however one young Malawian describes in

detail the problems that faced his family during this time. He had to drop out of

secondary school as his father could not afford the fees.

‘We were all losing weight. The bones began to show in my chest, and the rope I

used as a belt no longer sufficed. Now I’d started pinching my two belt loops

together, then tying them off with a stick, much like a tourniquet, which I could

simply twist when I became any thinner. My mouth was always dry. My arms

became thin like blue gum poles and ached all the time. Soon I found it difficult to

squeeze my hand into a fist.’

However William Kamkwamba’s book ‘The boy who harnessed the wind’ is a

story of triumph. Desperate to continue his education, he studies in a small,

badly equipped library, reads about windmills and decides on a course of action.

Against all odds, foraging amongst rubbish heaps and old bits of machinery, he

builds a windmill and brings electricity to his home. Perhaps we could all learn

from his words ‘If you want to make it, all you have to do is try’. It is a book

worth reading.

Sally Huband


Prayer Diary – June 2012

Feast Days

Prayer for the world church

& Prayer for this diocese

1 Justin, Martyr at Rome, c 165 Colorado

Chidham, St Mary: PinC (Vacant)

2 Connecticut

Compton, The Mardens, Stoughton &

Racton, Stansted & Forestside

3 Trinity Sunday

The Martyrs of Uganda, 1885-7

& 1977

Connor (Armagh)

Spiritual Directors in the diocese

4 Petroc, 6th century Cork, Cloyne & Ross

Westbourne, St John the Baptist

5 Boniface, 754 Costa Rica

Funtington with Sennicotts; West Stoke

6 Ini Kopuria, 1945 Coventry

East Dean, Singleton & West Dean

7 Corpus Christi Cuba

Southbourne with West Thorney

8 Thomas Ken, 1711 Cueibet (Sudan)

Archdeaconry of Lewes & Hastings: Philip

Jones, AD

9 Columbus, Abbot of Iona, 597 Cuernavaca (Mexico)

Rural Deanery of Battle & Bexhill

10 Trinity 1 Burma

Suzy Adeosun (Corporate Governance


11 Barnabas the Apostle Curitiba (Brazil)

Ashburnham with Penhurst

12 Cuttack (India)

Battle, St Mary the Virgin

13 Cyangugu (Rwanda)

Bexhill, St Peter: TR (Vacant)

14 Richard Baxter, 1691 Cyprus & the Gulf

Sidley, All Saints: I (Vacant)


Feast Days

Prayer for the world church

& Prayer for this diocese

15 Evelyn Underhill, 1941 Daejeon (Korea)

Bexhill, St Mark

16 Translation of St Richard, 1276.

Joseph Butler, Bp of Durham,

Philosopher, 1752

17 Trinity 2

Samuel & Henrietta Barnett,

Social Reformers, 1913 & 1936


Bexhill, St Barnabas

18 Bernard Mizeki, 1896 Damaturu (Jos)

Bexhill, St Augustine

19 Sundar Singh of India, Sadhu

(holy man), Evangelist, Teacher

of the Faith, 1929

Steven Sleight (Human Resources Adviser)

& Sue Atkins (Stipends)

Diocese in Europe

Bexhill, St Stephen

20 Delaware

Catsfield & Crowhurst

21 Robert Reade 1415 Delhi

Hooe, St Oswald; Ninfield, St Mary the


22 Alban, 1st Martyr of Britain, c


Derby (Canterbury)

Sedlescombe with Whatlington

23 Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely, c 678 Derry & Raphoe (Armagh)

Rural Deanery of Dallington

24 Trinity 3

The Birth of John the Baptist

North India

Property department, Church House

25 John Scory 1585 Eastern Kowloon (Hong Kong)

Brightling, Dallington, Mountfield, &


26 Diocese of the Free State (Southern Africa)

Burwash, St Bartholomew

27 Cyril of Alexandria, 444 Western Kowloon (Hong Kong)

Burwash Weald, St Philip: (Vacant)

28 Irenæus, c 200 Diocese on the Coast (Nigeria)

Hailsham, St Mary


Feast Days

Prayer for the world church

& Prayer for this diocese

29 Peter & Paul, Apostles Dogura (Papua New Guinea)

Etchingham, Assumption & St Nicholas;

Hurst Green, Holy Trinity

30 Doko (Nigeria)

Pray for the Ordinations of Deacons at

Chichester Cathedral today

Heathfield, All Saints


Tuesday 26 th June, Westmeston Parish Hall

starting at 7.15pm

Everyone is welcome to join the friendly team of players. The next whist

drive will be on Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 7.15pm

For more details contact Doreen Kallman (01273 844743)

The Music Express

Summer Music and Drama Workshops

The Music Express runs music and drama workshops for children aged 7 to 12

at Great Walstead School, Lindfield. Reasons to choose Music Express:

• no auditions – all children are welcome

• every child gets a major role, regardless of age

• we offer the full range of performing arts activities, including dance,

drama, singing, mask work, drumming

• small classes in which individual talent can flourish

• a relaxed and supportive environment

There is only one course this summer which runs from 23 rd to 27 th July.

The cost for the week is £140.

For further information and to obtain an application form, contact John

Sandford on 07855 957644 or email sandfordjohn@hotmail.com.


‘Jefferis The Revd. Mr. Vicar of Ditchling

As well as being Vicar of Ditchling from 1746 until 1777, Samuel Jefferies was

also Rector of Patcham from 1750. Whereas William Lamb (1721-1740) had

been a ‘curate’ at Patcham, Samuel Jefferies was very much the Rector of that

parish. He would receive income from the tithes and glebe lands of Patcham to

supplement his income from Ditchling. He was almost certainly resident here as

parish records show his regular involvement in the life of the parish. There is

always the possibility that, by marrying Mrs Anne Price, a widow from Clayton,

he acquired additional income to pay for a curate to take the services at


That he was well thought of in clerical circles is seen in his invitation to preach

at the Archdeacon’s Visitation held at Lewes on Tuesday June 14 th 1757. He

preached at St Michael’s Church on the text from Matthew 11.5: ‘The blind

receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear,

the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.’

Listening to this sermon was the famous Sussex diarist, Thomas Turner, the

shopkeeper from East Hoathly. Frustratingly, Thomas Turner made no comment

on the quality of the sermon, but reported that he, as churchwarden of East

Hoathly was sworn in as churchwarden, for which he paid 4s 6d. We can

therefore assume that the two churchwardens from Ditchling, Anthony Tanner

and James Wood, were also sworn in and presumably also paid up. Anthony

Tanner, who lived at ‘Brewers’, East End Lane had already been churchwarden

for 8 years, but for James Wood this was his first year.

Samuel Jefferies, as Vicar, would have presided at the Vestry Meeting held at

Easter 1757 at which the churchwardens would have been elected. In an age

well before the coming of the Parish Council, the Easter Vestry meeting was

where important matters concerning the local community were decided by the

ratepayers of the parish. As well as electing the Churchwardens, the parish

elected the Overseers of the Poor and decided on the rates to be levied for the

new financial year. Grievances might well be aired from those who objected to

paying the tithes, church and poor rates. The nonconformists living in the village

would be more concerned with providing funds for the new Baptist Church at

the Meeting House rather than with paying dues to St Margaret’s Church!

Soon after he arrived, Samuel Jefferies found himself in the middle of

controversy concerning the use of income from church and charity lands. But

even the documents written by Samuel Jefferies himself were insufficient to

solve all the financial problems and, in 1753, matters were referred to the Court


of Chancery in London. Here the case dragged on until a final settlement in 1781,

but, alas, too late for Samuel Jefferies who died on March 2 nd 1777. The Parish

Register succinctly noted the burial of ‘Jefferis The Revd. Mr. Vicar of Ditchling’.

His wife Anne was buried on the anniversary of her husband’s burial, just nine

years later.

So, only tantalising glimpses of this Vicar of Ditchling, but one whose ministry

here was exceeded in length only by Francis Norton (1883-1921).

Richard Allen

News from Chichester Diocese

For more information on these news items see the Diocesan website at


Bishop of Chichester appointed

Downing Street has announced that The

Right Reverend Dr Martin Warner,

currently Suffragan Bishop of Whitby in

the Diocese of York, is to be the next

Bishop of Chichester. Dr Warner studied

at St Chad’s College in Durham before

completing his theological training at St

Stephen’s House, Oxford. He was Team

Vicar in Leicester for five years from

1988, Priest Administrator of the Shrine

of Our Lady of Walsingham between

1993 and 2002 and Honorary Canon of

Norwich from 2000 to 2002. Dr Warner

was then appointed as a residentiary

Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, where he

made a big contribution particularly with regards to the Cathedral’s connection

with the art world. He was selected as suffragan Bishop of Whitby in 2010.

Dr Warner is a regular contributor to the Church Times and has written five

books. He is a cyclist, enjoys the arts and is well known for his hospitality and

welcome. He is a traditionalist who has worked resolutely in recent years to

encourage provision in which people of all integrities can remain together.


Government agrees £30m to resolve VAT concerns

The Church of England has welcomed today's agreement with the Government

over the future funding of alterations and repairs to its 12,500 listed buildings,

which will provide £30 million a year extra money, on top of the £12 million

already in the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme (LPWGS).

The LPWGS will in future be ring fenced and no longer vulnerable to cuts in

departmental budgets and it is planned to re-introduce monthly pay outs from

October. The scheme will be guaranteed for the duration of this Parliament.

Parishes have shown they need a much greater degree of certainty in the

funding they receive and this will now be met by ironing out some of the more

unhelpful characteristics of the current LPWGS.

Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving

This special service, taking place at the Cathedral on Saturday 16 th June at

3.30pm, is part of the Diocese of Chichester's celebrations for the Queen’s

service to the Nation, Church and Commonwealth and will be attended by

representatives from East and West Sussex including the Lord Lieutenants of

East and West Sussex, the High Sheriffs of East and West Sussex and Civic

Leaders from across the county. The service will include music performed by the

famous Chichester Cathedral Choir and the University of Chichester’s Gospel

Choir which is not to be missed.

Torch Relay prayers released

Two new prayers, see www.olympics.churchofengland.org, are to ‘accompany’

the Torch Relay on its tour of England. They will be used by many of the CofE’s

16,000 churches publicly as the Torch makes its 70-day tour of the nation,

travelling within an hour of 95 per cent of people in the UK, Isle of Man,

Guernsey and Jersey.

Olympic "Power" Prayer Pilgrimage

To mark the occasion of the Olympic torch passing through Sussex in mid July

Revd Richard Jackson, Diocesan Mission and Renewal Advisor, is organising a

prayer pilgrimage along the route, a month before the torch arrives. To raise the

profile Richard plans to ride the route on a motorbike and hopes that others may

want to join him. On 19 th June from 10 am to 4:15 pm he will be visiting

churches in Lancing, West Blatchington, Hove and Brighton.


What’s On in June 2012

2 Sat Beacon Parish Street Party, Church Lane, Ditchling p 1 12.30 pm

4 Mon

7 Thu

8 Fri

Ditchling Parish Council lighting of the Jubilee

Beacon Brazier, Ditchling Beacon

Ditchling WI meeting and talk The life of

Musicians, Ditchling Village Hall

Choir Practice, St Margaret’s Church

Ditchling Film Society film Budrus, Ditchling

Village Hall

Women’s Fellowship coach trip to the Chichester

Cathedral Flower Festival, from Ditchling Village



p 31

p 23

p 31

p 25

10 pm

2.30 pm

6.15 pm

8 pm


Jubilee Choir 10 th Anniversary Concert and p 7 7.30 pm

Reception, Westmeston Parish Hall

9 Sat Working Party, Streat Barn Garden 9.30 am

12 Tue

Newick Decorative and Fine Art Society lecture

Iconography, Plumpton Village Hall p 35 2.15 pm

Ditchling Downs WI meeting and talk

Recollections of a 60s Dior Model, the Friends

Meeting House, East Gardens, Ditchling p 23 7.30 pm

13 Wed Frugal Lunch, Emmanuel Chapel 12.30 pm

Ditchling History Project talk on Harris’s Fair, the

14 Thu

Old Meeting House

p 33 7.30 pm

15 Fri

16 Sat

Ditchling History Project Ditchling Fair Show and

Tell history morning, Stoneywish

Ditchling Film Society mini Glyndebourne

evening, Ditchling Village Hall

p 32

p 32

DITCHLING FAIR, High Street, Ditchling p 28

Ditchling Fair Grand Procession, Long Park


Ditchling Fair stalls, sideshows and

entertainment, Village Green

p 28

p 28

10 am

8 pm

1 pm

16 Sat

What’s On in June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving,

Chichester Cathedral

17 Sun Deanery Evensong, Holy Trinity, Hurstpierpoint

19 Tue

Olympic "Power" Prayer Pilgrimage, Lancing to


Ditchling Village Association Coffee Morning,


p 19

p 19

p 31


10 am

21 Thu Choir Practice, St Margaret’s Church 6.15 pm

26 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 16 7.15 pm

1 Sun

5 Thu

What’s On in July 2012

Sussex Chorus Mini Glyndebourne, Burgess Hill


Ditchling Film Society film The King’s Speech,

Ditchling Village Hall

p 31

6 pm

8 pm

11 Wed Frugal Lunch, St Margaret’s Church, Ditchling 12.30 pm

14 Sat Working Party, Streat Barn Garden 9.30 am

Ditchling Village Association Coffee Morning,

17 Tue

p 31 10 am

Ditchling Village Hall

The Music Express Summer Music and Drama p 16

23 - 27

Workshops, Great Walstead School, Lindfield

31 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 16 7.15 pm

London Moonwalk 2012

Thank you for your support and sponsorship. Naomi, Dorothy and Audra

completed the London moonwalk on May 12 th . We left at midnight and finished

at 8.24am. It was very hard, but with determination and your support, we made


Naomi Jerrey


Ditchling Women’s Groups

Ditchling Downs WI

Dick Morley was our very welcome guest for our May meeting. He was born in

Ditchling in the 1920s and for the first year of his life lived in East End Lane until

a fire, caused by drying nappies on a heater, led the family to leave and move to

Boddingtons Lane. Dick’s father worked on North End Farm and one of Dick’s

earliest memories was walking as a 3 year old to the end of the lane and wait by

a gate post for his father to arrive home. He remembers weaving stories about

fairies that lived by the gate whilst waiting to ride home on his father’s horse.

Schooling for Dick wasn’t in Ditchling but Hassocks, as this school had a good

reputation for pupils passing their 11+ exams.

Transport to Hassocks was either by bus with the fare at ½d in old money or by

bike and Dick was allowed when he was 6 years old to ride to school with his

friend Leon Sinden. Dick felt that his generation growing up in the late 1920s

and early 1930s was a ‘unique generation’ experiencing life that was better than

his parents’ and grandparents’ generation and better than the children of today.

The recent report by the National Trust giving the top 10 things for children to

do before the age of 11 was exactly the life that the young Dick Morley and his

friends experienced in Ditchling – idyllic. The bring and buy plant sale raised £52.

Due to the June bank holidays our next meeting will on Tuesday 12 th June at the

Friends Meeting House, East Gardens, Ditchling, with an earlier start of 7.30 pm

when our guest will be Diane Kenyon with her ‘Recollections of a 60s Dior

Model’. Enquiries to Barbara Dollings Tel. 01273 843892

Barbara Dollings 01273 843892

Ditchling WI

Our meeting on Thursday 3 rd May started with the W I Resolutions. After WI

business Sheila Rawlings, who was our delegate for the AGM that took place in

Eastbourne, gave us an informative talk on the proceedings. Our Resolution was

that the NFWI ask the Government to increase investment in the training,

employment and retention of Midwives. We had tea and biscuits, a raffle and

Flower of the month.

Our next meeting will be in Ditchling Village Hall on Thursday June 7 th at

2.30pm. It will be a Jubilee meeting. The Speakers will be Herbie Flowers and

Michael Hinton talking on “The life of Musicians”. Please come along and visit


Joan Sayer, Tel 01273845255


Women’s Fellowship

Our May meeting was held at Margaret Moore`s home and the theme of the

evening was that we each bring a special memento and give a short talk on its

significance to us. The mementos ranged from a large conch shell found in the

sea around Bermuda to a small charm purchased on a special holiday. The

stories that went with them made for a very enjoyable evening.

Our next meeting on June 8 th will be the coach trip to the Chichester Cathedral

Flower Festival. All seats are fully booked and the coach leaves the Village Hall at


Jane Roberts

Children and Young People

Ditchling (St. Margaret's) CE Primary School

Children in 3/4 Brownlee have been looking at the importance of reducing,

reusing and recycling. Below is an article, written by Robyn Brady, about why we

should recycle.

Many materials that you find at home can be used again or recycled,

including metal, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic and wood. I think it is

very important to recycle because we need to look after our

environment. If you do not recycle the planet becomes polluted.

Some people do not understand how important recycling is. Other

people cannot be bothered to recycle because they say it takes up too

much time.

I believe it is important to teach everyone how to recycle because it is

really quick and easy. Recycling is worth it because you can save money

by reusing things. It reduces landfill areas and saves natural resources.

If everyone recycled then the world would be a better place to live in.

1 st Ditchling Scout Group

Beavers - Following our Beavers’ big success in raising money for the Mondo

Challenge, which was fully reported in the April edition of the Beacon, a

representative of the Charity came to the Headquarters to receive the big


cheque. A photograph was taken of the occasion and it was published, together

with a report, in the Mid Sussex Times.

The Beavers spent two weeks working on the Explorer Badge which was

followed with a hike on Wolstonbury Hill. It was very very muddy and the

Beavers had a lovely time! Since then time has been spent designing and

painting equipment ready for the Village Fair Float. We congratulate Jamie Amas

who has gained his Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, the highest badge a Beaver can


Cubs - Fair Day float preparation has dominated the programme with lots of

messy painting and paper-maché. It is coming together nicely now. Naomi and

Richard, our Archery instructors, have led two evenings of practice ready for the

Cub Scout Competition which is being held next month.

Scouts – The Scouts have also taken the opportunity of improving their Archery

skills with our instructors. A further evening was spent outdoors but slightly

soggy, doing fire-lighting and cooking sausages and burgers. All this was

followed by a Wide Game. Thanks to our GSL, Shirley Salem, Scouts are involved

in gaining the Artist Badge, a badge which we feel all good Ditchling Scouts

should gain at some time or another!

Group – On the 22 nd April, one day early, we celebrated St George’s Day. The

whole Group walked from Lewes Road, along Nye Lane and then up to the top of

the Beacon where we flew the St George’s Flag and the flags for each of our

Sections, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. We formed up around the flag pole at 9am,

where our Scout Leader, Andrew Brown, gave us a talk about the life and times

of St George. As is tradition on this day, everyone renewed their Scout Promise

and the ceremony closed with a prayer. It was a gloriously warm and clear

morning and hopefully the early morning walkers had time to be impressed by

our activity. Some of them stopped to talk and discuss old times. When all was

completed, we returned to the car park where Julie and Mike Sandercock had

prepared for us drinks and hot dogs which were very welcome. We thank Julie

for arranging this, it being her last time undertaking this for us before retiring

from the Committee at the next Annual General Meeting.

A photograph was taken of us all and it appeared in the Mid Sussex Times the

following week. This was a double success because it was published on the same

page and at the same time as the Beaver’s photo mentioned above. As a result

we had one whole page of publicity dedicated to our Scout Group; photos and


Alec Gaskin, Group Chairman


Specialists in Landscape Planning

Garden Construction Waterscape Landscape

& Waterscape Maintenance Service




TEL: (01273) 843283, FAX: 842335

Directors: A L Standen & S M May

Company Reg. No. 814630 Registered at

Ashdown Cottage, Underhill Lane,

Ditchling, Sussex, BN6 8XE


Ditchling Fair Queen Mary Codling, attended by Sheila Tingley (1953)

Ditchling Fair Procession in the High Street (date unknown)


For practical services

from friendly people

Wills & Estates

Property Sales & Purchases

Personal injury

Inheritance tax planning

Family matters

Services for businesses

32-34 Keymer Road, Hassocks

01273 843405



Authorised and Regulated by the

Solicitors Regulation Authority


Ditchling Parish Council

Village News

Jubilee Beacon

On June 4 th 2012 we will be celebrating Her Majesty, the Queen’s Diamond

Jubilee by lighting our Beacon Brazier on the Beacon at 10pm as part of the

National Chain of Beacons. I do hope you will be able to come and join us.

Parking will be limited so please consider car sharing if possible.


Now that the growing season is here, please will you cut back any hedges or

shrubs which overhang a pavement, footpath, Twitten etc. It is the responsibility

of the owner to keep them cut back, if not the County Council has the power to

cut or trim them to keep their footways and Rights of Way clear, but they will

make a charge.

Mary Holman, Clerk to the Council

Ditchling Village Association Coffee Mornings

I am sorry to bring to your attention that we sadly have to cancel the June 19 th

Ditchling Village Association Coffee Morning. As you are all aware June is a very

busy time for us all this year. Please accept our apologies.

Dates for subsequent coffee mornings during 2012 are shown below.


July 17 th

August 21 st

September 18 th

October 16 th

November 20 th

December 18 th



Ditchling WI

Friends of Village Green

Ditchling Film Society

Friends of St Margaret’s


Ditchling Film Society

On Thursday, 7 June 2012 our film will be Budrus - a powerful documentary

account of the non-violent struggle by residents of a small town in the West

Bank’s Occupied Territories against Israel’s plans to re-route its “separation

barrier” which would deprive the community of 3,000 olive trees on which its

economy depends. The wall does not just simply separate the Israelis from the

Palestinians, but wanders on to Palestinian territory and is intended not merely

to stop movement into Israel but covertly to impose paralysis within the


Palestinian zone itself. Refusing to move, the townsfolk plant themselves in the

path of the bulldozers despite increasingly heated provocation. This involving

film is an eye-opener.

Directors: Julia Bacha. Israel/Palestine 2009. 70 mins.

On Thursday, 5 July 2012 we shall be showing The King’s Speech documenting

the incredible but little-known friendship between King George VI and the

Australian speech therapist who cured him of a debilitating stammer. As the

country is thrown into crisis by the abdication of Edward VIII his younger

brother, Prince Albert, stands paralysed before the wireless, his voice lost in a

painful tangle of childhood inhibitions. Having tried all the traditional doctors,

the Queen engages an unorthodox outsider, Logue, to help him find a voice that

can inspire a nation on the brink of war. It is a touching, uplifting and often

humorous film which is guaranteed to bring a patriotic lump to even the most

republican of throats.

Director: Tom Hooper. UK 2010 118 mins.

The films will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall and the first two films start at

8.00pm. Doors open at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits will be served and

ample free parking behind the hall. Guests and temporary members are

welcome for a small charge payable at the door.


On FRIDAY, 15 JUNE 2012 we will be hosting an opera evening in the Village Hall

with a special screening of Glyndebourne’s (2009) L’elisir d’amore by Donizetti.

This will be accompanied by a glass of “bubbly” and strawberries. The evening

will commence at 7.30pm and the film will start at 8.30pm. Tickets are £10.00

obtainable from Ditchling Post Office or Rosa Burton on 01273 842118. Dress to

impress and bring a picnic. Wine will be on sale.

Rowena Cager and Melanie Samuel

Ditchling History Project

Ditchling Fair

On Fair Day we will celebrate 700 years since King Edward II first granted a Fair

to be held in Ditchling on the eve, the feast day and the succeeding day of the

festival of St Margaret of Antioch, July 20 th : ‘one fair for three days duration (viz.

in the eve and in the day and in the morrow of St Margaret the Virgin)’. The

word ‘fair’ comes from the Latin word ‘feria’ which means festival/holiday and

hence the association with a patron saint.

Gradually the Fair became removed from the original St Margaret’s and instead a

hiring fair was held in Spring and Autumn when livestock was traded and


domestic staff and farm workers were hired. Towards the end of the nineteenth

century we find the Fair connected with the summer Gooseberry and Currant


Rev Arthur Crookshank

However, the link with the parish church becomes apparent again in a rather

indirect way through the Rev Arthur Crookshank, Vicar of Ditchling from 1940 to

1958. Arthur Crookshank who was much involved in forming the Ditchling

Village Association in 1947, was an

enthusiastic supporter of the

revival of an annual village fair.

In 1948 who won the competition

for the best men’s biceps The

Vicar, of course. And on Fair Day

1949, he could be found outside

the Vicarage, then in West Street,

dressed as a one-legged street

artist with a notice declaring ‘one

leg, one wife, eight children, but I

am giving all the receipts today to

the Fair.’ The copper coins he

collected amounted to £4.00! In

more recent times it is the Vicar

who is called upon to read out the

Fair proclamation composed in

1953 by the village GP Dr Linton-Bogle, exhorting us all to ‘come forth spry and

spracker from your Dymocks and your Jointure, your Bowries and your

Boddingtons etc etc’.

Harris’ funfair

An important part of the history of Ditchling Fair is the long association with

Harris’ funfair. Robert Harris will talk about his family’s connection with our

village fair on Thursday 14 th June at 7.30pm in the Old Meeting House. Tickets

are £6 including a glass of wine and are available from the Post Office, Parkers

and the Village Hair Studio.

If you have your own memories or photographs of the Fair bring them along to

the Ditchling Fair Show and Tell hosted by Ditchling History Project on Friday

15 th June at Stoneywish. Drop in any time between 10am and 1pm; entry is free

with refreshments on sale. For more history of both the fair and the village look

out for our display in the church and follow the Trail which will be up around the

village before and during Fair Week.

Janet Cragg


Newick Decorative and Fine Art Society

ICONOGRAPHY by Leslie Primo, Plumpton Village Hall 2.15 pm, June 12 th

If you have access to YouTube go and see Leslie; he is wonderful, so enthusiastic

and really brings his subject alive. He has worked at the National Gallery for the

last eleven years where he is a highly popular lecturer and tutor. He will be

telling us about the hidden stories and symbolism of Art. Now if you have ever,

like me, looked at a picture and thought, ‘now what on earth is all that

about...!’ Leslie will explain everything for you in language that is easy to

follow and his talk will be accompanied by a superb digital presentation. Come

and enjoy, we look forward to seeing you.

Entry £5 on the door for non-members with a special tea and cakes afterwards

to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. If you require any further

information please ring Carole Burgon on 01273 890301 or Marjorie Blunden on

01825 723250

Annette Shelford

Demise of our mobile library

The library visits the Village Hall car park in Ditchling every other Tuesday at

10.30 am for approximately half an hour and then goes to Dumbrells Court at

11.10 am. The librarian told me at the beginning of May that the possibility of

this service being axed is now very real. Only a couple of people use it in the

village and seven or eight regularly at Dumbrells Court.

This is an urgent plea for more people to join. It is free, has a good selection of

books, a large print section and children’s books. There is a small selection of

talking books and these can be ordered or accessed online. Books can be

ordered for a small fee as can DVDs. The librarians are friendly, knowledgeable

and helpful.

A few years ago, some people from North End, especially the more elderly, made

use of the Dumbrells Court venue to save walking to the village. You would be

very welcome. Please consider joining and help to save this valuable service.

The next visit should be on 12 th June.

A Dumbrells Court resident


Nature Corner

Nature Notes

At the time of writing this we have endured one of the most difficult Springs

many can remember. March had record breaking warm temperatures with so

little rain that the “Hosepipe Ban” was enforced in early April. We all know what

happened next - record rainfall!!

How has this affected the birds Some of those that had attempted early nests

were successful in raising young but only small broods. A Blackbird I recorded

laid four eggs but hatched only one which it reared successfully. This may have

been through the chilling of the eggs when the weather changed but she is now

laying a second clutch of eggs.

Many water-birds, Mallards, Coots and Moorhens usually the earliest of birds

were seen with good broods on the lakes. Often they start with a large number

of chicks but as the days go by their numbers dwindle through predation from

Pike attacking from below, Herons and Crows from above. The production of

these large families ensures that some survive for the next generation while

others provide food for the top predators. It is a tough life.

The unsettled weather also halted for a time, the incoming migration. By mid

April when we visited the Observatory the huge numbers of birds arriving on the

South Coast had largely dried up. The conditions over North Africa and the

storms over Southern Europe were so bad that the birds delayed their migration

until early May when very large numbers arrived and all was well. Many

experienced birders feared a calamity and the loss of a large part of the

population of some summer visitors. As always in Nature things right themselves

if the problems are natural. It is Human activities that can cause long term


Several Nightingales have returned to the Streat Sandpit area and may be heard

singing at any time of day but particularly well early or late in the day. They will

have bred and their song stopped by early June as they have but a single brood

annually so the territory needs defending for only a short time.

On the first visit to Brock’s Wood for our Constant Effort Study we e-captured a

Chiffchaff ringed as a juvenile in 2008, caught also in 2009 twice and in 2010.

This is well beyond the normal life expectancy of the species, though the record

is seven years and seven months, and a feat of navigation when you consider

that they spend the winter in Senegal in West Africa.

Reg Lanaway


Flaming June

I don’t know why we were ever worried about the hosepipe ban - even the least

cynical amongst us, realised flooding was not far behind! So now we can forget

about drought and instead try to stop our gardens becoming paddy fields!

Excessive moisture brings its own set

of problems of course. Waterlogged

roots are starved of oxygen, which

can kill very quickly. Good drainage is

taken for granted on sandy or stony

ground, but in the clay-rich soils of

central Sussex it is essential to

incorporate organic matter.

Increasing the air pockets within the

soil profile, allows water to drain

away more quickly as well as

increasing the oxygen supply to the

roots in drier conditions.

But the weirder the weather, the

tougher our plants have to be. Those

that can cope with the extremes: drought and submersion, are heroes deserving

repetition. I have no patience with fussy plants – if they have tantrums and

stamp their feet, they don’t sit on the naughty step, but make the one-way trip

to the compost. Every garden is different, but if you have tried a variety of

plants, improved the soil and nothing thrives, consider changing the conditions.

Raised borders are a godsend to gardeners with bad backs and poor drainage.

However, working in harmony with the conditions is so much easier than trying

to alter the conditions to fit the plants. For instance, if a spot seems to be

continuously waterlogged, plant a bog garden or dig a pond. Having said that,

plants can’t read books, so they don’t know what they are supposed to like. I

have the most magnificent Euphorbia mellifera, a native of Madeira, planted in

shade in a very wet spot. Not supposed to happen. So experiment and reward

the winners by repeating them around the garden.

Haut Talk by Karoline Baird

07742 731967 haughty.culture@virgin.net

The Beacon in the Past

On the opposite page are excerpts from previous issues of the Ditchling Beacon.


40 years ago

The Vicar’s letter in June 1972 dealt in length with possible changes to the Holy

Communion service. Until the 1960s only the 1662 prayer book was legal

although some Bishops had “agreed to allow the use, with safeguards, of certain

parts of the 1928 Book” which had been approved by the Church but not by

Parliament. This situation “pertained until brought to an end by the Prayer Book

(Alternative and Other Services) Measure in 1965…. The Measure only provides

for the use of these services over a limited experimental period and the approval

of the P.C.C., for their use must be given. At the end of a certain period of time

the General Synod will then present a further measure to Parliament for final

approval.” The Vicar reassured readers “that no decisions will be made without

the very full discussion first, and also to say that when the time comes for the

P.C.C. to make any such decisions ample notice will be given so that all who wish

to may make their comments”.

Regarding the Hurst Deanery Quarterly Newssheet, the Vicar commended “this

excellent publication to all readers, especially the report and comments of

Hurstpierpoint’s Mission”.

20 years ago

With the feast of St Peter being in June, the Vicar noted that “St. Petertide has

frequently been chosen as a date for ordinations and has recently tended to

replace Trinity Sunday in that function, and, as it happens I shall be attending a

eucharist and parish party to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the ordination

to the priesthood of an incumbent in Worthing that evening”.

The Vicar also said “we were very pleased to welcome the choir of the

Hurstpierpoint College Junior School, who sang at our Parish Eucharist on

Sunday, 10th May. I hope there may be future opportunities to repeat this kind

of visit which can both serve to enrich our own service with a new perspective,

and also to add to the boys’ experience of ordinary parish worship in contrast to

their school chapel life.”

This issue also included a reminder to contributors to the Beacon “that copy

should be handed in to the Post Office by the 10th of each month for the

following month”. There was also an appeal “on the Editor’s behalf, for

contributions to the Beacon. Semi-serious or serious articles would be most


Graham Sharpless




Newsagents & Stationers

1 Lewes Road, Ditchling

Tel: 01273 842736


Newspapers Tobacco

Ice cream Postcards

Greetings cards Stationery

Maps Parking vouchers



If you would like to contribute to our magazine on church and village

community matters, or receive further copies, please get in touch with:

Graham Sharpless, 23 North Court, Hassocks, BN6 8JS

Tel: 01273 845368 E-mail: sharpless@btinternet.com


Copy deadline for the July 2012 edition is

Friday 15 th June

Contributions should, where possible, be sent by email to the email

address above either in the body of the email or as a Microsoft Word file.

For events please ensure that all necessary details are included, such as

title, venue, date, time, ticket prices and availability.

Printed by DPS Ltd, Burgess Hill

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