P90X Reviews - Does Muscle confusion Really Work?


P90X Reviews - Does Muscle confusion Really Work?

P90X Reviews - Does "Muscle Confusion"

Really Work?

In this edition of "P90X Reviews" I want to take a closer look into the claimed reason for the success

of P90X which is "Muscle Confusion".

In this edition of "P90X Reviews" I want to take a closer look into the claimed reason for the

success of P90X which is "Muscle Confusion".

I want to dig deeper than most P90X Reviews to answer the following about "Muscle


* Is it real?

* Is it as effective as claimed?

* "Muscle Confusion" VS. Routine - Which yields better results?

Let's start out by looking at the human muscular system to understand how and why your

body builds strength and muscle. This will be quick and easy but should give the basis for

those with little understanding.

You see the body is a complex "system" of nerves, cells, tissues, blood, water, organs, etc.

The bodily "system" as a whole produces what we know as our Body and all of the bodies

functions whether they are voluntary or involuntary.

You may be asking "I thought this article was about P90X Reviews?" Don't worry it all ties

together because to understand Muscle Confusion you first must understand the basics of

the human body and the muscular system.

When you work your body through fitness and exertion beyond your normal daily living

functions your body goes through a series of chemical reactions, hormone production,

muscle fiber destruction, metabolic increase, higher blood flow, and many other reactions.

This is good, the body is organic and therefore if it is not used and challenged it will simply

atrophy and degenerate.

When you stress a muscle beyond it's normal capacity the first thing that happens is the

communication between brain and muscle. After the communication happens your muscles

react to the movement or weight by contracting and going tensile.

Muscle are made up of tons of little muscle fibers much like fiber optic cords all laying upon

each other. When you over-load a muscle through resistance training you actually create


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small micro-tears in the muscle fibers themselves. So when you workout through resistance

you actually destroy muscle fibers (This is why you find yourself sore after wards).

Now the body is an incredibly adaptive machine, when it gets used to something your body

eventually reaches an equilibrium of whatever the action is and no longer reacts to build

strength and muscle but only retains.

This is what we can call a "Plateau" when your muscular and cardiovascular system create a

routine reaction to whatever the action is you take.

With this basic understanding you now know that "Muscle Confusion" is in fact the real deal.

So let's dig deeper than most P90X Reviews and check to see if "Muscle Confusion" is as

effective as it is claimed to be. The P90X workout system boasts about Muscle Confusion as

the money maker in the workout program but does it work?

The P90X workout system is broken down into 3 phases in 30 day periods allowing your

body to adapt and continually be challenged through breaking routine.

Earlier in this P90X Review we looked at the muscular system and how it eventually adapts

to routine and prevents further growth. The P90X Workout system and it's claimed "Muscle

Confusion" sets out to break any possible equilibrium by constantly changing the focus.

During phase one you find yourself repeating weeks 1-3 doing the same routines and during

this process your body is challenged, your muscles breakdown and rebuild, and towards

week three you begin to plateau.

Suddenly week 4 comes along and is totally different - This is considered a "Recovery" week

but still tosses incredible challenge through cardio, stretch, and balance routines. Basically

the recovery week skips most resistance and allows your muscle to repair, adapt, and


In weeks 5-7 which is considered Phase 2 you repeat again like weeks 1-3 except 2

workouts change entirely. You begin to challenge the same and different muscle groups

through alternate moves. This begins to break down and challenge your brain/ muscle

communication + your muscle fibers break down again.

When you begin to adapt towards the end of week 7 in the P90X Workout you will find

yourself back in another "Recovery" week which is week 8.

Phase 3 does it once again but then alternates each week going back and forth between the

workouts from weeks 1-3 and the workouts from weeks 5-7 to add even more challenge.

I am sure by now you can see how the P90X Workout and "Muscle Confusion" work

together to constantly challenge muscle growth and adaptation.

Finally in this P90X Reviews I want to compare "Muscle Confusion VS. Routine"

At this point you can see the power of challenging your body and it's complexities through


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changing routine and throwing new variations at your muscle fibers.

Look at it this way - If P90X was 90 days of the exact same routine week in and week out

much like your routines tend to be at the gym or when you run 2 miles every single day, you

would reach an equilibrium of communication and muscle fiber growth. Basically within

weeks your brain would know exactly what to expect and your muscle fibers would reach a

"plateau" of growth as there would no longer be challenge.

Think of it this way. Some of us need routine in our lives to feel in control but at times this

can lead to constant repetition and life never changes. When you add constant change,

challenge, and go beyond the norm in your day you begin to grow as a person, you'll gain

knowledge, and you gain experience.

Your muscles work much the same way as the previous example. When constantly

challenged with new and exciting moves, heavier weight, different angles of use, and other

variations they will continuously grow and adapt but never "plateau" through mundane acts.

In conclusion of this edition of "P90X Reviews" - Is Muscle Confusion the real deal and is it

effective as the P90X Workout System claims? Well quite simply, yes.

Constant change and challenge of your muscle groups will lead to constant breakdown and

rebuilding of muscle fibers which leads to greater muscle size, strength, and overall growth.

Keep in mind that during your workouts is exactly when you tear down muscle fibers - When

you are NOT exercising and even more so when you sleep is exactly when your muscles

repair, grow, and gain strength.

With that said, don't work the same muscle groups each day as this will constantly break

down the muscle fibers without allowing proper growth and repair. Also, get sleep because

that is when your body goes into repair mode to recovery from the previous days load on the

body. Get Sleep!

Now that you understand "Muscle Confusion" and that the P90X Workout system has a

winning approach. Learn more about P90X and how to Buy P90X without getting a

counterfeit. Follow the Link Below.

In the next edition of "P90X Reviews" I will take a look at Supplements (Whey Protein,

Creatine, Vitamins, and Minerals). Are supplements necessary with the P90X Workout




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