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Integrated's Product Line Brochure - INTEGRATED Engineering ...

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Hybrid simulation tools for electromagnetic,

thermal & structural

design analysis

Complete Solutions

Established in 1984, INTEGRATED Engineering Software

is a leading developer of hybrid simulation tools for

electromagnetic, thermal and structural design analysis.

INTEGRATED provides a complete line of fully integrated

2 and 3 dimensional simulation software. Accurate and

easy to use, INTEGRATED’s products allow engineers and

scientists to help reduce design cycles, save time and

money and deliver better products to the market faster

than ever before. INTEGRATED pioneered the creation of

the BEM field solver 25 years ago, and today, no one else

in the market offers such a variety of field solvers within

the same software packages. INTEGRATED takes pride in

its achievement of combining state of the art technology

with quick, responsive customer service and support.

We invite you to explore the many benefits of our innovative,

world-class suite of design tools.

© 1985-2009. All software programs are copyright of Enginia Research Inc.

All rights reserved. Printed in Canada.

Maximum Versatility

of Field Solvers

BEM, FEM or Hybrid; Choose the Right Tool for Your Application

Since 1984, INTEGRATED has been the industry leader in Boundary Element

Method (BEM) CAE software. BEM not only provides the most accurate numerical

field solutions, but also is the method of choice for problems involving large

open regions.

However, FEM very often provides sufficient accuracy for engineering purposes,

and many problems are by their nature inherently closed region. Recognizing this,

INTEGRATED incorporated FEM solvers to provide users the choice of both methods.

A significant side benefit of having both BEM and FEM solvers is the ability to check

the validity of solutions using two completely different analysis methods.

The most challenging analysis problems occur when both nonlinearities and open

regions are present. Here again INTEGRATED takes the lead providing HYBRID field

solutions using BEM and FEM simultaneously to exploit the strengths of both methods.


High Voltage

& Electric Field

Combine exceptional ease

of use, speed and accuracy

all in one fully-integrated

software package.

Voltage isosurfaces

around mushroom


ELECTRO (2D/RS) and COULOMB (3D) provide

electric field analysis. Applications range from

electrical stress analysis of high voltage equipment

to characterization of integrated circuits.



Get smooth, reliable and

extremely accurate results

for the most complex

magnetic design problems.

B-field arrow plot in

a voice-coil motor

MAGNETO (2D/RS) and AMPERES (3D) solve

for a wide range of magnetic field applications,

including motor, solenoid and coil design.

OERSTED (2D/RS) and FARADAY (3D) are our

time-harmonic eddy current field solvers.

RF, Microwave

& Antennas

Your best choice for

applications requiring

high frequency electromagnetic


The generalized hybrid

Radar cross section of

an airplane with induced

method that combines

currents on its body

MoM with Physical Optics,

and the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method

allows SINGULA (3D) to handle complex problems,

especially in open regions and where a precise

modeling of boundaries is required.

The Boundary Element advantage

INTEGRATED’s utilization of the BEM means that only

“active” regions require discretization. Fields can be

calculated anywhere else in the “world”.

Utilization of the BEM also allows for the modeling

of true geometric curvature rather than straight line

approximations required by other methods.

• Models with thin layers and extreme aspect ratios

are handled more easily.

• Fields are calculated by integration, effectively

smoothing out discratization and round-off error.

Particle Trajectory

LORENTZ (2D/RS and 3D)

puts you at the forefront

of CAE design technology

for applications requiring

charged particle and beam

analysis. Calculate the path Producing a C- beam

of charged particles or

beams of particles through

electric and magnetic fields. Applications

requiring this type of analysis include display

devices (CRTs) and particle accelerator research.



Find the thermal

solutions in our

multiphysics toolbox.


(3D) and INDUCTO (2D)

are the ideal complements

for analyzing the heat

produced by any device.

Y-rotational symmetric

model of a high voltage

bushing showing

temperature contours



Expand your design potential.

Choose your tool: MAGNETO

(2D/RS), AMPERES (3D),

Permanent magnets

motor component


By using CASPOC, you can model

the electronics, load and control in one multilevel

model. ELASTO (2D/RS) allows structural analysis

for applications like stress and strain of mechanical

components and systems.

Our software is the only clear choice for applications requiring large open

region analysis and exact modeling of boundaries.

“Dexter Magnetic Technologies (DMT), a leader in the design and fabrication

of innovative magnetic sources has been using Integrated’s Magneto and

Amperes since 1993. These programs permit us to create reliable virtual

prototypes that when measured against the real world model agree extremely

well. DMT selected Integrated’s Boundary Element Method programs

over conventional Finite Element Analysis programs because of their speed

and accuracy, user friendly interface, intuitive feel, short learning curve and

primarily… results we could trust.”

— Richard Stelter

Director of Research and Development, Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Freemont, CA.

Multiphysics analysis

For many systems it is important for the various solvers

to be combined. INTEGRATED develops comprehensive

solutions for scientists modeling prototypes that require

multiphysics analysis.

Get the complete solution of your device by combining our

electromagnetic, thermal and structural tools, seamlessly.

Fast. Accurate. Easy-to-use.

• Link to CAD packages for true representation of complex

geometric shapes

• Powerful parametric solvers allow designers to automatically vary

and experiment with geometry, materials and sources, thereby reducing

the tedious and repetitive task of fine-tuning multiple design parameters

• Easy-to-learn programs allow designers to focus on product

development and not on software training

Comprehensive customer service

At INTEGRATED Engineering Software, we offer the highest level of customer service and support

in the industry. Starting with your very first contact, our professional team is available to fully

discuss your design needs.

Your INTEGRATED program comes with a one-year

full-service maintenance package including:

• Software updates

• Technical and application support

put us to the test

Give your company the competitive

advantage it needs. Contact

us today to arrange for a free

30-day evaluation.

Additional support services:

• Custom software development

• Workshops and seminars

Call +1.204.632.5636

E-mail or visit

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