Winter 2012 - CBS Outdoor

Winter 2012 - CBS Outdoor

Ford “drives”

social media!

OOH Gold: ASICS’ “Marathon Experience”

CBS Outdoor helped Ford put consumers

in the driver’s seat with several real-time

media executions that gave Ford enthusiasts

a chance to showcase a design of their

own Mustang, using Ford’s Mustang

Customizer website.

The campaign ran on 52 digital bulletins

in nine markets including Los Angeles,

San Francisco, Atlanta and New Jersey.

CBS Outdoor provided a “digital canvas”

for Mustang fans to showcase their

unique designs on digital billboards.

Creative was uploaded directly to the digital

billboards by users who “opted in” to

have their designs posted.

In addition, the Ford Mustang Customizer site

takes fans a step further by incorporating

social media. Users can log in through their

Facebook profile and share the Mustangs

they have created, accumulate votes and

‘battle’ against other users to see who has

built the best looking Mustang.

CBS Outdoor partnered with ASICS, official footwear of the NYC Marathon, and creative

agency Vitro to launch a cutting-edge transit campaign inside New York City’s Columbus

Circle subway station. The major transit hub was made over to provide a unique interactive

“Marathon Experience.” The station was equipped with a 64-foot, high-definition video

wall for the “Run with Ryan” challenge. Fans got a chance to run 64 feet alongside the lifesized

video of Olympic Marathon runner, Ryan Hall, and get a feel for how fast his 26.2 mile

pace really is. The station was also fitted with eye-catching backlit dioramas and wallscapes,

displaying “Slices of Life” that vividly depicted the thoughts and emotions experienced

at different points along the marathon route. ASICS also created a mural of a runner

crossing the finish line, using recycled trash and debris from previous races. Although running

the marathon may not be for everyone, ASICS and CBS Outdoor gave riders a feel for the experience

at Columbus Circle!

New York Digital Media Reboot!

100 new digital Urban Panels populate Manhattan: The new displays are

show-stoppers with a “two-face” presence. Sitting atop subway railings at street level, the

stairwell-facing panels feature changeable static messaging, while the opposite face

runs full-motion video. Real-time passenger information related to each stop, such as

delays, route changes and other MTA messaging will also be transmitted.

GCT goes digital: Grand Central is home

to four new large-scale digital signs installed

in the main rotunda! The displays, which reach

more than 750,000 people daily, feature a rotation

of static ads along with promotional messaging

from Metro-North.

Both of the new formats provide the ability to

communicate with passengers and passersby in

real-time. CBS Outdoor’s innovative approach to

the transit advertising business has helped move the

industry forward, and the momentum will continue in 2012!

VOL. 8, NO. 1




“Be an Ally”: CBS Outdoor donated a billboard located near

the prime intersection of La Cienga and Olympic in Los Angeles, to a

local school, The Pressman Academy, to promote an anti-bullying

message. Artwork was developed and designed by the students

themselves and features an image of last year’s eighth-grade class

and a message urging students to take a stand against bullying. The

billboard will be a part of the city’s landscape for the next three months.

“Quit to Win”: The Respiratory Health Association of

Metropolitan Chicago worked with CBS Outdoor and CBS Radio

and Television to promote their second annual “Quit Week”

campaign. The association held a contest for students to submit

anti-smoking billboard designs. The winner was Columbia College

student Elizabeth Salinas, whose design highlighted the dangers

of parental secondhand smoke. A high-profile unit in the heart of

downtown Chicago hosted the “reveal” of the billboard and kicked-off

their OOH campaign which utilized several locations.

“Better Things to Do!”: The Camden County Council

on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Inc. has launched a six-year

public awareness media campaign to address public perceptions

about alcohol use and abuse. Students in 6th to 12th grades who

attend schools in Camden and the surrounding school districts

participated in a contest entitled “We Have Better Things to Do Than

Drink Alcohol.” The 2011 winner was designed by a 10th grade

student from Gloucester City High School. Past winners included

students from Medical Arts High School and St. Joseph’s Pro

Cathedral School, both located in Camden.

New Year, New Media!

L-Sides have hit buses in NYC & DC!

L-sides are vertical extensions of our powerful Bus Kings that

create a giant canvas for eye-catching visuals. L-sides have

outstanding visibility that demands attention of pedestrians

and vehicular traffic throughout Manhattan and the District

of Columbia – and are sure to give your brand momentum!

Ultra Super Kings now in DC!

Ultra Super Kings, our iconic rolling billboards, now travel

through Georgetown, Capitol Hill, The National Mall,

The White House and many more high profile areas!

XL with DC’s Interior Rail Car Panels!

New XL rail interiors are the largest advertising medium in

the Metro cars. At over 5 ft. tall, they are attention-grabbers

during the jam-packed rush hour and all day long! Reach DC’s

upscale riders with Interior Rail Car Panels!

It’s a Wrap in Miami!

It was an exciting 2011 for Miami Displays – the Metro Mover, a

free above-ground “people mover” system that runs in a loop

around downtown Miami, can now be used for train wraps!

The cars are extremely visible and reach the downtown business

community, hotel and restaurant districts, South Beach traffic

and residential condo areas...just one more way innovative OOH

gets your brand seen!

“Charter” Service by GameStop!

CBSO enhances

client communication

The launch of is nearly

upon us! This secure portal will allow CBSO

account executives, agencies, and local

clients to manage and track their

campaigns online. The site’s features include

artwork submission and approval, inventory

searches, planning rates, online invoicing,

credit card payments, and much more. Full

details of the launch of are

coming soon, so watch this space!

Charter Communications, the country’s fourth largest cable and internet provider,

asked the Cooper-Smith Agency to find an innovative niche to promote its new highend

internet service. Research showed that this service had its greatest appeal to

video gamers and was a good fit for GameStop, with its audience of gamers who

might also purchase high-end internet services.

Cooper-Smith fine tuned their one

month buy by selecting 300 Game-

Stop stores in Charter Cable zip

codes to place the advertising in. The

response was immediate, and Charter

Communications saw a spike in

sales which they attributed to the

niche marketing of GameStop. Charter

was so pleased with the buy that

they renewed before the first flight

ended and awarded the remaining four

Charter markets, previously handled

by another agency, to Cooper-Smith.

PEZ Candy Inc., bought an eight-week campaign on I-95 in the New Haven

market to promote the PEZ Visitor Center. “The first few people through the

door today all said they stopped by because they saw the sign,” said Project

Manager Shawn Peterson.

Blue & White Taxi “Hammers” Minneapolis: This local cab company created

a witty campaign on a serious topic – drunk driving – utliizing a variety of

outdoor formats including static bulletins, digital bulletins and transit

shelters, strategically placed near downtown bars and night clubs. The

standout creative featured clever artwork and lines such as ‘Pickled’ and

‘Toasted’, reminding residents to put safety first while out on the town.

Salt River Solar and Wind ran a successful, yet unconventional campaign,

using bulletins strategically placed throughout North Phoenix to advertise

savings through solar and going “green” with their green frog logo. One in

particular received a little extra attention; for a unit directly above a gentlemen’s

club, SRS&W reworked their creative copy and let their green frog

enjoy a dance while promoting net metering and money-saving solar energy.

Texas Children’s Hospital promoted healthy pregnancies with permanent

billboards throughout Houston! The hospital did a tease-and-reveal

campaign, changing their creative throughout the year to show the

progress of a growing “baby bump” on mothers-to-be, and ultimately

feature their newborns!

CBS Outdoor is IT!

Beyond standard billboards, CBSO

Puerto Rico builds “landscape”

displays, creating an iconic

message for an iconic brand.

Gillman “breaks out” on outdoor!

Great things happen when big, bold

copy and out-of-home come together.

Bringing an ad to life with dynamic

extensions and embellishments always

drives the message home.

Prudential’s “Day One” Campaign Dawns at the Midtown Tunnel!

A new era dawns at the Midtown Tunnel as Prudential now reigns on the coveted

location held by British Airways for 15 years. Over the course of ten days Prudential’s

“Day One Stories” teaser campaign released five creative designs featuring

photos of new retirees’ “Day One”. Thousands of

commuter vehicles witnessed the release of a

new billboard every few days. Starting with a single

image new photos were slowly rolled out accumulating

into a giant collage. For the final unveil, the billboard

displayed the Prudential logo and campaign tagline,

“Every day, 10,000 people will experience day one

of their retirement.” The copy directs viewers to for information on preparation for their

future retirement.

Game Day “Mayhem!” Allstate, sponsor of the Sugar Bowl

and this year’s BCS National Championship game, bought multiple

bulletins in the New Orleans market to promote their MAYHEM

ad campaign. Utilizing six different creative

messages, Allstate advertised their

ability to protect customers

from disaster, renting the

parking lot below one of

their bulletins to bring the

“mayhem” of game day

to life by showing what

could happen to a car

parked near the stadium

after a championship win:

it could end up with a goal

post through its windows!

Footprints were painted on

the ground to lead to the

prop, and stand-alone

signs marked photo ops

for the fans!

Game On (finally)! After the NBA lockout was over, teams

jumped at the chance to let their fans know that they were

back! The Los Angeles Clippers – known as LA’s “other” team –

secured the historical south walls of the Hotel Figueroa in

downtown Los Angeles, adjacent to the Staples Center.

Other teams that took advantage of outdoor after the lockout lifted

include the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns.

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