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IRESTONE created a revolution in

the transportation industry when

it introduced the Airide air spring

in 1934. Today, Airide springs can

be found all over the globe on trucks,

trailers, specialty vehicles…even the new

Lincoln Town Car and Navigator.

Since deregulation, the trucking

industry has become fiercely

competitive, forcing fleets

to become far more

efficient than ever

before. In many cases,

it’s a struggle for survival.

That’s one of the reasons

why more trucks ride on

Firestone Airide air


springs than any other brand.

It’s a proven fact that trucks and

trailers with air suspensions

incorporating Airide springs suffer

much less “wear and tear” than those

riding on steel. This means longer cab

and vehicle life, lower operating costs,

less downtime and fewer failures of

expensive on-board electronic

equipment and accessories.

It’s also a fact that when your trucks

ride better, so does your cargo. Trucks

and trailers equipped with Airide springs

experience substantially less cargo

damage-and fewer damage

claims-than those that

ride on steel.

Aside from

the obvious economic

benefits of air suspensions over steel,

driver comfort has become one of the

most important benefits of all.

Recruiting and keeping good drivers has

always been a problem, and with the

advent of national licensing it could

become a nightmare. With Airide, drivers

are more comfortable, more productive,

and less subject to accidents

caused by fatigue. Drivers have

always loved air suspensions.

Today, they demand it.

An investment in

air suspensions for

your tractors and

trailers is one of

the smartest

business decisions

you can make.

After saving you

thousands of

dollars in reduced

maintenance costs

and less vehicle

downtime, they pay you

back in hard cash at trade-in... sometimes

even more than your original investment.

Year by year, and model for model, used

tractors and trailers with Airide springs

are worth much more.

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make big differences

on big rigs in big ways.

Primary Trailer Suspension Air Springs

provide outstanding cargo protection

while reducing maintenance problems

caused by road shock and “trailer hop”

when empty. Trailers last longer and can

be used to haul a wider variety of cargo,

reducing expensive empty trailer miles.

Lift Axle Air Springs allow you to lift the

axle without ever leaving the cab. Saves

tire wear under empty or partial load

conditions and lets you negotiate tight

corners with spread tandems.

Drive Axle Air Springs substantially

improve the ride and handling of the

tractor, resulting in greater driver comfort

and safety, less tractor maintenance,

longer tire wear and higher trade-in value.

They require little maintenance and last

more than twice as long as steel springs.

Front Axle Air Springs significantly

improve steering and handling while

improving tire wear and reducing

problems caused by cab vibration.

Cab Mount Air Springs eliminate most

problems experienced with standard cab

mounts and help reduce damaging cab


Seat Air Springs increase driver

comfort and help alleviate hazardous

driver fatigue.


Airide ®

• Last at least twice, and as much as

four times longer than steel springs

• Require little or no maintenance

• Increase life of tires and brake linings

• Substantially reduce breakage and

maintenance of other vehicle

components, including electrical, air

conditioning, cab mounts, exhaust,

chassis, seals, wiring and drive train

Airide springs are available in single,

double and triple convolution types

plus reversible sleeve models for

virtually every conceivable heavy-duty

vehicle suspension application.

Stud. Manufactured as a permanent

part of the bead plate assembly for

maximum strength and durability.

Used to attach the spring to the

vehicle’s suspension.

Combo Stud. Serves the dual

purpose of mounting the spring

to the suspension and providing an

entrance for air.

Blind Nut. Also a permanent part

of the bead plate assembly.

Provides an alternative mounting

system to the stud.

Air Fitting. Usually 1/4 N.P.T.

Provides an air entrance to

the bellows.

Bead Plate. Crimped onto the

bellows at the factory for a more

durable design and maximum quality

control. Allows 100% leakproof

testing prior to shipment.

springs can reduce your costs and increase your profits.

• Let you haul anything; eliminate

expensive deadheading runs

• Reduce driver discomfort and

dangerous fatigue; improve driver

safety, productivity and loyalty

• Allow perfect load equalization

between axles; let you run at the

maximum legal limit

Inside the World’s No. 1 Air Spring

• Provide smoother ride for payload,

reducing costly insurance claims and

the expense of overpackaging

• Pay you back at trade-in time; trucks

and trailers with air suspensions are

worth more

Bellows. The “air bag” includes four

plies of material: an inner layer, two

plies of cord-reinforced fabric, and

an outer cover. Natural rubber

construction provides functional

properties to –65F.

Bumper. A solid rubber or engineered

plastic device designed to prevent

significant damage to the vehicle or

suspension in the event of a sudden

loss of air pressure in the spring.

Piston. Provides a lower mounting

arrangement for the air spring.

Controls the characteristics of

the spring under changing

pressure loads.

Piston Bolt. Attaches the piston to

the bellows. Sometimes extended as

a means of attaching the spring to

the vehicle suspension.

Girdle hoop. A wire-wound ring

molded into the bellows to provide

lateral stability in convoluted

type springs.

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