Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the North-Western Black Sea ...

Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the North-Western Black Sea ...


Staneva et al.

Fig. 7. Schematic representation of model boxes where model to data analyses have been performed.



Fig. 8. Time evolution of: (a) temperature (deg. C) and (b) salinity (psu) during the simulations in 2002 (deg. C) for Box-2. Full line: model simulations,

red symbols: data from observation, averaged for the corresponding box.

agrees very well with that observed in 2002. The minimal

temperature reached in mid March was about 3°C and the

maximum in August was about 22.5°C. Due to the joint effect

of the precipitation and high freshwater input from the

Danube the minimum salinity was observed in the summer.

The mean vertical profiles of phosphates, nitrates and

silicates are shown on Fig. 9. The black profile corresponds

to model simulations and the red one to observations. One

sigma deviation from the mean of model simulations is given

as well. A proper representation of the vertical structure

of nutrients is very important in order to simulate a correct

seasonal cycle of the biogeochemical variables of the northwest

Black Sea. As seen from Fig. 9 the model fits very

well with the observations. The highest variability for the

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