Processing Summer Pay - Georgia Institute of Technology

Processing Summer Pay - Georgia Institute of Technology

Jan 2010

Summer Pay Processing

Tutorial Guide for PeopleSoft Access

Processing Summer Pay

This tutorial is designed for Department Administrators -

Familiar with Academic Faculty payroll


Understand how Payroll impacts Budgets

Completed Introduction to HR & Navigation

Completed SPD training

Processing Summer Pay

The Summer Pay data is used during payroll processing to:

Issue faculty payroll checks

Distribute payroll expenses

Generate the appropriate payroll transaction postings to

the General Ledger.

Note: The pay rate and project distribution for each Summer

appointed faculty member (Academic with Benefits) must be entered

in the PeopleSoft Summer Pay Panel.

Who Is Eligible for Summer Pay

Regular Academic Faculty with Benefits

All 10 month faculty working a summer session, including a “short”

session, must be entered on the PeopleSoft Summer Pay panel.

When Do I Enter Summer Pay

Summer Pay panels are available for a limited time.


Period Begin Date End Date

Last Day to Enter

Summer Pay

Black Out Days

(Do not enter Data)

01 05/11/09 05/31/09 05/19/09 05/21/09 - 05/22/09

02 06/01/09 06/30/09 06/22/09 06/24/09 – 06/25/09

03 07/01/09 07/31/09 07/20/09 07/22/09 - 07/23/09

04 08/01/09 08/17/09 08/20/09 08/24/09 - 08/25/09

Warning! Summer Pay Only

PeopleSoft Summer Pay panel data


data entered in SPD

All current and future summer pay data must be

entered in the Summer Pay panels.

Past pay period changes are made in SPD.

Appointment Rules

Summer Monthly rates cannot exceed the regular monthly



•Month of May cannot exceed ½ of the monthly summer pay.

•Month of June should equal the monthly summer pay.

•Month of July should equal the monthly summer pay.

•Month of August cannot exceed ½ of the monthly summer pay

Summer Months

Summer Months

“Short Session”

•1/3 pay in May

•2/3 pay in June

# of Paychecks

‣2 Paychecks

- May

- June

- July

- August

“Full Summer

•½ pay in May

•Full month pay in June

•Full month pay in July

•½ pay in August

# of Paychecks

‣4 Paychecks

Getting Started: Log into TechWorks

Enter your GT

Account and


Navigation: Summer School Activity


Summer School Activity

Summer Pay

My HR Pagelet



Selecting A Record

Enter any of the following

values for a Search

Empl ID


Position Number

Last Name

Selecting A Record

Search Results for Dept 210

Entering Summer Pay Data


Entering Pay Distribution

Enter 100% Percent for one project to

pay for the Summer Faculty Salary.

Enter the Project Number.


100 21066KZ 4888.38 9776.77 9776.77 4888.38

What Is the Monthly Pay

Insert a row to distribute charges over multiple projects.

Enter the Project Number on each line

Adjust the Percent on each line accordingly

What Is the Monthly Pay

Adjust the percent or monthly

amounts until the distribution for

each project is appropriate.

NOTE: Use the undesigated

“680” project number sparingly!

Adjusting for Short Session



calculates the

distribution for each

month based on

faculty working all


If the faculty member will only work during the Short Session:

•Manually adjust the amounts for May and June

•Delete the amounts for July and August

Processing Notes: How to Change Distribution

Enter CURRENT and FUTURE pay periods in PeopleSoft ONLY

NOTE: All prior pay period distribution must be changed in SPD

Processing Notes: Exceptions to Summer Rules

If a special situation occurs where a Faculty member’s Summer Pay

compensation will exceed the summer pay salary rules, send an

email to:

Include the Following:

‐ Employee Name:

‐ Empl ID#

‐ Amount:

Pay Period:

‐ Justification:

‐ Approved by:


Summer Pay

Processing Notes: Shared/Study Abroad Program Faculty

NOTE: Your security limits your access to only those faculty

members in your Home Department

•Contact the faculty member’s Home Department

•Provide Summer Pay Rate

•Project Number

Processing Notes:

How to pay Temp Misc-Faculty &

Non-Faculty* during the Summer


•Current Status is Terminated

Summer Salary will be a Pay Rate Change

Submit a PSF for Re-Hire or Pay Rate Change

Otherwise, no action is needed.

*Non-Faculty include Post-Docs and Monthly Graduate Students

Verifying Your Data Entry

Navigate to Summer School

Distribution Report:

This Report can be Run at any time.

Run Control ID

In order to run a PeopleSoft report, you must have a Run Control ID.

1. Click Search on “Find and Existing Value”

2. Select Run Control ID

If you do not have a Run

Control ID, click on tab

“Add a New Value” and enter

your GT Account Name and

select PSUNX as the Server


Run Control ID

•Enter Your Dept ID for all Summer Faculty within your Dept

Or Enter Empl ID for Individual Employee

3. Click Run

4. Click

Refresh for




is available

with blue


Summer Pay Distribution Report

Use Browser functions to Print, Email, or Save

Summer Pay Can Be Encumbered

NOTE: You can use the Summer Pay Encumbrance

panel in the SPD application if you need to encumber

summer pay funds. See SPD manual for specific instructions.

Burdell, Georgette

Data Entry Errors:

Following are examples of possible data entry error

messages that can occur and the corrective action you

should take for each.

•Same Project Number

•Invalid Project Number

•Amount Enter is not in Compliance with Summer Pay Rules

Data Entry Errors:

You have entered the same project number twice.

•Click “OK” and enter a different project number.

Data Entry Errors:

You have entered an invalid project number.

•Click “OK” and enter a valid project number. Use the look up

feature to select a project.

Data Entry Errors:

People Soft verifies the amount entered is not in

Compliance with the Summer Pay rules.

•Click “OK” and correct the amounts.

Quick Review

Follow the Payroll Processing Calendar schedule

Enter Summer Pay for Academic Faculty w/benefits only

Abide by the Summer Pay Appointment Rules

Enter current and future pay changes in People Soft

Enter prior pay changes in SPD

Enter encumbrances in SPD

Run Summer Pay Distribution report for verification


Copyright Georgia Institute of Technology 2004

How to Request Access

Supervisor and/or Department Head must send an

email request to

Make sure to include in the email:

• Full Name

• Department ID#

• GT Account Name

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