From the Superintendent's Desk From the Superintendent's ... - Igenti

From the Superintendent's Desk From the Superintendent's ... - Igenti

January 2013

From the Superintendent’s Desk

Mr. Henry Forer

Secretary for Faith Formaon/

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

May the Peace of Christ be with You!

I pray that you had a resul and blessed Christmas season. As we move into the new calendar

year, let us be mindful of the students, families and fellow educators in Conneccut. It is at

mes like these where our faith and prayers are crical to the healing process and provide

stability through the storm. The safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance. This tragedy has caused

our naon to pause and ask many quesons related to mental health care, gun control, the absence of prayer in

our schools, arming principals with guns, school building safety and many other topics. It is impossible to plan for

every possible situaon; however we must be aware of what our response will be in the event of a crisis. All

school communies in the Diocese have been instructed to review site‐based emergency management plans with

their local police/sheriff’s office and walk the campus with their local law enforcement. Schools are to begin

quarterly lockdown drills and review plans annually. The Diocese, in partnership with St. James Cathedral School,

Bishop Moore Catholic High School, Federal Bureau of Invesgaon, Orlando Police Department, and Orange

County Sheriff’s Department will conduct an awareness and mock shooter workshop on February 15, 2013. All of

our efforts are to be proacve in keeping our communies safe and strengthen the good plans that are already in


As we start a new calendar year, people make New Year resoluons. I would ask that you make a New Year

resoluon that is kept! Resolve this year to strengthen and deepen your relaonship with Christ. It is through this

relaonship built on love that our world will be transformed. This past weekend we celebrated the Feast of the

Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the revelaon of God to humankind. This is the tradional celebraon of

the day the Wise Men brought gis to the baby Jesus. The enre Christmas season from December 25 th through

January 6 th is filled with symbols of giving gis to others as an act of love. God gave us the ulmate gi in His son,

Jesus, who inmately connected humanity to the Divine. We are now called to give God the most precious gi we

have in return, the gi of ourselves. It is through that deep, inmate relaonship with Jesus and surrendering to

God’s love for us that we in return give our gi. So, as we move into this new year, please be resolved to give God

your gi each day and be the example you should be for your students.

Mr. James Cooney



Jim & Joe’s



Dr. Joseph Belinski

Director of School


It’s hard to believe that Advent is over, the celebraon of Christmas is behind us, and our students are beginning the second

semester of the 2012‐2013 school year! We hope that everyone had a resul and peace‐filled holiday.

The accreditaon acvity now begins for our schools hosng on‐site Visitaons by the Florida Catholic Conference and the

Southern Associaon of Colleges and Schools (AdvancEd) during the spring. There are four elementary schools scheduled for

Visitaons by the Florida Catholic Conference as follows:

St. Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay

Ascension Catholic School, Melbourne

February 25, 26, 27, 2013 April 10, 11, 12, 2013

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, Melbourne St. Margaret Mary Catholic School, Winter Park

April 16, 17, 18, 2013 April 22, 23, 24, 2013

Santa Fe Catholic High School in Lakeland is scheduled for a Visitaon by a Quality Assurance Review Team of the Southern

Associaon of Colleges and Schools (AdvancEd) on March 21, 22, 2013.

In addion to these on‐site Visitaons, Holy Family and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Schools will conduct Third Year Review

presentaons for Mrs. Mary Camp, Associate Director for Accreditaon for the Florida Catholic Conference, on March 15,

2013. The Third Year Review occurs three years aer the last Florida Catholic Conference on‐site Visitaon, and is considered

to be a mid‐cycle update of the school’s progress with the implementaon of its School Improvement Plan.

Best wishes to these schools as they maintain their momentum of connuous school improvement through the accreditaon


Januar Birhdays

Happy Birthday and may God

bless you with many more!

Mr. Ron Gagnon

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy

Mrs. Maura Cox

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

Click here for


Mr. Mr. Matt Franzino

Santa Fe Catholic High School

Dr. Jacquelyn Flanigan

Associate Superintendent

Blessings for a happy, healthy and producve 2013!

At our November regional professional development days, teachers were provided the opportunity to work collaboravely

with their colleagues to refine their September unit plan or to develop a new plan. At each regional locaon, I was astounded

by the energy and the level of creavity I saw. The process was quite interesng to watch: the day typically began with a

degree of uncertainty and reluctance but by mid‐morning, the level of energy was palpable! Many, many groups worked

through lunch and at EVERY locaon, groups of teachers completed mulple units. At the Administrator’s day, Peg Portscheller

guided our administrators through the same process, encouraging a full understanding of what teachers were being asked to


The next step on our journey involves Reflecve Pracce:

“Defining Reflecve Pracce

Reflecve pracce, while oen confused with reflecon, is neither a solitary nor a relaxed meditave process. To the

contrary, reflecve pracce is a challenging, demanding, and oen trying process that is most successful as a

collaborave effort. Although the term reflecve pracce is interpreted and understood in different ways, within our

discussion, reflecve pracce is viewed as a means by which praconers can develop a greater level of self‐awareness

about the nature and impact of their performance, an awareness that creates opportunies for professional growth

and development.”

from Reflecve Pracce for Educators: Improving Schooling through Professional Development Sage Publicaons,

By now, teachers have had the opportunity to implement those unit plans; likewise, administrators should have had the

opportunity to walk‐through as these plans went into acon. We are now ready to examine, evaluate and reflect on how the

learning objecves were met. In February, we will review effecve strategies that define what a Common Core classroom

“looks like/sounds like.” As part of reflecve pracce, we will discuss what strategies worked and which ones were not as


Addionally, as you recall, teachers were asked to provide 1‐3 samples of student work from the unit. When we reconvene in

February, we will work in groups to reflect on student work as part of our focus on assessment. Bear in mind that you may

have already graded this work – that’s perfectly okay! Remember: our goal is not to crique or evaluate a teacher’s pracce or

assessment strategies; rather, to engage in collegial “reflecve pracce” for it is in that reflecon that we become more


Professional Development Opportunities is offering a FREE webinar, “Common Core Implementation: Tools and Tips” on Thursday, January

17, at 5:00 p.m. For more information, please go to:


Please see the attachment regarding limited enrollment for a FREE workshop: “Common Core State Standards:

Making a Successful Transition” to be held Tuesday, January 22, in Land O Lakes, Pasco County. Deadline to

register is January 15. This workshop is offered by The Master Teacher. is also offering a webinar for elementary principals for the transition to Common Core Math. We will

be making this transition in the fall, adding Mathematics to English Language Arts. You may wish to consider this

FREE webinar to be held from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 30, for support in this transition. For

more information, go to:


The Office of Catholic Schools has been in communicaon with James Herzog of the Florida Catholic Conference

regarding the issues reported by several principals about End‐of‐Course exams. These exams are required for

students to earn public high school credit in a certain course, parcularly, Algebra I.

Recently, the School Choice Office sent a memo to private schools regarding the applicaon to administer the EOC

and/or FCAT to non‐public schools with students enrolled that receive a Florida Tax‐Credit Scholarship. This new

legislaon carries a contractual cap of 50 private schools that will be allowed to administer these exams. This cap

is statewide.

We recently received the following update:

“…there is no current opportunity to offer the EOCs at private school campuses during the current school

year. [Parents of] Eighth graders who know they will be transioning from private schools to public high

schools can alert the districts and sign up for June or July “makeup” EOC assessments. And as things

stand for 2013‐2014, 50 private schools can offer EOCs under the new State law.”

Consider the following regarding your 8 th grade students presently taking Algebra I who plan to aend a public

high school:

Find out from your local LEA when the June or July “make‐up” EOC exam will be administered. Private school

students are able to take this exam at this me; however, the parents must be made aware that this situaon

exists and sign their student up by the established deadlines.

If the student does not take and or pass the EOC exam, he/she will not receive high school credit for having

taken Algebra I. Although that student may be placed in the next level math class (i.e. Algebra II or

Geometry), be advised that Florida public high schools students must have Algebra I credit on the transcript in

order to meet graduaon requirements. Without passing the EOC exam, the student will not receive this


Our schools have no ability to monitor, screen, sign‐up or enroll students for the exam. We are not made

aware of locaons, mes or deadlines as this is strictly a public school opon. Therefore, this is a parent

responsibility. However, it is important that our schools are informed so that we can best serve the needs of

our students.

Should you have any quesons, please contact the Office of Schools. The FCC connues to work toward a more

equitable policy.

Important opportunity for

2013 NCEA Teaching Exceptional

Learners Conference

Title II funds can be used for this event.

Please click here for more information!

Margie’s Technology Tips

Margie Aguilar

Director of Instruconal Technology

Creave Website for the Classroom

A skill that is taught by teachers since a very young age is organizaon. LiveBinders

can help teachers and students with organizaonal skills. Simply put, Livebinders is a

web‐based 3‐ring binder. There are many reasons why this is such a handy tool for

teachers and students, but the basic uses are: collect and control resources, organize links, pdf's, and other documents

neatly and easily; share documents with others and using them for presentaons; collect binders that others have

created; and share your work with other for collaboraon. Best of all, it's FREE to register and get started! Students can

use binders as digital porolios where they can organize and store their documents, pdf’s, web links, PowerPoints, and

any others web content they find online. Teachers can collect and organize web links and documents for students to use

during any lesson so that students could work independently. Also, groups or enre classes could use a LiveBinder to

collaborate on any number of projects. To start using this awesome website visit hp:// .

APP of the Month

Project Noah was created to provide people of all ages with a simple, easy‐to‐use way to share their

experiences with wildlife. By encouraging students to share their observaons and contribute to Project Noah

missions, teachers not only help students to reconnect with nature, but provide them with real opportunies

to make a difference. Hundreds of educators are using Project Noah right now to help solve real‐world

problems and achieve key learning objecves. It is very simple and free. Teachers go to hp://

educaon and sign up, aer they register then they set up the classroom. To download the app, go to iTunes at hps://‐noah/id417339475mt=8 .

Resources for


and throughout the Year

Please click on the dates below to view the

Office of Faith Formaon’s eBullen

December 26, 2012

January 2, 2013

January 9, 2013


What does God require of us

(cf. Micah 6:6-8)

Please click here

Mr. Jon Arguello

Director of Markeng

Economies of scale, strategies that work and efforts that are compounded

I’d like to tell you all a story about my friend Salvatore Guinta. Sal and I served in the 173 rd Airborne Brigade in Afghanistan in

2005‐2006. While we were there we both earned combat badges and service awards. We both spent many nights in the

mountains of Afghanistan and both drank our share of Afghan tea. However Sal also picked up a memento of the war that I did

not—the Medal of Honor—the first living recipient of a Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.

Now while we wore the same uniform, Sal was a team leader in an infantry platoon and I was a photojournalist. I could charge

up a hill if I had too, but I would never be able to strike the fear in the hearts of the Taliban while charging up a hill the way Sal

did. In fact, very few people on the planet could. The strength of the United States Army isn’t one Salvatore Guinta, it’s

thousands of soldiers wearing the same uniform trained to the highest standards that make up the greatest army in history. I’ll

get back to that in a minute.

As I’ve visited schools across our Diocese, I have begun to grasp exactly how wonderful a job I really have. Essenally I’ve been

tasked with bringing the great things we are doing across 37 schools to light. Believe me when I say it’s a lot of work. The schools

I have visited have been amazing and I am filled with pride at the opportunity to highlight your achievements.

In years past, these achievements may not have been needed to be publicized in order to create demand for the schools. A

school didn’t really need a markeng plan. The value of a Catholic school educaon had a solid presence in society. Today, let’s

just say there is no point in arguing against three things: history, reality and me.

The first point of my army story was to express to you that as hard‐working and commied as administrators, teachers and

faculty are, they can’t do everything and much less can they do everything alone. We can’t all be Sal Guintas. Because of that, it’s

almost unfair to ask principals or their staff to perform the research, develop the materials, seek the vendors and come up with a

markeng plan that has the strategic foundaon to keep their schools filled with young minds and hearts to educate.

The second point is that, like the army, one of our compeve advantages is our collecve strength. Because many of the needs

across the Diocese are shared among the many schools, we need to take advantage of economies of scale. Because our budgets

are not like those of other organizaons, we can’t pay adversing firms to implement huge campaigns—most of the me we

can’t even have them do our logos. This leads to band‐aid adversing and markeng. Each school spends markeng dollars to

plug the hole in the dam as is needed and in the cheapest way possible. That is not working well across the Diocese.

I have been working to provide all the schools with a low‐cost, professional soluon that will work with your budgets and

provide the customer service our schools need. It is not free and there are financial commitments, but I can guarantee you that it

will be worth every penny. Lile Bobby’s aunt’s friend who works at Starbuck’s but has an arsc mind, is not enough to create

the professional identy we need to market our schools effecvely today.

By taking advantage of our collecve purchasing power and implemenng a more solid Diocesan markeng plan, we compound

the effect of our efforts. Not everyone can be a Sal Guinta, but together we can more effecvely reach our Diocesan audience

and keep each of our individual schools full while fulfilling our mission of educang our children and teaching God’s word to

future generaons.

Phyllis Mann

Administrave Assistant to the Superintendent

Cerficaon Corner

A few reminders about Master Inservice Program (MIP) points –

If you are new to the Diocese of Orlando and have Master Inservice Program points earned in a public district in the State of Florida (or a

school belonging to the Florida Council of Independent Schools [FCIS]) and are renewing your cerficate in 2013, you should contact your

public district now asking them to transfer your MIP points to me at the Diocese of Orlando. Once your points are in house, they can be

combined with the points earned in the Diocese, verified by Mr. Forer, our Superintendent, and sent to the FDOE as valid points towards

your renewal. Now is the me to make your call and have your points transferred for renewal purposes.

Although your cerficate may say it is valid from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2013, the FDOE will not accept MIP points that were earned prior to

the issuance of your cerficate. For example, your cerficate may have an issue date of October 12, 2008 so only points earned from that

date forward can be counted towards your renewal. Please be aware that this could be an issue for some if you were counng everything

earned from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2013 and had no extra points for wiggle room. Again, if you have quesons, please contact me by email

or phone for your MIP point status. Word on the street is that on‐line recerficaon is really easy and fast!

When you are calculang your MIP point totals, a good rule of thumb is that a one‐day workshop is worth 5 or 6 points per day depending on

how you complete the Individual Inservice Aendance Log (Form 3B). Your hours are counted as you list the mes you aended each

workshop acvity. If you receive a cerficate from the workshop lisng the number of hours of credit, then we honor that number even if it

is more than the daily rate of 5 or 6 hours. Without the cerficate, we have to be guided by what you list as acvity hours.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break and I look forward to working with you this New Year 2013!



of the Florida Catholic staff

Students at Ascension Catholic School are geng tough on trash. Recognizing the need to reduce, recycle and reuse, the

students spent Earth Week this past April cung back on the amount of trash they generated. During that one week they

reduced their waste from 10 garbage bags down to just 2.5 bags.

Kae Aquila and Mary Conners, pre‐school teachers spearheaded the Earth Week efforts and a number of other school‐wide

projects and their efforts to save the planet garnered them the 2012 St. Francis Care for Creaon Award presented by the

Naonal Council of Catholic Women.

On Dec. 19, Henry Forer, Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orlando, presented the school with a plaque

and banner commemorang the honor before an all‐school Mass. The St. Francis Care for Creaon Award strives to

recognize Catholic schools that demonstrate exceponal commitment to reducing the impact of climate change through

prayer, educaon and acon.

“Today we are celebrang the good things that you are doing at Ascension Catholic School,” Forer said to the students. “We

are here to especially recognize two people and their efforts in helping you learn about God and God’s creaon.”

To conserve resources, the school also organized a “lights out day” in which the school operated wherever possible with the

lights off. The children also collected 6,473 plasc grocery bags during Recycle Day and held a backpack/blanket drive and

collected personal items for the needy.

“It is great to be recognized by a naonal organizaon for doing good for others because that is our mission at Ascension,”

said Doug Workman, Principal. “Academics are wonderful. All of our spiritual works are wonderful, but service to other

people is what the Catholic Church is all about. We are very proud that our teachers step up and take individual acon. If

everyone took one lile project, one lile corner of their world and took such an iniave, what a wonderful place the world

would be.”

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