VSSOP PhotoMOS - smallest package in its class


VSSOP PhotoMOS - smallest package in its class

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VSSOP PhotoMOS - smallest package in its class

Panasonic's new VSSOP PhotoMOS relays reduce space requirements on the circuit

board by another 29% to just 4.6mm2 (compared to SON, the smallest package up to


The new housing's vertical design provides for miniscule dimensions of just L x W =

2.2mm x 2.1mm at a height of 2.9mm, following the trend of ever increasing


The new VSSOP PhotoMOS relays belong to the successful series of "Low CxR"

PhotoMOS, an optimized product combining low Capacitance with low Resistance.

Especially measurement applications require the smallest possible output capacity C at

the open contact combined with a low On resistance at the closed contact for highfrequency

loads. Optimizing the capacitance and resistance in the transistors makes

this possible. Hence the typical output capacity for AQY221R2T (T = VSSOP) is 14pF

and the On resistance is a mere 0.8Ohm. Moreover, the new RF VSSOP CxR10

PhotoMOS has a short turn-on time (typical 0.1ms), a high I/O isolation voltage

(200VAC) and a low off-state leakage current (typical 20pA). The maximum switching

power is 40VAC/ 250mA.

Typical application areas can be found anywhere where there are strict requirements for

reliability and lifetime, and where high mounting density is demanded.

Particularly in the areas of IC and board testers, medical technology and multipoint

recording, the new PhotoMOS relays in VSSOP packages make advances in circuitboard

design possible that were never before even dreamed of.

October 2011

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