RACK LOVE 2012 - Kuat Racks


RACK LOVE 2012 - Kuat Racks



In 2005, after a long day of biking and a long drive back home, a young Luke Kuschmeader

and his then partner, Brian Atkinson, were eager to crack open a cold one and relax in the

garage (in the southern Missouri tradition). Stalled in their plan by a clumsy, heavy bike rack

that was a struggle to dismount from the vehicle, they wondered if there wasn’t a better way

to transport their bikes to and from the trails.

Hadn’t anyone thought to make a rack from a lightweight aluminum? And, while they were at

it, hadn’t anyone thought to make a rack that wasn’t completely hideous? It turned out, no one


The first design, simply named “the Alpha”, included value-added features like anti-sway

cradles, folding mast and arms, hand-tightening cam, and built-in bike lock system. It also

weighed in at only 13 pounds, half the weight of other racks, and was designed to visually

compliment the vehicles and bicycles it united. Lighter, easier to use, and far better-looking

than the existing products on the market, the Alpha challenged the status quo in the bike

rack industry.

One year after designing the Alpha prototype, Luke Kuschmeader and Brian Atkinson secured

funding for their fledgling company and began production. Their first production run to dealers

was warmly received – reviews and press were all positive because, well, the racks were


In building his team, Luke sought the talents of his life-long friends to propel Küat forward.

Most key employees have been friends since high school, contributing a fun and liberating

work environment, where staff feel comfortable challenging one another when needed and

who come to work for more than a paycheck.

The NV



built in repair stand

Is it wrong to intentionally make others envious? Probably. Yet there’s something undeniably

rewarding in the green faces of those you cruise past with your new NV. With a front and

rear ratchet system, hitch lock, integrated cable lock, and a built-in repair stand, It’s a fully

loaded stunner.

black chrome

hitch lock and integrated cable lock

1.25” or 2” models available



It comes as no surprise to us that the NV you bought attracted a little attention and now

people are coming out of the woodwork wanting to hit the trails with you. The NV Add-On

will help you accommodate your newfound popularity, by adding extra capacity to your

NV allowing you to tote up to four bikes. The best part? You can always detach it if that

annoying guy from work calls.

160 lbs

4 4

black chrome





We can just imagine the look of anticipation on the would-be thief’s face as he approaches

your bike, thinking, “Score! A free bike and a free water bottle to quench my thirst!” This

product looks like a stylish water-bottle but includes a 5’ internally coiled 8mm cable that

locks back into itself, as well as a compartment underneath for storage of keys and

paraphernalia. With no need to carry baggage for your lock and other items, you can ride

off in unencumbered style, safe in the knowledge that our potential thief is making his

parched-mouth trek back to the chop shop on foot.


Hardly the scruffy transient, this stylish stranger won’t give you the creepy vibe when

he rolls into town. Includes all the functionality of The Vagabond to get your bikes and

gear on the road with ease, and we dare you to find a better-looking roof basket on the

market. A bit showier than the original, the Vagabond-X 2 comes in black chrome, and

features a built-in cable lock system and locking mounts.


Shipping March 1st 2012



LOCKS built in cable and locking mounts

EXTENDER available- 41” x 21” x 7”



VAGABOND-X mounting lock kit can be added

COLOR black

EXTENDER available- 41” x 21” x 7”


Shipping March 1st 2012


The Vagabond often gets a bad rap. The sedentary masses can’t understand why he

doesn’t just settle down, cozy up on the couch, and stay in one place. Destined for the

path-less-traveled that is the road life, this misunderstood rogue is ahead of his time:

with the first built-in skewer mounting system featured on a roof basket, this rack is

ready to carry two bikes and all of your gear on a moment’s notice. Ever the laid-back

wanderer, the Vagabond maintains a low-profile style and is competitively priced at


2 bikes

“Grande soy extra hot, split-quad latte, one sugar-free vanilla shot, half shot

butterscotch. No foam. Your syrups are vegan, aren’t they?” says the gentleman

ahead of you in line. Like a refreshingly unfussy “large coffee”, the NV Core pares

down the added features of the best-selling NV for a remarkably affordable rack with

the classic styling and robust frame of the original. Integrated cable and hitch lock

can be added as an upgrade.


So, you spent more on your dream bike than you did on your first car. While others may be left

scratching their heads, we know it was worth every dime and it deserves the best transportation.

A mountain master, the Sherpa will get your bikes and gear to any destination in style. This rack

accommodates almost any sized bike by the wheels so you don’t have to worry about

scratching your paint job or wrestling bungee cords around a frame that looks like a geometry

quiz. It’s light enough to take on and off the car with ease, but looks so good that you’ll

want to leave it on all year.


black chrome or white

LOCKS hitch lock and cable lock



99 lbs

3 33

black chrome or white


1.25” or 2” models available

straps over top tube

As in, “The Alpha is Küat’s first lightweight aluminum bike rack.” Or, as in, “The Alpha is

the first lightweight aluminum bike rack, ever.” Often imitated, but never duplicated, the

Alpha’s innovative design broke new ground in the bike rack industry. Outperforming

the competition from the very beginning. The Alpha carries up to three bikes, features

anti-sway cradles, integrated locks, and a hand-tight cam system that makes it

astonishingly easy to load and unload.


Sometimes staying trim kind of sucks. Hill sprints, Pilates, weight training, forsaking white bread

entirely – the Beta has shown impeccable self-control. Fortunately, it has paid off. At only 11 lbs. and

gracefully designed, the Beta’s slim figure may give other bike racks a self-image complex. But don’t

hate him because he’s beautiful! This lean, mean rack can carry two bikes (up to 80lbs. total capacity),

includes many of the bells and whistles of his big brother, the Alpha, and makes it just as easy to load

and unload.

80 lbs

2 40

black chrome


1.25” or 2” models available

straps over top tube



Shipping March 1st 2012


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