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Savills International Development Services - Coreside


Development Services

As part of the development process we

test the appropriateness of the proposed

commercial uses to accompany the

residential uses ie. a traditional hotel

operation versus a serviced apartment

scheme, as well as the types of retail/

leisure uses that should accompany

such a development. We would look

to identify the likely demand, and from

which class of operators they originate.




The first step when assessing

a site and beginning the

consultancy service is to

produce a comprehensive

consultancy report, covering:

Site review

Market review

The next element is the analysis of the

national and regional market conditions

and recent local market transactions

(although potentially limited in number).

This stage is crucial in establishing the

current demand profile for new build

schemes, focusing on pricing thresholds

and understanding market performance

and competition coming through

the pipeline going forward. With the

combination of our international research

team and our local partners’ knowledge

of key schemes and transactional

evidence, we are able to bring a truly

global approach to our market review,

thereby reducing risk and adding value.

Target market analysis

Once we have established the range

of values that are achievable and the

pricing dynamics in the area, we are

able to analyse the socio-economic

profile of the target purchasers for the

scheme, including:


International purchaser profile


It is important to establish from the

outset where external investment

is coming from and what type

and specification of product these

purchasers desire


The specific pricing thresholds

of residential sales for particular

nationalities identified


Preferred sizes, specification and

amenities associated with the

residential element of the scheme

Conducting a detailed review of

the surrounding area, including a

comprehensive review of the locality and

adjacent land uses. This will also include

research into the style, standards, sizes

and specifications of the existing and

forecast residential stock.

We are able to bring a truly

global approach to our market

review, thereby reducing risk

and adding value.

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