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A development manager role

is effectively as a surrogate

client providing an interface

between the client and the

project manager, acting within the

confines of client instructions.

Savills has unparalleled experience of

undertaking development management

roles on resort schemes and believes

that this service would successfully

drive the project, particularly through the

critical early stages of decision making

and ensuring financial viability.

This role encompasses all phases and

aspects of the development cycle from

identifying a development opportunity,

site selection, technical and financial

modelling/appraisals, through to

planning, project team selection, design

and construction, as well as leasing,

sales and marketing.

Our focus on every project is value

enhancement, risk mitigation and

delivery of the highest-quality

development product.

Accordingly, the development

management role that Savills provides

encompasses technical consultancy

services (such as due diligence,

technical appraisals, feasibility studies

and development monitoring) to all

other internal-development-related

disciplines and the myriad of external

advisors who are an integral part of the

development process.

The strength of Savills development

management derives from the depth

and breadth of advice we are able to

offer our clients as a complete packaged

service. We achieve this by bringing

extensive development-related skills,

knowledge and expertise to each and

every project.

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