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International ERP Software - ABAS Software AG

abas: the total ERP solution for midsize companies –

International & Multi-National references

International references

International ERP expertise and best-practices

As companies become more integrated into the global market, they also

require software that is both international and multilingual to optimize

workflow and communication between foreign subsidiaries. As an internationally

operating midsize company, ABAS is well positioned to understand

the demands our customers. abas Business Suite is multi-company, multilanguage

and multi-currency and is supported by an international partner

network and a methodology designed to leverage your ERP investment

across borders.


Global knowledge transfer: the abas partner network

With abas, you will have the support of a growing global network of extensively trained

experts consisting of over 50 partners in 30 countries worldwide.

abas software partners provide on-site support and a range of services, including training,

implementation, infrastructure support, customization, and help desk support. This ensures

short reaction times and the highest quality customer service in global markets. Our partner

network is continuously expanding, and presently includes: Germany, Austria, Saudi

Arabia, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia,

Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka,

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the U.S.A.

One - Globe - One Network - One abas


International references

Employees: 300

Licenses: 172

abas customer since: 2004


Sealing solutions

Picture: SKF

SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH / seals

Project highlights:

• Integrated use of all

functions of the ERP Software:

purchasing with

purchase order processing,

warehouse management,

scheduling, retail and

material management, sales

with sales order processing

and accounting

• Special feature:

Production planning and

control with PDC

• Flexible, direct sales order


• All necessary information,

such as parts lists for picking,

is available at the machine.

• Feedback to the system is

automatically sent after the

work is complete

• Current and reliable information

about inventory levels

based on the data in abas can

be accessed at any time.

Description of the ERP project:

SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH is recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing

machined seal solutions. Their products, specially manufactured for a turbine, to small

series production of customer-specific fitted plastic parts to complete machines for a

variety of product lines. abas Business Suite is implemented at many of the company‘s

locations in multiple countries. Their flexibility and internationalization requirements for

abas are high.

Project support:

Overall project: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH

Austria: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH

Germany: ABAS Projektierung GmbH

Italy: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH

Poland: Synthelix Sp. z o.o.


Canada: ABAS-USA Inc.

China: ABAS Force (China) Limited

Thailand: Wisdom Information Systems

“The availability of abas in over 28 languages - in operation and as

output languages - is as much of a plus for internationally operating companies

as the processing of different currencies. The hardware plays a major role when

we think of expansion: we also deliberately decided to go for a system, which

would give us flexibility as we have already developed hardware structures

which we would like to continue to use. Taking this into account, nothing stands

in the way of a further expansion at SKF Economos.”

Mario Brückner, employee in international sales, and responsible for the

implementation and support of ERP software at SKF Economos


Employees: 280

Licenses: 100

abas customer since: 2001


premium hotel cosmetics

Picture: Fotolia

ADA Group

Description of the ERP project:

After remarkable growth, ADA Cosmetics’ previous business software reached its limits.

The German based market leader in premium hotel cosmetics used an individual software

to cover their business processes. Due to a broad product range, their new system had to

be able to manage batch and process manufacturing as well as custom and small-scale

production. Because ADA Cosmetics distributes through various national and international

locations, it also had to be equipped with multi-user features. abas meets all these

requirements and now assists the hotel cosmetics specialist since 2001. With evolutionary

and innovative abas Business Suite, ADA works with a tool that easily connects new locations

and continuously optimizes processes. abas has exceeded all of ADA‘s expectations

over the years. ADA saves costs and reproduces their needs in abas without losing upgradeability.

Project highlights:

• abas is used and

supported in multiple

location across the world

• Central production client

Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Germany

“We have decided in favor of abas ERP, because we are able to upgrade and

modify on our own with this software. We have an internal team that works

permanently on ADA‘s continuous improvement process. Due to such a flexible

business software we were able to represent all changes we have defined in the

system. With other systems I have previously worked with, upgrading took up

to several months. Using abas Business Suite, the new release is installed

over a weekend. This is quite cost beneficial since only few IT capacities

are needed in comparison to other systems.”

Karl Perino, Head of IT


International references

Employees: 350

Lizencenses: 202

abas user since: 2005


The ZOLLER product

portfolio covers all

application areas of tool

presetting, inspection

and management.

Picture: ZOLLER


Project highlights:

• abas is used in seven

different countries.

• Data consolidation

Description of the ERP project:

As a traditional family-owned company, ZOLLER stands for quality, precision, reliability

and a sense of efficiency. With these principles Zoller develops technologies which set

standards. With technological innovations, high-quality products and excellent customer

service, the company has ensured itself a place as world-leader. Nowadays about 350 employees

contribute to the international success of Zoller with its HQ located in Freiberg,

Germany. Since 2006, Zoller has been optimizing its business processes with abas ERP

and rolled out their ERP solution in Austria, Hongkong, India, Japan, Spain and USA.

Project support:

ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Karlsruhe / Deutschland

ABAS Force (China) Limited, Shanghai / China

ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling (VA) / USA

Integrated Erp Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai / India

Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH, Wien / Austria

“With abas, we have a paperless office and a direct

interface to the master system in Germany.”

Mrs. Manali Inamdar, Zoller India


Employees: 850

Licenses: 245

abas customer since: 1991


pipe support technology in

the major plant engineering

and construction

Picture: LISEGA


Description of the ERP project:

All activities in the abas Business Suite are tracked as soon as a quotation iscreated

and released from within the LISEGA group. If the quotation leads to a sales order, all

required data are already available in the system and modifications can be made. It is

irrelevant in which LISEGA subsidiary the quotation was created and in which the quotation

is further processed. A significant foundation in the sales order processing represents

the warehouse and production organization which ensure quick availability through a

requirement oriented scheduling and control. Through this the different warehouse

locations of the LISEGA subsidiaries worldwide are included in the scheduling.

Project support: ABAS Software AG, Germany

ABAS PGI France S.A.S., France

“A main requirement was and is to minimize the administration processes

within the company and in all international subsidiaries through modern

organization methods. A significant contribution to the successful fulfilment

of this requirement is provided by the abas Business Suite because it

supports the organization and does not, as many other systems do,

force the organization to use inflexible IT systems.”

Udo Böttcher, Head of IT

Project highlights:

• Multi languages

• Experience and adjustments

can be applied immediately

in all subsidiaries

• abas grows with the

requirements and is

therefore always up-to-date

• Positive experience with

upgrades – the import is

normally complete in one


• abas quickly displays

new business processes

• Uniform organizational

principles can be realized

• Option of automating

business processes

• Central process manage

ment with super ordinate

warehouse responsibility -

stock level reduction,

increase in availability,

transparency in the

complete group

• Increased information flow


International references

Employees: approx.

750 worldwide

Licenses: 195

abas customer since: 1992


Vacuum components,

vacuum gripping systems,

vacuum handling systems

and vacuum stretching


Picture: Schmalz


Project highlights:

• Yearly upgrades that

don‘t effect company-specific


• Always up-to-date technology

• Multiple supported languages:

Schmalz foreign subsidiaries

in Spain, France and the USA

also use abas.

• User friendly data processing

• Master catalog in multiple

languages as a foundation for

Web and print catalogs

• Vendor portals

Description of the ERP project:

Schmalz continually develops custom functions according to the requirements of the company

with abas‘s integrated flexible user interface programming. The system needs to be

able to map all processes quickly and accurately, not just now, but also further down the

road. Thanks to abas’s evolving and flexible system approach, Schmalz has the perfect

solution to meet the growing customer requirements. The supported languages are also

important to Schmalz when it comes to long-term investment security. The vacuum specialist

optimizes internal processes beyond country borders. For example, with a click of

a button in the ERP system, quotations, purchase orders and invoices are exchanged between

the headquarters and the foreign subsidiary, and are recorded quickly as a new process

in the correct screen. Data is available worldwide at all Schmalz ERP locations.

Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe / Germany

Softpro Industrie S.A., Lyon / France

ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain

ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling / USA

“For Schmalz, the supported languages play an essential role when it comes

to long-term investment security. We are able optimize internal processes

across national borders. With the click of a button in the ERP system,

we can create a new product record and the data will be available

all of Schmalz‘s ERP locations worldwide.”

Werner Fischer, Head of IT


Employees: approx. 800


Licenses: 120 (group)

abas user since: 1997


Engine and drivetrain

components for racing

(Formula 1), for high

performance vehicles

and for the aviation industry

Picture: Pankl

Pankl Racing Systems AG in Kapfenberg (AT)

Description of the ERP project:

Throughout the years since the ERP implementation, the system did not only convincethrough

its stability, but also grew with the company. Pankl has a high demand for software

flexibility. The significance of the ERP system also grew for the management in

the past years because key figures play a major role for the company listed on the stock

exchange. Pankl adopts the key figures of all companies of the group from the individual

clients into a management information system (business intelligence) and evaluates

them. For a uniform group controlling, abas ERP provides many options through the group

accounting module, financial accounting, fixed asset accounting or Corridor Controlling.

Project highlights:

• Connection of the

subsidiaries in the US,

Britain and Slovakia

• Detailed production planning

with the integrated simcron


• Electronic quality control


Project support:

Overall project: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH

Austria: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH

Slovakia: amotIQ srl

UK: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH


“We have very high requirements regarding flexibility of the software since

we have to cover very different business areas and processes and also because

requirements change often - due to Pankl‘s growth. Generally,

in the car racing industry we must, for example, work with very short periods

from development to supply. This means we must plan in detail and flexibly.

Extremely short processing periods must also be realized. The abas Business Suite

optimally supports us here.”

Daniel Konrad, ERP Manager


International references

Employees: 1.065

Licenses: 49

abas customer since: 2007


Machines and systems

for solid wood processing

Picture: Weinig

Weinig Group

Project highlights:

• Automatic generation of

purchase order suggestion

according to production data

of the system

• Faster purchasing process

• Sufficient stock for JIT

delivery schedules

• Error prevention

• Implementation in Spain

in less than 15 man-days

International implementation

methodology guarantees the

highest possible level

of efficiency.

• Integrated financial


• Considerable time savings

when creating purchase



Description of the ERP project:

Company acquisitions have led to the Weinig Group using various ERP systems. The

hardware and software strategy per subsidiary is set up decentrally. In order to continue

growth, Weinig increasingly implements the abas Business Software in additional

locations. The software was implemented in China, Switzerland and Spain by Weinig from

Tauberbischofsheim and by the ABAS Projektierung from Karlsruhe. The implementation

in France and USA will be carried out soon. Country-specifically localization of abas

ERP is carried out by the abas software partner in the respective country. In China this is

ABAS Business Solutions (PRC), in Switzerland BYTICS AG and in Spain ABAS Business

Solutions Ibérica.

Project support:

Overall project: ABAS Projektierung GmbH

Germany: ABAS Projektierung GmbH

China: ABAS Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd.

Switzerland: BYTICS AG

Spain: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L.

“We had maximum efficiency and constructive communication in

the project through the highly motivated employees of the ABAS Projektierung.

We also learned a lotabout our company. The project handling was quick,

professional and also project costs were as planned when the project

was complete. I am sure that we would have not had such

a positive result with any other provider.”

Alexander Walter, CIO and Project Manager of the Weinig Group.

Employees: 580 (group)

Licenses: 85 (group)

abas customer since: 2004


Special profies, fuel and

hydraulic oil containers,

plastic lamp bodies for

customers in Europe, Asia

and America

Picture: Elkamet

Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Biedenkopf (D), Elkamet s.r.o.

in Myslinka (CZ), ELKAMET, INC. in Hendersonville (USA)

Description of the ERP project:

Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH, based in Biedenkopf, develops and manufactures

special profiles, fuel and hydraulic oil containers, as well as plastic lamp bodies for

customers in Europe, Asia and America. The company‘s continuous expansion pushed the

previous business software past its limits. Outdated data structures and the resulting lack

of data transparency prompted Elkamet to look for a new ERP system in late 2002. abas

was selected for being flexible, international and able to adapt to future requirements.

Since abas was implemented, transparency at Elkamet has improved dramatically, inventory

levels were decreased and the inventory turnover rate has increased.

Project highlights:

• EDI integration

• Production site in the

Czech Republic

• Integrating the

American subsidiary

Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Cologne

ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling (VA) / USA

“Each of our business areas has different production methods and different distribution channels.

We wanted to optimally map these methods and processes with the new business software.

For example, three forwarders with different requirements from four business areas

had to be able to work in one common scheduling module. A key advantage of the abas in

comparison to other systems is its flexibility.

Because of that we didn‘t need to commit ourselves during the detailed planning of the system.

We can make changes and customizations at any time without sacrificing system upgrades.”

Dr. Ulrich Wolf, Head of IT


International references

Employees: 160

Licenses: 55

abas user since: 1997


Precision flat steel, wearing

plates for molding boxes in

the limestone industry,

screw conveyors, metering

systems, solid feeding

systems for biogas plants

Picture: PPÄZI

PRÄZI-Flachstahl AG in Everswinkel (D) and

PRÄZI-Fördertechnik GmbH in Bohmte (D)

Project highlights:

• Short implementation

period, go live within

3 months

• Use of many upgradeable

individual adjustments

• System stability:

no unplanned system

downtime since 1997

• Integration of all ERP


Description of the ERP project:

On the basis of available IT solutions and a lack in Euro compatibility of the old IT system,

PRÄZI was searching for a complete and future-safe ERP system for the made-to-order

and small batch production. In addition to the pure ERP functionality including financial

accounting, the system flexibility and upgradeability using a Linux/Unix operating system

was the deciding factor to buy. abas is also being used in the European subsidiaries,

e.g. in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Project support: ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr GmbH, Mettmann

“A high performance and stable ERP system which has proven its upgradeability

many times and to our utmost satisfaction despite many individual adjustments

carried out by ourselves. We have no interface problems due to the integrated database.

Everyone wants a functioning and low maintenance ERP environment!”

Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Torsten Kallweit, Head of IT/Organization


Employees: 500

Licenses: 125

abas customer since: 2003


Diagnostic, therapeutic

and life-saving devices and

systems in the field of medical


Picture: Weinmann

Weinmann Group

Description of the ERP project:

By implementing the abas Business Suite, Weinmann has optimized the processes in

the group of companies over all locations. abas provides an international ERP system

which can be permanently adjusted to the new process models of Weinmann without

losing any of the releaseability. For example, this ensures that the warehouse management

of abas has a high level of transparency and a quick material flow. Any number of

warehouses and warehouse locations can be created and managed by the user in

the system. A route optimizing withdrawal process enables the warehouse workers

to process all items of a purchase order in an optimal sequence. The modern high rack

warehouse with a paternoster system works on the principle of ‚chaotic ware-housing‘.

The products or warehouse units have no fixed warehouse allocation. The storage space

can be optimally utilized if all goods are recorded and managed in the ERP system.

Project support:

Overall project: ABAS Systemhaus GmbH

Germany: ABAS Systemhaus GmbH

Switzerland: ABAS Competence Partner GmbH

France: Softpro Industrie S.A.

“We want to provide our users in different countries with the highest level

of comfort possible. However, we cannot realize this only using our IT department

in Hamburg because there are language barriers. Therefore, we require

the support of the foreign abas partner on location who knows the local requirements,

who can correctly implement the software, who can communicate in the same

language and who can provide our subsidiaries with knowhow during the respective

working time. We rely on the abas Business Suite as part of this.”

Wolfgang Reher, Head of IT at Weinmann

Project highlights:

International implementation

of abas

• abas partner network: support

and implementation of inter

national installations by the

abas partner from the region

• The abas partner in Hamburg

has set up special lot

management, which registers

the exact delivery date and

the storage location. This

ensures that no good, which

are close to their sell by date,

leaves the warehouse.

• Special machine documentation

has been realized: in the case

of medical equipment it must

be ensured that important

information, such as serial

numbers, individual

configuration and the maintenance

status with history,

can be seen at any time.

abas manages these data

throughout the complete



International references

Employees: 420

Licenses: 35

abas customer since: 2010


Creative platform for

personalized clothing

Picture: sprd AG in Leipzig (D), Greensbury (USA), Legnica (PL) /

Project highlights:

• Implementation of standard

within a short period

• Integration and real time

synchronization with a

platform developed inhouse

for order management

and web front-end

• abas manages materials

management and financial


Description of the ERP project:

Spreadshirt is a worldwide creative platform for personalized clothing. 420 employees

strive to to put the ideas of their customers on shirts. They accomplish this with the highest

quality thanks to the programming of the software, from the platform, to marketing,

production, and customer service. The company merchandises their products through the

Spreadshirt marketplace under, Whitelabel and Facebook shops, as well

as additional connections using the API. Spreadshirt processed over 800,000 orders in just

the first half of 2012 – 315,000 of those at their location in the USA and 483,000 in Europe.

The key criteria during the selection process were the ability of abas to adapt to external

conditions as well as the price-performance ratio, as only very select functions were required.

Project support: alltrotec GmbH, Dresden / Dresden

ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling / USA

Synthelix Sp. z o.o., Wrocław / PL

“abas provides the flexibility we need

to connect to our existing system.”

Daniel Bruch, Global Operations Controller


Employees: 40

Licenses: 27

abas customer since: 2012


Energy management

system developed inhouse,

together with solar collectors,

heat pumps and

storage technologies


IMMOSOLAR Gruppe in Langen (D), Mallorca (E), Kramsach (A)

Description of the ERP project:

With an ever increasing number of projects, the company‘s previous software solutions

was eventually pushed to its limit. Additionally, the company wanted to incorporate a QA

system and establish controlling. Based on a recommendation, a known product was selected

and an implementation project started. But the project was eventually stopped due

to lack of the necessary expertise by the system house, particularly in the areas of inhouse

production and project processing. To ensure the continued growth of the market-leading

IMMOSOLAR Group, a new, intensified search for a reliable software partner began. Because

they could prove their expertise from previous projects, the decision was made to

work together with the local abas partner. The clients for Germany, Austria and Spain are

maintained centrally in Langen, and the functions that are necessary locally are performed

at the individual abas locations. Every employee has access to information about the

high quality products, and soon they will have mobile access, too.

Project highlights:

• Data exchange between

3 independent locations

• Outlook integration

• DATANORM export


• Independent modifications

• Workflow

• QM / QA

• Lots and serial numbers


project management

Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH & Co. KG, Langen / Germany

ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain

Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH, Vienna / Austria

“The project approach of our abas partner is worlds

apart from that of our previous ERP implementation provider: Their readiness to help with every

perceivable problem, their consultation, and above all their constant inquiry of our goals,

both before and after the implementation project, were of great assistance to us.

Their project management is excellent and their support

is very customer-oriented, transparent and understandable.

The foundation has been set, now we can build upon it.”

Björn Groß, Project Manager and Head of Logistics


International references

Employees: 500

Licenses: 88

abas user since: 1997


Stamped and drawn



Picture: Ernst

E. Ernst GmbH Umformtechnik in Oberkirch-Zusenhofen (D)

Project highlights:

• Individually created lists

and forms

• Connection of the

subsidiaries in the US and


Description of the ERP project:

For decades Ernst Umformtechnik has been a well-established automotive component

supplier. Metal forming parts for the automotive industry are important generators of

revenue and growth. As an acknowledged development partner in the automotive supply

chain, Ernst Umformtechnik's long-term regular customers are not only vehicle manufacturers

but also system and module suppliers. Housings for air bags, electric motors,

electronic components and also transmission, cooling and suspension elements are the

most common references. For the automotive industry and its system suppliers, Ernst

Umformtechnik supplies components for airbag systems, transmission, clutch and

gear-change systems, fastening elements and housings for control units. Ernst is also a

well-known vendor in the household appliances and electric motor branch. Whether white

goods, kitchen appliances or do-it-yourself equipment, metal casings and structural parts

are a decisive component for the quality of the final product.

Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH, Karlsruhe (D)


“We have been working successfully with abas since 1997.

Through annual upgrades we are always using state of the art technology.

Using abas we have realized our vendor connection.

Communication with our vendors was significantly simplified.

We are impressed with the quick realization of our requirements in abas.

Due to our positive experience we will also use the abas application in other areas.”

Rolf Wingert, ERP Team Leader

Employees: 130

Licenses: 85

abas customer since: 1993


Piston diaphragm

pumps, electromechanical

diaphragm pumps,

slurry pumps,

high-pressure pumps

Picture: ABEL

ABEL GmbH & Co. KG in Büchen (D),

ABEL Equipos S.A. (E), ABEL Pumps, L.P. (USA)

Description of the ERP project:

ABEL specializes in reciprocating displacement pumps for varying flow rates and pump

pressures. One of the company’s core competencies is membrane pumps. Together with

ABEL’s usual quality standards, the design principle of the hermetically sealed pump is

especially suited for abrasive, aggressive and even shear-sensitive media. Thanks to their

technological edge in mechanical membrane pumps, ABEL has earned a well-respected

reputation around the world. ABEL has customers in diverse industries, including mining,

water and sewage management, ceramics, chemical, oil and gas as well as energy. ABEL

has relied on abas since 1993. Thanks to regular upgrades ABEL remains up to date with

current versions and technologies. ABEL uses abas at their headquarters in Germany as

well as at their distribution and service branches in Pittsburgh (USA) and Madrid (Spain).

Project highlights:

• Scheduling based on the

same product master record

for pumps, replacement

parts and accessories

• Global financial consolidation


Project support: ABAS Systemhaus GmbH, Reinbek / Germany

ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain

ABAS-USA Inc., Sterling (VA) / USA

“We have relied on abas since 1993. The software enables us

to remain competitive in a global market and helps us achieve our goal of

constant improvement, which ensures long-term success and continued innovation.”

Christian Dietl, Managing Director


International references

Employees: 180


abas customer since: 2009


Kneader facilities for

processing high quality

plastic compounds

Picture: Buss

Buss AG in Pratteln (CH),

Buss Inc. (USA)

Project highlights:

• Implementation on schedule

and within budget

• PLM integration

• Customizations by the user

during the implementation


• DMS integration

Description of the ERP project:

The selection process was highly structured and stretched out over several months. Over

the course of several workshops bytics was able to demonstrate to the responsible decision

makers at Buss that they are the right partner with the right solution. The importance

of integrated processes was emphasized, from structured engineering to BOMs and the

advantages of integrated service features. Especially high requirements were set for cost

accounting, in order to improve transparency and the profitability of Buss‘s products. abas

ERP has been productively deployed at Buss since 2009. Two main release upgrades have

been performed since then and a PLM interface was implemented in 2010. DMS from

Habel, which is fully integrated in abas, was added in early 2012.

Project support: bytics AG, Switzerland

“We chose abas because its functions, degree of integration, software solutions,

investment and operational costs as well as implementation effort best suited our processes and needs.

The degree to which we could customize the software and the superb usability

of the program were also factors in our decision.

The experienced consultants from bytics proved that bytics is a flexible

and competent partner throughout the ERP implementation process.”

Michael Kasimir, CIO


Employees: 300

Licenses: 109

abas customer since: 2010


Development and

production of dough

processing systems

Picture: Rondo

RONDO Burgdorf AG in Burgdorf (CH),

RONDO Schio s.r.l. in Schio (I)

Description of the ERP project:

A multi-step evaluation was performed over the course of several months. Two important

criteria were that the operation costs and upgrade costs stay within manageable

limits. The company‘s goal was transparency of information and data, as well as improved

profitability with an integrated ERP system. The first step was to introduce abas at the

company‘s Swiss headquarters. In a second ERP project, implementation was carried out

at their Italian subsidiary. The company now benefits from efficient communication from

engineering to production, thanks to individualizations. After the first successful upgrade,

which took place during the implementation phase of the project, the company was able to

generate added value with the new features.

Project highlights:

• Combination of specific

customer orders and

standard machines

• Fully integrated cost


• Final costing

• Optimized production

planning with integrated

sales planning

Project support: bytics AG, Schweiz

ABAS Business Solutions s.r.l., Bologna / Italy

“We chose abas because of its extraordinary flexibility and outstanding

upgrade compatibility. All of our business relevant processes, including accounting, are integrated.

We are able reproduce our processes more accurately, a very important factor for us

as an international and growing company.

abas was introduced at our headquarters in Burgdorf, Switzerland, and at our Italian subsidiary.

We were impressed by the technical expertise and the interpersonal skills

of the project managers at both locations. Thanks to close cooperation,

abas was ready for launch on time and on budget.”

Roland Boschung, CFO


International references

Employees: 200

Licenses: 50

abas user since: 1990


Flanges and fittings made

of carbon steel, stainless

steel and alloy as well as

bright steel

Picture: Bebitz

Flanschenwerk Bebitz GmbH in Bebitz (D)

Project highlights:

• Approx. 65,000 products

• Individual QA system

with abas connection

• Detailed material and

product management

with valuation

• Product and customerrelated


margin accounting

• Very extensive, individually

created program runs

• Parallel operation in India

Description of the ERP project:

Flanschenwerk Bebitz GmbH has been in business since 1911 and has maintained the

highest quality standards. Business processes and IT applications continually improve.

abas was implemented in purchasing and sales, materials management, scheduling, production,

financial accounting, cost accounting and fixed asset accounting. The products

are subject to detailed lot management in individual levels. Palette management has been

integrated into dispatch handling. The storage location management goes by the principle

of chaotic warehousing. The UNIX-based environment has provided Bebitz with a problemfree

IT operation since 1990.

Project support: abas system gmbh, Berlin (D)

“We have been working with abas since 1990.

Monetary union, trust agency, reprivatization, inability to pay and

since 2004 successful on the market again with an Indian management –

all of this is due to abas. You can't find anything better.”

Roland Leitloff, Controlling


Employees: 530

Licenses: 99

abas user since: 1991


Worldwide market leader

in technical textiles for

architecture, filter media

and process bands

Picture: GKD

GKD-Gebr. Kufferath AG in Düren (D)

Description of the ERP project:

GKD-Gebr. Kufferath AG is a market leader providing technical meshes for architecture,

filter media and process belts. The meshes being produced in the three GKD business divisions

differ considerably. Orders in the CREATIVE WEAVE area often have a batch size of

one. But GKD also produces in larger series. Some machines are producing the same product

for months. This mixture of large series, small series and make-to-order production

is also a challenge for the ERP system. A flexible, adaptable and future-proof system, such

as abas Business Suite is needed, which can adapt to the constantly changing requirements

of GKD. With regular upgrades of the ERP system, which was implemented in 1991,

the market leader for technical meshes from Düren is provided with the newest functions

and technologies and is therefore always „up-to-date“.

Project highlights:

• Combination of large

series, small series and

make-to-order production

• Lot management

• Support of the

restructuring process

within the company

• Connection of the

subsidiary GKD-USA

Project support: ABAS Software AG, Karlsruhe

“We have been using abas Business Software since 1991. Through upgrades we

remain always up-to-date, in terms of technology and function. The software supports

our complex requirements optimally due to its flexibility and adaptability.

Without abas Business Software we would not be what we are today:

world market leader for technical meshes.”

Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Kufferath-Kassner, Manager


International references

Employees: 220

Licenses: 53

abas customer since: 2001


Plastic packaging, for

example, Debasafe security

bags, self-adhering

Debapac document pouches

and Unipost shipping

envelopes made with

environmentally friendly


Picture: Debatin

Anton Debatin GmbH in Bruchsal (D),

Debatin S.A.R.L. in Hoenheim (F)

Project highlights:

• Connectivity to warehouse

EDI barcode scanners

• Connectivity to external

sales force

• Outsourced finished goods

warehouse using the

EDI interface to connect

to the ERP system

• Future requirements can

be mapped in the system

with reasonable effort

• Modifications can be

made in house and will not

be erased by updates.

Description of the ERP project:

The Baden-based company Anton Debatin GmbH has a long tradition. As with Europe‘s

leading providers, they offer products made from environmentally friendly polyethylene

including Debasafe security bags, self-adhering Debapac document pouches and Unipost

shipping envelopes. Innovative products designed and produced by highly qualified

employees, together with state of the art production methods and machines and an

ERP software that provides optimal control of business processes, ensures the highest

possible quality while maintaining competitive prices.

Project support: ABAS Projektierung GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe

ABAS PGI France S.A.S., La Walck / France

“With the abas Business Suite, we are capable of growing healthy without

having to increase the staff‘s capacities.”

Jürgen Wilhelm, Commercial Executive


Employees: 70

Licenses: 14

abas customer since: 2003


Brushes, brush rollers,

scrub brushes, vacuum

brushes etc.

Picture: Gutmann

Eugen Gutmann GmbH Süddeutsche Bürsten- und

Kunststofffabrik in Leonberg (D)

Description of the ERP project:

At Gutmann abas replaced the previous system Comet. When carrying out material

reservations / allocations, inventories are assigned to the customer order and production

receipts are automatically allocated to outstanding sales orders. Picking takes place by

means of a picking database: one picking data record is created for each calendar week.

Outstanding deliveries are displayed in a weekly overview and adjustments can be made.

The weekly results are evaluated (delivery rate in %). Packing slips, collective packing

slips and invoices are created.

Project support: ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr GmbH, Pforzheim

Project highlights:

• Interim warehouse for

incoming inspection with

optimized release options

• Parallel installation in

Slovakia with a shadow client

in Leonberg

• Shipping system with

beo-Expowin integration

• Adjusted preliminary costing

(improved abas standard)

• Concurrent costing

• Material consumption for

production with release and

return options

• Overview of materials for


“abas impressed us with its ability to the continuously adjust to

company changes. With ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr we have a partner

that can support us in all of our IT areas.”

Jürgen Belle, Managing Director


International references

Employees: 100

Licenses: 35

abas customer since: 2011


Silicon products for home

and kitchen

Picture: Lékué

Lékué, S.L. in La Llagosta / Barcelona (E) and

Lékué Technology Co. Ltd. in Suzhou (CN)

Project highlights:


• Demand management

(EDI incl.)

• Logistics

• Customer service

• Cost controlling

• Dashboards,

Portal applications and

BI integration

Description of the ERP project:

Lékué, a leading manufacturer of silicon products for home and kitchen, began implementing

abas in January 2011. The first step was to determine the requirements and goals

for a six month period, in order to improve the company‘s operation processes. Critical

areas such as shipping and logistics were optimized within the business processes so that

the growing worldwide demand for Lékué products could be met. Customer service was

also improved by implementing purchasing planning and processing purchase orders with

EDI. Consistent material and deadline planning led to improved production and delivery.

In addition, material stocks were recorded and optimal warehouse management was

achieved by introducing RFID. Lékué does business in more than 40 countries. After the

first project in Spain Lékué also implemented abas at their international production site in

China, in order to meet the demands of the Asian market.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Barcelona / Spain

ABAS Force (China) Ltd., Shanghai / China

“Lékué is an international company that requires a complete ERP solution that can be

implemented at our locations around the globe. Not only was the actual use of abas an important

part of the decision to implement the software, but also the company abas itself.

We see abas as a medium business that has the same philosophy as us at Lékué.

It was important to us that abas Ibérica would be a partner that understood our requirements.”

Rafael Sebastian, Operations Manager


Employees: approx. 1000 (group)

Licenses: 143

abas customer since: 2000


Cable production and

component assembly

Picture: CabTec

CabTec AG in Rotkreuz (CH)

CabTec Kft. in Kecskemét and Szekszárd (HU)

Description of the ERP project:

CabTec group opts for abas Business Suite, taking advantage of its flexibility,

the option to work in different locations, the internationality and releaseability to

deliver products on schedule. CabTec‘s employees operate in the cable production

and cable assembly market with technical and logistical competence. Administration,

purchasing, sales, financial accounting as well as costing take place in Rotkreuz

(CH) and production in Hungary. A flexible and reliable standard software was

CabTech Holding‘s selection criteria. The releaseability and flexibility of abas offers

great value to their daily operations. Materials management and warehouse management,

production/PPC, scheduling, time recording and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to

exchange data with customers are being used. abas is installed on a central server at the

data center in Rotkreuz with different clients, and is used from all locations via a terminal

server solution.

Project highlights:

International ERP projects

• Data center in Rotkreuz

is accessed from all locations

via terminal server solution


Project support: bytics AG, Switzerland

InterJNet Számítástechnikai Kft., Hungary

”The CabTec Group has been implementing and running ERP projects

with ABAS Software AG and its partners for over 15 years.

This long-term cooperation shows the capacity for innovation

of ABAS Software AG and re-confirms our choice of a

very good business partner at that time.“

Fredy Zwyssig, CFO, CabTec Holding AG


International references

Employees: 300

Licenses: 70

abas customer since: 2002


Machines and facilities for

processing technology,

environmental engineering

and packaging technology

Picture: Binder+Co

Binder+Co AG in Gleisdorf (A)

Project highlights:

• Multiple supported


• Adaptability / Flexibility

• Linux

• Savings potential

• Upgrade compatibility

Description of the ERP project:

In order to keep an eye on all of their important business resources, Binder+Co depends

on a reliable, modern and flexible ERP system. The longevity of their machines and facilities

also requires that all information, from construction to the most recent operator,

be available. The data from abas forms the basis of an efficient life cycle management.

Support for multiple languages and the ability to work with different currencies are important

criteria that abas fulfills completely. Another plus is that the software can be run

using the Linux operating system. Another example is the handling of ISO certification,

which would not have been possible with the previous system. One critical issue, which

generally arises when dealing with ERP systems, was already taken care of: software

upgrades can be performed smoothly and customizations are not lost in the process.

Project support: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH, Vienna / Austria

“The flexibility of the ERP system and its ability to easily adapt to changes

in order processes is very important to us. The speed with which modifications

were implemented was astounding. Changes we discussed to order processing

were made within a matter of minutes.”

Michael Kummer, Head of IT


Employees: 80

Licenses: 19

abas customer since: 2009


paella, pizza, pasta and

convenience food

Picture: Meritem

MERITEM, S.A. in Igualada / Barcelona (E)

Description of the ERP project:

Meritem is the largest paella manufacturer in Spain, a country in which the food industry

is growing constantly. As a producing company, Meritem continuously optimizes its production

processes and operation is very sales-oriented. Therefore, the project focus was

placed on automation and efficient organization of the areas sales – over 500 sales orders

are processed daily – as well as logistics and reporting. The close cooperation between

Meritem and the abas project team resulted in a smooth implementation. As planned, the

‚go live‘ took place in January 2009 after a short implementation time of 4 months. One

immediate benefit is high user satisfaction, which is a result of efficient processes, as well

as fast access to relevant information for reporting and data mining. Thanks to the abas

implementation, considerable cost savings were already realized in regard to routine

evaluation tasks.

Project highlights:

• Scheduling of calls and quick

order execution

• Logistics: automatic packing

slip grouping, picking

according to delivery route

and preparation of shipping


• Loyalty program

• Commission settlement

• External warehouse


Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain

“We are very happy with the versatility and performance of the application in terms of

creating and collecting data and decisionmaking. The stability of the system which

provides us with maximum security and continuity of our processes also has to be

emphasized. Only recently we switched from our old system to abas. Therefore,

I would like to emphasize the professionalism and precision with which the team of ABAS

Business Solutions Ibérica realized the ERP implementation. A key factor for the

successful ‚go live‘ of a new ERP system.”

Xavier Herreros, CEO


International references

Employees: 60

Licenses: 10

abas customer since: 2011


Development and production

of greenhouse facilities

Pictures: Rufepa

Rufepa Tecnoagro in Alicante (E)

Project highlights:

• Production planning and

control (PPC)

• Data capture

• Integration of designs

in the engineering office

Description of the ERP project:

Rufepa Tecnoagro was founded in Alicante, Spain, by five garden and greenhouse design

engineers in the early 1990s. The company specializes in greenhouse facility engineering

for the global market. In 2010, company management decided to replace their previous

ERP system, as it could no longer meet the demanding requirements of the company and

their customers. Rufepa Tecnoagro chose ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica to be their

partner for the implementation of abas as a foundation for future growth and global expansion.

Thanks to abas’s proven implementation method, the project was a great success

and set goals were met on schedule. Today, roughly two years later, their abas installation

is operating superbly and Rufepa has gained improved control of production processes,

international projects and materials management. Improved customer service and

increased sales, totaling EUR 1.9 million in 2011, reflect the ERP project‘s success.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain

“We have extremely specific processes and projects.

Accordingly, we wanted an easy to operate ERP software that could provide us

confidence and assurance. That‘s why we chose abas to map our processes.”

José Morales, CEO


Employees: 40

Licenses: 12

abas customer since: 2005


Dampers for gas turbines,

Motors and desulfurization

systems, Connection

elements, Bypass systems

Pictures: Stejasa

STEJASA Agregados Industriales in Madrid (E)

Description of the ERP project:

Stejasa operates in the mechanical engineering industry sector and has over 30 years of

experience in the specialized areas of developing and manufacturing damping elements

and expansion bellows implemented in the industrial, chemical and energy sectors.

During the system implementation, extra attention was paid to the accounting and cost

accounting functions integrated in abas.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica, Spain

Project highlights:

• Chose abas for its

extensive performance

capabilities and the

production expertise of abas

• Evaluations and analyses

for accounting

“Thanks to integrated cost accounting, I now know the cost as well as

the efficiency of our projects. What was once a labor-intensive administrative job

is now a simple, automated process. By using abas,

we have been able to introduce structured work methods in our company.”

Juan Manuel Victorio, Managing Director


International references

Employees: 100

Licenses: 60

abas customer since: 2008


PCB assembly, cable and

wire harness assembly,

backplane, box build


Picture: Fotolia

Computrol Inc. in Boise and Post Falls, ID and Orem, UT (USA)

Project highlights:

• Production of small to

large quantities

• Commissioned production

(parts are produced in

various quantities according

to specific customer


• Short implementation time

(4 months)

• Production integration

• Several subsidiaries are

also using abas

Description of the ERP project:

Computrol, Inc. provides electronic manufacturing services for high-mix products

for customers in the military, medical engineering and aerospace areas, radio and the

industry. Computrol‘s success is due to their ability to produce high-quality products in

low to medium volume contract manufacturing. Focus on commissioned production with a

low volume has cultivated the development of sophisticated services that are specifically

tailored to individual customer demands. This allows Computrol to be more flexible and

offer assembly services with shorter cycles. The production locations in Boise and Post

Falls (Idaho) and Orem (Utah) are taking advantage of the complete abas ERP solution.

Business processes are being supported by an improved demand forecast, inventory control

and the calculation of inventory cycles.

Project support: ABAS-USA Inc., USA

“With abas we are now able to respond very quickly to customer‘s new orders and changes to

existing orders and forecast. We are able to provide data in a timely manner to customers.

Customers rely heavily on our ERP capability and we have complete faith in it.”

Farid Anani, Computrol, Inc.


Employees: 140

Licenses: 45

abas customer since: 2001


Snowplows, manual

snow blowers, mountable

snow blowers, salt/ sand

spreaders, salt processing

plants, hydraulic systems,

mowers, rams, road

sweepers, compost

machines, passenger steps

Picture: Kahlbacher

Toni Kahlbacher GmbH & Co. KG in Kitzbühel and Amstetten (A)

Description of the ERP project:

Kahlbacher has been supported by abas since 2001. The ERP system stays up-to-date with

the newest advances in technology thanks to a sophisticated upgrade strategy, enabling

the system to manage all internal and inter-company processes. The company uses all

areas of the highly integrated software, from purchasing and sales to production control,

scheduling, and financial accounting. Kahlbacher is able to produce many variants of their

products themselves. The replacement parts area of the business, however, is a mixture

of distribution and production. Since Kahlbacher began working with abas, their process

times have improved, workflows have been continuously optimized and transparency

within the company has increased. Users from every department test new versions of the

software before an upgrade is implemented. Updates are then completed over a single


Project support: Nittmann & Pekoll GesmbH, Vienna / Austria

Project highlights:

• Traceability of components

and variants using softwarebased

quality management

• Serial number management

• Customer-vehicle


• Production and distribution

processes mapped in the

ERP system

• Modifiable BOMs

• VPN connection between

the plants in Kitzbühel and


“We have high requirements when it comes to traceability of every

component and variant that we produce. That is why a complete serial number management system

was implemented in the ERP system. Serial numbers assist our post sales processes

by identifying which parts were built into what machine.”

Günter Kerzendorfer, Head of IT


International references

Employees: 100


abas customer since: 2011



packaging films,


CECRONIL ® Complejos de Vinilo S.A. (COVINIL )

in Fuenlabrada / Madrid (E)

Picture: COVINIL

Project highlights:

• Data collection

• Automated warehousing

• Production Planning and


Description of the ERP project:

COVINIL manufactures flexible packaging films and markets their products internationally

under the brand CECRONIL ® . In 2010, increased production as well as new production

lines could no longer be supported by the ERP system they had been using. Without any

changes to their employee structure, control over their business processes began to

diminish. COVINIL decided it was time to change ERP systems. After an extensive selection

process they chose abas to address their future challenges. The focus during the implementation

phase was on organization, optimization of the new processes for the production

line and real time data capture. The three most important areas during this phase

were production planning and control, warehouse management and product traceability.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain

“We wanted an ERP system that was flexible, could support our growth strategy and

was strong in the manufacturing industry. We didn‘t want to have switch ERP systems again

further down the road. That‘s why we chose abas.”

Ángel Fernández, Project Manager


Employees: 90

Licenses: 5

abas customer since: 2011


Tools for producing

injection molded parts

from thermoplastics and

elastomers and injection

molded parts, for example,

plastic products for the automotive


Picture: Euroform

Euroform Ltd. in Budapest (H)

Description of the ERP project:

The ERP selection was based on the previous positive experiences of a Euroform employee

as well as abas‘s references.

Project support: InterJNet Kft., Jászberény / Hungary

Project highlights:

• Integrated ERP system

• Accelerated workflow

• More precise process


“We chose abas because one of our managers had a positive experience with

the ERP software while at his company and recommended this solution.

Real time access to company data is very important for us.

Since the implementation of abas any and all information we require is immediately available.

The time we are now saving by using abas Business Suite more than makes up for the

implementation effort.”

Krisztina Zwick-Kövesi, HR and Finance Manager


International references

Employees: 330

Licenses: 27

abas customer since: 2011


Plastic injection molding,

rubber injection molding,

foam processing and laser

and water jet cutting.

Picture: T-Plasztik

T-Plasztik Ltd. in Jászladány (H)

Project highlights:

• Materials management

• Just-In-Time production

• EDI integration

Description of the ERP project:

Established in 1993, T-Plasztik Ltd. reached a size and complexity that requires efficient

management. T-Plasztik Ltd. is divided into four divisions: plastic injection molding,

rubber injection molding, foam processing and laser and water jet cutting. The company

is committed to high quality, continuous improvement and a greater level of efficiency

to ensure customer satisfaction. T-Plasztik is certified according to ISO / TS 16949: 2009

and ISO 14001: 2005. Using abas, T-Plasztik has an ERP system that provides traceability,

innovation and flexibility along with tools specifically for management.

Project support: InterJNet Kft., Jászberény / Hungary

“Using abas we now have transparent traceability, increasing innovation

and flexibility and providing us with excellent tools for our management.”

Gábor Katona, Managing Director


Employees: 200

Licenses: 20

abas customer since: 2011


Adhesive tapes, protective

films, fastening tape for

disposable diapers etc.

Picture: Fotolia

Bento A.S. in Istanbul (TR)

Description of the ERP project:

Bento, a company in Istanbul, has been using abas since early 2011 the company produces

a wide range of adhesive tapes and exports to more 40 countries. In 2000 Bento

had 100 employees, they have since grown to over 200. In 2010, Bento began looking for

a new ERP software that could support their expansion. Their goal was to find an ERP

system that provided maximum flexibility in mapping their specific requirements as well

as the legal requirements specific to Turkey. The deciding factors were the software‘s

simple operation and flexibility as well as abas‘ many references.

Project highlights:

• Increased transparency and

ability to provide information

• Simple operation

• Flexibility

• Mapping of legal requirements

specific to Turkey

Project support: ABS Bilgi Sistemleri, Istanbul / Turkey

“Despite the short time in which the abas ERP software has been used at Bento,

there have already been many improvements. Transparency has increased and information

is more readily available. With its maximum control of the processes, abas is able to provide

real time information about processing status of individual sales orders, for example.

Thanks to its flexibility and the constant improvements made to the ERP software, I am certain

that abas will be a part of Bento for many years to come and in many countries.

abas is perfect for producing specialized niche products, like we do here at Bento.”

Ekrem Karpat, General Manager


International references

Employees: 160

Licenses: 17

abas customer since: 2003


manufacturer of brands

for skin care

and makeup

Picture: MAYMO

MAYMO COSMETICS, S.A. in Barcelona (ES)

Project highlights:

• EDI integration

• Production planning

and control

• Wireless terminals for

stock movements

• FIFO lot management

Description of the ERP project:

For over 60 years Maymó has been making its products leading brands. Maymó Cosmetics

is the longest standing manufacturer of brands in Spain. From the very beginning, many

prominent companies profited from Maymó`s technical experience, efficiency in research,

innovation and creativity. In the past 4 years Maymó Cosmetics has grown dramatically.

Since the ‚go live‘ of abas the company has grown from 70 to 160 employees and has been

expanded from one warehouse and product location to three warehouses and two production

locations. This growth has also had an influence on the ERP project and includes several

ongoing optimizations. The comprehensively integrated functionality, as well as flexibility

of the software to adjust to an environment which is subject to constant changes, was

the basic requirement for the ERP selection. Complexity in production planning increased

since Maymó Cosmetics rarely produces the same product twice. Many improvements,

such as FIFO lot management, traceability, pricing, EDI integration, material valuation and

warehouse logistics could be realized ever since the implementation

of abas ERP. Speed and accuracy in picking and shipping were increased by using

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain

“With the abas Business Suite, accessing information and data is much

easier than before. This helps every user with their daily business.”

Jordi Prujà, General Manager


Employees: approx. 150

Licenses: 28

abas customer since: 2008


cosmetics and hair care


Picture: Fotolia

Laboratorios Belloch S.A. in Valencia (E)

Description of the ERP project:

After an 8 month implementation phase, abas was successfully implemented with a high

percentage of process reengineering and automation. Shortly after the ‚go live‘, a huge

increase in effectiveness, especially in company areas such as scheduling, production and

goods issue was observed. Moreover, thanks to abas, Laboratorios Belloch now has improved

transparency to company data and the possibility to create own infosystems to evaluate

data and set key performance indicators in many ways. Further important changes

such as improved warehousing with lot management and locations in different warehouses,

scheduling, multisite functions, EDI, and many more, result in increased customer

satisfaction and competitiveness.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain

Project highlights:

• Plant data collection and

process automation

• Material and capacity planning

• Lot tracking and quality


• Full integration of complex

sales processes, such as

prices and conditions

• Adjustments can be made inhouse


and programming)

• Multisite


“Companies are constantly subject to internal and external change, which makes

foresight, reliability, optimizations, customizations, and evaluations a must. abas

and the experience of abas consultants have made it possible for us to implement

and adjust the business solution within a short time and to improve all functional

processes and decisions in the company.”

Emilio Arolas, Financial Manager


International references

Employees: 60

Licenses: 21

abas customer since: 2008


Systems for the chocolate

and food industries


LLOVERAS S.A. in Terrassa (E)

Project highlights:

• Service application

(customer service


• Connection to the

technical office (CAD)

• Production planning

and control

Description of the ERP project:

Lloveras, a family-owned enterprise established in 1899, has modern production sites

in Terrassa, Spain near Barcelona. The company‘s headquarters is located here, along

with a production and a pilot site, where trials and test runs for customers are performed.

Lloveras is devoted to the production and distribution of machines for the chocolate and

food industries. The company chose ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica as their software

partner to implement and support them.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica, S.L., Spain

“abas is a standard solution that seems as though it is tailored to our company.

It covers all of the operational functions that a mechanical engineering company like ours needs.”

Martí Lloveras, CEO


Employees: 150

Licenses: 20

abas customer since: 2010


Diesel motors, hydraulic

transmissions, railroad trucks,

components for railroad

vehicles, transmissions for

industry and special machines

Bild: Ganz

Ganz Motor Ltd. in Budapest (H)

Description of the ERP project:

In 2009 Ganz Motor decided it was time to find a replacement for their aged ERP system.

The Hungarian company received offers from various ERP providers and invited many

of them to present their systems. The main arguments in favor of abas was its stability,

flexibility, customization features, user friendly operation, excellent on-site support and

in particular its exceptional value. After customizations and training courses were completed,

abas went live in all company areas on the 1st of January, 2010. Users are fully

involved in further customizations to increase efficiency, which is part of a greater and

ongoing improvement process. The users’ expectations and ideas are taken into account,

which has led to reduced administration requirements and improved access to information.

Upgrades have been performed regularly since the ERP system was implemented,

ensuring that the system is always up-to-date.

Project highlights:

• Stability of the system

• Flexibility and customization

• User friendliness

• Local support

• Good cost to performance


• Upgrades

Project support: InterJNet Kft., Jászberény / Hungary

“A reliable and stable ERP system with onsite support is essential for a company

that produces and distributes more than 10,000 unique parts and products.

The software must be able to efficiently map the company‘s processes while being

continually improved upon and fulfilling ever changing internal and

external requirements. Costs – including operational costs – must also be bearable.

Ganz Motor Ltd found all of this in abas.”

Sándor Soltész, Production Manager


International references

Employees: 130

Licenses: 40

abas customer since: 2004


Cables and connectors

for military and railway

transportation, industrial

automation, radar and

Produkte: communications

Spritzgussteile für



SINTERSA in Madrid (E)

Project highlights:

• Data entry

• General integration of the

departments in abas

Description of the ERP project:

The engineering company Sintersa, specializes in manufacturing precision cables in a

business environment with very high quality standards. This is the reason why all

functional areas within the company were involved in the abas implementation, with

production and data recording being key focus areas. During the implementation phase,

ABAS Ibérica supported Sintersa‘s IT department, allowing them to be able to support

all ERP users of the company. Due to the high level of control of all business processes

inherent within abas, Sintersa plans on expanding in markets such as military aviation

and railroad engineering and also new industries such as civil aviation.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain

“Thanks to the flexible abas Business Suite we have full flexibility

in all our internal projects. Performance of the auto-organization of our

ERP system provides us great value. abas efficiently supports us in our

business processes and we were able to optimize the quality of our customer service.”

Eduardo García, Manager


Employees: 30

Licenses: 8

abas user since: 2007


Metal processing

Picture: JOM

Estampaciones Metálicas JOM S.A. in Lliça d’Amunt (ES)

Description of the ERP project:

Estampaciones Metálicas JOM specializes in the stamping, pressing and cold-pressing of

metals as well as various sheet metal processing production processes, such as laser

cutting, stamping and welding. All requirements were fulfilled in the course of the ERP

implementation, such as the connection of the technical office to abas, integration of production,

planning and sales, plant data collection as well as parts management over 6 to 7

value-added levels.

Project highlights:

• Connection of design


• Reduction of


Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Barcelona (ES)

“With abas we were able to reduce time-to-market, since the

design software was integrated into the ERP system. We were therefore able to

considerably decrease the time to realize new projects.”

Josep Ma Calls, CEO


Plastic industry: References

Employees: 70

Licenses: 12

abas customer since: 2007


Products made from plastic

films, formed parts made

from foam

Picture: Fotolia

Sarna Plastec AG in Alpnach Dorf (CH)

Project highlights:

• Replacement of SAP

• Parallel implementation of


Description of the ERP project:

Sarna Plastec wanted to replace their ERP system. After reviewing preliminary offers

from 20 providers, eight were invited to present their system. Of these eight, two providers

were selected for a workshop. The decision was made in favor of abas. André Strasser,

Marketing Manager at Sarna Plastec, explains the decision: ”abas impressed us with its

functionality and ease of operation and showed itself to be a flexible software solution that

can effectively map Sarna Plastec‘s business processes.“

Project support: bytics AG, Switzerland

“The core ERP functions of abas were implemented in a timely manner.

Our special requests were integrated swiftly and continue to work flawlessly. As early as the workshop,

the bytics AG representatives were able to impress us with their competence.”

André Strasser, Marketing Manager


Employees: 250

Licenses: 16

abas customer since: 2007


Plastic products, such as

sanitation pipes, cable

ducts, agricultural pipeline

systems, water tanks,

PVC doors, nets, insulation

and wastewater recycling


Picture: Fotolia

St. Anthonys Industries Group (Pvt) Ltd in Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Description of the ERP project:

Since 1960 the ANTON name has been synonymous with product excellence, innovation

and leadership in Sri Lanka‘s plastics industry. They offer an extensive product

range that, among other things, includes innovative construction material products, such

as PVC goods, industrial mounting elements and cement. A major focus is the introduction

of modern and user friendly products. All products from ANTON conform to recognized

international standards, including ISO Norm 9001:2000 certification for quality management

systems since 2002. Their customers include public institutions, local markets and

reputed international buyers.

Project support: Providence Network & Solutions (Pvt) LTD, Colombo / Sri Lanka

Project highlights:

• Sales locations system

• Depot integration

• Loading GDN

• Combination of injection

molding machines

• Individual production process


• Individual print layouts

• Process individualization

for sales

• Independent approval

processes for purchasing


“At St. Anthony Industries abas has led to significantly increased productivity

without increased costs. The Providence team supported us throughout the entire

implementation process and we are already looking forward

to the implementation of the rest of ERP functions.”

Jeevan Gnanam, Director


International references

Employees: 250

Licenses: 30

abas user since: 2007


Pressure molding parts

cast in aluminum alloys

Picture: Ruffini

Ruffini S.A. in Rubí / Barcelona (ES)

Project highlights:

• Integration of a quality

management system

(TS 16949)

• EDI integration

Description of the ERP project:

Ruffini was founded in 1964 and specializes in the casting and the mechanical processing

of die-cast parts made of aluminum alloys. Ruffini serves the automotive and household

appliances industries on the Spanish and international market - always keeping in mind its

philosophy to provide high quality, reliability and service. At present the group of companies

consists of the three companies Ruffini, ICMA and Alumec. To cope with the increasing

challenges of the automotive industry, Ruffini invested in a number of projects, one of

them being a new ERP solution. In the first step abas was installed at Ruffini and Alumec.

Reasons for the selection of abas Business Suite were, on the one hand, the convincing

presentation of the software as well as the closeness to the abas consultant and, on the

other hand, the automotive-specific solutions that were already represented in

the software.

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Madrid / Spain

“We especially like the fact that abas covers special EDI functions,

as well as the container management. Furthermore, the abas ERP solution seemed

to be the most sophisticated one. Further criteria were the experience and the know-how

of the abas team, the price-performance ratio and the implementation method.”

Agustí Álvarez, IT Manager


Employees: 120

Licenses: 18

abas customer since: 2006


Machines for the

chemical industry, food

processing industry,

pharmaceuticals industry

and cosmetics industry

Picture: Bachiller

E. Bachiller B., S.A. in Barcelona (E)

Description of the ERP project:

E. Bachiller B., S.A. was founded at the end of the nineteen sixties by Eliseo Bachiller,

the current chairman of the company, and is now operating in its second generation. The

company concentrates on the development and production of machines for the chemical,

food processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries nationally and internationally.

They provide machines for processing solid, fluid, and paste-like media. abas was

selected from ten ERP systems. Two deciding factors were abas’s business model and

company philosophy, which focus on complete licenses, instead of expansion modules, and

investing in the future.

Project highlights:

• Implementation of

purchasing, sales,

warehousing, production

and cost accounting

Project support: ABAS Business Solutions Ibérica S.L., Spain

“Thanks to its flexibility, abas Business Suite could be customized to the needs of our company.

In our industry it is very important to make the right decisions to ensure raw materials supply.

With abas I have access to all the information I need to simplify decision making.

With the aid of the search tools, the individual departments can

find necessary information quickly and easily. With the abas ERP system I can receive

information in real time, allowing me to monitor deviations between planned and actual data.”

Carlos Megías, Operations Manager


How to select an ERP system

What are the key factors to successfully

selecting an ERP system

This is a question that many businesses ask themselves each year.

The following tips will help you find the ERP system best suited for your business:

• Speak to multiple references:

the best evaluations of software comes from real users

• Calculate ROI, including the Total Cost of Ownership

for at least 10 years for short listed systems

• Ask the provider about costs for upgrading to future versions.

• Check the industry sector knowledge of the software provider.

• Ensure you have an effective and reliable implementation method

for both domestic and international projects.

• Consider the ability of the ERP system to integrate

with additional solutions.

• Evaluate the user-friendliness of the ERP solution.

• Get confirmation that the modifications made in the ERP system

are not lost or degraded during upgrades.

• Check, if required, whether the software has multi-language

and multi-currency capability.


ABAS Software AG headquarter in Karlsruhe, Germany

By a midsize business for a midsize business

A common mind-set

Midsize businesses face a different set of challenges than large companies. Constraint

on resources, managing multiple business roles, competing technologies, and a need to

standout based on superior customer service are high among these requirements.

At abas, we understand these drivers because we face the same challenges. Our implementation

method and support system are designed to help you achieve real benefits with

minimal disruptions. As a midsize company, we recognize the need for efficient innovation

in processes, technology and products to help achieve success.

ABAS Software AG is ISO 9001 certified. abas has the coveted certification for development,

sales, implementation and customization of international ERP standard software. ISO 9001

is the globally recognized quality management standard intended to increase efficiency

and adherence to corporate objectives in order to benefit clients and stakeholders.

abas has shown that quality management is consistent throughout the company and

ensures the provision of quality products and services from the core software provider

in Germany. Furthermore, the exact description of processes and goals demonstrates a

commitment to security and efficiency throughout the company.

ABAS Software AG is ISO 9001 certified.


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