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the world's best graphics / Vol. 22 /


Fogg is a global Internet access solution. With Fogg

travellers can stay online while travelling with a

favourable fixed cost.

Bunch developed the identity based on the brand

directions that were conceived by Kurppa Hosk studio.

A stark and somewhat technical visual foundation is

complemented by an inspiring blob – while digital in

nature, its 3D model carefully combines light, texture

and space which brings depth in both print and digital

format while maintaining its poetic essence.

Also in charge of print production, Bunch was able

to produce materials with great attention to detail,

where the 'borderless' theme is explored not only

through typography and visuals but also materials,

print processes and finishes.

// Client_Fogg

// Studio_Bunch

// Creative Director_Denis Kovac

// Designer_Marko Mlinaric

// Country_Croatia


/ 080 - 081 /

the world's best graphics / Vol. 22 /

Nosive Strukture

Nosive Strukture is a structural engineering studio.

Inspired by their studio space, Bunch developed

an identity that based on tensegrity structures and

a black and white palette, which was applied to

stationery, signage, the website and various other

applications, including tripled business cards,

cardboard file folders with die cuts and a direct mailer

featuring a custom made laser cut, tensegrity model.

// Client_Nosive Strukture

// Studio_Bunch

// Art Director_Denis Kovac

// Country_Croatia


/ 082 - 083 /


/ 086 - 087 /


Borna&Fils is a French fashion house whose creations

embody Borna's vibrant spirit, polished aesthetics and

imaginative thinking. Their designs are flamboyant

and common at once, fresh and original with retro

references at times. Bunch was in charge of designing

the brand and its applications, with logotype

designed as a custom version of an Apsasu, a female

version of Lamassu, usually associated as a symbol of

power with the ancient Assyrians. Identity was applied

onto everything from stationery, bags, lookbooks,

custom tags, labels, billboards and website to launch

event graphics, signage and various in-store collateral

for their first flagship store in Venice on Calle delle


// Client_Borna&Fils

// Studio_Bunch

// Art Director_Denis Kovac

// Country_Croatia

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