Company Profile - Wiltec

Company Profile - Wiltec

Company Profile

The customer is our priority number one!

We believe in quality, of the products and services. We want to offer this by

working on effective and complete solutions for our customers. Quality products

and durable relations. Simple and differentiated, based on knowledge and trust.

Spray Equipment / Air Technology / Compressed air and pneumatics / Filter materials /

Personal Protection / Professional Workwear / Cabin products and Sanding materials / Tapes

A focused and pro-active approach to achieve the best

results. That is what Wiltec pursues. In 1971, we started

as a leading supplier for the spray industry, and we have

grown into a complete supplier, offering many products in

a wide variety of industrial categories. All divisions have

their own specialism and focus, but what is central, is that

the customer is always priority number one!

Quality, precision and reliability. These leading principles

have never changed. High quality products, good advice

and personal service. That is what Wiltec offers!

Want to test this This brochure gives you an impression

of our company and our product ranges. We hope that this

will give you good reason to consider a partnership with

us. Our people will be at your service!

Wiltec works. Especially for you!

The strength of Wiltec

Our Approach

Wiltec’s focus is to find out what truly matters

to you as a customer. This way, we are able to

completely meet your wishes and demands.

With 40 years of experience and a professional

team of more than 225 employees, we operate

in the Benelux from five different locations on

effective solutions for customers.

Various products find their way through Wiltec

to the automotive-and truck manufacturers,

transport and logistics, contractor and

construction industry, professional painters,

wood industry, carpeting, aviation industry

and metal industry. Quality, reliable and

always on top. From standard solutions to

custom made, cost effective projects.

Apart from having a high-end range of

products Wiltec works with fully automated

logistics. This results in shorter processes

and an effective and controlled stock level.

This results in cost reduction for the customer!

But, that is just the beginning.

Simple online ordering and financial management

No problem with our online purchase

module; Wiltec online. You are more than

welcome to contact us for advice. If you face a

tough decision, we are at your disposal. As a

result of our customer minded approach you

can trust on a swift and excellent service, in

which your needs are our guide.

Many companies before you chose for our

complete assortment and excellent service.

We would be honoured to illustrate how we

build a trustworthy relationship and take care

of your demands and concerns.

Spray Equipment



using plural spray equipment savings up to 50% are


The proper spray- and dosing equipment lead to a high

quality final result. Wiltec offers years of experience in

this area. All equipment is ergonomic, compact and

user-friendly. From compressors to complete 3K sprayand

dosing equipment. Solid materials with minimal

maintenance and an environment friendly operation.

This saves time and money. Of course we have all

spare parts in stock and our service team ready

for you. Wiltec provides you with total solutions.

The solution for a perfect finish

Air Technology



exhaust systems of Wiltec filter

more than 30 million m 3 air per hour.

This is more than 20 times the volume of

the Amsterdam Arena.

Vapor, dust, odor, and overspray problems are daily

matters. An intensification of legislation and an increasing

focus on a healthy and pleasant work environment

are main issues. The division for air technology designs,

engineers and installs entire systems for these problems.

From complete spray cabins to standard exhaust

systems, and from industrial dust filters for dust control

to exhaust tables for glue vapor. All equipment meets

the latest (ARBO-) regulations and environmental


Clean air and

a good final product

Compressed air and pneumatics



selected pneumatic products are often the cause

of too slow or bad functioning production processes.

As off the beginning of the year 2000, Ter Horst B.V.

has been a part of Wiltec B.V. Uden. Ter Horst advises

on and provides pneumatic components from A to Z.

that are carefully selected products from a world wide

range of pneumatic products. The collection is first of

all selected on quality, as well as on functionality and

technical possibilities. As a result we can offer a

complete package with unique products. Especially

suitable for engineers and machine builders and always

supported with expert advice. Because of our 35 years

of experience in the pneumatics world, we are capable

of delivering suitable solutions even to non-standard


TB. V.



Compressed air from A to Z

Filter materials



contributing to a cleaner

environment, the Columbus filter is

awarded by the U.S. President with ‘The

National Environmental Industry Award for

Excellence in Air Pollution Control’.

Performance Engineered Air Filter Products

Wiltec filter technique is an expert in overspray, dust

and liquid filtration applications. The complete package

of professional filter materials stands for an excellent

filtration, perfect air extraction, high holding capacity,

minor changes and a severe reduction of chemical

waste. This all for the lowest possible costs. With the

unique filter management, Wiltec arranges provisioning,

placement and if desired; discharge of filter materials.

Clear custom made

Cabin products and sanding materials



sanding materials of Wiltec, a

higher productivity and a better

dust extractor is guaranteed.

Next to a complete range of products for protection and

keeping spray cabins dust-proof, Wiltec has all products

for the perfect preparation and completion of your spray

applications at its disposal. A small selection: peelable

coating, tacky coating, floor coating, cleaners and point

removers, textile dusters, paper products, paintbrushes,

tack rags, alucarton and absorbing materials. The

product range is complete with a wide selection of tapes

and foils, suited for both simple tasks and highly

technological applications.


A revolution in sanding technology




the rolls of tape Wiltec yearly delivers,

you can go around the world for more then

24 times!

Wiltec has a total range of tapes and foils, suitable

for simple tasks and extremely high technological

applications. With our premium private label Delta

Tape, we make the difference in quality! A complete

assortment for the professional. By using the right

tape, many process- and production costs will be

saved. Low costs, high efficiency and proven in

practice: Delta Tape makes the difference!

Did you know that Wiltec doesn’t only deliver Delta

Tape, but as well the products of 3M and Tesa

Sure and secure

Personal Protection Equipment



is the one and only specialist in PPE with its

own safety footwear factory: Neskrid. Since 1924,

Neskrid produces traditional Dutch quality shoes

which are not only safe, but very comfortable as well.

Safe working conditions are essential. Wiltec has a

complete line of personal protection equipment (PPE),

with i.e. breath-, eye-, ear-, and hand protection. From

standard products to custom-made earplugs and safety

footwear. Optimal protection in every work situation.

Our specialists and safety experts gladly make a riskevaluation

and advise you about the best protection in

your situation.

T wo T Powerful wo Powerful Companies. Companies.One Powerhouse Powerhouse in Protection. in Protection.

Number one in safety

Professional Workwear



pays a lot attention to socially responsible

business, thus Wiltec is member of the Fair Wear

Foundation. For the production of our own garments,

Wiltec mainly uses organic cotton and recycled


Good protection for everyone. A complete package,

branch-focused and adapted to the latest standards. All

professional clothing can be delivered to match your

specific corporate design, provided with the company

logo or symbols. So also for a uniform appearance of

your employees, Wiltec is your partner. Of course the

usage per employee is registered and as an extra

service, we pack and ship the goods per person.

It is just that easy!

A custom made package

Wiltec Service Center

Wiltec disposes of a renowned Service

Center which implements service,

restorations, maintenance and certifications

both at own premises as well as on

site. All our employees are VCA-certified

and informed about the latest developments

and quality standards in the market. This,

to prevent stagnation in the production

process, to guarantee continuity, and to

make sure your spray equipment, exhaust

systems and personal protection will

always pass the valid requirements.

Safe and Sure

Save with Wiltec

Dynamics is a keyword in our company. We believe

in what we do! That is why we are there for you to

see how we can realize savings within your company.

Not only savings in terms of money, but also in time

and environment. How can that be realized By giving

concrete advise, excellent products, and solutions

that have proven their advantages in practice! Our

specialists are pleased to pay you a visit to see how

we can realize savings in your company, so that your

business can keep growing.

Quality comes first

At Wiltec, quality is of major significance. We believe in collaboration on the

long run, with at the foundation a complete product range with exclusive

A-brands. You will not only find this quality in our products, but also in the

service and our people. With reliable automation we can guarantee a fast

and flawless delivery. Because of years of experience and expertise, our

employees are capable to provide solutions to your questions and problems.

We work with our own technicians, safety experts, renowned consultants

and competent (product-)specialists. This ensures persistent continuity!

Innovative and progressive

Wiltec eagerly reacts to the latest developments. Whether it concerns

the newest technology or changing safety standards. It is often about

adjustments to little details, based on field experience, which lead to

improvement with years progressing. We do not innovate because we

have to, but because we want to introduce genuine improvements. In the

effectiveness and user-friendliness of our products, as well as in our

knowledge and provision of services. This way we offer the latest solutions,

adapted to your specific demands and situation.

Complete and simple

We dare to use straightforward language. From the first advise, up to the

final delivery. Our goal is to communicate clear and understandable. We do

so by giving advice depending on your personal demands and situation and

by offering useful aids. A complete range of products and service. Take for

example the easy online system Wiltec Online: adjusted to your company

and always a clear overview of the usage and costs!

Involved and reliable

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is a topical subject and important to

many companies. We are continuously searching for environmental friendly

applications and the latest developments in the area of a safe and healthy

working environment. Our products are maintenance friendly, easy to clean

and have a longer lifespan. In our own company policy as well as in the

advice we give to clients, the social responsible entrepreneurship is the

centre of interest.


Quick action in a businesslike, energetic approach. Wiltec does not mince

around. We embrace decisiveness. With us ‘a deal is a deal’ still stands.

What we say, is what we do. This is how we together achieve the best


Wiltec works. Especially for you!

Wiltec B.V. Uden

Energielaan 3

5405 AD Uden

The Netherlands

PO-box 116

5400 AC Uden

T: +31(0)413-24 44 44

F: +31(0)413-24 44 99

Service: 0900 - 600 6006



Wiltec Spijkenisse

Laanweg 5

3208 LG Spijkenisse

The Netherlands

PO-box 216

3200 AE Spijkenisse

T: +31(0)181-69 54 40

F: +31(0)181-69 54 44



Wiltec België B.V.B.A.

Molseweg 168

2440 Geel


T: +32(0)11 59 63 90

F: +32(0)11 59 63 91



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