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Arbonne Independent Consultant, National Vice-President

Beth Malcook Nation; Madison, WI

beth malcook


Sitting by the beautiful ocean on my second free vacation to Cancún, I am

still in disbelief. None of this would be possible had I not dreamt of something

bigger for my life than the “status quo” and not taken a risk, believing that

Arbonne might be my ticket out that I had waited for so long.

When my childhood friend, DM Bridget Horvath, first introduced me to the

Arbonne opportunity in November 2005, I wanted nothing to do with the

“thing” she was doing. I didn’t need a “cute hobby” — I had two jobs, two little

children and a husband who worked crazy, inconsistent retail hours. Bridget

was so excited and passionate about this “thing” that it seemed too good to

be true. I thought she had been brainwashed and did my own investigating to

prove she had been schemed! It was difficult for me to wrap my mind around

the idea that people were seeing the success she explained was possible.

After all, I was a great employee with a Master’s Degree, juggling three

part-time jobs and still living paycheck to paycheck. Up until that point, my

worth was determined by someone else no matter how hard I worked or how

committed I was to my “success.” In short, I could not accept that there were

people living their dreams by “schlepping lipstick.” Bridget tried very hard

to tell me Arbonne was much more than that, but I was not ready to listen.

However, I had adult acne and a history of being a human experiment with

products that did not work, so I reluctantly agreed to give Arbonne products

a try. I justified it by thinking I would support her “little” venture and pacify her,

since I was never going to do this business.

So, how did I go from closed minded with every excuse in the book, to

becoming an NVP three years later It all came down to investing my spare

time wisely and making the decision to change my family’s life instead of

accepting the “hamster wheel” I had been on.

My “ah-ha” moment came after a life-changing experience that made me

decide I wanted all my “somedays” — as in, someday we will go on a family

vacation; someday life will slow down and we will have more time; someday

we will pay off our debt and start saving for our future — to happen sooner

rather than later. The week I decided I was going to give Arbonne a shot,

my mother went into the hospital and was diagnosed with cancer. She died

four short weeks later.

My world came crashing down around me. I was not prepared for “impact.”

I had spent every possible moment with my mother during those four weeks.

The last thing I wanted to worry about was asking for time off and if I could

“afford” to be with my mom at the end of her life. I just wanted to think about

how to make up for the time I missed with her because I was “too busy” with

work, life and so on. I was consumed with the reality that my parents had

worked their entire lives to live their lives after retirement, only for my mother

to get sick and be robbed of all the benefits of their more-than-40 years of

hard work. I realized that I, too, was on that path.

Beth and her husband, Todd on the ASAP 2009 Cancún Trip.

Beth with husband, Todd, NVP Tarrah Brandsma and Bill

Brandsma on the ASAP 2009 Cancún Trip.

Beth with her “Noah bear.”

Beth’s “angel,” Madilyn.

Why do I tell you this I want you to know that if you want your life

to change and are willing to put forth the effort to change your future,

Arbonne can make your “someday” happen today.

The first year of my Arbonne business was short of spectacular. I learned

quickly that if you treat your business as a hobby, it pays you like a

hobby. There is a reason why we are taught to work our businesses parttime

or full-time, not in our spare time! At 10 months, I was a stagnant

District Manager. During my first trip to NTC in 2007, I met ENVP Tiffany

Bufton and developed an iron-clad vision and belief in Arbonne. The

moment I committed to my business and followed what Tiffany told me

to do — execute eight presentations a month, pass out two NutriMinC ®

RE 9® sample kits a week and hand out two sample packs a day — my

business started an unstoppable momentum. I got a burn in my belly that

caught me on fire! I looked at my life and family’s future and knew that

this was the one opportunity that would bring about all the changes I

was looking for. A paradigm shift occurred; I no longer just needed this

business — I wanted this business. And I wanted to change as many

lives along the way as possible!

I love what one of my favorite authors says, “When you are interested

in things, you will do it when it is convenient; but when you are committed

to things, you accept no excuses and only expect results.” Success

with Arbonne starts with a decision — a decision to choose success. It

is about standing up and leading yourself and others with an unstoppable

vision and “stick-with-it-ness” — even when it gets really tough.

Never give yourself the option to quit! In my journey, I have overcome

obstacles, challenges, rejections and moments where I wanted to throw

in the towel, but was told that if I kept going, I would succeed. I was

told it was statistically impossible to fail if I kept going and I believed!

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail I truly

believe that everyone reading my story can be successful in Arbonne

if their belief and commitment outweighs their excuses and their doubt

that it can happen for them. This is not a “get rich quick scheme,” but the

rewards of endurance, consistent activity, personal growth and patience

are breathtaking! Just think about how different your life could be if you

work this business — because if you work it, it can happen for you!

So, here we are, a Nation. I have the most incredible upline and team

— without them I would not be writing this story. This is our success! I

am so thankful to the amazing group of empowered, forward-thinking,

visionary and servant-hearted people I have been blessed to work with.

This company attracts the best-of-the-best, true leaders and people you

want to surround yourself with. It is true that people start this business for

the money, but they stay for the friendships, personal growth and hope

it spreads. This benefit is priceless.

Thank you, God, for finding me along this journey and bringing me the

strength and hope to see everything abundantly through your eyes and

guidance. If my faith was the only thing that came from my Arbonne

business, my cup would still overflow.

To my Whys, my husband and best friend, Todd, and my children,

Madilyn and Noah: You are the most precious things in the world to

me. This journey would not have the meaning, nor would the success

have the sweetness without you. Thank you for your constant support — I

cannot wait to continue to unfold all of our “somedays” now. I love you

with all of my heart!

To my entire family, thank you all for your love and support. A special

thank you to my father. Thank you for believing in me before you even

believed in Arbonne and for modeling vision, belief, perseverance and

leadership for me all my life.

To my best friend, EAM Sara Leverson. What a blessing you have been

in my life in so many ways. Thank you for joining me on this journey,

trusting me, helping through the bad and ugly, savoring the glorious and

reminding me to breathe. I love you, lady.

To ERVP Ann Diller, with your leadership, belief, determination and heart

of gold, I have no doubt you will be an ENVP. I am amazed by your

quick wit, brilliant mind and ability to cut out all the “cabbage.” You are

a blessing to our whole team!


success strategy:

Commit to your success.

This is a business of choice —

if you choose to succeed and make

the small sacrifices up front, you will

not have to sacrifice your dreams.

ENVP Tiffany Bufton and Beth at the

NTC 2009 Las Vegas New Managers Celebration.

Beth with her family at Disney World.

To RVP Susan Kitts, you are an amazing woman! You have grown into

such a confident, steadfast and unwavering leader. Your strength is

empowering and your abundant attitude is contagious.

To Area Managers Jaynie Wilkins, Sara Murphy-Johnson, Dana

Zurbuchen, Susan Marciano, Penny Janechek, Aimee Passini, Jackie

Weisser, Renee Huston and Wendy Cupp: You are all incredible leaders

and I have no doubt you are all up for the next fleet of white

Mercedes-Benzes in Wisconsin. Continue to lead with your hearts, stay

in momentum and keep your eye on the prize. I will see you all at the top!

To all District Managers: You are the foundation of this business and amazing!

Keep striving for what is possible — you are all future Vice Presidents!

To all Arbonne Independent Consultants: You have started an incredible,

life-changing journey if you choose for it to be just that. If you can become

a DM — which I know you can — you can become a Vice President.

To ENVP Tiffany Bufton, thank you for being an amazing leader, mentor

and friend; for believing in me at times more than I believed in myself and

for investing your time, energy and love in me and my team in Wisconsin.

Thank you for leading us with courage, vision, patience, belief, commitment

and integrity. I love you and am thankful Arbonne brought you into

my life, as you have helped me grow into a leader and a person who

likes myself better today than three years ago.

To ENVPs Cecilia Stoll and Linda Parker, you will never know the immeasurable

impact you have had on the lives of so many. Thank you for

never giving up and for modeling what blessings are possible with vision,

commitment, integrity and faith.

To all my sideline sisters, this journey would not be as sweet without you.

Thank you for your love and support. To RVP Stacey Bean, you are a

wonderful friend — your strength and endurance inspires me every day

to count my blessings and focus on the moment. To NVP Tarrah Brandsma,

Members of the Wisconsin team at the August 2009 Malcook Nation Celebration.

Beth with her best friend, EAM Sara Leverson

on the ASAP 2009 Cancún Trip.

Beth with RVP Susan Kitts and ERVP Ann Diller.

I thank God every day that Arbonne brought us together to share such

an amazing friendship. I respect you as a leader and admire you for

your incredible faith and generosity.

To my sponsor, DM Bridget Horvath, thank you for giving me the most

amazing gifts ever — Arbonne and your belief in me!

To President Rita Davenport, thank you for leading this company with

integrity, vision and compassion, and for loving on all of us! They say

you learn most when you laugh or cry, and you have definitely taught

us so much by making us laugh so hard that we do cry.

To the Arbonne Home Office and VP Support, thank you for supporting

the Consultants in the Field, who are building our businesses and futures.

Our belief in this company includes our belief in your incredible leadership

as well. Thank you!

L–R: AM Jackie Weisser, EAM Aimee Passini, DM Megan Davis, Beth, DM Dawn Kitts,

RVP Susan Kitts, EAM Wendy Cupp, ERVP Ann Diller and Marcia Paul at NTC 2009

Las Vegas.

L–R: ERVP Ann Diller, RVP Stacey Bean, EAM Sara Leverson, AM Susan Marciano,

EAM Wendy Cupp, RVP Susan Kitts, Beth, EAM Aimee Passini and DM Sadie Kleespie

at the ASAP 2009 Cancún Welcome Dinner.


The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

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