Win a family ticket to see Cheggers in Cinderella... - Swindon ...

Win a family ticket to see Cheggers in Cinderella... - Swindon ...

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Win a family ticket

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Cllr Roderick Bluh, Leader, Swindon Borough Council


Welcome to the Christmas edition of

Swindon News. There is plenty going

on locally over the festive period, and

you’ll find details about many of these

events in the following pages.

While the economic background to

this Christmas is far from cheery, it’s

not an excuse to be gloomy, and we

can all do our bit for the town we live

in by supporting local businesses and

spending what money we have with


I was very pleased to see, only a month

ago, independent research that showed

that Regent Street in the town centre

has seen an increase in footfall this year,

compared to drops of between ten and

twenty per cent in retail streets in other

towns across the UK. In fact, Swindon

was one of only two places in the

South-west to see an increase.

Why? The environment is better thanks

to our revamp of the town centre,

retailers have invested in new shops

and improved the ones they’ve got, and

we’ve cut car parking charges, so it’s

cheaper for you to stay longer. We’ve

also introduced car parking payment by

mobile phone (see pages 10 & 11), so

it’s more convenient than ever. I’m very

encouraged by this – it’s proof we can

buck the trend if we work hard and pull


Over the next few months there

will be plenty of debate about the

council’s own struggles with the

financial realities of life, which as I’ve

said before are twofold: falling income,

and rising demand for the services we

provide. Each of these factors would

be a challenge to deal with on its own,

but together they present a major


Olympic Flame is coming to Swindon

On 27 July, 2012, the eyes of the world

will be on London for the Opening

Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic

Games as the Olympic Flame arrives at

the Olympic Stadium for the lighting of

the cauldron to signify the start of the

London 2012 Olympic Games.

In the build up to the start of the event,

the Olympic Flame will make its journey

from Greece and arrive in the UK on

18 May 2012, ready for the Olympic

Torch Relay to begin the following day.

Representing peace, unity and friendship,

the Flame will start its 70-day journey

around the UK towards the Stadium

carried by 8,000 Torchbearers.

On 23 May 2012 the Olympic Flame

will reach Swindon. Torchbearers will

carry the Olympic Flame through the

town which will host a welcome on

behalf of surrounding communities. Full

details of the Relay will be announced

closer to the time, inviting people

from across the area to welcome the

Olympic Flame to Swindon.

Cllr Keith Williams, Swindon Borough

Council Cabinet member for Leisure

and Corporate Services, said: “The

arrival of the Olympic Torch will really

bring home to everyone how close

the Games are, along with a sense of

the excitement that goes with Britain

hosting such a high profile global event.

It’s great that Swindon is one of the

places that’s being visited

and we’ve got plenty of

Olympic-themed events

being planned in the runup

to the Games.”

We have come

up with a draft

budget for next year, and it’s not been

an easy process. There are proposals in

it which none of us would ideally wish

to make, not least another set of job


However, the most important thing for

me is whether, like the town centre,

the council can buck the trend in other

places and protect the vital frontline

services that many of you rely on. I am

confident that we can, and we will be

working hard to do so.

The Council’s

Budget proposals

– your views wanted

The council is once again looking

at how it will balance its books

for the next financial year, 2012-

13. With council income falling

and demand for services rising,

the proposals inevitably involve

changes to the way some things

are delivered, although as much as

possible is being done to protect

frontline services.

Your views on the proposals

are vital to us. To see what is

being planned, and to have your

say, go to

budgetproposals Swindon News Magazine 3

4 Swindon News Magazine

StreetSmart 445501

Working for you, wherever you are

Seasonal recycling tips

During the twelve days of Christmas, the

amount of domestic waste created in the UK

increases by three million tonnes. This costs

everyone money to dispose of, but it’s easy

to reduce, reuse or recycle the waste that is

inevitably produced.

Here are a few ideas

• Donate unwanted presents to a charity shop or local


• Re-use bags to carry your Christmas shopping

• Buy rechargeable batteries

• Keep this year's Christmas cards afterwards and

turn them into gift tags

• Make a New Year resolution to recycle more stuff,

more often

• By planning food menus in advance and shopping wisely,

money can be saved, and it prevents food wastage.

• Had a new TV, toaster, computer, or DVD player?

Don`t forget to take the old ones to the Household

Waste Recycling Centre in Cheney Manor for

recycling. Alternatively, ask around and see if your

friends, family or local charity could find a use for it.

• Remember that if you’ve got a garden, you can

compost all your raw vegetables and fruit peelings. By

next Christmas you`ll have nutritious compost to help

your garden grow.

• Buy a real Christmas tree, with roots, which you can

plant for next year, or an artificial tree which can be

used over and over again.

Changes to the waste & recycling

service over Christmas

In areas where the wheelie bin or blue bag collection day is

due on Monday 26 or Tuesday 27 December, there will be

some minor changes to the waste and recycling collections

in those areas.

In areas where recycling boxes are collected on those

dates, there will not be a collection on that day. Instead,

recycling boxes will be collected the following week on the

residents’ usual collection day. A leaflet detailing changes to

collection dates over the Christmas and New Year period

will be delivered to all affected households nearer the time.

Flytipping & Side waste

Please note that any waste not contained in wheelie bins

(or in blue bags for those areas with a weekly collection)

will not be collected. Extra black bag rubbish can be taken

to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Cheney

Manor, and excess recyclable waste can be taken to local

recycling sites (such as those at supermarkets, smaller

shopping centres etc) or to the main Household Waste

Recycling Centre.

Household Waste Recycling Centre

Opening Hours

Over the winter, the Household Recycling Centre will

be open from 8am to 4.30pm, except on Christmas Day,

Boxing Day and New Year's Day, when it will be closed.

Recycle your ChristmasTree!

Real Christmas trees can be recycled by the scheduled

green waste collection day. Collection days can be

checked on the council’s website. Please remove all

decorations and streamers. Once collected from the

kerbside, trees are taken to a local composting site and

turned into soil improver, which could be used to grow

more Christmas trees next year.

Recycle Your Food and Drink Cartons

Food and drink cartons can now be recycled at the

following local recycling sites in Swindon:

✔ Covingham Square

✔ Eldene Centre

✔ Liden Centre

✔ Sainsbury’s, Stratton

✔ Haydon Wick Community Centre

✔ Orbital Centre, North Swindon

✔ Chapel Street, Gorse Hill

✔ Tesco, Ocotal Way

✔ Prospect Place, Old Town

✔ Even Swindon Centre, Jennings Street, Rodbourne

✔ Freshbrook Centre

✔ Sainsbury’s Bridgemead, West Swindon

✔ Brewery Street, Highworth

✔ Newburgh Place, Highworth

✔ Ellendune Centre, Wroughton

StreetSmart 445501

Working for you, wherever you are

Please wash and squash cartons before placing them in

the recycling bank. There is no need to remove the

plastic caps from the cartons as these will be removed in

the recycling process.

Waste for recycling – make sure

it’s clean

If recyclables are dirty they can’t be sent for recycling. It’s

important to rinse glass bottles/jars and cans, and there is

no need to waste water doing this - simply use leftover

washing up water. There is no need to remove the labels

on cans or bottles as this will be burnt off during the

recycling process, but please remove metal lids and corks.

Metal bottle and jar lids can be recycled with cans.

Please note that we do not accept foil-lined packets

such as crisp packets and food and drink cartons at

the kerbside. Swindon News Magazine 5


Chrismas Event

Hosted by the Mayor of Swindon

7.30 pm

til late

TICKETS £15.00

Contact: Sally Smith. Tel. 01793 463412


Organisers of the

Nationwide Swindon Half

Marathon have hailed this

year’s event as a huge

success. More than 2,500

people took part in the

13.1-mile half marathon,

five-mile multi terrain and

two-mile fun run on the

memorable date of 9-10-11.

Buffet and

Live Music from

Ray Lewis

and the Drifters

Wednesday 14th December 2011

Bushwackers, Fleet Square, Swindon

The races were started by Swindon Town manager Paolo Di

Canio who then subsequently ran the half marathon, while

David Roper and Emma D’Alton both won the men’s and

women’s races for the second year in a row.

The Hill Family from Stratton won the Sandy Martin Fancy

Dress Competition trophy - created in memory of the

popular BBC radio presenter - dressed as Super Mario


6 Swindon News Magazine

Pictured at the launch of the indoor cricket facilities Chris Sheppard

(Manager, Wiltshire Cricket Board) presenting Swindon NALGO 1

Captain, Shoayb Rahman with the Division 1 Trophy

Croft bowled

over by new


Indoor cricket in Swindon has been

given a boost thanks to some significant

investment at Croft Sports Centre.

The England and Wales Cricket Board

(ECB) awarded the sports centre a

grant of £85,736 towards the upgrade

of the indoor cricket facilities.

As a result the Swindon Borough Council-owned

sports centre now has a sports hall with new flooring

specifically for cricket, three new nets, a brand new

crease in the middle of the hall for indoor cricket

matches and a new bowling machine. An artificial

wicket with nets has also been created outside the

sports centre.

The new facilities were officially opened in

October to coincide with the start of the

new indoor cricket season. The investment

in the facilities comes just a few months

after work was completed on Croft Sports

Centre’s £1.5m football hub.

We’re ready for winter

Thousands of tonnes of salt and

special 4x4 vehicles are on hand if

Swindon is hit by harsh weather over

the coming months.

Swindon Borough Council has 4,500

tonnes of salt in reserve should

freezing temperatures or snow arrive,

and these stocks will be enough to

treat the priority routes, which cover

280 miles of the borough’s 520-mile

road network, 108 times. Last winter

the council treated these routes 58

times using approximately 2,800

tonnes of salt.

A team of 14 drivers and eight

gritting lorries will be on standby 24

hours a day. If the weather proves to

be especially severe, another further

1,000 tonnes of salt are on provisional

order for early in the new year.

The council will also fill up 417 grit

bins at roadsides around the borough

and, depending on the severity of the

weather, up to 125 employees could

also be deployed to grit pavements.

Cllr Nick Martin, Swindon Borough

Council’s Cabinet Member for

Streetsmart and Parks, said: “We

start planning for the following

winter as soon as the previous one

ends and an enormous amount of

work goes on behind the scenes.

“We have never run out of salt

and we believe we have a sufficient

quantity to see us through again this

winter, but we are entirely at the

mercy of the weather and I hope

that in explaining our precautions I

am not tempting fate.

“However, it is not just about making

sure we have enough salt. We have

to make sure we have enough staff

on standby to deal with the weather

24 hours a day and we have to

safeguard our vulnerable residents

by having robust emergency planning

procedures in place.”

This winter the council has enhanced

its Homeline service by buying two

4x4 vehicles so it can respond to

emergencies in adverse weather. It

already has a 4x4 Response Protocol

whereby multi-agency support,

including the voluntary sector, is

available to assist in emergencies.

The council also has a number of

staff in many service areas who will

be available to step in to help in any

emergencies caused by

severe weather.

For more

details on preparing

for emergencies and

for practical advice log


uk/emergencies Swindon News Magazine 7




Simple to install, Powerful, and no more servicing - EVER!

The onslaught of severe cold is a problem

faced by central European homes every

single year. For 65 years, one German

manufacturer has been perfecting heaters

that tackle all the factors we worry about

in Britain.

Total control and low input radiators

allow us to regulate our heating and

reduce fuel costs by up to 40%.

Bus to Swindon this winter

For years, this country has focused on

wet central heating with its constant

servicing and replacement parts. The

high maintenance costs, as well as

rising energy costs, means that now is

the time to look at Sunflow’s quality

German heating which comes with a 12

8 Swindon News Magazine

year guarantee and needs no servicing

ever! All over Europe more people are

choosing to heat their homes and offices

with this very special form of electric

heating in preference to oil gas or E7. In

our area, more and more of our customers

are making that same decision and

when you see this incredible heating for

yourself you could be next!

Although relatively new in the U.K. these

low input electric heaters have been used

in Germany and Austria for a very long

time. Being able to control individual

rooms means you can put the heat exactly

where you need it. Our heaters are slim,

quality built and are available in a range

of over 200 colours.

Requiring no special wiring (they simply

plug in), you can use them with existing

heating or as a complete solution.

Whether you have a cold spot, cold

rooms or a cold house - it is time to look

at Sunflow for the warm and cozy way to

reduce energy use in your home.

Sunflow Ltd. offer a complete solution

which can include disposing of your old

central heating system, even oil tanks!

Discover for yourself this incredible

German heating.

Get your FREE brochure by calling our

24hr Brochure Line on: 0800 158 8270

or email:

Replacement Service

Sunflow can take the worry out of

disposing of old central heating systems.

We have a package price that includes the

safe and certificated removal of oil, lpg

and gas systems, even old oil tanks!


Call Suzanne on

0800 158 8272

A ReAl AlteRnAtive to oil/GAs HeAtinG - Ask About ouR ReplAcement seRvice

Team gets thumbs up

for animal welfare

The RSPCA has given the thumbs up to Swindon

Borough Council’s licensing team after awarding

the department three Community Animal Welfare

Footprints (CAWF) in its latest awards.

The CAWF cover four areas of work, which impact

on animal welfare. These include stray dog services,

housing, contingency planning and animal welfare


Each Footprint has three levels - bronze, silver and

gold - which carry progressively more demanding

criteria. The council’s team were awarded bronze for

its housing and animal welfare principles, while a gold

award was once again given for the stray dog service.

Keeping you safe -

we take it seriously

Protecting the public in areas such as

trading standards, food safety and hygiene,

and the prevention of sales to youngsters

of age-restricted items such as knives and

alcohol, falls to the council’s Community

and Commercial Safety team.

The team also supports businesses with

advice and guidance to help them comply

with the law, but sometimes prosecutions

are necessary to send the signal that

public safety is taken seriously.

In recent weeks the team has

had a number of successes

in the courts. A town

centre takeaway was fined

more than £10,000 and

ordered to pay £4,000 costs

for breaching food hygiene

regulations, after customers

contacted the council complaining of food


Last month the team successfully

prosecuted two men for dropping litter in

the town centre, after both had failed to

pay £80-on-the-spot fines. Both men were

given fines by Swindon Magistrates’ Court

and ordered to pay costs and a victim

surcharge. Clearing up the litter dropped

by a small minority of people costs council

taxpayers £2.5 million a year in Swindon.

The team is also responsible for

clamping down on illegal advertising,

such as fly-posting, which is a blight on

the appearance of the town. The vast

majority of businesses, large and small,

have complied with warning letters from

the council, but those that don’t face


A major high street retailer was recently

taken to court for advertising its business

on paving slabs in the town centre. They

pleaded guilty to the offence and was told

by magistrates to pay £4,000 in fines

and more than £1,200 in costs.

Cllr Colin Lovell, Swindon Borough

Council’s Cabinet Member for

Customer Services and a Safer and

Stronger Borough, said:

“The vast majority of businesses in

Swindon work hard to comply with the

law, and work closely with us to make

sure they are doing the right thing.

“Unfortunately there will always be a

small element that won’t, and if we don’t

prosecute when necessary it would send

a signal that we aren’t serious. We are,

and these latest prosecutions are a great

example of the hard work that goes on

behind the scenes to make Swindon a safe

and pleasant place to live.”

New ponds at

Stanton Park

help wildlife

Seven new clean

water ponds

have been dug at


Stanton Park in

Swindon to help bats, toads and

smooth newts, and give many

other plants and animals a more

secure future.

Around 80% of

ponds in the

countryside are

in poor condition,

which is why new

ponds are important for the

hundreds of species that depend

on them to live in, breed, and for


Stanton Park is a perfect location

for ponds, as the water coming off

the local grassland is clean and free

from the potential harmful effects

of fertilisers, pesticides, and water

draining off roads.

The work has been paid for by

a grant from the Million Ponds

Project, led by the charity Pond

Conservation, and Biffaward, funded

by waste company Biffa. Swindon News Magazine 9

to give my credit/debit card details

y in a meter


use your


harge is


e fully compliant with Payment Card

ata Security Standards so you can trust

ur payment card details.

get VAT receipts for my parking?

you do not


, the

to show

with the


rd details

nt Card

ou can trust


ext or email

online at

Available from

1st November

The Planks

Spring Gardens 7073


Britannia Wyvern Place Levels 4 and 5 7074 7052

County Ground

Dammas Lane



Prospect Service Place charges


Service charges apply depending on the level

Carlton - Level 1a and 1b

of parking fee payable.


Catherine 10p Street where the parking fee is less than £2 7056

Clarence Street 20p where the parking fee is £2 or more 7057

..comes to Swindon car parks

oose to receive receipts by text or email

register, or they are available online at


Sheppard Street 7072

Optional texts are charged at 10p per text.

It’s the quick, easy The and Parade secure


For full terms and conditions please visit:

Queen Street


way to pay for your parking.

Hunting for the Wyvern right Levels change 2 Frequently and 3 provided asked free 7060 questions on request.

next to a parking The ticket College Cllr Garry Perkins, 7061 Swindon Borough

machine is now a Commercial thing of Road the What is PayByPhone? Council deputy 7062 leader, said: “We know

past in Swindon, Granville following Street the that good quality 7063and


launch of payment Morley by Street mobile PayByPhone priced is a quick car and parking secure 7064is

way vital to to pay the for

phone in most car Princes parks. Street parking. Instead economic of having success to 7065 put money of the in town a meter centre,

Regent Close or a Pay and and Display this machine, is a further 7066 you can investment use your the

Drivers can also opt Carlton to receive - Level a 2 mobile and above phone. council This means has made no 7067 more on carrying top of our

reminder text message Cheltenham to warn Street them around the recent right coins reduction as the 7068 parking of charges charge is in some

that their time is about Harding to expire, Street simply and charged car parks. to your credit 7069 or debit card.

can top up and extend North their Star 7070

parking time if necessary Queenstown Do I have to display “It will a help ticket 7071 retailers in my car? in the vital

from wherever they Sheppard are, Street pre-Christmas 7072 period and beyond.

via their phone. Spring Gardens

No, when you pay This for new parking service 7073

by phone is you optional, do not but

Wyvern Levels 4 get and a 5 ticket to we display know in your from 7074 car. other towns where

Existing ticket machines County and Ground this has been introduced 7075 that it has

payment methods are unaffected How and do enforcement proved popular.” officers know that

will continue to be Service available charges to drivers I have paid?

in the same way as now. Service charges Drivers using the mobile system do





as you have



the level

paid, the

of parking fee payable. not need to display a ticket in their car.

enforcement officers device is updated to show

The new service operates 10p where in pay the parking fee Once is less than payment £2 is made the mobile

your vehicle registration number along with the

and display car parks only – it is not devices carried by the council’s civil

20p where the

available at the Brunel North, Brunel start





is £2

enforcement times

or more

of your officers parking session are automatically

Optional texts are charged at 10p per text.

West, No or need Fleming to Way find car parks, the right updated, showing them the vehicle

which are barrier controlled, For full terms or at and Is it conditions safe to registration give please my visit: credit/debit number card and details the duration

the change Oasis. It is - being pay run to by park Swindon using using my phone? of the parking that has been paid for.

Borough Council in partnership with

your phone from the Yes, we are fully compliant with Payment Card

PayByPhone, who already run similar First-time users of the service

Industry Data Security Standards so you can trust

services comfort in more of than your 60 towns car. and will need to register their vehicle

us with your payment card details.

cities in the UK.

registration number and payment card

details. This can be done with a phone

The mobile phone payment service How do I get call, VAT by receipts text, online, for my or parking? by downloading

costs an extra 10p where the charge You can choose an app to receive for Apple, receipts Android by text or and email

is less than £2, and 20p when it is Blackberry phones. Once registered,

when you register, or they are available online at

£2 or more, over the standard ticket payment can be made quickly by any

price. The text reminder option is of the same methods in any of the car

a further 10p. VAT receipts can be parks where the service is operating.

To Register & Pay

The first time you use PayByPhone you

need to register your vehicle registration

and payment card details. You also need

the location number that is printed on

the PayByPhone stickers on the car park

pay and display machines.

You can choose from one of the following

ways to register and pay:

Text REG followed by your

vehicle registration number

to 65565

We will send you details of how to

register and pay

10 Swindon News Magazine

Available from

1st November

PayByPhone is the quick, easy and secure way to

pay for your parking using your phone. You only

way to pay for your parking.

No need to find the right

change - pay to park using

your phone from the

comfort of your car.

Available from

1st November

need to register once, and then you can use our

Online & PayByPhone Apps

service wherever you see the PayByPhone signs

Go to or download

Smartphone the PayByPhone app for Apple, Android

Text ‘REG’ followed by your number plate to


You will receive a call to securely complete the

registration and payment process and BlackBerry phones and click on the


0330 400 7275

no more hunting for machines

no more pocketfuls of change ‘Sign Up’ no need to display button.

a ticket in your car

text reminders before your parking expires

pay and extend your parking by phone

card and your vehicle registration number.

Service charges apply and depend on the level of parking

fee. Optional texts are charged at 10p per text.

For details including terms and conditions visit


7860 Phone

Call: 01793 622 622

The top 5 reasons that you

should register today

1 You can choose to receive text

Once you messages have when your registered parking and paid,

is about to expire

you can pay for future parking sessions

2 You can extend your parking

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wherever you see the PayByPhone signs

3 There is no need to find

using any change of for the parking machines following methods:

4 Its quick and easy to use

5 You can pay from the

comfort of your car

From 1st November you will be able to use

PayByPhone in any of the following car parks

Car park Location


Bath Road 7050

The Planks 7051

Britannia Place 7052

Dammas Lane 7053

Prospect Place 7054

Carlton - Level 1a and 1b 7055

Catherine Street 7056

Clarence Street 7057

The Parade 7058

Queen Street 7059

Wyvern Levels 2 and 3 7060

The College 7061

Commercial Road 7062

Granville Street 7063

Morley Street 7064

Princes Street 7065

Regent Close 7066

Carlton - Level 2 and above 7067

Cheltenham Street 7068

Harding Street 7069

North Star 7070

Queenstown 7071

Sheppard Street 7072

Spring Gardens 7073

Wyvern Levels 4 and 5 7074

County Ground 7075

No need to find the right

change - pay to park using

your phone from the

comfort of your car.

Service charges

Service charges apply depending on the level

of parking fee payable.

10p where the parking fee is less than £2

20p where the parking fee is £2 or more

Optional texts are charged at 10p per text.

For full terms and conditions please visit:

To Register & Pay

The first time you use PayByPhone you need to

register your vehicle registration and payment card

details. You also need the location number that is

printed on the PayByPhone stickers on the car park

pay and display machines.

You can choose from one of the following ways to

register and pay:

Online & PayByPhone Apps

Go to or download

the PayByPhone app for Apple, Android

and BlackBerry phones and click on the

‘Sign Up’ button.

pay for future parking sessions wherever you

Online & Paybyphone see the PayByPhone Apps signs using either of the

following methods.

Pay online at or use

Online & Paybyphone Apps

one of the PayByPhone Pay online at apps. or use one



Call 01793 622 622 and follow the simple


Call 01793 622 622 and follow the simple



Text info to 65565 and you will receive


Text info to

65565 and you

will receive

instructions on

how to pay by


Text REG followed by your vehicle

registration number to 65565

We will send you details of how to register

and pay

Frequently asked Phone questions

Call: 01793 622 622

What is PayByPhone?

PayByPhone is a quick and secure way to pay for

Call: 01793 622 622

parking. Instead of having to put money in a meter

or a Pay and Display machine, you can use your

mobile phone. This means no more carrying

around the right coins as the parking charge is

simply charged to your credit or debit card.

Once you have registered and paid, you can

of the PayByPhone apps.

instructions on how to pay by text.

From 1st November you will be able to use

PayByPhone in any of the following car parks

Car park Location


Bath Road 7050

The Planks 7051

Britannia Place 7052

Dammas Lane 7053

Prospect Place 7054

Carlton - Level 1a and 1b 7055

Catherine Street 7056

Clarence Street 7057

Questions you

may have...

Q. What is PayByPhone?

A. PayByPhone is a quick and secure way to pay for

It’s the quick, easy and secure

parking. Instead of having to put money in a meter or

way to pay for your parking.

a Pay and Display machine, you can use your mobile

phone. This means no more carrying around the right

coins as the parking charge is simply charged to your

credit or debit card.

Q. Do I have to display a ticket in

my car?

A. No, when you pay for parking by phone you do not

get a ticket to display in your car.

Q. How do enforcement officers

know that I have paid?

A. As soon as you have successfully paid, the electronic

devices carried by the council's civil enforcement

officers are updated to show your vehicle registration

number, along with the start and end times of your

parking No session. need to find the right

change - pay to park using

Q. Is your it safe phone to from give the my credit/debit

card comfort details of using your my car. phone?

A. Yes, we are fully compliant with Payment Card

Industry Data Security Standards so you can trust

us with your payment card details.

Available from

1st November

Q. How do I get VAT receipts for

my parking?

A. You can choose to receive receipts by text or email

when you register, or they are available online at

Look out for the logo

It’s the quick, easy and secure

way to pay for your parking.

horti care

residential & commercial landscaping



Paving and Driveways


Tree & Shrub Planting

Water Features




01793 491010

Your Complete Garden Solution

Garden Maintenance

From only £39 per month,

our service takes care of it

all leaving your evenings

and weekends free to

enjoy your immaculately

maintained garden.

or visit

The Hub Design & Print

01793 463112 or



We work with our customers

to design the best solution

for your garden. We have

over 20 years experience

and offer competitive




or text GARDEN

to 81400

250 business cards

designed and printed for £20.00*

White 300g board

Single sided – full colour – 85mm x 55mm

Introductory offer

* This introductory offer is only open to non Swindon Borough Council and non Capita

employees. Text and logo to be provided by you. This offer closes 31/1/2012. Swindon News Magazine 11


Swindon Citizens

Advice Bureau

Top tips for avoiding the

Christmas debt hangover

1. Plan early, work out a budget and stick to it

2. Don’t forget your everyday bills still need to

be paid

3. Don’t bank on an overdraft – check with

your bank before you run up an

unauthorised debt

4. Keep things simple – if you can afford to, try

to pay for goods outright rather than taking

out credit

5. Shop around for the best price

6. Start planning and saving for next


If you are experiencing money worries or

financial difficulties please don’t ignore the

problem. Swindon Citizens Advice Bureau can

give you free, confidential advice to help you

resolve your problems.

To speak to an advisor drop into the bureau

in Faringdon Road. Open Monday – Friday

between 9.15am – 1pm or telephone

01793 533135 ext 3 for an appointment.

Kick Start Your 2012

Free fitness starter pack with Swindon’s

biggest fitness provider

Unlimited use of :

• 5 Gyms

• 6 Swimming Pools

• 100+ Fitness Classes

• Ice Skating

Offer available 02.01.12 until 26.02.12

Terms and conditions apply.

• Health Suite

• Turkish Baths

• Indoor Climbing Wall

• Athletics Track

12 Swindon News Magazine


Home & Away Scheme

Improving Outcomes for Disabled Children

Overnight Short Breaks for

Children with Disabilities

More Carers Needed!

Home & Away is our family-based scheme designed to

support parents of children with disabilities by providing

children with the opportunity to enjoy different

experiences and develop new friendships.

For more information please contact Swindon’s Family

Placement Team on 01793 465700 or visit the website


What a Year!

We hope you enjoyed our Culture Swindon

activities this year – especially the Big Arts

Day (BAD… but so good!).

Over 20,000 people visited Lydiard Park to see

shows, participate in workshops and take in the

atmosphere. We’re now planning next year’s event

– 14 July 2012 – so keep that date free. In fact, we

have many activities planned for 2012 - take a sneak

preview here. Then turn the page and see all the

Christmas delights lined up for you this December.

Great movies, shows and activities this Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year…and it certainly is

at Culture Swindon. As well as heartwarming family shows

at the Arts Centre, we’re also screening free movies such as

The Polar Express, while over at Lydiard Park you can

discover a Victorian family Christmas. If that isn’t enough the

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery feature a Lowry painting

and kids' trail. So pull out these centre four pages and keep

them handy. There’s so much going on, you don’t want to

miss out.

Our Christmas Gift to You

Free films at Swindon

Arts Centre this Christmas.

No need to book, first

come-first served!

Santa Claus The Movie (U)

Monday 19 December, 11.30am

Elf (PG)

Tuesday 20 December, 11.30am

The Polar Express

Thursday 22 December, 11.30am

How The Grinch Stole

Christmas (PG)

Friday 23 December, 11.30am


Coming Up

…at Swindon Arts Centre

18 January: Popular TV actress Louise Jameson

performs a one woman show Pulling Faces.

16 February: Great Gran’s Great Games. For


20 February: Joseph Topping, known for playing

anything from traditional British folk music to Delta

blues slide guitar.

27 February: Theatre Unlimited present ‘Stalin’s

Favourite’. Simonov, Stalin’s favourite writer, looks

back on a lifetime as part of the Soviet elite.

28 February: Theatre Unlimited present ‘Defying

Hitler’, a witty and moving account of a young man

growing up in the shadow of the Third Reich.

13 March: Australian comic Steve Hughes, who has

appeared on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow

(BBC 1). Explicit content.

21 April: Barry Cryer: Butterfly Brain. One of the

country’s greatest comic writers, Barry has appeared

in TV and radio shows spanning four decades.

How to book

You can book online at http://www.wegottickets.

com/swindonartscentre or at the Arts Centre Box

Office on 01793 614837. Visit the website for more

on all our shows

…at Lydiard Park

Sunday 22 January, 10.30am - 12.30pm: Trees

in Winter. A brisk walk identifying trees. Booking


Sunday 5 February, 10.30am - 12.30pm:

Wildlife & Habitat Management. Find out about our

conservation work on this walk. Booking required.*

Thursday 29 March - Sunday 10 June,

The Great Western Embroiders: Traditions. See

intricate and fascinating embroidery. Children can

hunt handmade peg dolls in our special trail. Normal

house entry charge applies.

Sunday 8 April, 11am-3pm: The Great Lydiard

Park Easter Trail. Join us on Easter Sunday, finding

clues and claiming a prize. £2 per child.

* Where booking is required please call 01793 770401

or email

A Cracking Christmas at

Santa’s arrived early at Swindon Arts Centre,

leaving a cracking selection of seasonal shows

- and at such great prices you don’t even have to indulge yourself!

Along with free movie screenings, and a café offering mulled wine

and a mince pie at £1.50 – that’s half price to Swindon News

readers who take the voucher opposite – you can’t miss out.

So check out Swindon Arts Centre, where Christmas is all

wrapped up!


Sunday 4 December, 7pm

Enjoy top entertainment - including

celebrity guests Josh Dubovie, from the

Eurovision Song Contest, and comedian

Patrick Monahan, winner of Show Me

The Funny 2011. Local stars also perform

song, dance and comedy and raise funds

for the Arts Centre. Tickets £10, Limited

V.I.P tickets £15 (Champagne reception).

The Very Snowy


Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7

December, 10.30am and 1.30pm

Live music, beautiful puppets and a

stunning snowy set feature in this

charming festive tale. Tickets: £8,

Children £6, Family £24.

14 Swindon News Magazine

A Christmas Carol

Thursday 8 December,

4pm and 7pm

Festive fun for the whole family

with larger-than-life characters,

puppetry, Victorian carols. Tickets:

£6, Children £5, Family £20.

Tin Spirits

Friday 9 December, 8pm

Not strictly Christmas, but get in

the festive spirit by organising a

friends' night out. Tin Spirits play

songs from their debut album, as

well as a mix of 70s classics from

bands such as Yes, Genesis and a

generous helping of XTC.

Tickets: £10.

Yule and Ukuleles

Saturday 10 December 8pm;

Workshop 5.30pm-6.45pm

Clive Harvey returns with a seasonal

interactive ukulele event. Workshop

attendees are invited to take part

in the concert, possible even for

beginners! Ukes will be on loan/

sale at the workshop, where

places are limited so book in

advance. Tickets: £14 show and

workshop, £10 show only.


On Yoolis Night

Sunday 18 December,


A programme of Christmas

music from the 12th-15th

century. Tickets: £15.

Swindon Arts Centre

8 December show

Frisky and Mannish

musical comedy

cabaret double act

Tuesday 20

December, 8pm

Meticulous analysis of your

skills and strengths will reveal

your optimum career path.

Tickets: £14.

Remember When

At Christmas

Wednesday 21 December, 2pm

Feeling nostalgic? This enchanting Christmas production has

a wonderful mix of great songs, stunning costumes and

traditional festive fun that will warm your heart on the

coldest winter's day. Tickets: £10.

Old Town Theatre Company presents

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Thursday 15 - Saturday 17 December, 7.30pm

Think you know the classic tale of embittered Ebeneezer

Scrooge? You’ve never seen it like this! Tickets: £8.50,

Concessions £6.

And if you’re struggling to know what to buy someone for Christmas,

don’t forget that Swindon Arts Centre sell gift vouchers.

Swindon Museum & Art Gallery

Winter in


The seasonal treasures continue

at the Swindon Museum and Art

Gallery, where a Lowry painting is

on display. Winter in Pendlebury

(1943), featured here, is based on

St Mary’s Church, Swinton.

This is one of Lowry’s few winter

scenes and is characteristically

unromanticized. This painting is part

of the exhibition Builder’s Choice,

which runs until 6 January.


Enjoy bright colours

and strong shapes in

a selection of vibrant

ceramics from the

Swindon Collection of

Studio Ceramics. Until

14 January.



A collection of paintings


Half price mulled wine

and mince pie offer.

Cut out and present at café.

Arts Centre Café

Book Now

Book at the Box Office on

01793 614837. Opening Times:

Monday-Friday: 12 noon-5pm; noon-5pm;

Saturday 10am-1pm. 10am-1pm. On On nights

when there there are shows the Box

Office will remain open open until

the start of the performance.

Or online www.wegottickets.


(concessions and seat booking

not available via online


For more information on all

our shows visit visit www.swindon.

Clive Harvey

of Swindon as it was

seen in the 19th and

20th Centuries. Until

7 January.

Half Price

Children’s Trail

Children can take

part in our Children’s

Trail walk around

the Museum and Art

Gallery and find hidden

objects – there’s a free

prize for each entry. Swindon News Magazine 15

Lydiard Park

Lydiard Tregoze, Swindon Tel: 01793 770401

Christmas is a special time for families and there’s lots to enjoy at

Lydiard Park this festive season with a decorated house, craft sessions

and Christmas carols. Wrap up for a winter stroll in the park, or have

some fun in the children’s play area, before warming up with hot

drinks and refreshments in our café and tea rooms.

Country House Christmas

Saturday 3 to Friday 23

December (closed Mondays)

11am to 4pm

Enjoy old-fashioned Christmas

magic. Lydiard House state rooms

are decked out for a Victorian family

Christmas, with traditional trimmings

on real trees, handmade baubles and

stockings and much more. Children

can have fun following a new

Christmassy quiz trail. Normal entry

to the house applies.

Christmas entertainment

Chippenham Morris men on Sunday

4, Swindon Co-operative Ladies

Choir on Sunday 11 and the Purton

Pear Tree Pealers on Sunday 18

December, all from 2.30pm -

entry charge applies.

2 for 1 admission to Lydiard House & Walled Garden

This voucher entitles one person to visit Lydiard House and Walled Garden for FREE when accompanied by a full paying

adult. Please complete the following information and present this voucher at Lydiard House ticket desk

Name: ......................................................................................................................................................................................

Address: ..................................................................................................................................................................................

.................................................................................................................................... Postcode: ............................................

Email address: .........................................................................................................................................................................

Please tick box if you would like to receive details of future offers from Lydiard Park

Data protection - your details will be held by Swindon Borough Council and will not be disclosed to any other organisation.

Terms & Conditions: Valid between 1 December 2011 to 29 January 2012 on entry to Lydiard House & Walled Garden only (closed Mondays except

Bank Holiday 2 Jan) – does not apply to craft sessions. No cash value.

16 Swindon 16 Swindon News News Magazine Magazine

Make an angelic

Christmas decoration

Sunday 4 December, 12 to 3pm

Make a special angel decoration to

adorn your home this yuletide. £3 per

child. No booking required - drop in

between 12 to 3pm.

Beautiful Baubles

Monday 5 December,

1.30 to 3pm

Adult craft session to create a

bespoke decoration using beads and

sequins. £5 - includes mince pie &

coffee! Booking required.*

Christmas wreath making

Sunday 11 December,

11am to 12noon, 12.30 to

1.30pm, 2 to 3pm

Make a festive Christmas wreath

for your front door, using greenery

from the park. £4 per wreath made.

Booking required.*

Christmas Table

Decoration making

Sunday 18 December,

11am to 12noon, 12.30 to

1.30pm, 2 to 3pm

Make a festive table decoration using

natural materials. £4 per decoration.

Booking required.*

* To book events where booking is

required please call 01793 770401 or


Ice Ice Skating

at Christmas

Monday 19 – Saturday 31 December

Christmas Skate

Playing traditional Christmas songs.

For all ages and abilities.

Monday – Friday 10.00am – 12.00pm &

1.00pm – 3.00pm

Tuesday 20 th only 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Wednesday 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Christmas Family Skate

Christmas tunes. Dedicated family sessions, ideal

for the younger skater.

Tuesday 20 th only, 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Thursday & Friday

Saturday 2.45pm – 4.45pm

Sunday 10.00am – 12.00pm &

2.45pm – 4.45pm

Christmas Kids Skate

Christmas fun and games on ice with friends.

Aimed at kids up to 12 years old.

Saturday 10.00am – 12.00pm

Christmas Sub Zero Skate

A nightclub atmosphere with lighting effects and D.J.

Aimed at teens 12+ years old.

Friday 23 rd only 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

£5 off a family skate!

Terms and conditions:

• This voucher is redeemable for a family group of 4 or 5 people (max. 2 adults) at any casual ice skating session.

• This voucher must be produced at reception to validate this offer, can only be used once and cannot be used in

conjunction with any other offer. This offer is non transferable and has no monetary value.

• Valid from 26.11.11 until 31.12.11. Available at Link Centre.

• An under 8 must be supervised by an adult 16+ years old.

Postcode: Flex code: IOC (LINKMAG)

Whitehill Way, Westlea, Swindon SN5 7DL

Call 01793 445566

Visit Santa’s Grotto

Available 19 – 23 December.

10.00am – 12.00pm and

1.00pm – 3.00pm

Small gift & goody bag!

£2.50 per child

Additional to entrance fees.

Buy one get one free ice

skating session!

Terms and conditions:

• This voucher, you and your friend must be produced at reception to validate this offer, can only be used once and

cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This offer is non transferable and has no monetary value.

• Valid from 26.11.11 until 31.12.11. Available at Link Centre.

• An under 8 must be supervised by an adult 16+ years old.

Postcode: Flex code: DECBUY (LINKMAG)

Paul, from Swindon, came to

Devizes NHS Treatment Centre

for a knee arthroscopy. He

was impressed by the

professionalism of the staff

and the modern design of the


“When I was told I would need a

knee arthroscopy I was given

Devizes NHS Treatment Centre as a

treatment option. The centre is only

thirty minutes drive from Swindon

and the waiting time was short so I

chose to go there.

“As soon as I arrived I knew I had

made a good choice. The treatment

centre is located on the edge of

town at a peaceful location and the

building is modern, airy and

relaxing. My wife decided to go

shopping and left me with the

friendly staff who made me feel at

ease straight away.

“My consultant was helpful and

pleasant and the nurses were

absolutely fantastic, chatty but

professional as they prepared me

for the procedure. Everything went

to plan and the whole experience

only took a few hours, before I knew

it my wife was back to pick me up.

18 Swindon News Magazine

As an NHS patient, you can choose WHERE

you want to receive your healthcare treatment

You can choose to have your treatment at Devizes NHS Treatment Centre



“When I was discharged I was given

all the information I needed for my

recovery and I appreciated the fact

that I received a follow-up call the

following day to see how I was

getting on.

“I would certainly recommend

Devizes NHS Treatment Centre to

anyone considering treatment.”

UKSH is one of the largest providers of

hip and knee replacement procedures

in the South West. We have an

excellent track record based upon

the delivery of:

High quality care and patient results

Zero cases of hospital acquired MRSA*

Flexible appointment times to suit

each patient

Swift access to treatment

Treatment plans agreed in

consultation with patients

Short length of stay for surgery

with excellent post-operative care

Over 99% of our patients would

recommend our services**

Discuss your treatment options with your GP or visit For more information about

Devizes NHS Treatment Centre visit or call us on 0117 906 1801

Cirencester NHS Treatment Centre Devizes NHS Treatment Centre Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre

Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre

*zero cases of hospital aquired MRSA bacteraemia since opening in July 2005 to 31 August 2011 ** Devizes NHS Treatment Centre Patient Satisfaction Survey, July - September 2011

Ranger Events this winter

Here’s a selection of the many events the council's Ranger Team

has organised this winter. You can find all their latest events on

the Swindon Borough Council website. If you haven’t got access to

the internet you can pick up their latest programme at the Central

Library or you can call the Rangers on 490150 for a copy.


What Trees Where?

Sunday 11 December,

10am to 12 noon

How do you identify a tree

species in winter? Come along

and discover the common species

of tree by recognizing their twigs,

bark and profile. Please wear stout

footwear and warm clothes.

Queen’s Park

Carol Concert

Saturday 17 December,

6pm to 7.30pm

Come and enjoy an outdoor carol

concert in the beautiful winter

setting of Queen's Park. Celebrate

Christmas and enjoy a hot cup of

mulled wine. There may even be

a special visitor for the children!

Run in partnership with Queen's

Park Community Council. Please

wrap up warm and bring a torch.

Meet at Queen's Park Café, entry

through York Road entrance.

No booking required. For more

details call Tom Murawicki on

01793 490150

Stanton Stumble

Sunday 18 December,

10am to 12 noon

Give the shopping a break and

come along on a pre-Christmas

work out walk, and pick the brains

of a Ranger with any questions

about the park. Enjoy a mince pie

and a glass of mulled wine at the

end. Please wear stout footwear

and warm clothes.

Feeding Frenzy

Tuesday 20 December,

10am to 11.30am &

12.30 pm to 2pm

It’s time to look after our

feathered friends. Come to a

workshop to make a variety of

feeders that will keep the birds

going until spring. Wrap up warm

for this event. Cost £2 per person.

Suitable for wheelchair users.

Boxing Day Dawdle

Monday 26 December,

11.30am to 2.30am

A 4-mile gentle walk to Hodson,

wearing your new Christmas

jumper! Please wear stout

footwear and warm clothes.

Usual stop at local watering

hole, so please take money for



Winter Workout

Saturday 14 January,

10.30am to 2.30pm

Struggling to work-off the

Christmas mince pies? Join us

felling and tidying up some of the

trees in Shaw Forest. Wear warm

clothes you are comfortable

working in and a pair of walking

or steel-toe-capped boots. Don’t

forget a packed lunch and hot


Spot the Birdie

Sunday 29 January,

10am to 12 noon

Come and help

the Ranger Team

by taking part in the RSPB's

Big Garden Birdwatch, which is

happening over the weekend.

Join us to spot and record the

birdlife and learn more about

our feathered friends. Please

wear warm clothes, and bring

binoculars if you have them.

Unless otherwise stated,

you will need to book all

Ranger Ranger events in in advance

on 01793 01793 490150

Find walks in

your area

The council and the Ramblers are

developing a new webpage to help

people find easy walking routes and

information on walking groups and

events, as part of the Walk Swindon


Routes can be viewed and downloaded via the

Get Walking Swindon webpage, which displays

maps, photos and descriptions of walks. The routes

are short - one to three miles (five miles maximum),

and have been developed and checked by trained


The walks start from various points across the

borough, cut through residential areas and green

spaces, and aim to pass landmarks and points of

local interest.

To find out more, visit or phone

01793 465413


Swindon Swindon News Magazine 19


A Swindon restaurant

has been recognised

as one of the best

Asian establishments

in the UK.

Arju Miah the proprietor of the

Taj Mahal in West Swindon has

been named as the outstanding

restaurateur of the year

by the Federation of Bangladeshi

Caterers of the UK.

“We have not been

in west swindon for

very long so this

is certainly

an honour”.






Shawridge Leisure Park, Swindon SN5 7DN

01793 872872

The awards were set up to

recognise the huge successes made

by business owners across the

whole of the curry industry.

The award was for the business

owner over the age of 35, whose

restaurant provided the ultimate

dining experience in terms of

quality, décor, creative

and service.






Christmas bookings now being taken





Smooth, roasted Arabica and Robusta beans

We care about

– straight to your cup

our coffee

Buy one coffee from the coffee range and receive another coffee of same or lower value free. Present voucher

before ordering. Not exchangeable for cash. Subject to availability. Voucher valid until 29.02.12 at Burger

King® Swindon – Queen’s Drive, Swindon, SN3 1AR only. One voucher per person. Burger King Corporation.

© 2011 Burger King Europe GmbH. All rights reserved.



Buy an adult burger (excluding Hamburger, Cheeseburger, King Deal Meals and Breakfast menu) and

receive free regular fries and regular carbonated drink. Present voucher before ordering. Not valid in

conjunction with any other promotion. Not exchangeable for cash. Subject to availability. Voucher valid

until 29.02.12 at Burger King® Swindon – Queen’s Drive, Swindon, SN3 1AR only. One voucher per person.

No photocopies. Burger King Corporation. © 2011 Burger King Europe GmbH. All rights reserved.

‘Coca-Cola’ and the Dynamic Ribbon device are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company.

20 Swindon News Magazine


Keith Chegwi

Panto, talks t

Keith Chegwin claims to have

mastered the Magic Roundabout

and has brought many of his shows

to Swindon over the years, so when

he steps out onto the Wyvern

stage to play the part of Buttons

in Cinderella, it will be like a home

from home.

The TV presenter only lives 40 miles away near Andover

and will be cheered on by his family as he makes his first

panto appearance for 10 years.

He says: “I have done about 20 pantos, but I took a break

because my boy hit the age of three and I thought ‘I want

to spend Christmas with him’,” explained Keith.

“But then earlier this year my little boy said ‘You should

do panto’, so this is the first one I have done for 10 years.

I can’t wait because I love panto, I’m a performer and I

love making people laugh.”

Keith, who started acting when he was nine, is best

known as a children’s TV presenter and made his name

on programmes such as Swap Shop which he brought to

Swindon. But he admits panto has always had a special

place in his heart.

“I’ve played Buttons about seven or eight times and it’s

the best part in the world,” Keith said. “I love the gags and

getting the kids all hyped up. Buttons for me is just fun.

Chegger’s enjoys reading the summer issue of Swindon News

n, the star of this year’s

o Swindon News

“Panto is all about audience participation. I want to get

them up out of their seats and enjoy themselves, but at the

same time you have to do it for all age groups. When you

see the grannies and the five year olds having a good time

that’s what it’s all about.

Readers’ competition

"Find me if

you can"

Win a family ticket (two adults and two children) to see

Cinderella at the Wyvern Theatre on Friday 6 January at 7pm

“I was here at the Wyvern 25 years ago with my own band,

which was a two-hour stage show. I’ve done lots of theatre

over the years and lots of acting as a kid but it’s nice to mix

up all those things you can do. People don’t know I can tap

dance and I do that in panto and I also play guitar.

“I’m a great fan of keeping the panto up to date and I always

do a topical gag from the paper that day, but only 30 people

ever notice!”

Keith has been pouring over his script for the panto since

July and admitted to looking forward to performing at the

Wyvern once again.

He said: “The Wyvern is as I remember it, it’s vast. It’s like the

Tardis inside. The thing I do remember from last time is that

it feels like you’re playing a local club because the stage is

really close to the audience.

“Swindon has changed. Many years ago I did a Swap Shop

here and I can remember most of the outside broadcasts

here. I also filmed the Big Breakfast so I’ve been here quite

a few times and I always enjoy it in Swindon.”

Cinderella runs at the Wyvern Theatre from

Saturday, 10 December to Sunday, 8 January.

For more information call the box office on 01793 524481.

The Wyvern's traditional family pantomime is back with the most magical story of them all, Cinderella.

TV legend and actor Keith Chegwin leads a fantastic cast in this hilarious and spectacular show. It’s

the perfect festive treat for your family family and friends. Full Full of live live music, beautiful beautiful scenery and real ponies,

Cinderella promises to be the greatest pantomime of them all.

To enter the competition, please tell us on which page you found Eric the recycle box and send your entry to:

Swindon News, The Communications Service, Swindon Borough Council, Euclid Street, Swindon SN1 2JH.


tickets to see


The recycle box is on page: .................. Name: ..........................................................................................................

Address: .............................................................................................................. Tel: .................................................................................................................

Data protection – Your details will be held by Swindon Borough Council and will not be disclosed to any other organisation. For the Prize Draw Rules

please see the web version of Swindon News found at

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 20 December and the winner will be notified by Thursday 22 December

Win a family ticket (two adults and

two children) to see Cinderella at the

Wyvern Theatre on Friday 6 January

at 7pm

The Wyvern’s traditional family pantomime is back with the

most magical story of them all, Cinderella. TV legend and

actor Keith Chegwin leads a fantastic cast in this hilarious

and spectacular show. It’s the perfect festive treat for your

family and friends. Full of live music, beautiful scenery

and real ponies, Cinderella promises to be the greatest

pantomime of them all.

To enter the competition, please tell us on which page you

found Eric the recycle box and send your entry to:

Swindon News, The Communications Service, Swindon

Borough Council, Euclid Street, Swindon SN1 2JH.


competition competition

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 20 December and the winner will be notified by

Swindon News Competition and Prize Draw Rules

1. The Promoter is Swindon Borough Council, Civic Offices,

Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH

2. Entry

Entries must reach The Communications Service, Swindon

Borough Council of Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1

2JH by no later than the closing date Tuesday 20 December. By

submitting an entry, entrants will be deemed to have agreed

to be bound by these rules. Entries through agents or third

parties will be invalid.

3. Eligibility

The prize is open to all Swindon Borough residents except

employees of Swindon Borough Council and employees of

Capita Symonds Ltd employed within Swindon Borough

Council or any member of their respective households.

4. Winner Announcement

The winner will be notified by Thursday 22 December

5. Validity

There is a limit of one entry per household. Entries will only

be accepted on the official entry form in Swindon News.

Photocopies are not acceptable.

Responsibility cannot be accepted for entries lost, damaged or

delayed in transit to the address in Rule 1. Proof of posting will

not be accepted as proof of receipt.

Thursday 22 December


tickets to see

The recycle box is on page: ..................................................................................

Name: ............................................................................................................................

Address: ........................................................................................................................

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......................................................... ................................................................................

Tel: ..................................................................................................................................

Data protection – Your details will be held by Swindon Borough

Council and will not be disclosed to any other organisation.

For the Prize Draw Rules please see the web version of Swindon News

found at

6. To Win

Prize Draws – The prize will be awarded in the order in which

the entrants’ name is drawn. Win a family ticket (two adults and

two children) to see

Cinderella at the Wyvern Theatre on Friday 6 January at 7pm

The prizes are as stated and no cash in lieu or alternatives will

be offered.

7. Winner Publicity

Entrants accept that, if they win, Swindon Borough Council will

have the right without additional payment or permission, to

use their name, age, details of residence and likeness for the

purposes of announcing the winner of this competition and for

related promotional purposes.

8. Winning Entry details

The name of the winner and the winning entry will be sent to

anyone who writes within 3 months of the closing date Tuesday

20 December enclosing a stamped address envelope, to the

address in Rule 1 requesting details of the winning entry.

9. All entries will become the property of the Swindon

Borough Council on its receipt of them and will not be

returned. Entrants hereby assign to the Swindon Borough

Council all worldwide copyright and like rights in their entries

and waive all moral rights.


Driving range at

Broome is given revamp

Golfers will be able to practice their swings in spruced

up surroundings following the revamp of Broome Manor

Golf Club’s 34-bay driving range.

The Swindon Borough Council-owned course has had

two new golf ball dispensing systems put in with new

range balls, and the access to the main bays have been

refurbished. The driving range has been repainted, the

bridged access to the second tier outdoor bays has been

replaced and new computer coach teaching equipment

has been added to the facilities.

The rebranded golf academy at Broome Manor will see

club professional Barry Sandry add even more coaching

opportunities including extra junior courses and adult

beginners’ courses to encourage more people to take up

the game.

Cllr Keith Williams, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet

Member for Leisure and Corporate Services, said: “I am

delighted we have given the driving range at Broome Manor

a facelift and I hope many of our golfers will appreciate the

improved facilities and courses on offer.”


Protect the

ones you love.

Make a Will now.

Home visits & weekend

appointments available.

Single Will £99.00 incl.VAT.

Couples Will £179.00 incl.VAT.

Professional Wills without the cost of a

High Street Solicitor.

It’s time to apply for

primary and junior

school places

Are you the parent of a child who will be going

to primary or junior school for the first time in

September 2012? If so, you need to apply now for a

school place for them.

Please put down a second and third

preference school when you

apply, in case your your first choice is


The The closing date for the primary

and junior school applications is

15 January 2012.

Applications received after the

deadline significantly increases the

risk of the council being unable

to offer places places for any of the the

preferred preferred schools.

For more information log



Are you guilty of


Intestacy is dying without having a legally valid Will.

This means the State writes a Will for you, your assets

are then distributed according to these Rules.

Most people wrongly assume that all their possessions

pass on to their husband, wife or other member of the


If you are cohabiting your partner will have no

automatic right to any of your assets, including the

home you share. Worse still they could be evicted.

If you have children under 18 they could become

“Wards of State”. Godparents have no legal


If you have no Will then your assets, including the

family home, can be sold to pay for Long Term Care.

If your spouse or partner marries after your death,

your children could receive nothing.

A Professional Will can avoid all this. It takes about

1 hour of your time and then it’s done! Visit our

website for further details.


First Floor, 32 – 33 Commercial Road,

Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5NS

Tel: 01793 433705

Young people turned out

in droves for Swindon’s

Youth Fest at the MECA

recently, with the

organisers – all of them

teenagers – hailing it a

major success.

More than a thousand 13 to 19 year

olds were there in the

afternoon of the

"The bands

were awesome

and the MECA is

such an amazing


Saturday event,

which offered

a variety of

activities and


and information

and advice on a

wide variety of subjects,

including further education and health.

is a great success!

A separate ticket-only music event in

the evening, featuring local bands and

DJs, attracted 500 through the doors of

the MECA.

The panel of teenagers

who organised the

event had been

working on the

project for more

than four months,

supported when

necessary by the council.

"I never

thought about

college being that

interesting – I

might go there"

One of them, New College student

Jenny Renard, said: “I really enjoyed the

event, and the fact that we managed to

pull something together so quickly was

so satisfying to see. I loved that so many

young people got engaged in activities

and that we were able to promote local

Two transport trials underway

Two transport trials are

underway in Swindon.

The first is a scheme to

provide much needed

extra parking spaces for

residents in Eastcott.

Around 100 new spaces have

been created following many

months of meetings between

local residents, councillors

and council staff from parking

and highways. Among the

measures are the removal of

double yellow lines.

The trial will last six months

during which residents can

give their views about what

works and what doesn’t.

Changes will then be made

at the end of the trial if

necessary. The hope is that

the scheme will become


The second scheme is

at the recently-improved

Mannington roundabout

on Great Western Way.

A new system will switch

off the traffic lights which

control the junction during

quieter periods. The results

will then be assessed to

see what effect this has on

factors such as traffic flow

and driver behaviour. If the

results are positive, it could

be introduced at other

similar junctions.

"can we

have another

event next year


bands, because the talent that is out

there is immense. The event was I feel a

massive success and I can’t wait to get

started on next year.”

Keira Georgeson, another panel

member said: “The event was

amazing, it was wonderful to see

all our hard work come together

so successfully – I’m so proud of

everyone involved.”

The Youth Fest was funded jointly by

Swindon Borough

"Not all my

types of music

but I do like the

stage and sounds.

Thanks to all"

Council and from

ticket sales to the

evening event. Swindon News Magazine 23

The flu jab saves lives-

make sure you get yours

In the UK about 600 people a year die from seasonal flu. If you, a family member or a friend

is in the ‘at-risk’ group, make sure you get your free flu jab from your local GP surgery. For

more information about those in the ‘at-risk’ group visit our website

Pregnant mum Helen Hicks from

Highworth had her flu jab to protect

herself and her unborn child.

“I urge all pregnant mums to get their

flu jab. There were some devastating

stories in the news last year and I didn’t

want to risk putting my baby or myself in

danger unnecessarily. How would I feel if

something did happen and I could have

prevented it?

“Of course you have initial worries about it, you

become so protective of your unborn child but after

talking to experts I was reassured that the vaccine

is safe for both mother and baby. I can enjoy my

pregnancy more without the worry that a cough

on a bus or train could cause harm to my baby and

that I have done everything I can to reduce the risk

of getting flu while pregnant. I also helped to protect

my baby during its first 6 months.”

24 Swindon News Magazine

Dr Liz Mearns, Medical Director at

NHS Swindon, had her flu jab to ensure

she protects her patients.

“They say and apple a day keeps the doctor

away, and the flu jab certainly helps keep

flu away. Flu can be a very serious illness

for people who are most vulnerable such

as pregnant women, the elderly and those

with other underlying conditions such as

heart problems, diabetes, lung, liver or renal

diseases and those who have weakened

immune systems.

“The flu vaccine cannot give you flu, as it doesn’t

contain a live virus. At this time of year, when

someone goes in to have a flu jab and comes down

with a cold a couple of days later, this is due to

timing, and has nothing to do with the vaccine."

Stop the spread of


Norovirus is one of the most

common causes of highly

infectious sickness and

diarrhoea (gastroenteritis).

It can spread very quickly in

hospitals, schools, hospitals

and care homes. Don’t

give Norovirus a chance -

recognise it, and stop

it spreading.

Recognise it

Sudden onset of diarrhoea and/or

vomiting that lasts approximately

24 hours.

Avoid it

Wash hands regularly with soap and

water – do not rely on hand gel. Increase

cleaning, especially toilets and touch

points such as taps and door handles.

Contain it

Do not visit hospitals or your GP if

you have symptoms – call NHS Direct

on 0845 4647 or call your GP for

advice. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid


Stop it

Stay at home for at least 48 hours after

symptoms of Norovirus have stopped to

reduce the risk of passing the virus

to others. Swindon News Magazine 25

Do you have a spare room?


Supported Lodgings

You look

after them,

We’ll look

after you

Supported Lodgings is a way of providing young people

with a form of independent living within a family setting.

It is for young people aged 16 – 21, many of whom

have lived in foster care and are not ready to live on

their own. Being a Supported Lodgings Carer can be

carried out alongside your existing employment.

You will be paid for the use of the room and to assist

the Young Person. You will be supported throughout

the placement.

More Carers Needed

If interested call 01793 465700 or


Wiltshire Police A-Z to help deal with calls

Research conducted in late 2010 estimated that between

40 and 60 calls dealt with by Wiltshire Police each day could

be described as not being a policing task.

During the past year, the Force has worked hard with

partner agencies to ensure that calls are dealt with by the

correct people.

This work has helped to ensure that the police are able to

deal with calls that really do need to be dealt with, and that

vulnerable people receive a good service.

To make it easier for residents to contact the correct agency,

Wiltshire Police has published an A-Z of some of the day-today

issues it deals with, or takes calls about, along with details,

where appropriate, of who best to contact if not the police.

View the A-Z at

under the ‘Contact us’ section.

Leisure Discounts

Be Active & Save Money

with SwindonCard!

• Reduced Prices

• Extra Savings

• 7-Day Advanced Bookings

• Loyalty Rewards

• Discounts

The more you use it, the

more you save! card

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up to 19 years

Safe & Warm

Time to insulate your home?

With households now facing gas and electricity

bills of up to £1,300 per year, and further

increases predicted, can you afford to miss

out on huge savings by not having your

cavity walls or loft insulated?

New research from energy supplier E.ON indicates that

one in ten UK households haven’t got insulation because

they ‘can’t be bothered’. A further 15 percent don’t know

how to go about it, and 17 percent believe it would be ‘too

expensive’. Over half the people surveyed had no idea that

these measures can reduce fuel bills by up to £300 per year.

Safe & Warm can take the hassle and cost out

of insulating your home by offering three levels

of funding:

• Free - no cost for qualifying residents

• Partially grant-funded - maximum of

£100 per measure

• Subsidised prices - from £175 to £225

per measure

Contact our freephone helpline on

0800 046 9699

to arrange a free no-obligation

survey to find out how little it

will cost you to insulate.

Don’t be among those

people who give excuses for

doing nothing and then complain

about their fuel bills. Act now -

these offers won’t be around

next winter!

Focus on Income Maximisation

The Safe & Warm income maximisation service

has been achieving significant results in raising

incomes in homes across Swindon. One in four

households referred for this free service has

had additional entitlement identified, worth on

average £3,500 per year, per household.

Mr F was struggling to run a family catering business when

he was referred to the service. In poor health, he has been

cared for by his daughter for some time. An advisor from

IncomeMAX talked through his options and identified a

number of benefits he would be able to claim based on

his current situation. IncomeMAX then supported Mr F

to make those claims, resulting in an additional £10,400

per year for him.

He also received free cavity wall & loft insulation, and

was referred to the Fire Service for a fire safety visit,

which shows the benefits of different organisations working

together to deliver the Safe and Warm programme.

If you would like to take advantage of the

income maximisation service please

contact IncomeMAX on

0300 777 7772

to talk through your options.


Safe & Warm


Barnes 2012 Coach Holiday

Brochure is out with

free home pickup!

Plus Day, Theatre & Pop Concert Trips

and much, much more!

01793 821303

Ring or see our

website for

more details.

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